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That's cool! Well, if you adore guinea pigs that much, how about working in a shelter for small animals? *Imagines Craig in the middle of dozens of hungry little squeaking pigs*

I would love to work around a bunch of small animals. They’re sooooo much better than people

when you tag my post “#funny” a single clown dime slides out of my computer and hits my desk with a squeak which i can then redeem at the nearest joke depot for a tuft of hair for my clown wig which will be over 3 stories tall when finished

The Hallway Scene (Playing from another room)
Gillian Anderson + David Duchovny
The Hallway Scene (Playing from another room)

When you’re just trying to chill in your apartment but your weird neighbors won’t stop professing their love for one another in the hallway UGH GUYS GET A ROOM PLEASE

I got cool things in the mail today that I’ve been waiting for!!! ;ㅂ;
This really adorable annoying dog plush that squeaks from @happykittyshop!! AAAA IT’S SO SOFT!!!
and the wonderful charms from @myrobotlandlord I have been waiting in anticipation for so long!!! Your extra little dog doodles are so cute as well bless you!!! 🙏

You both are awesome, thank you!! ♡♡♡

I saw a guy today. With long, curly, blonde hair. Bright blue eyes. A pretty face. Wearing one of these shirts:

Aka, I saw Enjolras today.

Ok let’s clear this shit up

Flutes: tweety boys

Clarinets: Reedy boys

Bass clarinets: Long boys

Oboes: Quacky boys

Bassoons: Thicc boys

Contrabassoons: T H I C C Boys

Horns: Swirly boys

Trumpets: Loud boys

Trombones: Slidey boys

Euphoniums: Warm boys

Tubas: Low boys

Violins: Popular boys

Violas: Fucking nerds.

Cellos: Big squeak boys

Basses: B I G squeak boys

All percussion: bANG BOYS


Summary: The reader wakes up to surprising news about her and Jensen.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

A/N: I got a random idea so here’s a random drabble.

“Y/N L/N! Get your ass up!”

A high pitched shrill invades your dream world as incessant curse words begin littering the air. A blinding light appears and it makes you bury your head deep under the warm covers. The muffled growling noises you hear become much clearer once your sheets are abruptly yanked off. 

“Y/N!” Your best friend huffs. “Don’t make me chuck water onto your head!”

“What the fuck, Steph.” You moan lowly, snatching your pillow away when she tries to steal it from you. “You psychopath.“ 

"I’m so mad at you right now. How come you didn’t tell me, woman?!” The bratty behavior continues as she stomps her high heeled boot into your hardwood floor.

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Bill shows the reader how pleasure can be punishment.

Warning: SMUT.

This is my first piece of writing and I hope you enjoy. Although I am using Bill Skarsgård; this does not represent him personally. Only his looks are being used, the rest is just from my imagination. 


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For the Best

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The shield/OC- After talking with Bayley and riding with the boys, things start to slowly make sense.

Warning: this is a hot mess, spanking, a little daddy kink, a little bi.

(This is my first story is a super long time so y’all please let me know how you like it. Also writing this many people is a nightmare.ALSO I cant make titles for the life of me so ignore this shitty title.)

As the cool wind hit me I let out a faint sigh. A small shiver ran up my body as I rubbed my arms, trying to make the goose bumps go away. I was waiting in the garage of the arena waiting for my ride because Bayley bailed out on me again.

“I’m so sorry. Sasha just asked me to ride with her because she doesn’t want to be alone.” Bayley looked at me with a sad face but soon smirked at me, “You know the boys would probably take you and besides you guys are like best friends…even more?” Bayley nudge my arm at the last part, making me roll my eyes at her.

“Bayley I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There is nothing going on between the Shield and me. We are just really good friends.” I looked with disbelief at Bayley as she started chuckling at my statement.

“Sure sure whatever you say, but maybe not say that to Dean.” Bayley said as she walked away towards the garage.

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