• bee:those reports are done.
  • Optimus:excellent. well done, Bumblebee.
  • bee:thanks dad
  • team prime:......
  • bee:...why is everyone staring at me?
  • arcee:you just called Prime dad. you said, 'thanks dad'
  • bee:what?! no I didn't. I said 'thanks sir'
  • optimus:bumblebee. do you see me as a father figure?
  • bee:no, if anything I see you as a bother figure cause you're always bothering me.
  • magnus:hey! show your father some respect!
panic! at the disco leaked setlist

- la devotee

- “fuck you ryan afycso sounds better without you”

- this is gospel

- look kids brendon is now stripping

- “please come back ryan i love you”

- “you know what ryan?? fuck you”

- “i love my wife sarah she’s beautiful more beautiful than ryan”

- hallelujah

- a 10 minute demonstration of how many notes brendon can hit (a lot)

- “fuck u ryan ross”

- brendon is both high and bi

- “why did you leave me ryan”

i think a porn blog took my old url…which on one hand its funny, but on the other hand ive contributed to posts and those comments have made it far…what if someone sees my comment and is like ‘haha thats funny i wonder who– oh

they dont get 'alittlecastiel’ anymore…now they get 'ethnic superbabe takes it deep anally' 

what does a little adorable baby castiel have to do with anal…hes not old enough yet!

at the concert miley started drinking alot of water and ended up spitting it on some fans (in a nice way of course) and this woman in front of me said “ew her spit got in my mouth, i have to get checked for STD’s now” and her boyfriend im assuming replied “well that wouldn’t of happened if you weren’t running your mouth” i almost fell to the floor because i was laughing so hard