[drabble] Stop and Go

A quick drabble inspired by something I saw on the way home today.

AU. Misawa. Where Eijun jumps out of Haruichi’s car to give his number to the guy in the lane next them. Yes, in the middle of traffic.

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So I’m checkin’ statcounter and what the fuck do I see?


Fucking. Wellesley.



Imagine having a daughter with Jax from a one night stand and your friends freaking out when he comes to her birthday party.

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(Yes this was utterly inspired by the scene in The Kids Are Alright from Supernatural. I just couldn’t resist.)

You knew the moment Jax arrived as you heard your daughter squeal and saw her take off running out of the corner of your eye.

“Daddy!” She screamed making Jax laugh.

“Hey baby girl.” He told her as he lifted her into his arms. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too daddy.” She told him as she hugged him tight. You couldn’t help smiling as you watched them and tried one more time to move the drink cooler that you’re just refilled before finally giving up.

“Jax, can you help me with this?” You called.

“Sure thing darlin’. Be right there.” He told you before setting your daughter on the ground. “I’ll come play in a bit ok princess? I gotta help mommy first.”

“Ok.” She told him with a frown.

“Come on, you can’t be sad at your own birthday party.” He told her before he stuck out her tongue and made her giggle again. As Jax helped you finish arranging everything you happened to overhear some of your friends talking.

“That’s Jax? I thought (Daughter’s Name)’s dad was a biker.” One of them said.

“No!” Another gasped in shock. “She’d never go for that.”

“You haven’t heard the story? They hooked up at a party. She insists he was the best she ever had. Apparently he’s huge.” The first replied.

“No wonder she doesn’t date. I mean look at him. Who could turn down that.” The second laughed as you couldn’t help groaning, mentally noting to have a talk with them later.

“You ok babe?” He asked.

“Yeah my friends just aren’t exactly subtle.” You replied.

“I heard em. Sounds like you’ve been bragging about me.” He teased.

“Don’t let your ego get too big Teller. Your head might explode.” You retorted before turning to go.

“Whatever you say darlin’.” He chuckled as he smacked your ass.

“Jackson!” You exclaimed as you could hear your friends whispering.

“Daddy nice hands!” You heard your daughter scold making you burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry baby girl mommy liked it.” Jax laughed.

“You’re horrible.” You told him.

“I know. You still keep letting me in the house for some reason though.” He joked. “Come on, I’ll help you set the rest up.”

“Alright.” You agreed. “You know the other moms are probably not going to stop talking about that for weeks.”

“Let em. It’s not our probablem if they need a hobby.” He told you.

“Believe me them realizing you’re a biker is the most interesting thing to happen in their lives for a long time.” You laughed.

“Maybe I should visit more often then.” He laughed.

“You know you’re always welcome.” You told him with a smile before talking a tray of food outside trying to ignore the looks all the other mothers were giving you. Lord save you from all the crap you were going to get later.

My Trust, Part 2- A Peter Parker Imagine

@wizardtributefreak requested:  Can you make a part 2 of my trust?

This is a second part to My Trust, which is right here so enjoy!

My Trust, Part 2

You stared at Peter, not believing what was going on. “You got me the Avengers for my birthday?” you squealed, holding on to his arm and pulling it as you jumped up and down. The Avengers laughed at your comment and made room for you to come in. “I just can’t help myself anymore!” Wanda said as she came up to hug you. “Peter, Wanda Maximoff is hugging me!” you said excitedly as you turned to face him, Wanda still holding on to you. “I’m sorry, you’re just so cute!” she said, finally letting you go.

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“Thank you for taking him, Hazel. I don’t think we’ve had a night off since he was born.” Hazel smiled and her own son ran out from behind her legs, squealing when he saw Carter.

“No problem. Enjoy a night out, even though I know Nico’s going to go to bed at eight.”

“I’m thinking nine tonight.” Nico smiled.

“Oh boy, I married a wild one all right.” Will kissed his temple.

Something something bored, something something 4 am something something your horse is cute.

/)*O*(\ OH MY CAKE POPS!!! THIS IS ADORABLE~!! Oh my goodness I squealed when I saw this itssocute,,,,T H ANK UTHATNKYTHANKYOUTHANKUA AAAA AA HHHH

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So I just saw your butt pinching Headcanons and asumas had my crying just imagining him this big dude just squealing. It also got me thinking what are some things that you could do that would get some pretty funny reactions outta of him whether they be accidental or on purpose. They can also NSFW & SFW.

there aren’t may of these, soz


Asuma Sarutobi

  • he acts tough, but at haunted houses the first jump scare has him pushing you into the next room while he screams “I HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT”
  • really any jump scare gets him, he’ll be chillin’ on the couch with you, eating popcorn and watching a scary movie when the jump scare pops up and he’s like “oh shit”
  • every time you open the shower curtain on him he ends up jumping, landing half-crouched on the floor, holding onto the wall and a bottle of shampoo as a weapon
  • putting your cold feet on his back in the middle of the night is an easy way to wake him up, noted he screams and then decides he’s sleeping on the couch because you don’t play nice
  • honestly just don’t touch his back he’ll squeak
Star Trek: Beyond

Is freaking AMAZING for one, the interactions between characters were GOLD! I could do without so much action but it was beautiful and I loved it and I suggest it to anyone who likes the series or hell even if you don’t it’s great XD

Also: SULU IS CANNON GAY AND IT’S IN THE MOVIE! I REPEAT SULU IS CANNON GAY AND IT’S IN THE MOVIE!!! I Know it was announced but I didn’t expect it to be IN THE MOVIE. I squealed when I saw him meet up with his Husband (since they have an ADORABLE daughter together I assume it’s his husband XD)! Sometimes I don’t notice how much representation matters but OH MY GOD of all the moments in the movie, seeing Sulu meeting his hubby and their daughter brought me the most JOY <3 And this scene was 5 seconds, max, he walks out and meets them but it’s his HUSBAND and their Daughter NOT his Wife and It was one of those beautiful moments that I can’t even explain. He’s Gay, and it’s cannon, and no one cared and it was amazing.

THIS is why representation matters. These moments seem so small and trivial, but they are more amazing and important then I could ever properly explain.


Guess who’s not mentally prepared for the 999 remastered?  Me.  I squealed when I saw the teaser on YouTube.  If it releases this November 1st or earlier, I might get it if I can get a job by then.  If not…

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