I started rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events to get prepared for the tv show, and while reading The Bad Beginning I came across one particular part that really got to me. Violet was building the grappling hook to try to rescue Sunny from the tower, and her thoughts at that time were heartbreaking.

As she worked, she remembered something her parents had said to her when Klaus was born, and again when they brought Sunny home from the hospital. “You are the eldest Baudelaire child,” they had said, kindly but firmly. “And as the eldest, it will always be your responsibility to look after your younger siblings. Promise us that you will always watch out for them and make sure they don’t get into trouble.” Violet remembered her promise, and thought of Klaus, whose bruised face still looked sore, and Sunny, dangling from the top of the tower like a flag, and began working faster. Even though Count Olaf was of course the cause of all this misery, Violet felt as if she had broken her promise to her parents, and vowed to make it right.

Violet Baudelaire, a 14-year-old child, feels responsible for the well-being of her younger siblings even though everything that has happened to them is completely out of her control. Violet, the oldest sibling in an abusive household, feels so much guilt because she hasn’t been able to keep the promise that she made to her parents. She’s witnessed Count Olaf physically abusing her brother, and now she’s attempting to free her infant sister from an extremely dangerous situation. There’s also the fact that she is the one who’s being forced to marry Count Olaf at this point, and she shudders with fear every time he or one of his henchmen tells her what a pretty girl she is. Violet has faced things that most kids her age wouldn’t be able to face. She’s been absolutely terrified of what may happen to herself and her siblings, but she never gives up. Her mind is always moving and even when their situation seems hopeless, she comforts her siblings and refuses to let Count Olaf win. She doesn’t stop trying until she knows that Klaus and Sunny will be safe. She does all of that, and she’s 14 years old and has just lost both of her parents. Violet Baudelaire is so strong and so important.


The first three people in the world to drop a shuttlecock from the Great Wall of China (E61)

day 71/100 - (08/27/16) wowowow today was so unproductive, but i did start watching a new tv show! anyways, i finished my standardized testing studying & finished writing a presentation script!

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The Magnificent Seven

Posted August 11 2016 — 1:29 PM EDT

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt have never worked together before, and they’ve never starred in a Western. So this September’sThe Magnificent Seven is a two-birds-one-stone situation, for the men who have become two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

We talked to Washington and Pratt about Seven for our Fall Movie Preview, which you can read in full in this week’s issue ofEntertainment Weekly. Here’s a short excerpt, where the two stars talk about the joys of Western filmmaking.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you fans of Western films before you signed onto the film?

DENZEL WASHINGTON: I didn’t really watch ‘em growing up. It was the end of the Western era in the movies. They had, what was the Clint Eastwood show? Rawhide! That was just kicking in. I remember some of the TV shows.

CHRIS PRATT: I started watching Westerns when I was shooting in London about four or five years ago. I really fell in love with Gary Cooper, and his stuff. That sucked me into the Westerns. Before, I never got engrossed in the story. I’d just dip in, and there were guys in horses in black and white.

EW: High Noon is such an unusual story.

PRATT: The idea you would tell a movie in real time. “Guy shows up, and in an hour and a half, we’re gonna have to kill people.” High Noon’s later Gary Cooper, I liked that. But I liked The Westerner.

WASHINGTON: The Westerner? Who’s in that one?

PRATT: That’s Gary Cooper and…I’m forgetting his name, he’s so great. Walter Brennan!

[Washington and Pratt both simultaneously break into spot-on impressions of Hollywood icon Walter Brennan.]

PRATT: That’s my favorite one. I have that poster hung up in my house because I really like that one.

WASHINGTON: What’s the Clint Eastwood one where he paints the whole town red?

EW: Paint Your Wagon?

PRATT: High Plains Drifter! That movie’s crazy!

Had you seen the original Magnificent Seven, or Seven Samurai, in preparation?

WASHINGTON: I didn’t go back and look at the original. I liked Seven Samurai, but I never looked at The Magnificent Seven in preparation for this.

PRATT: “Which one are you?” I get that a lot.

WASHINGTON: I’m the black guy. “There wasn’t one in there!” Can’t say that anymore! [laughs] The opportunity to ride a horse? Wear all black? It was cool! You gotta cut to the chase now. You don’t get that many opportunities to do a Western. And your horse! I loved my horse.

PRATT: Your horse loved you, too.

WASHINGTON: I had a good horse!

PRATT: You’d show up on set, and you guys would take off and be hanging out together. That horse listened to you. My horse would just sit there.

WASHINGTON: Well, you gotta – “you gotta,” like I’m the expert, I’m from New York City! – but what I would do is, I wouldn’t get on him when I first met him. I’d walk with him. So I’d get him used to walking with me. I’d stop, and then he’d realize he’s supposed to stop where I stop. I’d let him eat, not let him eat, reward him for things. They can sense you. They feel you. They know if you’re chicken. Plus they gave me a nice old horse. You don’t want too young a horse.


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No offence but I feel so empty inside since lexa died tumblr is so boring I have nothing to look forward too wlw keep getting killed off on tv and the ones that live are on mediocre shows that fail to lure me in. I want pre 307 me back. I'm not overreacting when I say jason completely ruined my year I've been a bitter mess for six months now I'm just desperate for a new wlw ship that can give me the joy excitement and happiness that clexa gave me but sadly nothing will compare to them

i completely understand. i used to look forward to thursdays, i used to be so happy that for once, a wlw couple was getting the treatment of a straight couple. the day after lexa died, my teacher literally thought i was going to commit su*cide. i was literally crushed. and it seems like everyones moved on and I’m still stuck to clexa and it sucks but then again it doesn’t. clexa helped me come out of the closet to myself, and i respect myself so much more than i did back then. i also helped make a chat now wt some of my closest friends. good things can come out of a bad situation sometimes. :) 

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100 & 105

100 - sexual orientation 

I’m straight, although up until my late thirties (remember my boner phase?) I was never really sexually attracted to anyone. And @biscuit-tornado is the first person who really made me go AWOOOOGAH AWOOOOOOGAH HUMMINAH HUMMINAH. Maybe this is TMI. Sorry!

105 - my OTP

I dunno… I love love! Whenever a book or movie or tv show starts to plant the seed that two people like each other but don’t know what to do about it I’m all Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3 <3 <3

I can’t remember the last time I started bawling over a TV show.

Steven Universe is such a wonderful show. The art is gorgeous, the songs are beautiful, and the messages that it teaches kids are so meaningful and so important.

It’s okay to be sad or anxious or hurt. There’s always someone that will be there for you. You don’t have to be someone you’re not. Love is love is love.

I could go on for hours, but my point is that as an adult, this show has helped me cope with my depression, anxiety, and the confusion that comes along with trying to figure out who I am.

I’m so grateful that I’m around at the same time as this show.

so here are my random feels on the rest of POI season 3

  • stop making me cry over Finch god dammit
  • Peter Collier/Vigilance is like the epitome of “cool motive, still murder”
  • I’ve been informed that Greer does not, in fact, ever stop talking, so I think I’ll just start muting the TV whenever he shows up because he is annoying af
  • this show keeps making me like characters just before they kill them off, first Laskey, now Hersh
  • I don’t like Control, but I respect her, which I didn’t expect to happen…
  • the bit with Fusco being like “what trial” and you’re like “lol oh Fusco not paying attention again never change” and then you find out the trial wasn’t being broadcast and you’re like “!!!!!!!!”
  • on the other hand, Fusco saying “what machine” like LOL Fusco, never change
  • Root. Hm. Okay. This is probably an unpopular opinion (benefits of coming into a fandom late) but I just do not like Root. I do not see myself ever liking Root. Maybe it was different watching the show as it came out, when there was like a year and a half between Root kidnapping and terrorizing Finch by threatening to kill a bunch of innocent people, but for me that was like two weeks ago, and I’m still upset with her because she upset Finch. Also, stop calling him Harry, ffs! You are not his friend and you should not be calling him by some cute little nickname that he doesn’t even like!
  • (Though, Finch continuing to call her Ms. Groves instead of Root, he should probably also cut that out, but I forgive him because of the KIDNAPPING AND TORTURE.)
  • Personal headcanon: while driving Grace to the airport, Fusco clued her in about a couple things. Because I don’t see how explaining NOTHING is ever a good choice. It just makes people want to keep asking questions. So I think Fusco told her “before he died, Harold did some software work for the government, and now people are looking for it, and that’s why you were targeted” because that’s a lot better than “oh, you live in Italy now, bye.”
  • I don’t have much to say about my Rinch feels but rest assured they are still as alive and sparkly as ever.

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Hi marion! I was wondering if you would recommend some french tv shows? I just started watching the returned and its really good and made me wonder about french tv

Hi !!
I really love “Fais pas ci fais pas ça” and “Kaamelott” !! “Un gars une fille” is also a classic :D oh and “Bref” ! :)
It’s not a tv show but “Nos jours heureux” is one of my favorite movies!