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Imagine using helium balloons to make funny voices with Cas...

Request: The sweet sm00thles requested this silly and adorable Cas x reader imagine. Hope you enjoy it!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” A chorus of voices greeted me as I walked into the bunker. I jumped out of surprise, then smiled at Sam, Dean, and Cas. They had decorated the bunker for the occasion, and everywhere I looked I saw streamers, flowers, and balloons.
“Oh my gosh!” I squeaked out. “This is beautiful!” I ran to hug Sam and then Dean, Sam kissing the top of my head and Dean lifting me off of the ground to spin me around once. I turned to hug Cas, but he awkwardly kept his arms at his side. I thought he might not yet feel like we were close enough to hug, but I was determined to thank him for this sweet gesture. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, smiling at the shocked expression on his face as I pulled back.
“There’s pie, too!” Dean said enthusiastically. I raised my eyebrows questioningly and looked at Sam, who just laughed and rolled his eyes.
“I tried to get cake, seeing as it is a birthday party, but Dean insisted on pie.” Sam explained.
“It’s just better. Everyone loves pie.” Dean was already cutting slices.
The rest of the evening was perfect, hanging out with my two favorite boys and our angel. We ate pie, talked and laughed, and drank. I kept my eyes on Cas most of the night. I’d had a huge crush on him since the Winchesters had introduced us. I loved how oddly literal he was, and the way his blue eyes stared into me. I wanted Cas to relax and enjoy the evening as much as I was, but as always, he remained serious and quiet.
Eventually, Dean had a little too much to drink and he turned some classic rock music up and began loudly singing along. I was feeling a little silly myself, so I joined in, dancing around the room with Dean. We had the helium idea at the same time, and both grabbed a balloon, sucking in a tiny bit of helium. When we continued singing the song, our voices sent Sam into a fit of laughter. We sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks, our voices all squeaky and several octaves higher than usual.
We sang that way until the helium wore off. I was getting ready to breathe in some more helium and keep the show going when Dean nodded in Cas’ direction, urging me to look at him. I turned toward our angel, and forgot how to breathe.
Cas was staring at me with the most beautiful expression. He was laughing at the sound of our helium voices, and the look on his face radiated joy. His smile was so rare, it was easy to forget how it lit up a room. He laughed freely, without holding back. I could feel the vibrations of it spreading warmth through my body.
“Can I sing with you, Y/N?” Cas asked, grabbing the nearest balloon.
I smiled and nodded. “Of course.”
Dean and I taught Cas how to suck in the right amount, and Sam even joined in. We went through most of the balloons, singing and laughing until our throats and stomachs were sore. Cas stayed next to me all night, learning the lyrics to the songs we sang and singing them adorably off key. Eventually Dean and Sam wished me a final “Happy birthday” and went to bed, leaving me alone with Cas.
I sat down next to him on the couch, and in a moment of bravery, laid my head on his shoulder.
“Thanks for the celebration tonight. It was so much fun.”
Cas shocked me by placing a hand on top of mine, lacing his fingers through mine. “You are welcome. I’ve always loved the custom of celebrating the anniversary of one’s birth. It’s nice to be able to tell someone that you are glad they exist. And I’m sure it’s nice to hear it when it’s your existence being celebrated.”
“Hey, Cas? I’m glad you exist.” I murmured sleepily against his shoulder. Cas didn’t answer, just pulled me into him until I was snuggled against his side. I fell asleep almost instantly.
It wasn’t until months later that Cas confessed he had stayed with me all night, enjoying watching me sleep in his arms. He also confessed that he had known since that night that he was in love with me. It’s funny how the silliest little moments can change your whole life.


Chicken no longer squeaks so I have to make up noises to entertain Sawyer. #corgi