so when i found out that i was severely anemic, my dad asked me what my tests results were so i told him. he has the audacity to say to me “do you think it’s because of your diet?”

and i looked him square in the eye and said “you’re on iron supplements, is it because of YOUR diet????? or MAYBE it’s just a genetic thing since both you and mum cant seem to get enough iron despite eating meat”

and he had nothing to say in defence.

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Trying to decide whether you are an attractive, gruff-looking triangle or a roughed-up puppy who is in need of snuggles with your floppy and curly hair. I started to lean more towards "roughed-up puppy" until I came across your manbun selfies, and now I'm back to square one. Perhaps both? You alternate every other day???? What are you even??

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So during my production of a certain set of GoldSrc video tutorials, I had an idea in my head for making a self-contained model that has smoke and ember effects without needing to use external using sprites, particles or  texture-based animation.  This is what I came up with:  The smoke is a flanged uncapped cylinder that uses a gradient texture in additive mode and is distorted and controlled with animated bones (bones are seen in the third image as blue dots and yellow lines representing parent hierarchy).

The embers is a piece of geometry that is basically a distorted cylinder cap that shares the same texture in additive mode using the left portion.  The cylinder is rotated by an animation bone to simulate the slow burn as the irregular shape clips in and out of the cigarette geometry.

Lastly, the ash piece that is surrounded by blue is a masked transparency portion* of the texture so I can use it in several places as a piece of plane geometry (2 triangles to make a square).  I have used the plane in 6 copies: 4 around the end of the cigarette for hanging ash and 2 in the ashtray dish, you can also observe I have distorted and scaled each one to give some shape variety.

Model is 450 polygons, and uses a 256X256 8-bit BMP, and a 128X128 8-bit BMP as textures. * GoldSrc engine uses the last color of the 8bit texture palette (index 255) and uses typically pure blue as that color [ RGB: 0 0 255] for alphatest transparency

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Hey, does anyone have any advice for clearing up my skin? I'll try anything at this point, I was given antibiotics but they made me really sick so I'm back to square one - Lil

Hey love! Here are some tips for clear skin; keep in mind that these things take time and you may have to wait a while for things to take effect.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat healthy, don’t eat many oily foods
  • Go outside and get some sun, but make sure that you wear sunscreen and wash your face when you go back inside to keep it from staying on your skin too long (there are also lighter sunscreens for your face that say things like break-out free; not more expensive ones you can find them at general drug/convenient stores)
  • Wash your pillowcases often, at least once a week to prevent the oil from your hair from getting all up on your face.
  • Sleep with your hair tied back or braided to keep it from getting oil on your face at night
  • Experiment with different creams and lotions and treatments to see what works best with your skin.
  • Wash your face morning and night.
  • Drug stores (like CVS) have towelettes that you can use (I use Burt’s Bees) that you can take with you during the day to clean your face of dirt and oil, very useful if you can’t wash your face for another few hours
  • See a dermatologist if this continues for too long (i.e. past teen years) or if you have any sort of condition that makes acne worse, sometimes medication can be prescribed.

These are just a few things, let me know if you’d like me to try to find some more tips, maybe I can make a master post out of it if anyone would find that useful! Hope this helps, xo


I cannot quite enjoy squares, even ones that hold words, for I am learned enough that they can be plucked to bend, aimed to skim, easily malleable, so easy to sink at times, underneath the weight of any kind adjective, ambiguous utterances, passive cowardice that scrolls along my sentiments and

can press me on, off. New buttons
make on me newer buttons
for pushing and I confess I seek the push, yet

perhaps, I am the kind of person who just
shouldn’t own a phone

Given to the square, often words
returned back like teeth pulled,
One, or two
Falling heavy as stones.


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i ran into tyler the creator at a northern line tube stop after his signing in leicester square which i also went to hes a very sweet man

man controversy aside he seems like a really fun dude tbh

1. I bought square, double-pointed needles at WEBS today, and they’re pretty amazing. Maybe I’ll actually finish these socks now.
2. I did a brief job search this afternoon and found a part-time position that looks really cool. My application is officially submitted.
3. Moving anxiety has officially kicked in. Husband is away this coming week for work. He’ll come back on the 9th and we’re leaving for the midwest the next morning.
4. I think we’re heading towards a decision about fostering vs. adoption (I haven’t written a lot about this, but my husband and I have had a series of extended conversations about how we’d like to move forward. Some may remember that my parents offered to help us pay for domestic infant adoption. We also are open to the idea of continuing to foster). I think we’re moving towards older-child adoption. Not crazy old, but not babies. I don’t think the book is closed on babies, or on fostering-for-the-sake-of-fostering. I’ve been on adoptuskids a lot.
5. Waiting sucks.