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one of march’s weekly spreads and a summer spread 🌍🌈🌺 i’ve successfully used my bujo since february and i’m verrry proud of myself! also, i got so excited for summer that i started listing ideas, plans, and tv shows to watch! (message me what tv shows or movies i can watch and books to read please i’d appreciate it!!!) i have finals this week so please do wish me luck 🤓📖 one last push until summer break 🙌🏼🌴🌸🌤

  • Me: *sees two characters that would make a cute couple *
  • Me: would you look at that, my fleet of ships has gotten larger


Thanks to this wonderful show which was the reason I even started watching tv shows.

Iconic characters.
Iconic friendships.
Iconic relationships.

I love this show with all my heart and also really glad for this wonderful cast.

Thank you for everything Teen Wolf :’)

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It takes a lot of years to fully adjust from stage to screen, it’s so different. I started going to auditions for television shows when I was fifteen and I didn’t have a clue how to be in front of a camera. It’s such a different approach. When you’re on stage you have to reach all the way to the back, right to the back row of the audience. They need to understand what you’re saying and what your gestures are. Talking with you now, I’m using my hands while I’m talking, but in front of a camera, that is too much. You need to tone it down, a lot. There is a completely different technique to acting for stage and screen. When you get used to it, that is when the job becomes interesting. You become fully immersed in what you’re doing, you’re focused on what’s going on and then what is happening around you and everything comes together. It’s a really great experience. What I love about working on ‘Vikings’ is that there is a great vibe on the set and amongst everyone that works there. We get our work done, but we also have a lot of fun there and it is a relaxed environment. It makes it so much more enjoyable to do your job, especially for me with my character constantly dragging himself through the mud, because he is crippled. On those intense and tiring days of filming, you need to have that fun and support around you to keep your mood elevated. Acting is really playing, and good friends play the best.

Since the time I started watching tv-shows as a teenager and now young adult, I always got frustrated with the “trope” that was being forced to every single couple and that was no communication. Never. For anything. I remember myself ranting to friends about how unrealistic I found the habit of characters not talking to each other, not sharing their worries or piling up insignificant incidents or problems that would have been resolved if one of the two people involved in a relationship said a freaking thing! And now Bughead comes along and for the first time, FROM THE BEGINNING of their relationship they fucking TALK like real people and Betty goes to him and asks him, she is not mad, not betrayed, she just asks him and he confides in her without beating around the bush or answering vaguely or filling her up with so called “white lies” that will protect their relationship and that right there is the beauty of this ship. Because their relationship is new and they are both aware that they don’t know everything about the other but that’s not a bad thing and that’s not them wanting to hide things from one another, like Archie thought when he dropped the Southside Serpent bomb, it’s just something normal and they are dealing with it the normal way, by talking to each other and expressing their points of view. For me the scene where Betty goes to confront him in such a gentle and easy-going way is golden and so in character for both of them and on point regarding healthy relationships and I believe that this way they are building the most secure and realistic relationship I ever witnessed in a tv-show. Bughead is a breath of fresh air in a television scenery that’s filled with abusive and only sex-oriented couples and I do wish that the writers protect it at any cost. 

“It’s just makeup...”

Sam, Dean, Y/N
Warnings: Cursing, sleepy Dean, pranks 

After a long month of what seemed like constant hunting, Sam, Dean, and I had finally received a break. A whole one week dedicated to relaxing, eventually becoming bored, and lastly feeling the excitement to get back out on the road again. Normally on breaks, Sam would go for morning runs everyday, find something new to study in the library, knock a couple of beers back with me and Dean, then fall asleep. Dean, in the mornings would be with a cup of coffee and with his laptop doing God knows what, making something to eat, drinking beers with his brother and I, and then going to bed.

This week started like all of the mini vacations we have had, Sam doing the morning run thing, Dean being on the laptop, and like always I already have started a new TV show on Netflix. But then my boredom started to kick in and I started to wonder what I could do to pass the time. That’s when I saw Dean’s bedroom door slightly open and noticed he was laying on his bed taking a nap. I slowly moved from the door, down to my room to grab my makeup bag, shut the door, and headed back down to Dean’s to make him look like a real pretty boy. As I turned to shut the door and I turned and bumped into a tall muscular body.

“Sorry (Y/N), wait (Y/N) what are you doing?” Sam said confused as he looked down at me. “I was going to put makeup on Dean while he’s asleep?” I said with a nervous smile. “Oh okay, I want to help.” Sam said a little too seriously. I laughed and dragged the younger Winchester down the hall towards Dean’s room. Once we arrived at Dean’s door, I popped my head into the halfway opened door and Dean was still asleep. I motioned for Sam to follow me as I quietly snuck past the door and walked to the side of the bed, quietly opening my makeup bag.

“What are we doing first?” Sam questioned. “We are going to start with foundation.” I said while lightly applying the liquid onto his face. Then I pulled out concealer and put it on to Dean’s under eyes, after the concealer I dusted on a bit of powder, and then now it was time for eyeshadow. “Sam what color should I do the eyes?” Sam thought for a second, “Do that darker eye makeup, I think it’s called a smokey eye?” Sam and I laughed at the fact he actually new that term and then we settled on a brown smokey eye to bring out his gorgeous green eyes. After I finished doing Dean’s eyes, I finished applying the blush and highlighter to make those cheekbones slay. Then when it was time to choose a lipstick, Sam chose my favorite nude lipstick, so I quickly dabbed the product on his lips, and then Sam and I left Dean’s room.


It was a few hours after Sam and I left Dean’s room, when Sam and I heard Dean walk into the library looking for us. “Hey guys, what are you guys up to?”I turned towards Dean to view my beautiful masterpiece, “Oh nothing, we are just brushing up on some lore.” I looked up at Sam and we both tried to keep our composure. Dean shot us a weird look and left the library. “How has he not seen it yet?” I said laughing. “I don’t know maybe he hasn’t decided to stop by a mirror and check himself out yet.” Sam said laughing a little harder. I found myself laughing just as hard as Sam, “May-” “Son of a bitch!” Sam and I hear coming from the bathroom.

Dean storms around the corner touching his face, “what the hell did you to my face? I look like a painted whore!” Sam and I started laughing, “Dean relax it’s just makeup.” Sam said to his older brother. Dean responded by sticking his middle finger out, “Dean all you need is some soap and water and it will come right off.” You said in between your laughing fits. Dean turned instantly to go wash the beautiful masterpiece I painted on his face, off. After about 10 minutes Dean comes back rubbing his face with a washcloth, “(Y/N), you have a really good face wash.” I heard Dean behind me. I agreed and then felt the cold sensation of some goop slowly sliding down my hair.

“Dean Winchester!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “oh sweetheart I love it when you scream my name.” I see Dean’s smirk and notice Sam in another chair waiting for my reaction. I slowly stand up and move to go after Dean. “This is so disgusting, what is this?” “It’s your face wash (Y/N)” I run to the kitchen to rinse this shit out of my hair and then Sam runs in trying to find a sink to wash his hair in too. Dean must have gotten Sam after I ran out. Now it was up to me and Sam to get Dean back, little did you all know that the rest of your mini vacation would turn out to be a prank war.

  • Friend: hey so i just started watching this tv show and it's about these two cute girls an-
  • Other friend: no no no no no stop talking right now you don't know what you're-

lalnerd  asked:

hey! as someone who's White As FuckTM, do you mind telling me what the "pak-pak ganern-ganern" thing is? sorry if it's a weird question, I just want to understand the comic 💦

um mm i’m not really sure what it is either but it was a trend ppl did last year (i think it started on a tv show?) 

basically you group up with your friends and clap hands when it says “pak pak” and do random poses when it says “ganern ganern”

Wings of a Robin - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - an x reader of what it would be like to date robin!Jason Todd  

Dating Jason Todd is an interesting experience to say the least. He was hot-tempered, passionate, kind, sweet and romantic when trying not to be. It was all wrapped up in a bundle that made Jason who he was and you loved him for it. 

The first time you met him was at school. He had witnessed some of the older boys harassing you in the hallway. Jason confronted them to protect you, receiving a black eye and a trip to the principal’s office in the process. You were worried for him, concerned about how he stuck his neck out for you, but he shrugged it off while giving you that charming, rascally smile you would grow to love. It was then that he asked you out on a date.

He took you to dinner and a movie for your first date. While your parents were worried due to Jason’s less than savory reputation, but he was a perfect gentleman. He made you laugh so much, you thought you might pee your pants. You even got to meet Bruce Wayne that night as he was the one to pick you up afterwards. Jason walked you to the door, and kissed you softly on the cheek before running back to his guardian’s car.  

It was after a month filled with dates similar to your first one did you discover Jason was Robin. One night after midnight, you heard a knock at your window. You tiptoed across your room to see Robin hanging onto the side of your window sill. Not knowing what else to do, you opened the window to let him in.

The moment he stepped into the room, he kissed you hard on the lips. You fell onto your bed with a muffled cry of surprise with him crawling on top of you. With his face so close to yours, you realized you were kissing Jason. 

“Jay, is that you,” you whisper once he freed your lips from his. He gave you that grin you loved before kissing you gently once again. 

“Who else would it be,” he answered, breathing softly into your ear. 

“You’re Robin,” you state, moaning a little as his lips drifted down to your neck. 

“No, I’m just wearing a Robin suit for the heck of it,” Jason teased, raising his head to raise a eyebrow at you. “I thought you were smarter than this.”

You laugh, kissing him hard on the lips. This was the first night of many that Jason would stop by in his Robin suit. You two never went all the way during his visits, but things did become very heated at times. One time you asked Jason if Batman knew he was with you. He just laughed, saying what Batman didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

It was about two months after the first of Jason’s nightly visits when Jason brought you to Wayne Manor for dinner with the family. Jason was nervous about it, worried his adoptive family would insult you. Of course, you were excited to finally be able to see where Jason lived.

Everything went fine that first dinner at Wayne Manor. You had a good talk with Bruce about the stock market, and a chat with Alfred about cake recipes. Jason held your hand throughout most of the time, giving you gentle squeezes now and then. 

Of course, everything went to hell when you accidentally let slip how you knew about Jason’s nightly activities. A big argument broke out between Bruce and Jason with you and Alfred watching silently from the sidelines. It was through the argument did you realize Bruce must have been Batman.  

Eventually, Jason stormed off to his room and Bruce retreated to his study. You bit your lip before glancing at Alfred for silent permission to follow Jason. With his nod, you went up the stairs and to the closed door of Jason’s room. You knocked softly before opening the door to see Jason brutally punching his pillow. 

“Jason,” you say quietly, placing your hand on his arm. He stopped his punches, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry.”

Jason turned to look at you, confused. “Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault,” he questions, throwing another punch into the pillow for good measure. It explodes at the impact, feathers flying everywhere. 

You watch as the feathers drift down around you. “I shouldn’t have said what I did,” you explain, running a hand through his hair to brush the feathers out. Jason leaned into your touch.

“He had to know eventually,” Jason admits, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you to him. You smile as the heat from his body radiates to yours. His lips crash into yours a moment later as the feathers settled down around you. 

About an hour later, you emerged from Jason’s bedroom with flushed cheeks and a glow about you. Alfred and Jason took you home soon after. Alfred gave you both a knowing, and slightly disapproving look, but said nothing. 

Your lives continued on that way for a long time. Jason would hang around you at school, visit you most nights as Robin, take you to the Wayne Manor, to the movies, to dinner, and he would even attend a few dinners with your parents even though they scared him. Everything was going so well until that fateful day.

Jason had called you out of the blue on a Saturday night. He wanted to meet you at midnight on the roof of your apartment building. The tone of his voice was so desperate and so needy, you couldn’t refuse. 

So, at midnight, you slipped out of your apartment and climbed the stairs to the roof. Jason was already there, pacing rapidly. 

“Jay,” you call out to him once you confirm it’s him. He runs to you, wrapping you in his arms. His arms hold you tighter than they have ever had before, letting you know something was wrong. “Are you okay?”

“(Y/N), I found my mother,” Jason whispers in your ear as you felt his wet cheek press against yours. “She’s alive.”

“How? You told me she died,” you answer as his arms tighten even more around you, making it hard to breathe.

He pulls back to look you in the eye. “I know, but she’s alive,” he gasps through his tears. “I have to go find her.” A feeling of dread comes over you.

“Jay, does Batman know about this,” you ask uncertainly. Something bad was going to come of this, you could feel it in your heart. 

“No,” Jason shouts angrily. “He’s already benched me. I’m just the rabid Robin to him, waiting to be put down. I’ll never be as good as the first.” 

You gasp at his words, quickly taking his face in your hands. “No, Jay, no. Bruce loves you,” you argue, looking into his blue eyes. Jason roughly shakes his head, stepping back to get out of your hands. 

“I have to go find my mom,” Jason speaks as you watch him with watery eyes. “I might be gone for a while, so I came to say goodbye.”

“Jay,” you cry, stepping towards him. The dread building in your belly grows stronger. “You can’t go. Something bad will happen if you go.”

Jason backed away from you with a look of betrayal on his face. “I thought you would support me in this. How could you tell me not to go? Don’t you understand this is my mom we’re talking about?”

“I know it’s your mom, Jay,” you try to explain, tears falling down your face. “But I think you need to tell Batman. I have a bad feeling about this.”

He shook his head at you, turning away from you. It felt as if someone blasted a hole in your chest. “I thought you would support me with this, but I was wrong,” he states coldly as he leaps off the building, firing his grapple gun to swing into the night.

“Jason,” you scream after him, but he doesn’t come back. The dread is still festering in your belly as sobs shook your body. Unable to move, you fall to the ground to curl up into a ball.

Your parents find you the next morning, and carry you to your bedroom. They tried to talk to you, but you couldn’t stop crying. You kept asking for the phone, knowing something bad was going to happen to Jason if you didn’t tell Bruce soon. You try to call, but you only get answering machines. Deep in your heart, you knew you already lost him.

The call came from Alfred several days later, confirming what you already knew in your heart. You couldn’t sleep or eat, and sometimes you couldn’t even move. Your parents didn’t know what to do. Everyday you remember how you could have stopped him, could have saved him and it haunted you.

When the day of the funeral came, you were able to dry your tears and attend. It was a small, quiet service at the grave site. You kept a straight face through most of it until it came time to lower the casket into the ground. Seeing the man you loved being lower into a hole where he would be stuck for all eternity was too much. You broke into tears, collapsing to the ground unable to support yourself.

Richard, Bruce’s other adopted son who you had never met before, caught you before you hit the ground. He kept his arms tightly around you as if to hold you together. “I’m sorry,” you mumble over and over again, knowing that you should have stopped him that night. You should have told Bruce sooner. It was your fault that he was gone. 

You don’t remember what happened after that. There was the feeling of being lifted, and prodded then nothing. Part of you wished you had died, hoping to join Jason. Unfortunately, you woke up in the hospital two weeks later. 

Overtime, you recovered to the point where you could live again, or at least give the impression of living. You found you couldn’t move on, because Jason still held your heart. 

Every week, you would visit his grave. You would sit there for hours, telling him about your week or random things happening in the world. Sometimes, you could almost hear him answer back until one time you did.

“I started watching this new TV show last night,” you say to Jason’s headstone. “One of the characters reminds me of you, however they’re not as cute.” Laughing a little, you sit down in front of the stone. Due to the direction you are sitting, you fail to notice the person coming up behind you. 

“Is anybody as cute as me,” the person asks, making you jump up in surprise. You spin around to rest your eyes on the love of your life, Jason Todd. Your mouth falls open as your brain shuts down from shock. He takes a step towards you.

“I must be hallucinating again,” you gasp, absorbing the man in front of you. He was older now, more haunted, and his voice was deeper. Your hallucinations never aged before. 

Jason gently placing his hands on your shoulder. You jump from the contact, not expecting to feel anything. “I’m real, (Y/N).”

It took you a moment before you realized it was really him. Tears filled your eyes as you reached out to wrap him in a tight hug. “You were dead,” you whisper through your sobs.

“Yeah, I was,” Jason mumbles into your ear as he struggled to breathe through your tight hug. 

“You weren’t supposed to leave me,” you sob, sniffing his leather coat and smiling a little when you realized he smelled the same. 

“I know, but I’m here now,” he reassures you, pulling back to place a passionate kiss on your lips. 

You kiss him back with all you had. When you broke apart, you gaze into his eyes knowing everything was going to be alright.