Alright, hi guys. I know, I don’t want to get serious on this blog, but I kinda feel like I have to for today. And I just want to say I know things are looking super bad right now, honestly, I’ve been feeling anxiety for everyone over there for the entire day! 

But I just want to remind you that this isn’t the end. You’ll all get through this, you might think that there’s no point but please don’t give up! Don’t stop fighting! 

But also please remember to take care of yourselves and take care of each other. 

I know it’s easy for me to say this as someone who’s not from America, but I just want you all to know that I’m here rooting for you and I hope that my words and work would provide some form of comfort.

Take care and be safe. 

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Are you a terf?

i am a marxist. or marxist-feminist. take your pick.

as a marxist, i condemn witch hunts that seek to silence, shame, and harass women who wish to prioritize biological females in their activism, who seek to create spaces for biological females, including trans men and de-transitioned trans men, that do not include biological males. Every marginalized group deserves a a separatist space to develop their politics in order to feel safe and comfortable uniting with the broader working class. Self-determination is very important when fighting for a socialist society, and as an oppressed group biological females have more than earned that right. Though, the ultimate goal is to create a community in which separatism is not necessary- where women, or immigrants, or gay and lesbian folk, feel safe and equal in status to every other member of the working class.

i stand in solidarity with working class trans men and trans women, and i support spaces for trans folk that exclude non-dysphoric or ‘cis’ persons, and i support trans men and trans women organizing separately or together, but thats a community I am not a part of and so I don’t have a say in how they might choose to form spaces for discussion- whether or not I support something like that does not matter, it is not up to me. They can count on me as an ally in their fight for liberation no matter what.

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what's a terf? i hear it everywhere but idk what it means

It stands for Trans-Exclusive-Radical-Feminist. As you can tel from the name they’re horrible. Like. Trans people are so important I mean I admire them. Like you might be confused but like? I admire all oppressed groups. I admire out queer people who have to live with dirty looks and slanders. I admire closeted queer people who have the strength to know when it’s too dangerous to tell them who you are. I admire people of races/ethnicities/religion that are different from the “norm” who don’t have a choice between the two and live with whatever they have to live with. I admire women (cis or trans) who can stand even when sexists are in an authority position to them. I admire neurodivergent and disabled people who can remember that no matter what, they’re worth loving. I admire everyone who quietly fights the wrong to the best of their ability. I admire the restraint and diligence it takes to be such a person, to want to scream out at them every time they say those things, but not- because you know the world has already labeled you as violent, and it won’t help anyone if you enforce that unless it’s absolutely nessecary.
I’ve gone on quite a bit, haven’t I? Oh well. I’ve been meaning to say this anyway.

If cis women were to ever actually really stand up for trans women I can guarantee ud lose like ur entire queer and feminist fan base overnight lol like not even joking in the slightest , Bc actually standing up to transmisogynists is Ugly and violent and a passive aggressive fever dream. It is manipulation on a level which can’t even be put to words like You all don’t understand the mind games that is transmisogyny until u start confronting it on a daily basis Bc it’s so much more than just twerps with bad urls , it’s ur best friends and all ur feminist favs , it’s everything none of you are willing to actually ever give up

When i say that we have evolved beyond the understanding of cis people, this is what I mean. To a cis person, being transgender is a fad. It’s some hot new thing that people are just doing now because it’s trendy and cool. They feel bombarded with stories about transgender people and so they view every trans person who transitions as opportunistic and disingenuous.

In reality, as trans people we understand that being transgender often means giving up absolutely everything. It often means doing something strange for a little bit of change because you are denied employment even at places like McDonalds. It means having to distance yourself from your families and often friends because they cannot accept your happiness. For teenagers it often means being homeless and even for adults it means housing discrimination.

Caitlyn Jenner being an extremely privileged white republican trans woman, does not mean that she is not trans. The are a horde of Republican/Libertarian trans women who I cannot stand (all of whom are white) who I feel perpetuate misogyny and do so with pride. This doesn’t mean they aren’t trans and you, nor I can make that decision for them.

I am sick and tired of people acting like they care about Caitlyn or any trans person. You really don’t give a fuck about trans people if you don’t understand that how society treats Caitlyn has a negative impact on us. It will never TOUCH Caitlyn beyond her hurt feelings, but it WILL indeed hurt the trans women of color, like myself, who cannot afford to tone out the hatred with money and fame.

radfems are so disgusting, how can they look at the shit trans women–who are indeed women–go though and just say “you deserve it bc you are not a woman”. absolutely sickening! if you dont stand for trans women then i dont want you to advocate for women, much less be around women!!