random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better


Never forget this classic

the funniest line deliveries (imo) for each of The Magnificent Seven


“Then just shoot him in the head, hell I don’t know, avenge me.” - Sam Chisolm

“Oh good they brought their pitchforks, we may stand a chance after all.” - Josh Faraday (OR “Je-sus-wept”)

“You little shit! We got a lot to talk about!” - Jack Horne

“I’m hungry.” - Red Harvest

C’MON! GET SOME GRAVEL IN YOUR CRAW! GODDAMNsonsabitches” - Goodnight Robicheaux

(1000% poker faced) “That is funny.” - Billy Rocks

* Chara hated humanity.
* Why they did, they never talked about it.
* But they felt very strongly about that.

(Static version)

I will admit, I had a dream that I cuddled Fox!Kaden  and I woke up wanting to marry him in Birthright. Just look at this happy orange fluff ball!

me right now

So I actually did make it to my ed psyc lecture even though I spent most of it trying to stay up lol (im dying, i need a nap). When I was paying attention, my professor was talking about independent practice in teaching and used pop quizzes as an example. He asked how many of us have had professors here in university that gave pop quizzes and I raised my hand *because I have one this semester (it’s irritating)*. Anyway, I often have a “resting bitch face™”, I do it subconsciously most of the time but I must have really looked pissed off in class because my professor stop mid sentence (in our 50 min lecture class of 130 students) to look at me with his eyes wide open trying not to giggle (this man is in his 60s and is always giggling in class) and he said Oh my you have the deadliest, nastiest look on your face! I’m sorry I don’t mean to embarrass you, but- you must really hate pop quizzes don’t you?”

I responded “yes I do, but also I think it’s just my face” and started laughing cause it’s actually so funny and because I was totally caught off guard but now I’m publicly embarrassed™ for the rest of the semester haha. Being the angsty teen I was I had heard it before in high school. I had a few teachers tell me all the time what a “death stare I had” and other comments of that nature but I never thought a university professor would notice or even care😂😂😂😭😭😭I swear I smile a lot!! people just look at me at the wrong times lol

I have this funny memory from when I was little and first immigrated to Australia from Serbia. I didn’t speak any English at the time, so I had to go to these special ESL English classes to catch up to all the people my age so I could communicate. Anyway, the Serbian word for “tomato” is “paradajz”, which when spoken sounds like the English word “paradise” with an accent.

In short, growing up, I believed that Australians were very, very passionate about their tomatoes. “I want to go to paradise” to me basically meant “I want to go to a farmer’s market”, and “This is paradise” made me think that the measured scale of greatness and enjoyment went from “one” to “tomato”, where tomato was the highest possible score. Learning English was stressful.


GD & TOP off the record

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