Perc’ahlia Headcanons Pt. 1

Okay, so @captainofthefallen put her head canons up from our Epic Perc’ahlia Headcanon Fest over the past week or so, which means I suppose I have to post mine too. Unlike certain people who shall remain unnamed, my head canons were all happy and not gut-wrenchingly painful because I do not like to make my roommate suffer because I’m a normal person (love you Claire).

Of course, what actually happened was TEN TIMES BETTER THAN ANYTHING WE COULD HAVE COME UP WITH.

Here we go!

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How do you give up on someone that would give you the world?

You know how? You just do. You give up. And you let them go. Because I can’t give you the world, even though you can give it to me. I can’t see a future with you because it’s not something I can give you. So for that, I won’t make you suffer. I won’t keep staying for selfish reasons. I won’t put my happiness at the bottom. You deserve much more than I can give you, and I hope you find that someday. But I’m not your person.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for paranoia? i almost never go out, but when i do (i dont do anything that could be considereng "wrong", like drugs, alcohol, etc) im so freaking paranoid about something terrible and related to me happening in my home, like my mom discovering something about me or someone telling her lies... (althought theres nothing, im a very boring person but i suffered a lot of bullying and my ex classmates likes to make shit up, they even said that i was a prostitute when im a virgin)

Try keeping in contact with your mum during. Mot overly texting, but just little texts so you know if she was told something, she would tell you right away. Here’s a post on dealing with paranoia: http://bpdrotten.tumblr.com/post/143959008711/how-to-help-someone-with-paranoia-delusions

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I'm in no way a medical expert, but what's the correlation between a car accident and liver damage?? Did one of Aaron's ribs puncture his liver??? I don't remember him bleeding there though. Unless it's internal. Blimey, if I didn't know better I'd day the writers enjoy making him suffer! He's been through so much for a 24 years old (even in soapland)

I have no idea that this even existed as a spoiler, nonnie. I thought things were being kept very much under wraps until tonight?

cherself  asked:

Holy shit, I just saw that and can I request for the sensory prompt number 37 with Kugi? (Or 54 with Theo, YOU CAN DO EITHER OK, I'M INSPIRED, MAKE ME SUFFER NOW)


prompt list

ughhh…. self-harm warning for the Kugi one, and…. well. Theo’s past warning for Theo’s past.

37. The tender ache when you press against bruises

54. The moment when reality starts to make sense again

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Round round round the world ~

I’m opening these as 2-inch acrylic charm pre-orders until the 20/10/2016! 

Bonus Jaehee: 

the lance issue of the voltron comic is so klance i’m in pain

keith literally blushes at lance’s bad flirting with allura


KEITH IS SO???????? FOND??????????? REST ! IN ! PIECES !

also pidge is gay and steals the princess from lance so no wonder keith is happy