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Okay so my hair gets super oily really fast like the day after I wash it fast and I don't know how to fix it. I have dyed hair so I can't use clarifying shampoos or anything like that and I am suffering.

dry shampoo! dry shampoo! dry shampoo!
it saves lives, i swear. Lush has one called No Drought and i’ve had it for like six months and i still have over half the bottle left. it’s super effective and will definitely absorb all of that excess oil! i kind of went over this a couple asks ago but some really great shampoos for dyed hair would be our Rehab or Blousey shampoos. Rehab will be more cleansing though so if it’s something you’re really worried about i’d go with the Blousey shampoo. and i’d either recommend our Veganese conditioner–it’s our lightest, so great for oily hair but may not be nourishing enough if your hair is very damaged–or our Retread conditioner. Retread is our heaviest so it’ll be very very moisturizing and it’s really repairing as well so it’s perfect for dyed hair. Rehab and Retread actually work great together..hope this helps!

My heart monitor ripped off in my sleep and it ripped some of my skin off 

Also I put half my percocet in an old percocet bottle to keep in my purse and I can’t find it now. so smooth move Morgan. At least I still have quite a few left for now hopefully since I took one my pain will go down and I can go back to sleep. 


Ok so for all of the holidays including birthdays I always get my bff of 13 ish years something, whether I buy it or make it. For my last birthday she got me a fat ass birthday blunt. Well that week I was really sad and suicidal so I couldn’t smoke, I just couldn’t, if I did it would have ended very badly. After handing it to me and letting me smell it, I explained what was going on and she says “alright well I’ll just smoke it and get you one next week” then took it out of my hands and left. My birthday was in July and I still haven’t gotten it. So, for Christmas, I made her an awesome gift. It was a mason jar with a mini can of juice on the inside and tied to the outside with ribbon was a mini bottle of her favorite liquor and a super cute Santa straw. Out of all of the ppl I made those for she is still the only person who has drank it. Everyone else is waiting for a special moment. Well, for 2 months now she’s been saying my preset is on the way. “It’s on the way, it’s on the way, Amazon said its been delivered, it’s a crop top it shouldn’t take this long, it’s on the way”. Well, I got it yesterday and uuuuuh….. That black thing underneath is my sports bra….. I don’t really find this funny at all, to be honest. It actually makes me kinda sad and upset to see how much effort you put into things and witness what you get in return.

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Ummm, can we not board water bottles/bread anymore? I've been keeping some items in my rewards box and just the other day one of the new water bottles they give had like 28 or w/e days left to claim it. And now today, all of the items in my box say 1 day?? :s

what do we have here, yet another attempt to make us despair.. 


mine are still the same dates so far? 

Day 162

Had a heart to heart with one of my closest friends who’s pretty much my sister.
Drove down PCH. Made a left onto Jamboree Road. Drove to your house for the first time since Day 2. Pulled over a block down. Bawled my eyes out. Drove home.
Point of all this?
To let it all out. I bottle everything inside day in and day out so no one would know. And I dont have the strength alone to let it out. Tonight was the first time in a long time that I cried like the night it was over. I’ve come to realize that despite everything I still want you because all the flaws are pale in comparison to the greatness you have, despite the fact that people tell me it’s stupid to hang onto a DB like you. Whatever.
I feel better now…

Im still unconditionally in love with you…

The condition in which my dorm was left in for my roommates and I to move into was actually ridiculous. There were literally bottles of alcohol everywhere (some still full), moldy food, the kitchen was and still is COVERED in fruit flies. The previous tenants left hella of their shit in here and we were the ones who had to clean it all up? What kind of shit is that? Istg SF state is so unorganized and messy we should have never had to move into a place in this condition. Not to mention i just checked behind my roommates bed to get my cat and there was an OPEN and possibly USED CONDOM under her bed like what the actual fuck is this

So I'm going to bed now, just saw that 25 inches of snow fell in my area (And its still coming down). Guess ill be in the house all day tomorrow too. This makes me sad. 😢

And I only have one bottle of wine left. 😢😢😢

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[MSG:] You left your shoes at my place but remembered to take your vodka. I see where your priorities are.

text message starters: part 14
status: still accepting !! // for @bldmvn

( sms ) i still have the bottle of vodka but uh it’s empty so

Day 33.

29 degrees.  Salami sandwich, chips and an apple.

All morning it snowed; thick, heavy, wet snow.  So complete surprise when I went out for lunch and the sun was shining, the snow was slush and the whole world was sparkling diamonds.  I had planned to eat on a park bench across the street, and actually did as walking while carrying apple in one pocket, sandwich in another, chips zipped inside my jacket and water bottle in mittened hand was too unwieldy!  But once the chips & sandwich were eaten I left the water on the bench and started walking.  It was so beautiful out that I walked and walked and ended up at a hidden park behind the town sport stadium.  Decided I would definitely be back in the spring to have lunch up in the bleachers or under the picnic shelter.  I’m still praying for Sally to get a good job, and for a friend’s job discernment, and of course, for Gilbert to be safe from any serious peanut reaction. 

I take a shot of Jameson or Jack to start the morning off with old friends
I’ll celebrate like it’s the anniversary of the day that we first met
I’ve been practicing our eulogy, separated all our things
I took my name off of the lease I’m leaving…

….Now I wonder as I am sliding under the subtle control of the drink
If I have enough left in the bottle to say all the things I’m thinking?
I’ve been practicing my exit plan, nervously checking time
I still don’t know how I’ll survive….

….‘Cause dear, four years hurts less than five
And it’s never a good time….

….When she came home I made her sit
My feet tap out a rhythm as I draw breath in
To hurt the only one I’ve loved
“This is so damn hard but I am giving up.”
“The person that you love is dead,
I flooded him out with the Jack and Jameson,
So happy anniversary.
The best gift I could think to give you was to set you free.”….

Wake up, you’re sleeping behind the wheel
Behind the wheel

—  Four Years
If you can't do it..

I drove so fucking far tonight just to escape my emotions…my family thought I was busy with friends….but What I would do to not feel a thing right now.. Nothing else I wanted but to be away from my heart and myself..
I got home at midnight and sat down with a bottle… It’s never tasted so good straight… What a surprise it took you so long.. And now I’m left asking why I’m still here…. I’m so fucking lost and no one knows… An empty stomach every time i need to punish myself or punish myself because of others. Straight bottles of alcohol just to make it feel ok but an empty stomach makes me realise something else…a sense of happiness to be fair because no one knows and no one cares and I have it all because im in control and I’m fading away to nothing.. Bottles of straight alcohol and cigarettes to ruin what’s left inside this piece of shit body and mind..
I hope the liver goes from the alcohol and cigarette spread cancer so far your body won’t be able to survive. I hope the drugs they give you don’t work and your body suffers through every inch of pain… I hope you lay there at night screaming from torture.. I hope you die knowing you fucked up every good thing you had…I hope you suffer knowing that you are not worth anything…Oh oscar/Sophie just suffer… Every piece of your body must suffer… You are nothing… And you will never be worth anything..
Ruin what’s left because you deserve it and I promise you no one cares..
Ruin what’s left because you’re not worth it and I promise you no one will cares..
Ruin yourself and suffer till your last breath and I promise you no one will care.
Ruin ever piece of yourself until you’re dying the worst death and there is no point of return because no one will care..
You deserve nothing good and that’s why no one cares
And nothing good deserves you because you are not worth it..
Dig that grave and lay in it..
No more blood just day after day suffering… Your body will collapse one day..

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Our muses go out drinking

┊♞┊ just one bottle. that’s his pathetic limit, that’s all that he can handle. a sip could send his state of mind into a flux of who knows what. he just isn’t made to consume alcohol; the man didn’t have the “gifts” his stepfather were born with: the tastebuds for its bitterness and one hell of a kidney.  ❝ i’m not sure if i can handle anymore. ❞  slurred words and a case of the hiccups flaw his speech. but today is a celebratory day, for no good reason. maybe just another sip. 

… one more bottle later. he’s incapable of staying still. his intoxicated body sways left and right, just tempting to fall off his chair. this is just what he feared; he’s never doused a second bottle before. everything is a new experience, a sensation, too bad he won’t be able to remember it.  ❝ … hey, drink up. it’s my treat. ❞ even the much smaller woman can hold her own to the liquid. she seems fine, from his own distorted perception. can he even see straight?

… several bottles laterhe’s collapsed onto the floor of the bar, out for the count.  he lays motionless but his eyes are glued to one remaining bottle on the countertop. it’s tempting, and he’s completely drawn to its sight. why not another one? ❝ … one more drink. ❞

Ok so getting drunk wasn’t so much of a bad idea because I fell asleep watching ASMR around 11pm and slept 11h and now I’m back to normal I suppose, sometimes I just go over the top with this unsolvable ugly problem but the truth is that when I’m not in crisis it doesn’t bother me that much, I’m just too in love with Lizzy. I still have one bottle of beer left and I’ll keep it for after the full body workout but first I need to motivate myself cause I’d rather be dead rn! Honestly screw this no caffeine challenge coffee is guuud and it’s my preworkout and I’m gonna kick ass (my own mostly) I’ve just realized how much the type of bodies in my fit folder have changed recently and it’s so good it’s muscled and all kind of bodies and not only skinny models, I’m starting to like what I got even though it’s NOWHERE near being done yet, taking are of myself is so rewarding. And I didn’t even forgot to brush my teeth yesterday which means my 2y+ streak of not forgetting a single day is preserved. Suck it Satan, not going back into depression hell, I have ideas for painting and I want to adopt a cat so bad and I have lots of beautiful things to make and also I want to cook stuff yooo I might ask for a juicer for my birthday in 8 months being healthy makes me happy

I bought a big bottle of caltrate

about a month ago. I bought it at bj’s so it’s a big bottle. I didn’t put two and two together that it’s been making me sick. Every morning I take one and then about ten minutes later I feel like throwing up. It goes away in about two minutes but it’s miserable. I don’t wanna go through that twice a day. My endocrinologist said I had to take calcium though. I still have two hundred and some odd pills left but I gotta switch brands. Blegh.

I’m hooome it’s nice no need to use headphones

Though in bad news I only have two opamox left and today the pharmacy’s closed (I still have recipe for one bottle I think??) and idk how I’m gonna survive hahaha….. Tolerances so high two pills don’t do shit…. Except for Dorian. Maybe he’ll have to front until I get more.