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Trans activists: kill terfs!! slaughter them!! crush their skulls!!!Everyone: thank goodness someone is standing up for trans women !!!Lesbian: I am not attracted to dickEveryone: you have singlehandedly killed 40000 trans women and I hope you die a painful death. Lmao it's you fuckers that are violent, not terfs. We don't do shit. We aren't the people raping defenseless girls. We aren't the pervs in the toilets. We aren't the people harassing lesbians. We aren't the people attacking others.

Nobody fucking cares if a lesbian isn’t attracted to dick. It’s when you numb skull terfs try and say you’re not bad guys but call trans women pervs and rapists. That’s why everyone wants you to die. Trans women are more of a woman than you’ll ever be, and you give any wlw a bad name.

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Hi, i don't know where I stand on the radfem or anti terf thing. I believe that some trans women I've met (I've only met two irl) are kind of mean, but I understand that. They experience hate I can't/will never understand and are tired of fighting for respect. But I also don't understand why they feel like lesbians need to date them. If someone of uncomfortable with certain genitals (lesbians specifically), why do they pressure them? Why don't trans women seek out bisexual girls instead?

Well first of all, being trans doesn’t automatically make someone nice. I had a friend who was a huge asshole to me, and pretty ableist.

And trans women don’t “seek out” lesbians. If she’s attracted to girls, then so be it. You cant tell someone sexuality by looking at them, and you can’t always assume you can tell if someones trans so they can’t seek out other trans women.

People can be dick repulsed, or vagina repulsed. Personally, I’m both. But in the instance that I wanted to date somebody, that personally wouldn’t affect anything. I have no preference but even if I did nobody asks what genitals they have on the first date or anything, unless it’s for sex specifically. It’s just that terfs and radfems exclude trans women from their dating thing because they don’t feel as though they are women.

It’s one thing to not be able to date one even after they transition due to some sort of repulsion, but the repulsion shouldn’t be BECAUSE they’re trans, and it shouldn’t exclude them from being an option because you really can’t tell.

A lot of the radfem beliefs is also just that trans women aren’t women, and trans men aren’t men because of their genitals. It’s just a really transphobic thing that shouldn’t be supported.

I’m not good with words, so I hope I explained it well enough!