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Headcanon: Link makes dumb puns ALL THE TIME and it annoys Zelda so much but she can't help but love him.

yes yes yes yes yes

zelda talking about how gr8 hyrule is 
“more like… hycool” 

zelda leaving in a rush on her horse
“better hoof it” 

zelda studying hard and link brings her a mint leaf and she’s ???
“it’s just some encouragemint” 

etcetera etcetera and she wants to d i e but still laughs even though they’re literally not funny at all and Link is like wiping tears from his eyes

IM – !!

I just hit 100+ followers, and I’m honestly in disbelief???
It’s been a month and all of you have seriously been so kind and welcoming. I’m
so happy that I have had the chance to be part of the f.ate fandom with such
wonderful people, and to interact with rpers so ENTHUSIASTIC about their muses.
IT IS AN AMAZING THING TO SEE AHHHH. All of you have made my short
time on this blog an amazing experience, and I love all of you so much.
asdfghjk thank you !! ❤️

Ikuhara's Episode Commentary:
14: "The Boys of the Black Rose"

I saw a certain horror movie when I was in middle school. There was a secret mortuary in an underground chamber, and the dead were electronically transmitted (!), still in their coffins, to the “other world,” where they were forced into slavery.

The movie’s story was utterly absurd, but the division of the world into opposite poles of “living” and “dead” felt real to me, somehow.

Our world has been spoken of in bipolar fashion for ages.

In my student days, there was a popular book that compared the “affluent” with the “non-affluent,” and sorted everything into categories called “loaded” and “broke.” It was the bubble era, and the aim of the book was probably to get a laugh by saying “They call us wealthy, but our lifestyle’s practically in the trash can!”

But for some reason, I couldn’t laugh.

Years later, the phrase “the winning side” was popular in the media. I thought it was horrid. And sure enough, people started using the opposite phrase “the losing side” as a masochistic joke. I still couldn’t laugh, though.

One day, a girl I saw on TV said, “There are only two types of people in this world: the ones who are chosen and the ones who aren’t chosen.”

That gave me a start.

“To not be chosen is to die,” said the girl.

I decided to try my hand at that.

The Black Rose arc.

Story Time

During middle school and junior high, I was known as the kid who’d laugh at “anything,” so people would come up to me and say words to make me laugh. The most common word used was “pudding.” Now, I knew people were doing this as a way to make fun of me; I wasn’t stupid, but there was just something about a person coming up to me, looking me in the eye, saying “pudding” for no reason at all, and staring at my face as they anticipated my reaction.

Everyone thought I was laughing because I found the word “pudding” funny, when I was actually laughing at the person sounding like a fool as they repeatedly said “pudding” in my face. 

Monsta X Reaction to Their Girlfriend Falling Off the Bed During Sexy Time

[ BTS Version ]


“How did you do that…? Are you ok?”


“A way to ruin the moment. Kidding, kidding~ We can continue on the floor if you prefer”


“Oh my God! Is everything ok down there? Was it my fault? Did I get too passionate?”
*Still laughing though*


*Slips and falls off with you*
“I swear this is the weirdest thing that happened on this bed, how did we even manage to do that?”


“Oh my God”
*Helps you up very awkwardly*


*Leans off the edge of the bed*
“Lucky for me I was dominating”
*You pull him and he falls beside you*


“So, umm… We gonna continue or…?”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

Moonlight (Ashton Irwin Imagine) - Dangerous Woman Album Series

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Summary: “I never knew, you could have moonlight in your hands, ‘til the night I held you, you are my moonlight.”

Requested: Nah

Warnings: Loads of making out

A/N: tell me what song you would like next from Ariana’s album :-) and gimme feedback! This totally makes no sense due it being written at 3am but I believe it’s cute to be totally honest. I know I took forever to post this but please bare with me cuz I’ve got exams and all that.

Moonlight - Ariana Grande || Dangerous Woman Masterlist

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It’s funny.

I make it a point not to talk about follower counts or what not, usually. but the fact I’ve lost around 50 in the last 48 hours, presumably over my “I’m a raging asshole” confessions, makes me laugh. It’s better they found out now and bailed early i guess. I’‘m still laughing about it though.


Found this on Youtube.

today a guy asked for a cigarette and then when I gave him one he was like “thanks you’re quite the gentle- I’m not sure”

I was literally an androgynous enigma even though I have obvious facial hair (because I am lazy) and short hair and was dressed like a dude like okay