i’ve been going back and forth in my mind about whether or not i should post about this out of fear of getting hate, but i’ve decided to take the risk. i absolutely agree with all of the posts i have been seeing about trans women needing to be included in cis women’s feminism. it’s so important, and i stand with trans women everywhere.

there is, however, a disturbing rhetoric going around that in order to support trans women, we have to exclude cis women. those posts i have been seeing telling cis women to shut up about their “pussies” upsets me a great deal. there is a reason so much of feminism is focused on cis women’s body parts; because it’s those parts of our bodies that are sexualized, demonized and assaulted. it’s those parts of our bodies that donald trump and his followers joke about “grabbing”. using those words to fight back against him is extremely powerful, and it’s not okay of those of you to try and take that away from us.

if your feminism is only about that, then yes, it’s a problem. tell cis women to include trans women in their feminist rhetoric, but don’t tell them they have to exclude themselves and their own struggles to do so. you don’t have to tear down one group of women in order to build up another. we are all still learning and growing and figuring out what intersectional feminism really is. but yelling at cis women for being “bad feminists” when they make signs about their vaginas is not okay, especially to those cis women who genuinely do make a conscious effort to include trans women in their feminism. cis women: please continue to talk about your vaginas and boobs in your feminism if that’s what is empowering to you, but don’t make it the only thing you talk about. all women are real women, whether they have a vaginia or not.

we can and should support trans women and include them in our feminism, but it’s important that we do so without disregarding the struggles of cis women or implying that those struggles aren’t valid or important. every single women is important. whether you’re cis, white, trans, black, muslim, lgbt+, disabled, latina, jewish, native american or an immigrant - if you are a woman you are important. i will not stand by and be told i am not allowed to talk about my own body parts. i will not sit here and let myself be beaten into believing that my sexual assault isn’t important.

educating cis women on the struggles of minority women is extremely important, but we can do that without tearing them down. we can support trans women and cis women at the same time. when we don’t, all we are doing is pushing each other further away when we should be coming together. we all have to do better. we have to stop pitting women against each other.

i want to see all of the white women who were at the women’s march at the next black lives matter rally. i want to see all cis women supporting their trans sisters and including them in their feminism. i want all women to be empowered and feel like they have a voice. please, let’s just support women. all women.