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Can I get some spanking of Ayato to his lover? Because she spent more time with other vampire like example Shu than him?

It was so demeaning, the way Ayato bent me over his lap, forcing me down. This couldn’t be happening, there’s no way this could really be happening. I’d reverse time and correct my mistake if I could avoid this. 

“Chichinashi, why were you hanging with Laito? Is he satisfying your filthy desires more than Ore-sama?” Ayato asked spitefully, forcing my shorts down. I squeaked in discomfort, but he didn’t seem to care. “Becoming a little attention whore…”

“P-please-” I stuttered out, my eyes squeezing tightly shut. He chuckled deeply, his hand settling on one my pantie covered skin, slipping underneath the fabric. I jolted and blushed heavily, squirming a little, but only getting a harsh slap in return. I yelped in pain, halting my actions. That only made Ayato smirk evilly and raise his hand, “Start counting, Chichinashi. I’ll know by the pain in your voice when you’ve learned your lesson..”

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you’d been trying to pluck up the courage to tell ashton you were pregnant for over two weeks now but you just couldn’t find the right moment. he was bringing you along to a house party tonight, you weren’t really in the mood but decided to go anyway for his sake. ashton just furrowed his brows when you refused to drink alcohol; it wasn’t like you at all.

you were mid conversation when you were interrupted by a tight knot in the pit of your stomach, you ran as fast as you could to the bathroom, slamming the door behind you before vomiting into the toilet. by this point you were in tears, mostly from shock. within five seconds ashton had already followed you in, holding your hair out of your face and whispering “shhh baby it’s okay, it’s okay.”

as soon as you’d freshened up a little bit, you turned and looked straight into your boyfriend’s eyes. “ashton,” you began, “do you wanna go home babe, you just need to rest-”, “no, ashton… i’m pregnant.” it was the first time you’d ever seen ashton speechless, you couldn’t tell whether he was happy or angry or just shocked, but you were filled with relief when he saw you almost in tears again and quickly took you into his arms, holding you just that little bit tighter and whispered “fuck. we’re going to make this work okay. okay? i love you so so so much, i’m right here with you babe, don’t be scared okay? we’re going to be just fine…. i’m going to be a dad.. oh my GOD!” you could feel the bright smile on his lips. he was right. you were going to be just fine with ashton by your side.

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