July 20, 2016

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the embodiment of the perfect modern man. He is tough and fierce, but with finesse; scathing and intellectual, but without arrogance. He’s a MacArthur Fellow (i.e., designated “genius”) and will likely complete the EGOT cycle with this fall’s Moana. He’s made art cool again, and he accepts awards by reading a sonnet and crying on national television (“…and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love…”), because Miranda seemingly doesn’t know how to be anything else but raw nerve exposed. He doesn’t merely show us his joy and sorrow, he unflinchingly invites us into it.

Hamilton put him on the mainstream radar and, look, I get it. Sometimes it feels like it’s nothing but Hamilton this and Hamilton that, ad nauseam forever. But both Miranda and his show are those exceedingly rare things that not only deserve every bit of hype, but exceed the hype. There are celebrities we desire, and others we ravenously covet. But Miranda is something else altogether. He exhilarates and inspires. Every time I hear him or read something he writes, I want to do more, be more. I hope we can all, one day, be half the people Miranda would have us all be.

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In this manner did the First Blackfyre Rebellion begin, in the year 196 AC. Reversing the colors of the traditional Targaryen arms to show a black dragon on a red field, the rebels declared for Princess Daena’s bastard son Daemon Blackfyre, First of His Name, proclaiming him the eldest true son of King Aegon IV, and his half brother Daeron the bastard.

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Ben is me. Funyuns are gross. I’m glad that Ben hadn’t fallen to their tumblr gifs and lies.

My boyfriend and I were making guardiancest gifs, I’m not quite sure what he was doing but I did a hand thing(dunno what to call it) that he kept asking me to do and he got really happy. I thought it was pretty cute.

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Your gifs always look so nice! Where do you get your videos from to make them? What software do you use? ♥♥♥

ahhh thanks so much !! ;A; 

p much all the videos i use are torrented from nyaa.se using deluge.  most of them are from this torrent, which has all op episodes 1-606, though it took super long to download and is the reason i currently have only like 5 gigs of space left on my computer :’D

as for gifmaking itself, i use windows movie maker to cut the videos down to what i want to gif, free video to jpg converter to convert the clips to frames, and photoshop cs5 to make the actual gifs.  i’m sure there are ways to do those first two parts on photoshop too instead of on separate programs, but i’m lazy and have never bothered to look up how haha.

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here you go --> periscope(.)tv/blahsomethingblah/1nAKEbwqqmOGL 12:33min Eliza talking about the bed scene. I'm not sure if it's a good video to do gifs but at least people who are looking for it can watch :))

I made it this way for now! Here. As soon as a better one comes out, I’ll edit it!

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This is probably late, but Sugakookie Appreciation Day was amazing! You guys are the best! I can't wait for the next OTP appreciation day! ~ glowing anon

Aww Glowing anon, it’s never too late to talk about how amazing it was haha. 

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You’re ever so kind~ We’re not the best, I swear… Maybe second…? Who am I kidding? Not even close. 

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I can’t wait for the next OTP Appreciation day as well! Admin K never really tells us the deets until they actually happen or it’s approaching lol. But do know I will make another gif post for sure. 

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👑Admin L

It seems I may be having another issue with my choice in image host. My old Gfycat posts are working fine, but seemingly starting today Gfycat is forcing gifs to be shrunk down. Anything new I try to upload gets downsized when I switch to the gif version. Not sure what to do about it. I’d prefer not having to post smaller versions of my GIFs but I’m not sure what my other options are.