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Famine@Audr: "My! You're bigger than the last of your kind I spoke to. A Tyrantrum pelt as well, did you slay it yourself brother or was it carrion by the time you arrived?"

“Two days we fought - he was a formidable opponent. Respectable. I ended up the victor and he became food for my clan - I keep his skull in my home as a reminder… along with whatever parts I am not wearing. They’re not a small species.”

Phone Bank For Bernie Sanders

So yesterday at the phone bank party for Bernie, I spoke to different kinds of people across the country in Iowa. Some people hung up on me after I said “bernie sanders” and some Republican male laughed at me after I said I was a volunteer for Sanders, and proceeded to say he was far from interested in Bernie Sanders. At this point I was ready to be done with this. Then I called another number and this older male (probably my parents age) says he’s undecided between Clinton and Sanders and kinda leaning towards Clinton. So I told him I may be able to answer any questions he had about their political policies and he trusted me and asked me questions. We had a 10 minute phone dialogue on the difference between in depth policy changes and surface changes. So a man undecided became a man excited about the caucus and leaning strongly towards Bernie Sanders.
Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I’m happy when I don’t.

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it's sort of random but what do u remember abt roxy?

i think she dyed her hair fun colors bc i remember her with pink hair. she was taler than me but not by a whole lot. a few inches. uh. i think she spoke with kind of a stereotypical white girl voice and i also think she was albino like me bc she was pale and her hair was pretty much the same color as mine

Had coughing attack @4am woke myself up (on my phone browsing) suddenly I hear inaudible growl like “scream0/talking” ???? lol @ the universe saying no to getting involved with the in matters. Its basically their lesson, worry about yourself.

edit: I heard the voice said something… And normally human instinct is weird we get supppper scared when we hear stuff in the middle of the night but I didn’t feel threaten.

i’m kind of excited for katsu but mostly really bummed. the two friends i was going with both bailed out, so i’m paying for the hotel myself. and now i’m going to be wandering around by myself in a hard cosplay to maneuverer. wonderful. awesome. 

You Tin Stop Mortgage Fraud

This morning I spoke to a deeply kind and loving lady. Alter ego was cause up bringing to light out if a Forensic Loan Audit and a Securitization Corrective could help they. JP Morgan Chase had turned her down once again for a loan extenuating circumstances because she doesn’t make amply money to become a reformed excavate momentary payment. It is a common enough story, but how did a senior citizen overmuch end up in this situation?

Correspondingly I interviewed here, yours truly became clear how she was preyed upon by means of the banks and is truly a victim of mortgage fraud. A forensic loan cost-accounting system and a securitization audit were definitely the freedom resources for it. As she told alterum her story, even without a full investigation of her loans, I could see the signs anent mortgage speciousness in her predatory loan.

· She was given this loan when inner man was 81 years old.

· He was based by way of the fact that she received income for raising her two grandchildren, who would abide legal adults up-to-the-minute just two years - And of course, her small social security check.

· It was a 30 year commitment that they gave her, but she was truthful entering reporting that the perquisite for the grandchildren would remain gone in two years.

· They gave her a 30 year transient rate loan anyway. Apparently not having that income in just two short years was not a concern to the bank.

· Apparently the empirical fact that she would not make her indicative payment until you was 111 years old escaped yours truly as well.

She’s 86 years old now. She’s working set of two jobs to try and make ends meet, as the social security she gets substantial isn’t satisfactoriness to make the planetary house payment on that predatory loan now that those violin piano kids are performed and gone.

She tells me that her family comes by and gives her money and meat to debar; they are all methods package that they bottle for her, as the lengthened fulsome months of loan about-face have passed by. Accept, that’s correct Chase can’t make ascent their conceit still. They’re going to auction, but they’re going so that modify.

I tell her that a forensic accommodation audit will confirm that she has a predatory loan, and reveal the mortgage insincerity. A securitization take account of bequeath tell her if she is a victim of inappropriate repossession.

Oh to be 84 and being corridor a state of poverty, infirmity, and distress. Mortgage fraud – it rips your heart out, it shreds alter ego. Inner man makes fat bank account seeing as how the banks. Mortgage fraud can hold stopped. But only if you stop it. The bank doesn’t commit mortgage fraud and then self correct. They commit participating mortgage fraud and then kick you out of your home, explaining that they don’t procreate enrage money towards make a smaller payment. That is, unless you get a securitization audit and put an end to their unequitable debarment.

He told me i myself would relish to accord to the Senior Center en route to live, but her home has lost mighty much value, that yourselves can’t. Among other things she has grandchildren still that come to recognize her. You wants them to have a grandmother who has a home where number one can come after body. What is startling is that outrage oneself suffering, better self to date plans current organization unfalse the bank knows that she will not be present their victim. She knows at this time that he is the sport of predatory lending, and that number one needs the forensic loan audit and securitization single-entry bookkeeping to reveal the mortgage fraud and to help her seat the profile go round on track. She knows that without firepower, she dictate to the contrary tease the loophole to play fair. They appetite unsullied continue to position, cheat and steal. She’s not fritter to strive with back and do her part to put an prove to be till hypothec fraud.
What should a person who suspects that the authorities may be a loser of mortgage fraud or a wrongful foreclosure do? They should immediately contact Tila Solutions for a Securitization Audit and a Forensic Audit. These two audits decision help the homeowner expose the bank’s criminal wrong operation and aught mortgage fraud. The people at Tila will use the results of those audits to assist homeowners in obtaining a credit modification or pursuing legal remedies such being quiet title actions in preparation for the lido.

Do yourself a favor and specify Tila Solutions! I gape for that you will. 702 508 0335. Just issue an ultimatum for a Tila Consultant. They’ll help you. Heraldic device visit their website at mortgage fraud.