Cody the Alien Robot Therapist

Okay, hands up, how many of you were wondering when Blurr would finally give in to Cody and his adorableness? Really, have you noticed EVERY BOT that ever shows up on Griffin Rock likes him? And treats him differently than his family.

Cody was able to get Heatwave to stay after only a few hours. Heatwave, the bot that is gruff and cranky and stubborn has NO TROUBLE asking Cody to help fix their problem with Blades and the scoop claw? And goes along with Cody’s ideas of “bonding” and the movie in the episode The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock. And he is worried about Cody in the second episode! And he is the first to try to help Cody with his Lad Pioneer merit project and TELLS THE OTHERS SO THEY CAN HELP TOO!!! And do NOT forget how adorable Heatwave was with trying to help Cody in Countdown and The Lost Bell! And! And! Remember the scene in Changes when he says he might already be late in meeting Optimus, their LEADER, and the one he had wanted to be on a team with. And yet says he might have time to drive him to school?

Didn’t take long for that adorable little cinnamon bun to crawl his way into Heatwave’s heart/spark, huh? The other three were so much easier, especially Blades and Boulder. (Psst, head canon that Cody was the one that bought Boulder’s first set of art supplies) Optimus seems to respect him and all that he does to help the rescue bots. And Bumblebee must be happy he has another human that can understand him, right? And Salvage bonded quickly with Cody. But Blurr?

Blurr spends time saying he’s a “loner” and “doesn’t fit in”. And yet there was concern on his part when he learned Cody had been in danger? And relief when he was safe? And when he says that everyone would have been surprised if he had gone to rescue everyone from the falling satellite (before actually doing it), but then says the “kid” wouldn’t have been surprised. I squealed. I really did and my mom looked at me like I was insane! And the fact that, when Optimus said Blurr and Salvage would be rescue bots somewhere else, Blurr comforted the “stubborn human”.

*sighs happily but then freezes*

WAIT! I forgot about Hightide! Optimus RECOMMENDED that he take CODY along over any of the others! Optimus KNEW Cody would help change the grumpy bot. Hightide went from “I don’t want anything to do with humans and you are an annoying little blip” to “Here, have a dog Cody”.

I wonder if Optimus will continue to send bots that need a bit of “attitude adjustment” to Griffin Rock so that Cody could set them straight. I hope Cody is getting paid for all the therapy he seems to do for autobots. ANd maybe one will stay to be his partner? *crosses fingers*