i asked a bot in a discord groupchat what to draw and it said something bt and gay so???? also my gif thing isn’t working so you get individual frames for dramatic effect i guess lmao

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Who was everyone's first celeb crush? I'm curious!

If I told you guys mine, you’d kill me.

youtuber au

haley is a makeup guru
maru is one of those youtubers that do weird science experiments in her back yard
emily is a diy youtuber and occasionally vlogs w her parrot
abigail is Definitely A Gamer
penny cooks foods from fictional worlds
leah does weird ass survival videos
sam is one of those guys that does a wide variety of stuff, almost everything has that cheerful ukulele music in the background
harvey does crash courses for medicine
alex makes prank and challenge videos
shane is probably critikal
sebastian shows up in sams videos sometimes and everyone ships them together
elliott doesn’t even own a computer and probably doesn’t know what youtube is


~Jump Rope Buddies!!!


au where Moghedien is never captured by Nynaeve and instead spends the rest of the series trying to “get” Nynaeve through increasingly more intimate and unnecessary gestures

like, Nynaeve walks into room dimly lit by a few candles, an elaborate two-person meal is waiting on the table, the WoT version of Carless Whisper plays softly in the background and Moghedien is sitting very discretely in a shadowy corner with a wine glass. Nynaeve just sighs and walks out of the room


Mother, what would you say if I wanted you right here on this table on a bed of spinach?

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I love ur art, and what would you think if your Bee!Chloe outfit design might have influenced the canon? I p sure I've seen ur designs before I saw the recent canon. T'was just a thought I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK ksorry

Thank you so much!!! I based my Bee designs off of this image:

After that, I tweak based on any new info that’s leaked. So, I definitely don’t think I had any input on their designs. I don’t even think I’m big enough for anyone at Zag to see my stuff. Although, that would have been amazing lol. 

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Hiya! I was wondering if you'd do more art for the lunar chronicles? I love all of your art so much! And I really love how you draw the lunar gang!

Yes :) I want to draw more things in general, but I’m travelling for the next 3 weeks and I didn’t bring my laptop for safety (and it’s also just more convenient), so no new drawings until I get back. Sorry!

“So how’s the fic writing going?”


MAGNIFICENT CENTURY MEME: [5/5] characters — Ayşe Sultan

I am taking back everything I have given you—my heart, my soul, I am taking my children with me. I will not sacrifice them to your anger. Because I know that the day will come and you will destroy everyone you love.

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as a fellow bts multishipping hoe I'm curious at what point did u start shipping ur ships 👀 ?

this is interesting,,, i’ve always liked the dynamics of certain pairs but i didn’t properly think about shipping until around inu era,, and i don’t remember a lot of them because sometimes you just See It lmao but

nmd: v hope, yoon min

boy in luv: ji hope, v min

inu: ✨yoon min✨

fire: min joon, tae jin, tae gi, jung hope

bst: jin min, jin kook, yoon kook

[hobi’s birthday:] ✨2 seok✨, yoon seok