Sometimes an opportunity presents itself without any planning and with no prior arrangement. It just arrives in front of you, surprising and exciting in equal measure. That’s exactly how it was with Lara.

I stopped regularly at the same coffee shop because it was on the same site as the petrol station and a convenient place to refuel both me and the car. I’d not seen her there before, and I haven’t since. To be honest, I don’t even know if that’s her real name. Frankly, sometimes I wonder if I imagined the whole thing!

Unusually for me, I decided to “drink in” that day and after the compulsory wait for my order to arrive at the end of the counter I turned to survey the room for a comfortable place to sit. And there she was. Sitting on a brown leather sofa, rifling through her bag for something and paying no attention to anyone. I guessed her to be in her early thirties, cute and feminine and dressed professionally but without trying to project the “power-dresser” image that so many successful women adopt. Her hair was up in a high pony-tail and she had laid her suit jacket next to her on the sofa. She wore a white, fitted blouse with short sleeves. On closer inspection later I could see it was finely embroidered and unbuttoned just enough to excite but not sufficiently to inflame.

Although the place wasn’t packed out by any means it was busy enough for me to justify walking over and sitting on the sofa opposite her. A low table sat between us and I planted my full mug on it, pulled out my iphone and pretended to review my emails. She looked up and smiled and in that split second I was captivated. She looked fresh and lovely but the small crinkles around her eyes and mouth hinted at experience and a far from innocent existence. She wore small, discrete jewellery; silver ear studs, a fine silver pendant and a ring on her thumb. From my vantage point I could see she had great legs, albeit they were tucked neatly together in front of her. Her image was completed with a pair of fashionable black shoes with heels high enough to make you notice.

Normally I would have enjoyed being in her presence and done nothing about it but the Gods were smiling down on me that day. As she withdrew a large notepad from her bag and put it on the table, the corner knocked her coffee mug hard enough to cause it to spill foam and coffee across the table. She breathed an apology and flushed, beginning to get to her feet but I beat her to it. I grabbed some paper towels from the counter and mopped up the puddle, smiling and assuring her there was no harm done.

Lara was her name. It may have been Laura but in the half hour that followed I called her Lara more than once and she didn’t correct me once. She was nervous about a conference she was attending that day, at which her boss and his co-Directors would be present. Such was the state of her nerves that she had left home way too early and decided to stop for a coffee on her own, rather than be the first to arrive. If today went well for her, she had a shot at promotion and she needed to be at her best. She was irritated at her own clumsiness and at pains to point out that normally she was very assured; even assertive. I nodded and smiled my belief that what she had said was true, glancing at the space just above her top button whenever I could, my mind caressing the shape of her body and my eyes lost deep within hers.

To this day I’m still not clear about how it happened. It’s obvious to me that my attempts at subtlety were anything but and she knew I wanted her. She really was confident and assertive; within minutes she had moved over to sit next to me, blaming the draft from the door but sitting so close alongside me that I could feel the heat of her thigh through my suit trousers. I was intoxicated by her fragrance, by the gentle touch of her hand on my thigh. My fingers drummed gently on the small of her back before sliding up, feeling the clasp of her bra through the fabric of her blouse. A white bra, I knew that much.
She whispered to me that she needed to relax and unwind. She told me she knew exactly how she wanted to de-stress and needed me to help. She stood and took my hand and I followed her meekly to the cloakrooms, saying nothing as she led me into the disabled toilet. I stood with my back to the door, making sure the lock was properly engaged and gasping as she stood and unzipped her skirt, allowing it to slip to the floor before stepping slowly out of it. A white g-string to match the bra. The waistband rose invitingly over each hip and I could see, or image, the slight bulge of her pussy. I was so hard that my cock ached. Not from being restrained by my clothes but because of the amount of blood that had flowed into it, engorging it. Unbelievably hard.

She looked straight at me, unbuttoning her blouse and shrugging it off. Standing there in her underwear and heels, one hand sliding down between her legs and moving slowly. She closed her eyes and lent her head back a little. I watched as her wetness began to seep through her panties and still I didn’t have the nerve to touch myself for fear of exploding. I could see the tightening of her buttocks in the mirror behind her, the V of her g-string splitting them neatly. The slenderness of her back and shoulders and the sweep of her hair as her pony-tail moved gently in rhythm with her fingers.

She turned and placed one hand on the sink, looking herself straight in the eye as if studying her own expression. With the other hand she beckoned to me to move closer and I did so, allowing her to unzip me and, after tugging and wresting, releasing my swollen cock and pressing it against her pussy from behind. My hands went to her waist, holding her still as I rubbed myself against her buttocks. I could feel the fragility of her ribs as I slid my hands up, tugging down hard on her bra and cupping her breasts in my hands. I let her nipples poke between my fingers and then squeezed them together, making her gasp. Her hands pulled urgently at my cock, dragging her g-string to one side and then I was inside her. No pre-amble, no teasing, just driven deep within her. Christ she was hot inside. Like lava.

Her thighs were pressed hard against the sink as she stood upright, my cock held tight within her and my balls gripped between her cheeks and thighs. I bent my knees so I could drive upwards and fucked her hard in a frenzy. I clawed at her breasts, raking my nails over them and pushed one hand down over her stomach, my wrist banging the edge of the sink, my fingers between her thighs and rubbing hard on her clitoris. Her head bent forwards and she banged it hard against the mirror. She repeated the movement and then pressed the side of her face against the glass so she could look at me over her shoulder.
I could see the mirror smeared with her sweat, her lips set in a snarl of pure animal lust and enjoyment as she smiled. Her lips were drawn back to show her teeth and as she panted and fucked me back , small droplets of spittle misted the surface of the mirror.

She pushed back with her hips, legs straight and now leaning over with her forehead resting on the edge of the sink, one hand either side. My cock penetrated even deeper and I could feel the contents of my balls exploding. She reached behind herself and slipped one beautifully manicured finger inside her anus, pushing it hard until it had disappeared up to the knuckle. Ath that sight, my balls emptied in an eruption of cum. It blew out of me like a fire hydrant, deep inside her pulsating pussy and she cried out. Her knees buckled and we slumped to the floor, lying on the cold tiles like two spoons interlocking, panting, gasping.

It seemed forever that we lay there without speaking, I could feel my cum spilling out of her, onto my thigh and pooling on the floor. Eventually she turned to me, put her hand between her legs and invited me to suck her fingers. I did so and she pushed them deep into my mouth, making me cough and recoil slightly, laughing as she did so and wiping our mixed juices across my face. I stood and then sat on the toilet, watching as she knelt on all fours and lapped our cum from the tiled floor; all feelings of disgust outweighed by the sheer eroticism of her feline form, the pink tip of her tongue lapping at the puddle on the floor and the glint in her eyes as she stared straight at me.

I’d never seen her before that day. And I’ve never seen her since…

Caffeine Challenge #11

“Have a nice day!” I said waving at the back of my precious customer. My smile not quite so effortlessly stretched across my face.

“You don’t actually mean that, do you?” Al questioned, raising a well groomed brow at me so I could see the full gradient of her pink eye shadow and frankly, it was an impressive gradient.

“Of course I don’t.”  The smile dropped off my face and turned into a pained grimace, that still looked more like a smile. It hurt but it wouldn’t go away. If only it didn’t take so many muscles to show my displeasure.

“Oh,” Al looked at the customer sitting down in a corner booth. I could see her trying to figure out why I hadn’t meant that; the cogs in her head working together to come to a sensible conclusion, “She didn’t say thank you, did she?” And yet totally failing at it.

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Three’s a Crowd (Part 5)

Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly au, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

I let out a small whine as I peeled my eyes open, a raging headache appearing. I lifted up my hand to rub my temples, trying to ease the pain but nothing was working. Letting out a frustrated huff, I was about to get out of bed until an arm pulled me back in. What the fuck?! As soon as I flipped around and was about to attack the person who grabbed me, my eyes landed on Taehyung who was sleeping peacefully beside me, light snores escaping past his lips. What. The. Fuck. What is Taehyung doing here?! In my room?! Oh god, did we…? I lifted up the blankets and relief washed through me as I saw that we were fully clothed. Unnie would be so pissed…She’d be pissed at this! I gripped his arm and pulled it off of my waist before rolling off my bed, stretching out my lips as my feet touched the floor. A wave of nausea hit me and my eyes widened, slapping my hand over my mouth before running towards the bathroom, sinking to my knees and leaning over the toilet bowl, vomiting last nights drink up. As I continued to disgustingly vomit up last nights beverages, a large hand came in contact with my back and another hand held up my hair, keeping it out of my face. 

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Tony Padilla | Little Padilla

Requested by anon
Bi!Tony Padilla X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of smut, mentions of abortion
Word count: 1374

It had all started as a simple hookup after the Winter Formal. We had been making eyes at one another the entire night, flirty glances and sexual gestures, simple body movements that suggested the most intimate. We had sneaked away with his Mustang and shared the bed at my place, since my parents weren’t home that evening. 

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I just dropped a poop in the toilet at this restaurant and immediately realized that the bathroom lighting was pretty good ; so I stood on the toilet seat and snapped a couple selfies. can you tell that I am not wearing pants? are you impressed? My head is almost touching the ceiling.

anonymous asked:

A yoongi scenario!! Please. Where your dating and a manager finds out your pregnant but before you could tell yoongi. the manger says something like hes better off without you.. (So you leave) Later on yoongi finds out what happened!! Kinda fluffy ending!! *i tried not to give to much detail, hope you can make something* THANKS SOOO MUCH. LOVE THIS BLOG. :3


That’s what the stick read. 

This was the third, and they all said the same thing…

I stood from the toilet, my stomach knotting and my throat closing. 

“Y/N? You’ve been in there a long time. Are you okay?” Yoongi asked, knocking on the closed door.

I grabbed the pregnancy tests, hiding them in the trash under some random wrappers, “I’m fine! I’ll be out in a minute!”

I composed myself, not wanting to show the worry on my face before I headed out. I mentioned nothing to him for days, not exactly sure how, but then that one day came…


“Y/N, may I speak to you for a moment?” their manager asked me.

“Um, sure.” I replied as he pulled me over to a secluded area.

He urged me to sit in the chair across from him, which I agreed to do. He sat there looking at my face, then at my stomach, then at my face again.

“Y/N… I know.” he finally began.

I played coy, pretending not to know, “You know what?”

“Enough of this, you know what I’m talking about. I saw the boxes.” he said.

“You were going through my trash?” I asked defensively, “That’s a little creepy.”

“Nevermind how I found them, that’s not important. Frankly I was afraid of something like this happening…” he trailed off.

“What do you mean?” I questioned him, my anger rising.

“You’re already a bad influence on his life, the last thing he needs is a baby.” he blurted bluntly.

“Well tell me how you really feel.” I mumbled, “So what do you expect me to do exactly? I’m not having an abortion.”

“Well then it’s best that you leave all together then.” he said, standing from his chair, “Leave this place, leave Yoongi. Simple. You’re not worthy of him anyway. I only let him date you because it’d made him happier, but you’ve only caused more problems.”

I sat there, flabbergasted and hurt.

“Fine. I’ll leave. I should tell Yoongi though.” I said, pushing the tears threatening to spill out back.

“No need. I’ll tell him you left. Just go. I’ll have someone retrieve your things, but you need to leave now.” he commanded me.

“Fine.” I replied, grabbing my bag and storming out of the building.

I walked blindly, the tears blurring my vision. I had nowhere to go, but I kept walking.

End of Flashback

Now I’m sitting in my new apartment, 4 months pregnant. I had to change my phone number, but I couldn’t bring myself to delete his. I just needed something to remember him by, since I had to leave everything else. Perhaps he was right. Maybe I was never good enough for him. I rose from my seat, grabbing my house keys and heading out the door, no destination in mind. I walked numbly, not noticing where my body took me, but somehow I managed to walk to BigHit. Looking at the building made my eyes water again, and my feet were rooted to the spot as the tears spilled down my face. No. Pull yourself together. They can’t spot you, especially like this. I forced my feet to take a step forward, attempting to walk away.

“Y/N-ah!” a voice yelled from behind me.

I  turned, wiping tears from my eyes.

“Yoongi.” I whispered, my eyes going wide. 

As much as I knew I needed to leave, my feet wouldn’t budge, and I watched him run towards me before pulling me into a hug. I stood still like a statue.

“Y/N-ah, where have you been? Why did you leave? What did I do wrong?” he asked me.

“I… I…” I couldn’t speak, the words kept getting choked off by the uncontrollable sob now pouring out of me.

Yoongi looked at me, wiping the tears from my face, “Jagiya… don’t cry.”

Him calling me that made me bawl harder, my stomach clenching tightly. I stumbled, the pain becoming intense, and I collapsed to the ground. The world seemed to become farther and farther.

“Y/N! Y/N! Stay with me!” Yoongi’s voice called out, though it sounded miles away.

I awoke in a hospital bed, hooked up to what seemed like a million machines. Yoongi stood by the door, arguing with his manager. My breathing hitched upon laying eyes on him, but I wanted to listen, so I pretended to be asleep still.

“I told you why she left. She was using you. Why are you so bent on helping her now?” he yelled at Yoongi.

“I know that can’t be the reason, especially after seeing her today. You’re not telling me something, but I’m going to find out what it is you’re hiding from me.” he snapped back.

“No need, I’m not keeping anything important from you. Now let’s go. You need to practice with the others.” he insisted that Yoongi leave for practice.

Yoongi stood his ground, “I’m not going anywhere. I’d rather be kicked out than leave her, especially like this.”

I opened one eye slightly, wanting to see what was going on. His manager advanced towards him, looking down on him in a menacing way.

“That can be arranged.” he spat, his words as harsh as venom.

Yoongi stared him down, not intimidated by his tall stance that towered over him. I coughed, trying to release some of the tension. Yoongi rushed over.

“Y/N? Are you awake?” he asked, grabbing my hands.

I opened my eyes slowly, pretending to just have woken up.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” he said.

“What happened?” I asked him, still unsure what exactly happened to me.

“Allow me to explain that.” a doctor said, entering the room to check on me, “Your body was under a lot of stress, and the confrontation merely was the icing on the cake.”

“Something like that made her pass out?” Yoongi questioned the doctor’s words.

“Well her being pregnant and all-” the doctor began before being cut off by Yoongi.

“Pregnant?!” he exclaimed, turning his head to me, his eyes wide.

“Yes. I’m 4 months pregnant… and it’s yours.” I confessed.

Yoongi’s jaw dropped, his head turning towards his manager, who seemed to be pretty calm even after all of this.

“So I was right. You were hiding something! You drove her away from me! This is all your fault!” Yoongi screamed, advancing towards the man and hitting him.

“Yoongi no!” I screeched, the doctor running to pull him back and calling for backup.

“Let me go! He ruined my life! He almost killed my child and my girlfriend!” he yelled, his arms and legs flailing.

“I only did you a favor, but that’s fine if you don’t appreciate it!” his manager yelled back, being held back by a security guard.

“I think it’s best that you leave.” the doctor said.

“Let Yoongi stay. Please.” I butted in.

“Very well. But you, sir, must leave.” he responded.

His manager composed himself before walking out of the room. Yoongi walked back over to me.

“I’ll let you two speak privately.” the doctor said, exiting the room as well.

“Y/N-ah… why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, his eyes welling up.

“I didn’t know how to tell you, and then he… he made me realize… that it was best that I leave.” I answered, turning my head away from him.

Yoongi scoffed, “Why did you think that?”

“I’m not good enough for you, and this baby is only going to make your life harder.” I replied.

He went silent for a moment, “Jagiya, I love you. You mean the world to me, and so does this baby. I don’t want to ever hear those words come out of your mouth again, got it?”

I turned to look at him again, “I promise.”

Yoongi hugged me tightly, not wanting to let go.

“I know it’ll be hard, but we’ll make it happen. I want to raise this child. Together.” he told me.

I looked at him, “Okay.”

Kissing him for the first time in so long brought so many happy memories, ones I regretted abandoning, but I vowed that day never to do that again. Never.

~ Admin L

Fun with the runs

I had the runs totally out of the blue on Sunday. It just hit me with no prior warning, and as both of my flatmates were in, I staged an accident.

The first thing happened accidentally. I was sitting at my desk, when I felt the need to fart. I did, and I felt something wet slip out. I stood up, went to the toilet, and saw that I had soiled myself a little. As I was cleaning up, I felt a tremendous urge to go, and I knew it would be just as messy as the genuine accident I just had. So I changed my underwear (from soiled white to clean white) and put my pajamas back on, as the mess didn’t soil them.

In the living room, my flatmate was talking about having a bath. Perfect! But she took so long to do it. I was sitting there and watching TV with them, getting increasingly desperate. I could barely sit down.

Finally she went for a bath. As she was running it, I nearly soiled myself again. It very nearly slipped out. This was incredibly desperate. But I managed to hold it and not let on to anyone how I felt. She asked if anyone needed to use the toilet before she went in. We both said no.

So, now flatmate A was in the bath, and it was just me and flatmate B in the living room. I wanted to wait until I knew she was in the bath for a while before I acted. But the wait was so bad. I nearly just decided to get it out before then as it was causing me so much pain. I knew it was going to be a lot of mess. And very liquidy.

Flatmate B decided to do the dishes, so I followed her into the kitchen to help. The time was approaching when I was going to do it, as flatmate A had been in the bath at least 15 mins now. The kitchen was a great place to do it, as there was no carpet here.

B was washing up and I was talking to her, I waited for another cramp to come on. I was mid conversation with her when I felt it coming again. I stopped mid sentence and said ‘oh no, oh no’, and let it all run out.

It was loud! It cracked and popped as it came out with a wet rush, and instantly my pants were filled with liquid. I noticed B was looking at me, then she said ‘did you just…’ and I nodded, looking shocked.

Her reaction was amazing. Really cute. She put her hand slowly to her mouth, then moved it to her nose briefly (as it was really smelly), then moved it back to her mouth, as if her holding her nose would make me feel worse. 

I just kept saying ‘oh god, oh no’, which was pretty unscripted, as it’s a shocking thing to happen. B asked if I was bad. I put my hand behind me and felt a huge wet lump. ‘No, it’s not good, I’ve soiled myself really badly’ I whispered. 

She apologised for some reason, like it was her fault when it obviously wasn’t. It was a general ‘sorry this happened to you’ thing. I felt it run down my leg. Then I noticed it on the floor, and on my slippers!

I pulled my pajamas down, in front of her, carefully, feeling more of it run down my legs. I felt really brave now, and I really wanted her to see it. So I turned around and said ‘is it really bad?’

What she saw must have been incredibly soiled underwear, swollen with mess. She said ‘yeah kind of. Looks like someone poured lumpy chocolate milkshake down your knickers.’

This made me laugh, then she asked if she wanted to get changed there, and just then, the bathroom door opened. I was prepared for flatmate A to walk in, but she went straight to her room. I used kitchen paper to wipe the bottom of my feet, then I carefully walked to the bathroom, and spent a long time cleaning up, then I showered.

I binned my underwear, then changed again. In the living room, A and B were sitting there normally. B looked at me and asked if I was ok. A asked why I wouldn’t be, and I realised that B didn’t say anything! So I sheepishly told A that I soiled myself in the kitchen when she was in the bathroom.

You should have knocked on the door she said. Then she laughed. We all laughed at it.

It was a great experience, and my flatmates were really good fun regarding it. They laughed, but it was laughing along with me and not at me. B told A that it was like that scene in ‘Bridesmaids’ which I thought was quite funny.

I really like that B saw me from the back while I was wearing white, badly soiled underwear. I love knowing that the image is in her mind. The leakage ruined it a bit and made it a bit too messy, but it was diarrhea after all.

Period imagine { Justin Bieber}

I woke feeling the urge to pee. I was still really dark outside as I made my way into the bathroom, so it was still night. I sat down on the toilet and started peeing, but by an accident I looked down in my panties and noticed a lot of blood. I groaned as I realized it was my period. I leaned over to get a pad in my little box beside the toilet, but it was completely empty. I groaned once again, then I decided to just put some toilet paper into my panties, I stood up, then I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Then I tiptoed out of the bathroom and into Justin and I’s walk-in closet. I found a new pair of panties, then I went back into the bathroom and changed them, I threw the dirty panties into hamper, then I took some new toilet paper and placed it in my panties. I went back into bed, but as I laid down again, I noticed Justin was awake.
“What are you doing up so late baby?” he asked me; I sighed and looked down at the bed. I hated talking about my period with Justin, even though he didn’t feel awkward talking about it at all.
“I just got my period, and I don’t have any pads left” I whispered, when Justin didn’t say anything I looked up at him. He was smiling really big.
“Aww, my poor baby” he cooed, and then he got out of bed and found his pants and a new shirt, since I was sleeping in his shirt from the day before.
“Where are you going?” I asked him as he grabbed his phone and his keys.
“I will go buy you some pads, I’m sure there is still some grocery stores that has open” he explained, I lightly smiled and looked down in the duvet.
“Thank you baby, but you really don’t need to, I can just go buy something, when I wake up” I told him, Justin shook his head, then he went over to me and pecked my forehead.
“Nah, I’m going” he smiled, I nodded my head, then I pecked his lips, and Justin left.
I happily sighed, even though I was feeling like shit. I laid down under my covers again and closed my eyes, but just as I was about to fall asleep, my phone went off. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat up again, but I smiled as I noticed it was Justin.
“Hey baby” I said as I answered his call, Justin chuckled and sighed.
“Uhm, baby I have a problem, I forgot what kind of pads and tampons you use” he whispered into the phone, I chuckled; I knew he would call about that.
“Do you see the brand Libresse?” I asked him, Justin mumbled a quiet ‘hm’.
“Okay, there is this turquoise colored package, those are my favorite, if you just buy a few package of them, then that will be enough” I told him.
“Okay baby, thank you so much! I always forget” Justin chuckled; I chuckled too and smiled widely.
“It’s okay baby, I understand” I told him; Justin chuckled and cleared his throat.
“Well, what about tampons?” he asked, he made the sound you make whenever you get Goosebumps; I just chuckled and laid down again.
“I don’t need any tampons, just the pads” I told him, I kind of understood why he would be disgusted by tampons, I mean, they are kinda gross.
“Okay, then I will see you soon baby, I love you” Justin cooed, I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“I love you baby, and thank you” I told him, then I ended the call and went onto Twitter.
I couldn’t sleep anymore, and even though it was only 4.30 am I decided to just stay up.
I scrolled through Twitter, but seemed to catch my eye, so I went out of it and locked my phone. Then I placed my phone on the nightstand and turned onto my left side. I curled up in a ball because of those horrible period cramps. I groaned and shut my eyes tight, I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. Finally 20 minutes later Justin was home. He came upstairs with to big bags in his hands.
“Hey baby” he said as he sniffled because of the cold weather.
“Hey” I quietly said, Justin pouted and sat down on the edge of our bed.
“How are you feeling?” he asked me, I closed my eyes and turned onto my back.
“Horrible, I have the most horrible cramps right now” I truthfully told him, Justin nodded his head, then he placed a hand on my lower belly and gently caressed it.
“Want me to get you some pills and a glass of water as you do your lady stuff?” he asked me; I gently giggled and nodded my head.
“Please?” I asked him, Justin smiled widely, and then he pecked my forehead and stood up. When Justin was out of the room, I crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom with one of the bags with pads. I sat down on the toilet, then I took the already completely red toilet paper and put it into the toilet, then I took a pad and opened it, and of course it would make the loud noise as always. I never really understood, why it was necessary to make such loud noise! I don’t think anyone is proud of their period?
After changing the pad I went out of the bathroom again, I went into the walk-in closet again and found a pair of pajama pants in black with dots, Justin shirt was grey, but right now I could care less about colors. I also found a pair of fluffy socks, then I went back into the bedroom, where I noticed Justin was lying on the bed with a bunch of sweets beside him, and he had found my favorite movie ‘if I stay” so we could watch it, even though he hated it!
“Aww baby, you’re so amazing” I told him as I got into bed, Justin was sitting up against the wall with his legs apart, so I sat down in front of him and rested my head on his chest.
I felt Justin peck the top of my head, and then he grabbed the remote and pressed play. “I got you the pills and the water” Justin gently whispered in my hair, I looked up at him ad blew him a kiss, and then I reached over to Justin’s nightstand and grabbed the glass of water and the painkillers.
I swallowed the pills, and then I downed the water and placed it on the nightstand again. Then I leaned back against Justin’s chest and watched the movie.
Suddenly Justin grabbed something with his left hand and placed it on my stomach, apparently it was a bucket of ice. Justin quickly opened it, and then he grabbed a spoon and took something onto the spoon. Then he placed the spoon in front of my mouth and fed me. I gently smiled and swallowed the yummy chocolate ice.
“I love you baby” Justin gently whispered as he looked at me, I looked at him once again and smiled widely.
“I love you so much more baby! Thank you for making me feel better” I told him, then I grabbed the ice-cream from to stomach and placed it on the nightstand, then I turned around and leaned my head closer to Justin’s. Justin understood my signal and led his head closer to mine, and finally I was able to feel his amazing and plumb lips on top of mine. I pulled away from Justin and grabbed the spoon from his hand, and then I took some of the ice onto the spoon and fed him.
“Mhh, I can still taste your amazing lips on the spoon” Justin cheekily said, I furrowed my eyebrows and chuckled.
“You’re so cheesy” I told him as I continued you chuckle.
“Yeah, but I’m only cheesy for you” he smirked, I quietly gasped and took some of the ice cream with my hands, then I smashed it right into Justin’s head. Justin gasped, then he also grabbed some ice cream, I tried to get away from him, but before I could, I could already feel the ice cream running down my face. I gasped and started laughing until my stomach was hurting too much.
I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck, and then I connected our chocolate ice covered lips.
Tell me what you think!
- Amalie xxo

Looks Like You’re Gonna Be A Daddy

A/N: I saw this request in my ask and got so excited! Writing this definitely got me in my Sammy feels!<3

ANON request: Can you do an imagine where you and Sammy have been trying to have a baby but y/n can’t get pregnant and one day while Sammy’s out, you’re having morning sickness and you find out you’re pregnant so you find a cute, creative way to tell him?

Y/N’s POV:

“Baby girl I’m about to head out. Nate wants me to be there while they film the video for Lil Bit” my boyfriend of 3 years, whispering and kisses my head gently. I look up at him with tired eyes and he smiles.

“Try again when I get home tonight? I’ll grab some dinner or something for us” he asks. It’s been about 3 months since Sammy came to me, saying he wanted a baby and we had been trying ever since. It broke my heart everytime it didn’t work and Sammy got so discouraged.

“Sure baby. I love you” I smile, rolling onto my side and closing my eyes. he soon exits the room and a few seconds later I hear the front door shut. I start to feel a little queasy as I get out of bed but I brush it off because I must just be hungrier than usual this morning. I make my way downstairs and pour myself a bowl of lucky charms. Taking a seat on the couch and turning the v on to Spongebob, I start to eat my cereal.

“Fuck” I say to myself about four bites in. I set my bowl down and rush to the bathroom, throwing up. I stood up, flushing the toilet and going to the sink to swish water around my mouth before spitting it out. I go back to the living room and grab my bowl, pouring it down the sink. After slipping on my flip flops and grabbing my keys, I head to my car. I had to get to a Walgreens as fast I could; I had never felt this sick the past three months and had to know if this was it. I put my hood on before getting out of my car and rushing into the store. I didn’t want anyone noticing me as I bought the tests because Sammy and I wanted to keep our decision to have a baby on the down low until I was actually pregnant. I grabbed 3 different types of tests and checked out quickly, the lady at the counter giving me a soft smile.

“Good luck darling. Best wishes” she said handing me my receipt and I thanked her, rushing out to my car. Once I got home, I locked myself in the bathroom and did has the instructions said on all three tests. I set them down on the counted and set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes. Excitement was eating at me so I gave Sammy a call, knowing it would calm down.

“Hey baby girl” he picked up after the third ring, his smile so obvious in his tone.

“I miss you Sammy” I pouted softly and he chuckled.

“I know baby but Nate needs me here for sup-” he was cut off as someone took the phone.

“Y/N!! WHy aren’t you here, lil mama?” Nate whined and I gave a soft laugh.

“Just not feeling to well today Skate. How’s the video going? I’m proud of you!” I answered.

“It’s going good, except Sammy is being a baby about the heat and won’t shut up about you when we take breaks.” he says and I can hear Sammy shout, “Shut up Nate!”

My timer goes off and I start to stumble over my words, “Hey Skate I gotta go. Tell Sammy I love him and will see him when he gets home. Have fun!”

“Alright bye lil mama” he says and hangs up. I take a deep breath before looking at the first test. Two lines are visible and I check the second. Same with the second. I bite my lip anxiously before looking at the third and seeing two lines.

“I’m pregnant!” I shout to myself, astonished, “Oh my god, I’m pregnant!” I start doing my little happy dance around the bathroom but stop dead. How do I tell Sammy? I grab my phone and give my best friend a call/

“Y/N! How are you? What’s up?” she says.

“Y/F/N I’m pregnant!” I squeal.

“Wait what?! Oh my god dude oh my god!! How are you gonna tell Sam??” she asked, excitedly.

“Well you remember how my parents told me we were moving to Wisconsin when I was young?” i ask.

“You mean with the Wisconsin cheese??” she answers.

“Yeah! I think I’m gonna do something like that but I want you and the boys and our friends over and everything.”

“oh Y/N that sounds so cute! I can come over in like an hour and a half and we can set up for a little party??”

“Sounds great. I’ve gotta go buy some stuff so I’ll see you in a bit” I say and hang up the phone.

I go out to my car and head to Walmart, singing along to the radio because I’m so happy.

Once I get to the store and check my list:

Jar of baby food

Blue gift bag and pink tissue paper

Blue and pink balloons

I find everything I need and check out, heading home. I send a quick text to the Jacks telling them to come over with Nate after the video is done but to tell Sammy that I just want to hang with all of them if he asks. I give his sister Emily a call about coming over also and she agrees. The thing about both of our parents being back in Omaha and us being here in L.A. is that they couldn’t find out tonight but that was okay because the boys and I already have it planned to visit home next weekend. Soon enough Y/F/N arrived and let herself in.

“Y/N!!” she squealed giving me a hug. She then pulled away and patted my stomach as I giggled. We spent the next hour blowing up balloons and scattering them throughout the living room. I went upstairs, throwing away two of the tests but putting a cap on the other and going back downstairs. I then put the jar of baby food and test inside of the gift bag.

S: Baby, the boys and I are on our way home. What do you want to eat?

Y/N: Taco Bell please??

S: Anything for you. be home in 20

I set my phone down and shouted to Y/F/N, “They are gonna be here in 20 minutes.” Just then the doorbell rang. As I opened the door Emily gave me a big hug.

“So why was I needed here tonight? Big news?” she smirked.

“Very big news” I giggled, placing my hand on my stomach and her jaw dropped.

“No way! Really?” she spoke out and I nodded. We were pulling away from a tight hug as the front door opened.

“Y/N what is all of this?” Sammy looks at me, confused. I grab the gift bag and hold it out to him. He sets our food down and takes the bag. We all stare at him as he pulls out the jar of baby food.

“Y/N is this your way of telling us all that Sammy is a big baby? Because we’ve known that for a while” Nate laughs, patting Sammy on the back.

“Y/N?” Sammy chokes out, pulling out the pregnancy test and staring at me. I nod softly and rub my stomach.

“What??” G and Johnson yell in usion as Sam wraps me in his arms.

“Baby are you serious?” he asks, excitedly.

“Looks like you’re gonna be a daddy” I giggle, planting my lips on his.


Interviewer:Merriest story of you and Keith?
John: “Once we were in Jackson, Mississippi… which isn’t really the place to get up to any-anything.. and uh we were particularly angry with this motel because there was no room service and people had been rude and we were getting insulted and truck drivers were chasing us around the car park. And Keith had a bunch of cherry bombs. So, he said ‘Lets do something to the hotel, I hate this place’. So I said 'If we light a cherry bomb and put it down the toilet, and flush the chain, it’ll go along the pipes and blow up the local sewer!’ and he said, 'Yeah! Then we won’t get blamed for the damage a mile away!’ So we went into the bathroom and I stood ready to flush the toilet and Keith threw the bomb in and we watched it spinning round and it didn’t go anywhere! I looked at him, he looked at me, and we just ran and slammed the door and there was this ridiculous explosion and it sounded like powder trickling down… And we opened the door and there was just a hole. So we rushed out and went to the closest night club and just hid. And about a half hour later, I turned round and my suitcases were right next to me and the manager was saying 'Great fun. Can’t stay here in this state because I’ve phoned every hotel so you’ve gotta travel 500 miles to get out of the state before you can stay anywhere.’

A Rosey Mistake


I have written another part to my future MMFD fic. It goes back in time from the last one shot I posted. I have also realised I never put a date on it. Waiting was based in 2005, just so you have a time span of when everything happens.

I hope you enjoy it and the previous parts are linked below.

Second Anniversary Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Waiting


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Taking two

I’m sorry for not updating for so long! I’m very busy with school right now! I will also hold off answering my ask.fm and email regularly. But here’s another one of my experiences!

This happened in Sec 3, at the end of the year. I was almost done with my CCA session and was heading out of school. I saw two guys from one of the uniformed groups also leaving the school. They were eyeing my as they could see that I wasn’t wearing any bra and my nipples were poking out from touching myself in CCA.

I decided to go to the water cooler and pretend to drink water. I bent down and showed off what was under my skirt (not much :p). They seemed very excited and I decided to hint to them to go to the handicap toilet near the canteen. I went inside and stripped down to nothing. After about 3 more minutes, I saw the door slowly open, and one head pop in to see what was going on. It was the two guys. They were shocked and mesmerised at my body and immediately locked the door and took off their pants. One of them had a 5 inch dick, and the other, a 6 inch dick.

I started to suck on their dicks, changing dicks ever so often. I lubricated both of the dicks with my spit and did a lot of deep throating. They moaned really loudly, I think people outside could hear. After awhile, I stood up and sat on the toilet bowl, spreading my legs, signalling for them to start fucking me in my wet pussy. They took turns to fuck me in my pussy and my its. I squirted more than 4 times because they were so good. They also decided to put me on the floor and face fuck me as well.

After about 20 minutes of hard core pussy, face, tit fucking, mutual masturbation, fingering, they felt like cumming. I started to violently suck their dicks and did a lot of deep throat. One of them came into my mouth. I swallowed the whole lot. The other guy pulled out right before he came and came all over my tits. I rubbed that cum all over my tits and decided not to clean up.

I put on my school uniform and left. No words were exchanged and I was fucked violently for about 30 minutes by 2 complete strangers. I came 4 times, swallowed a whole load of cum and had cum drying on my tits as well as pussy juices drying on my thighs as I went home.

This is a personal imagine for Camilla, if you want an imagine send us a message your name, the boy and the scenario.

(Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name.)

A Cameron Dallas imagine for Camilla 

Cam’s P.O.V

 Don’t get me wrong, I love the boys, but spending 6 hours cooped up on a plane with them is too much for me to handle. When I heard the pilot speak over the intercom, informing us we had 15 minutes before arriving at our destination, I was relieved to say the least and let out a long sigh.

 As soon as we had our luggage we headed towards the exit and soon saw the few fans that had come and waited to meet us. Since there were only a few of them it wasn’t too much to handle and I was fortunately able to take photos and talk to all of them.

 I excused myself from the small crowd to go to the toilet and made my way towards them, following the helpful signs. I used the toilet and quickly washed my hands then left. Seeing that the crowd was growing, I stood outside the toilets for a short while, too tired out to talk at that moment. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a beautiful, petite blonde trying to make her way out of the crowd. The first thing I noticed was her grungy clothes, and how original and different she looked compared to all the other girls there. The second thing I noticed were the tears streaming down her face.

Camilla’s P.O.V

“Do you really have to go all summer?” I asked Y/B/F/N, the tears were already starting to form. Y/B/F/N is the only person who truly understands me and the thought of her being gone all summer is agonising.

“The time is going to fly by,” she told me.

We then had our final hug and said our final goodbye. I did not want to cry in front of Y/B/F/N, so I waited until she was gone to run to the bathroom. I couldn’t see where I was going through the tears in my eyes, and I accidently bumped into someone. I dried my eyes and realised I had bumped into Cameron Dallas.

I had obviously heard of Cameron before and I had seen some of his vines but I wasn’t as excited as your typical teenage girl would be, and he seemed shocked and almost relieved by this.

I mumbled a sorry, not wanting to be seen like this, and I tried to head for the bathroom when he stopped me.

Cameron’s P.O.V 

“Are you okay?” I asked the beautiful girl before me. I grabbed her arm and that’s when I saw the scars, she noticed me staring and she was quick to pull her arm away from my grasp.

“I’m fine, thanks…” Her reply seemed awkward and it was obvious she was shy and not aware of how gorgeous she was.

I could tell straight away that she was something special and was different to any other girl and I knew I wanted to see more of her.

“Why don’t you tell me over coffee?” I asked smirking, hoping to cheer her up, I would do anything to see her smile.

“You don’t even know my name…”

“Well what is it?” I asked her,

“Camilla,” she said,

“Well Camilla, now we can go for coffee.”

Camilla’s P.O.V

I knew I only knew his name, but I could tell that Cameron wasn’t like other boys. Cameron Dallas was something special.

Misunderstood Intentions - Chapter 1

A/N: Okay, so, I sort of like to write but I’m very shy to share my work because I think it’s awful. ((and most of the time it is)) 
But, recently I’ve been reading alot of fanfics and it kinda gave me the courage to post something. 

This was a rough idea I had one day. Just sitting and thinking. 
This is the first part of the story. If anyone likes it ((i doubt it)) then I’ll post the second one too. :) 

I really hope you guys like it! x ((and please do tell me how it was))
Here goes nothing:


It was a sunny afternoon.  One of those picture perfect days. Where the birds would fly around, chirping. The sun soaring high in the sky, Looking down on everyone. It was the kind of day that would make anyone feel happy and warm. Yet, here I was, In the girl’s toilet. Crying my eyes out..

It all started this morning, when I walked into school and couldn’t take the pressure of everything around me.
No one had touched me, No one even spoke to me. But I just felt pressurized. Like everything around me was collapsing. My world just, falling apart. My walls, caving in.

It was then I realized I might be having an anxiety attack. My vision started to get blurry as my eyes started to fill up with unexpected tears. I looked around, wondering if anyone cared enough to glance my way and see through me.
I was right, Nobody cared. Everyone was busy to themselves.
I ran to my locker and dumped my backpack inside. Heading straight towards the girl’s toilet after.

45 minutes. I had been bawling my eyes out in the cubicle for 45 minutes. Funny, it seemed like my entire life span.
I heard the bell go off, indicating that my first class had been let out.
I stood up from the covered toilet seat that I had occupied, and stepped out of my cubicle.

I walked over to the sink. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I splashed cold water over my face.
It felt good, a bit refreshing.

I took a deep breath, preparing myself for the crowd of people outside, and with that, I stepped out in the hurdle.

It wasn’t like this was the first time I’d had one of these attacks. It was normal. But the fact that they came out of the blue, made them worse.
Usually, like of today, I was un-prepared.
And the aftermath was awful. It left me shaken and out of focus.

I didn’t have the strength to go back to any of my lectures, so I headed out to the open field.

I wasn’t surprised to find it deserted. It was way too early for any of the sports team to be out and about.

As I walked towards the bleachers, I found myself scrunching my nose up in disgust. It took me more than a minute to register the awful smell. I turned my head towards my left to find a hunched figure on the bench, smoking.

At first, I didn’t understand how I’d missed it.
But then again, I was too shaky to focus onto anything clearly.

I tried to identify the body, not that I knew many people.
 I usually kept to myself.
“Michael?” I breathed out. Looking at the wrist full of bracelets and bands. “No, No”
I shook my head and turned to move towards the right side of the bleachers. Hoping to get away from the person before they realized I had been staring at them.

“Aren’t you supposed to be studying or something, princess?”
I froze.
“shit”, I muttered under my breath.

I turned around, and surely, I found none other than the school bad boy, Michael Clifford. Now sitting straight up as he grinned at me. His cigarette, held delicately between his forefinger and thumb.

I gulped, and stared at him. Unable to make a move.

“Well?” He pressed on.
“That’s none of your business, Clifford” I shot back as I turned around, heading back to the place I had intended to go towards.

My head felt heavy, and my breathing started to hitch.
I pressed my head, a tear escaping from my eye again.

I slumped down onto the bleachers, and started to cry.
What was wrong with me today? I couldn’t handle all the emotions bubbling up inside of me.

I noted a familiar smell creeping near me. I sat straight up. Wiping the tears from my eyes.

I whipped my head around to find Michael leaning down on me
I jumped up immediately.  “L-leave me a-a-lone” I stuttered. Looking down at my feet. Trying to regain control of myself

“Woah, I was just concerned, princess. Everything cool?” He asked
I nodded, and waited for him to go away

Michael seemed to get the clue and walked away, shrugging.
Once he left, I slumped back down, wondering what was wrong with me.

- Honestly, I’m still nervous about posting it. But thanks to sweet-as-sugarpie, akirashinigami and michalcliffo. They really put up with me and boost up my confidence. I love you guys. :) -