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I nearly outed myself to my mom when a TV show started talking about an LGBT knitting club and I got halfway though saying "need me one of those" before I shoved the cat in my face to make myself shut up. This was not my proudest moment.

I need me one of those too tbh that sounds rad as heck


when your friend starts watching a show you love


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)

  • Teacher: so what did everyone do over spring break?
  • Student A: I went to Florida!
  • Student B: I went to California!
  • Student C: I went to Mexico!
  • Student D: I hung out with my friends all break!
  • Me: I started a new show and finished all the seasons on Netflix

Epic Crocheted Hats with @chiliphilly

To see more of Phil’s food hats, follow @chiliphilly on Instagram.

When Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly) isn’t serving up tasty burgers at Tuck Shop Take Away in Melbourne, Australia, he’s crocheting hats that look like pizza slices, plates of spaghetti and eggplants. “I started watching the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race and got a real appreciation for drag,” says Phil, who began the project as an experiment. “I was thinking of different sorts of hats that I could create a character with.” His creative process is simple and never takes more than a day. “I think of a food first, then get appropriately colored wool and go from there,” he says. “I don’t plan or sketch, I just do. I usually sit there for hours on end just so I can finish one hat in a sitting.”

Phil taught himself how to crochet from watching online videos. His first piece, a full-head cowl, was an experiment that turned into a larger project. “I tried a potted plant next, then a burger,” he says. “After seeing how popular the burger was, I kept looking to food for inspiration.”

For Phil, each piece has its own sentimental value. “Always in the back of my mind I thought I could make them an extension of me.”