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I’m watching a lot of TV shows

and sadly some of them ended

so I’m always happy to find a new one 

i’m curious what you started to watch recently?

please list

5 TV shows you started to watch recently and you recommend to us all

(maybe i’ll find TV shows on your lists that I will put on my favorites list in future)

my list:

1. The Expanse

I don’t want to tell you too much - don’t want spoil the fun, but if you love science-fiction, good story and characters, mystery -  you need to watch it!

i just watched the first season finale and i love it!

and why is the second one so far away? :(

maybe I’ll be tempted now to read the books it’s based on

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2.  The Shannara Chronicles

i started to watch it because of my dear cs friends and i love it (looking at you @chrissascorner)

it has elves, magic and beautiful scenery

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3.  Into the Badlands

that sword-fighting !!!!

and badass characters (men and women)

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4. Limitless

tv show i enjoy to watch because it’s interesting but more important, it’s impossible not to love the main character and it’s really good to watch after a stressful day - so relaxing!

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bonus for you my dear oncers:

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5.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine

i can’t believe i didn’t start to watch it sooner! it’s just so so funny! 

if someone needs more smiles and laugh in their life i strongly recommend this one!

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i wish i could tag all of you - but even if you are not tagged and want to do this one or any other list - please do - i want to get to know you all better!

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(thank you @villains-happy-ending for your help:*)

answer 10 questions, tag 10 human beans

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1. what was the last movie you watched? heathers
2. what was the last song you listened to? the ghost of you by mcr
3. what was the last show you watched? buffy the vampire slayer (i’ve just started watching it)
4. what was the last book you read? the song of achilles by madeline miller
5. if you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be? new york city probably, like in a cafe somewhere near times square
6. if you could pick a decade to time travel to, what would it be? 1920s! (just for the flapper dresses tbh)
7. If you won the lotto for millions in cash, what would be the first thing you did? give some to charity maybe? i don’t think i would know what to do with all of it
8. which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?poe dameron
9. what was the last thing you ate? avocado on toast
10. what was the last fandom you joined? les mis i think? though i’m not properly active in it.

i tag @even–if–you–miss @dils-trans-llama @thelegendofmoose @emiliepost @2kai @deathleighhallows @intentionorignorance @fjorrd @cometgay @sea-kiid ! no pressure to do it if you don’t want though


I’m being honest when I say I only started ready the books because I watched the trailer for the show. I’ve seen so many people getting annoyed at new people coming to watch the show having never read the books and the one thing I have to say to that is, “Why?”. Honestly, why does it bother people so much about when you read (or if) the books? No offence, it’s a book! No one should care or get annoyed at people because of that honestly does it really matter? No. It doesn’t because people are enjoying the show without the books so who honestly cares?

Also PSA if you have a problem with the show and you feel the need to be rude to other fans when talking about it just stop. It’s fine to have an opinion but you don’t need to be an ass when expressing it.

I’m not a fan of moffat or anything like that. And i’m overjoyed that’s he’s leaving (maybe the show will be watchable again). But some of the reasons moffat-haters have for hating him and their self-righteous behavior are just ridiculous. I hated moffat for his shitty writing ability. His characters are repeative and so predictable that he had to lie about Missy being the master because everybody saw it coming from a mile away. He ruined what good continuity the show had. But I feel like moffat-haters want to have more of a reason for hating him other then that.  LIke, moffat isn’t a bad person, he’s a bad writer. That’s it.

anothertrashyphangirl asked:

I'm kinda new to the community and I just can't get into little space and stay in it if that makes sense? Is there any way I could ease my way into it?

There are so many ways you can get into little space! I would start of by making sure you’re in a place where you know you’ll be able to regress and not have to worry about your adult life for a bit! You could watch children’s movies and shows, play with dolls and stuffies, color, wear some pj’s, and you can use pacis and wear diapers if those seem like your sort of thing! Anything that will make you feel like a little kid again! It can be tough when you’re first getting into the community, but once you’ve figured out what works for you it’ll be a lot easier to get into and stay in little space!

not just one show recommendation, but two (2)!

Stevey Universo is on hiatus for who knows how long until the next Stefan Universum bomb, so why don’t you check out these two (2!) shows that both only lasted a season but were pretty good in their own right? first off is MOTORCITY (2012), originally aired on the Disney XD channel. 20 episodes.

I’ll start by saying that parts of this show can seem.. really cheesy. Certain dialogue and music, in particular - but it’s sorta in a good way! I mean, check out the theme (composed by Brendon Small, because of course) …

The animation and general art/character design is just plain gorgerous, and it gets even better when you find out that this was all pulled off in Flash! That alone is enough to watch it, I think - but thankfully, there’s more than just that. Motorcity takes place in an unclear far-off future where above Detroit, a new mega-city utopia has been built by the evil rich mastermind Abraham Kane  (voiced by Mark Hamill.. the entire voice cast is A+ and he’s definitely the shining star) known as Detroit Deluxe. Underneath Detroit Deluxe lies the actual Detroit, now known as Motorcity. Kane leads his people with an iron fist and has banned all sorts of personal freedoms, one of those being.. cars.

The Burners - a group of scrappy rebels who live beneath Detroit Deluxe - rise to stop him… and a whole lot more goes on from there. It’s a good time.


Every episode is its own little adventure, and you learn a little bit more about the world these people live in, and it’s fairly fully-realized for just 20 episodes. It could’ve gone on even longer and been even greater.. but it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, and it goes to some pretty great places. You’ll enjoy the ride. (It gets a little gay at parts, which is cool. Julie and the Amazons …)

Here is a megaupload with all the episodes in HD,  and here is a link to stream them. UP NEXT… 

SYM-BIONIC TITAN (2010). Cartoon Network, 20 episodes.

In the midst of a invading occupation, two aliens (and one robot) flee to Earth, trying to escape a war that has conquered their planet - the princess Ilana, the soldier-now-bodyguard Lance, and Octus (voiced by Brian Posehn, aka Sour Cream, so there’s that). They must blend in with humanity - specifically, high school - while dealing with alien threats sent their way and.. the struggles of being a teenager.

It draws inspiration from all sorts of stuff - mecha anime, John Hughes (16 Candles, The Breakfast Club) movies, and..  Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky. Each episode is its own little adventure whiiile also furthering an overarching plotline.. that would’ve surely amounted to even more, but sadly it only got one season. What’s there is still great, though!

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(She looks just like Pearl, man. That’s cool. She’s even a little bit like her, if you squint.)

Sym-Bionic Titan was created by Genndy Tartakovsky - creator of Dexter’s Lab, that one cool Clone Wars series, Samurai Jack - and that alone should draw your interest, if you’re asking me. (Maybe now that Samurai Jack is returning, this can return as well? Who knows.) It’s engaging, it’s entertaining, it’s funny. Give it a go! There’s a lot of stuff to enjoy here, all sorts of strange themed episodes.. this is the only thing a lot of people know about Sym-Bionic Titan, and to be fair, it’s pretty great - but there’s so much more.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a download link for this show, but here’s a streaming website.

So uhh… watch these shows, man !!! They’re really good, I’m vouching for them. Make the time go by. Peace out………


Existing as a queer woman of color in the punk / hardcore world has been a goddamn nightmare most of my life but femme / girlpunks are my number one inspiration & motivation to move forward without hesitation or doubt 

Im so proud of my girls all over the world who play in bands, draw flyers, book shows, house n feed bands, and go watch their friends play the same songs every weekend without any recognition of their contributions to ‘the scene' 

I feel blessed to be friends with ladies in bands all over the world who inspire me every day :,) FIREWALKER is the best band with some of the best people I’ve ever known and I hope the world is ready for the NWOFDHC NEW WAVE OF FEMALE DOMINATED HC 

There are like 3 girls in ‘the scene’ out here in DC but I’m tryinna start a million bands (already doin 4) and publish a periodical zine and book-club starts next month so please HMU babies 

 Sicker than you XOXO

So I have a secret obsession with blind boxes. It started with Kidrobot’s Dunny series and has now crossed over to Funko’s My Little Pony blind boxes. I started watching the newest version of the My Little Pony show to see what the hype was about and bought one of the My Little Pony blind boxes on a whim. OMG those little ponies statues are so adorable! As a kid I watched the old version of My Little Pony. I had a few of the pony dolls (sadly not anymore). My favorite was the seahorse My Little pony doll. I think it would be so cool if they created some of the seahorse ponies as blind boxes. I don’t think they have the seahorse ponies on the new show. So I created my own :D. From left to right its…Capricorn, Siren, and Banana ;P. 

you know it’s funny but remember how in an interview Ravi found out how he has a bunch of fanboys more than the other members and thought it was nice. So my six year old brother likes watching a bunch of kpop videos and I’ve shown him all of VIXX’s videos (of course) so today I finally showed him Depend On Me because I had completely forgotten about it (also because he told me to show him more new videos). So then I always ask him who he likes in VIXX the most (like always) and he was watching them sing and saying “aww I don’t see him. He’s not there” but then just as soon as Ravi started appearing (rapping) my little brother quickly points to the screen and says “him~”


Thank you for all of these happy years! Let’s keep walking together in the future. We will always support you no matter what you do.

untitled #1
jikook / 467 word / rated g

jimin and jungkook are looking for a lamp for their new home.

made for @jiguknetwork​‘s bingo, my prompt was lamp. tbh i have no idea where i was going with this, it start crack-ish and then goes fluffy and slightly angsty? feels so rushed but well, you have to start somewhere.

“we are not buying an iron man lamp, jungkook.”

jungkook pouted at jimin, letting go of the lamp in question. jimin was watching him, arms crossed and a hint of amusement showing on his face. jungkook still tried to win him over by showing him his best puppy eyes, but jimin only turned around and continued wandering around the store.

“but hyung, it would look so cool,” he whined as he trailed after his boyfriend, fingers tugging at the hem of his jacket, trying to get his attention.

“i don’t care, that lamp is not coming anywhere near our apartment.”

our apartment. a small smile rose to jungkook’s lips. after dating for a little over three years, the two of them were finally moving in together. it had taken a lot of convincing for jungkook to agree to it, but when jimin had pointed out that neither of them could remember the last time they’d spent the night alone in their respective apartments, jungkook gave in.

sometimes jungkook felt a bit guilty for being so wary. jimin had been ready to move in together after only a few months of dating, but his suggestion scared jungkook so much he hid in his apartment without making any contact with the older. after a week, jimin appeared on his doorstep, sobbing uncontrollably and telling him we can take it as slow as you want, just please don’t leave me.

jungkook was pulled from his thoughts abruptly when he came in contact with jimin’s back. both of them let out a small oof. before jimin could move away, jungkook wrapped his arms around his waist, placing his chin over the smaller man’s shoulder.

“what do you think about this one? it’s not exactly iron man, but it’s red,” jimin mused, brushing his fingers over the back of jungkook’s hands.

“i think it’s nice,” jungkook answered after flitting his gaze over the floor lamp in front of them. he sighed, nuzzling his nose into jimin’s soft brown hair. he faintly registered jimin saying something to him, but he was too busy enjoying the smell of jimin’s strawberry shampoo to listen.

“hey,” jimin suddenly spun around in his arms, trying to get his attention. he wrapped his arms around jungkook’s neck hesitantly.

“are you sure about this? about us moving in together?” he was gnawing at his bottom lip, gently stroking the nape of jungkook’s neck with his thumb. jungkook tightened his hold around him before pecking him on his forehead. he knew jimin was still a bit insecure about their relationship because of what happened in the past and needed confirmation from time to time.

“yeah, i am,” he smiled at jimin before swooping down to press his lips against jimin’s plump ones.

they ended up getting the iron man lamp.

Don’t imagine your bias as your classmate at Hogwarts. Don’t imagine hopping on the Hogwarts Express, seeing his smiling face as he pats the seat next to him, “Hey, how was your summer? Didn’t you say you went on vacation with your muggle friends someplace? How was that?”, listening with fascination as you tell him about binge-watching tv shows and new apps that you’d downloaded on your phone. Don’t imagine mornings in the great hall, laughing as a howler lands in his lap, and he looks at you with terror in his eyes as he says, “I didn’t think our grades got sent out for another week.” Don’t imagine practicing brewing amortentia for Potions class, realizing with a start that it smells exactly like him– sunshine and grass and honey. Don’t imagine sneaking to the top of Gryffindor Tower in the dead of night to stargaze with him. Don’t imagine him shifting closer to you as the icy wind sends a shiver down your spine, whispering, “Would this be a romantic moment to confess that I like you? In a more-than-friendship kind of way?”

I started watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ thanks to Tumblr, cuz I have seen so much shit to do with Callie and Arizona… So it’s totally weird, seeing Callie cuddle up to George… On top of that, I was sure Callie and Arizona were gonna be my favorite characters, I was wrong, I totally love Izzy, but I just know she’s gonna leave the show eventually. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, i'm kind of new to the fandom (I started watching the show a week before xmas) and i've been reading LOTS of the original concept (From your tumblr) But i feel like i'm never going to catch up with everything. So, i seriously want to know: Why do you like the 2d over the CGI? (I know the CGI is not perfect, actually i don't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like shipping or Gary Stues like Adrien). Sorry if my english is not perfect.

the big reason i like the 2D more than the CGI (which is NOT saying i don’t like the CGI, since so many people seem to think it’s impossible to like both so if i express fondness for one it must mean i hate the other) is because that was what drew me into the show in the first place. if it wasn’t already clear, i’m an oooold fan; i’ve been stuck in ladybug hell for much longer than the CGI show has existed. 

it has a completely different feel to it which i just adore; the sense of dark, rickety parisian rooftops charged with an ethereal kind of earth magic. paris is a city i love full stop, and the 2D PV captured the feel of it at night in a way i’ve only seen projects like the aristocats and anastasia. it’s imperfect, it’s shadowy and mysterious and magical, and the music in the PV just enhances that whole aesthetic and really makes you shiver.

the butterfly looked like an incredible villain, too; the sort who’s ultimately scary because they don’t try to hide who they are. there’s something so unnerving about those huge stained glass windows casting iridescent rainbows everywhere and a perfectly-kept, elderly(?) gentleman in a pristine white suit who is always perfectly calm - he’s the image of purity and grace and control, but the end of the world is in his hands and that’s terrifying. he reminds me to a point of madame suliman from howl’s moving castle, or president snow from the hunger games; a model of high society but absolutely cut-throat ruthless when it comes to people in his way. he was serious - and as much as i still appreciate papillon in the new show as a children’s villain, when all he does is stand around wearing a silly costume and making threats in a dark room, constantly losing control over every akuma he creates and repeating the same mistakes every single time, he’s pathetically ridiculous in comparison to the threat the original butterfly posed.

his villains seemed to be recurring, too (i’m not entirely sure, but from the PV it looks like the mime and pigeon guy are fought on multiple occasions); so the threat of the akuma seemed to be much more serious and long-lasting than the usual “fight ‘em, break their shit and go home” setup of the show now; where every monster only lasts for about half an episode and is always defeated without fail - without any real sense of tension or serious threat because the fights are so formulaic. it looked like the butterfly was amassing an army instead of just sending one failed akuma after another at the kids - once he created a new soldier, it was there to stay; and each new creation was one more step up against ladybug and chat noir.

speaking of chat noir, i also loved the idea of felix being cursed - it was such a new idea for a magical superhero that it had me hooked right away! the whole setup was so interesting even if there was hardly any of it explored in the PV and most of the information comes from production hearsay, and i really wish we’d heard more about it - it was an amazing opportunity for a heavily complex “superhero” to be explored in depth, and for a deuteragonist to have a seriously engaging arc of development possibly spanning the entire show. 

it reminds me heavily of what ben 10 did with kevin levin - he started out as a bratty homeless kid trying to lead the hero into trouble for his own selfish reasons, then became a full-blown antagonist trying to murder ben at every turn, then got dragged into ben and gwen’s friendship group as the Awkward Reformed Villain, then (if i remember right) had a huge identity crisis and a ton of problems with his powers which had to be solved with his friends being there for him. i fucking adore kevin levin - he’s by no means a hero, but he’s got a heart of gold under all his awkward villainy and i really think felix had the potential for an arc that huge. 

i don’t think adrien is a bad character by any means, but in comparison his arc and end outcome is very predictable and based more on events and reveals than character development. adrien is pretty much a finished character already, and that works perfectly for the kind of show he’s in, but i was so drawn in by the idea of a character as complex and unpredictable as felix! i do love adrien to pieces and i always will, that should be obvious from all the times i’ve blogged about him, but i can’t lie and say i wasn’t disappointed when i found out even the curse had gone from his storyline. it does make sense with the new direction of the show and i understand that it wouldn’t fit any more, which is why i’ll stick to saying i miss the 2D universe rather than implying they should have incorporated those elements into the CGI universe.

there’s a lot more stuff i loved about the 2D PV, but i should probably cut it off here since this post has already gotten ridiculously long! basically, i prefer it to the CGI show because the 2D was the idea i was drawn in by in the first place - the CGI is very cute and a great show in itself (and clearly i’m enjoying it a huge amount; please don’t get me wrong on that), but that wasn’t the show i signed up for. 

it’s like tuning in to watch Justice League but finding DC Super Friends airing in its slot instead, you know? both are great shows with similar concepts; and while there’s no reason to dislike the one you ended up watching you do still have that lingering desire for the one you came looking for in the first place.