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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I got home from school today to see that I got my copy of Steam Powered Giraffes newest album! The Vice Quadrant is freaking amazing and I actually squealed when I saw that it arrived! And then again when I saw the signatures. XD
If you haven’t heard of them before you should totally go and check them out!

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Just in case I never sent the Into the Woods prompt I texted you about... Here it is. refresher it was that Beca did Theatre in High school and was in Into the Woods (Cinderella, obviously) and NO ONE knows about it but somehow, through her singing or mixing it into something or something, Chloe figures out and LOVES IT but also gives her a little crap about it.

What is this, Beca Cadence Mitchell,” Chloe squealed from Beca’s bed. Beca peeked out from the bathroom, toothbrush perched precariously in her mouth. She saw Chloe on her knees, staring intently at the picture frame that sat on her bookshelf between forgotten stuffed animals and her broken collection of Chronicles of Narnia. 

“When I invited you to come to my house for Thanksgiving, I didn’t exactly give you permission to snoop,” she said, but, since she was lost in the middle of teeth-brushing, it came out more like the jarbled talk of someone extremely incapacitated and halfway through a pack of bubblegum. 

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((To the mun))I like your speech pattern for ivan. It sounds real tbh and i have spoken to many russians

((writer!mun here! Thank you so much omg!! I try to make Ivan’s dialogue sound generically ‘Russian’ in order to both be stilted and coherent enough to be funny! That being said, I really appreciate that you like how I’m writing it and that it sounds ‘authentic’ even if it’s the most stereotypical thing I could ever pull out of my ass ever omg but yeah this blog is a goddamn joy to write and I’m so happy you’re all enjoying this ❤❤❤!!

to quote artist!mun, in all his wisdom:


Gray & Juvia (part 1/?)

So here’s the first part of my new project :D I really hope I don’t drop this one heheh…

Summary: A series of one-shots about Gray and Juvia’s relationship in a modern au!
AO3 I’ll work on posting it on ff.net
Please tell me what you think in the tags or my ask box :D


-Mia <3


Gray watched as she rushed over to the next tank of jellyfishes, squealing about how cute they were. He chuckled when he saw it was a Chrysaora, otherwise known as a Sea Nettle. Only she would think something that could cause so much pain was cute.

“Gray-sama, look! This one is so close!” Juvia squealed as she pressed her hands onto the glass.

Gray stood next to her, but instead of looking at the jellyfish, he looked down at her from the corners of his eyes.

This was the fifth date they had gone on. He wanted to make it a special so he took her to the aquarium.

He thought it would be a good idea since every time they walked by the pet store, she would practically beg to take a look at the fish. He swore she could spend hours looking at the fish.

She told him about the fish she had at home and how she planned to become a marine biologist. She said that she loved all sea creatures and that they were all amazing. Every time she talked about fish, her eyes seemed to sparkle.

Gray himself wasn’t the biggest fan of a fish, or how much a ticket for the aquarium cost, but seeing the look of wonder and joy in her deep blue eyes made it all worth it.

He wanted to make this date special. He wanted to make it better then the first date they went on, which was just a simple dinner and a movie.

Today, Gray planned to finally ask Juvia to be his girlfriend.

He also planned to kiss her for the first time.

He wanted to make it perfect since she was the first girl he actually wanted to take things to the next level with.

Sure, he had had one night stands before, he had been on dates with girls, he had cared for other girls before and even considered making things official with them but something always held him back. He had told himself he was just scared of what a jealous Juvia would do to them. But then Erza asked him why he always thought of her when he was out with another girl.

Gray slowly realized that she was the one he wanted to be with.

He wanted to make everything with Juvia perfect. He even ask Gajeel, the jerk who somehow happened to be her best friend, for advice and permission.

After Gajeel threatened to rip him apart, limb by limb, if he hurt her, he offered him some advice.

His words still rung in Gray’s mind every time he looked at Juvia.

She would be happy doing anything as long as it’s with you.

That’s what made him want to make everything perfect.

Since he had first met her, she had always been there for him.

She deserved to be happy.

Especially after he made her wait for so long.

“Gray-sama, aren’t they just beautiful?” Juvia asked. Gray looked back at the jellyfish and tried not to scrunch up his nose with disgust as one swam past them. He gazed back down at her, wanting to look at something actually was beautiful.

Her hands were clasped together at her chest. Her mouth curled into a small smile as she observed the jellyfish. Her eyes still sparkled with wonder. She really was beautiful.

She met his gaze, making him look away. He scratched the back of his neck and nodded.

“Uh, sure,” he muttered. He heard her giggle, making him look back down at her.

“Thank you for bringing Juvia here,” she said with a shy smile. “Juvia is really happy.”

“Good, that’s all I wanted,” Gray replied, making Juvia’s pale face turn bright red. Gray chuckled. She still blushed at the slightest compliment. It was adorable.

“Hey, Juvia?” Gray said. Juvia nodded, her eyes wide. Damnit, her cuteness made this even more nerve-wracking.

“I was just wondering…” He said as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Juvia’s jaw practically dropped.

“No! I mean, can I be your boyfriend? Um, I mean can we be boyfriend and girlfriend?” Gray sputtered then groaned and ran his hands through his hair again. “This isn’t coming out how I wanted it to!”

Juvia stared at him, shocked. Tears filled her eyes, her bottom lip began to quiver.

“D-don’t cry! I’m sorry!” Gray frantically said, not sure what to do next.

“Gray-sama wants to be Juvia’s boyfriend?” Juvia whispered.

Gray nodded then looked down.

“Yeah… But it’s okay if you don’t want that… I underst-”

Before he could finish, Juvia wrapped her arms around his neck and practically tackled him. He quickly steadied himself by pressing one of his hands on the tank and the other on her waist.

“Yes! Juvia would love to be Gray-sama’s girlfriend!” She shouted.

If this was a normal situation, Gray would’ve told her not to shout. He would’ve pushed her off and turn away, embarrassed.

But this wasn’t a normal situation.

He felt like he was about to explode with happiness.

He knew he shouldn’t have been so worried.

Gray wrapped his arm’s around the blue haired girl’s waist and pulled her closer to him, if it was even possible.

He buried his face into her hair, taking in the scent of rain and her flower scented shampoo.

He felt her tears on his shoulder as she cried into his white buttoned up shirt. He began to rub her back and nuzzle his face into her neck.

“Don’t cry…” He whispered into her ear.

“But Juvia is so happy,” she said. Gray smiled and pulled her away from him.

He cupped her face with his hands and brushed away her tears.

“I’m happy too,” he said then pressed a kiss onto her soft lips.

He felt her gasp against his lips, before softly returning his kiss.

For the first time, Gray doesn’t care about the people around them.

At that moment, they all melted away and the only person he cared about what Juvia.

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I almost squealed when I saw you're doing drabbles haha :) could you maybe do 20 and/or 22 w/ zouis? Thanks babe x

things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

The meet at a party, in LA. It’s stupid, because Zayn wasn’t even meant to come, and he’d hear later that Louis wasn’t meant to either, but somehow they both ended up there anyway. And it was a big party, they shouldn’t have even seen each other, especially once the gossip had been whispered around the room that they were both there and everyone was waiting for them to get into a fight or something, should have just avoided each other. But avoidance was one thing neither of them were good at, and Zayn’s somehow not surprised when he ducks out onto a balcony to smoke and Louis’s there, huddled in a sweatshirt, staring out at the ocean. 

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YAY OR NAY: Kris and that yoghurt ad?

I don’t know about you but I definitely squealed when I saw this ad. I couldn’t deal with it I was like gosh this is too much for my heart to bare hehe :D What do you think?

Make a choice. You only have two. Yay (yes, you like it!) or Nay (no, it’s not for you).

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How did it feel when you saw your character designs on tv or the first time you saw them animated?

I was in the same room as Dan and Swampy and while I didn’t squeal I did smile from ear to ear. All of my excitement was directed to my shaking leg that bounced madly up and down

Artist DA: http://avannahthehedgehog.deviantart.com/art/–554797101

Artist Tumblr: http://drunksonic.tumblr.com/#_=_ This is the same person doing the ManicXKB Comic : Thief ~!!! When I saw this, I squealed so much!!! It’s so adorable!!! I love this possibly way too much!!! Thank you so much dear!!! It’s beautiful and you have a true gift!!!!! Everyone go show this beautiful human some love!!! 💕✨💕✨
Slightly long post ahead

Hi! So, as you probably know, I posted a follow forever yesterday… And I got a lot of replies(Thank you!) that I want to reply to but… I don’t know how to reply… Sorry… So instead I’ll just answer them here! If ur not tagged you don’t have to read it you dont have to read it if ur tagged either

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YOU GUYS ARE GONNA KILL ME FROM ALL OF THIS HAPPINESS OMG how did I earn this i literally post nothing but trash  THANK YOU SO MUCH XD!!

The other day I saw Big Hero 6 and the Book of Life. And I mean I had high expectations for both. Not super high. But I expected them both to be pretty good, you know? I know that people said that BoL’s animation was everything, and that BH6 was just really good all the way around.

Which is why I was disappointed/frustrated when BH6 turned out to be so lackluster and average that my cousin and I got bored midway through and started The Book of Life.

And holyyyyy shit. That movie. Was everything. I squealed on several occasions. That isn’t a joke, I squealed really and truly. I think I almost cried at one point?? And the fact that they took covers of these pop/rock songs that I never would have picked for a kid’s movie and made them work??? Made them fit perfectly into the story??? *throws phone* I got emotional and the thing about your loved ones never truly dying if you remember them had me just laid out like it was game over for me I couldn’t take it.

Which is why I almost started breathing fire when I remembered that BH6 *won the fucking Oscar for Best Animated Film while BoL didn’t even get a fucking nomination*. All Disney has to do is slap their logo on their shit and it gets ALL the applause. They don’t have to put in any effort anymore. A multi billion dollar company, the legendary animation powerhouse known as Disney spent three times the budget to get shown up by a studio with a Wikipedia page the same length as 2003 Disney Original film You Wish!

And they didn’t even get recognized for it.

Gender Neutral Toilet 

I campaigned so hard and worked so hard to get this at my college. It is merely a sign - but it means much more than just that. 

It shows that my college is inclusive. It shows that my college is supportive. It shows my the college is forward thinking. It shows that my college cares. After conducting many, many interviews with students and teachers I found out how people viewed such a sign. They were positive responses. 

Today I got to see it being put up on the door. A sign made just for this purpose with a promise to make a separate one in the redesigning of the new build. This means so much to me. I squealed with excitement when I saw it. I looked upon it like a proud parent. I was bursting with joy I barely stood still to take the picture.

This is a little step. But it is one that needed to be taken.