I wish the world wasn’t so cruel and heartless. I wish not giving a fuck didn’t become a world wide trend. I wish people spoke with kindness and knew what it meant to be genuine. I wish social media didn’t take so many lives and ruin so much confidence. I wish money didn’t feed the rich and I wish the poor had a voice somebody cared about. I wish the world would wake up and do something about racism rather than speak on trending topics they know nothing about. I wish knowledge was as popular as followers. I wish Tupac was still alive, to inspire the ghettos’ I wish Martin was here to motivate the youth. I wish things were so different that I’m so consumed in my world wind of “what if’s”.


 Request: If your requests are open could you do a tom holland imagine where the reader is a nurse at children’s hospital, working when tom comes to visit the kids? Love your writing!!

requested by: @calilycal

warning: none

a/n; I’m so sorry this took so long to write! hope you like it. 

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“Just one more time Micheal, this is the last time, ’’ Micheal covered his mouth with his hands and shook his head no. “Can you please take your medicine?” he shook his head no once again “why?” you asked, just as he opened his mouth to talk, you swiftly shoved the spoon full of the cherry flavored liquid into his mouth.

The brunette made a disgusted face as he swallowed the liquid. “It’s not that bad” Micheal made another disguised face which made you laugh. 

You’re a nurse at a children’s Hospital. 

You loved it here,  for most people,  hospital’s reminds them of death or sickness, but not for you. You loved working with these kids, they’re always full of energy even though they were going through a lot +which you admired. 

“Y/n you are needed in the room 22″ you heard your voice being called.

 “okay Micheal, Miss Cara is coming with your food, I want you to eat all of it this time if you do I will read you 2 bedtime story’s” Micheal put his hand on his chin pretending to think.

“deal” he squealed.

 This kid was the biggest drama queen you ever met, but he has also one of the sweetest kid’s in here, he was just full of life and joy, and you just loved it.

You were going through some of the files from the new patients that has arrived a few days ago not paying attention to your surroundings you ended up bumping into something or someone and fell on the floor with your paper’s scattered everywhere. 

“oh my god I’m terribly sorry “someone with a heavy British accent spoke. You looked up at the person who just bumped into you, he seemed terribly familiar but you couldn’t figure out where did you see him. 

He had short curly hair with big chocolate brown eyes, he seemed to be about your age as well. 

You failed to realize the fact that he held his hand out for you. He helped you get up and kindly helped you pick up your documents. 

“I’m really sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” he rubbed the back of his neck, you smiled “no it’s fine, I wasn’t looking either. So were both even now” he laughed. 

“I am Tom” he held out this hand for you to shake just as you were about to shake his hand someone called him. “oh ugh I have to go, I will see you later?” he said as he ran towards the direction of the voice. 

You smiled at yourself and continued your path, you went to go check up some of the kids when you heard giggling?

It was coming from Micheal’s room? You walked in and saw the same guy that bumped into you in the hallway. Tom? He was wearing a red and blue Spiderman costume. 

That’s when it hit you he was the new spiderman Tom Holland. You feel so stupid that you didn’t recognize him before.  

Tom turned around and saw you standing by the door “ hi” he said shyly, he was standing beside’s Micheal’s bed with another guy that had blue eyes and blond hair, he seemed to be Tom’s age, but he was taller than him.

You stood there as Tom talked to Micheal and other children, he was so good with them. It was like he knew exactly what to tell them and you could tell that the kids liked him as well. I mean how could they not he was just so sweet and funny.

After the small meet and greet with the kids Tom and you properly introduced each other and quickly became friends. 

By the end of the day you ended up meeting the whole cast of Spiderman: Homecoming, they were all so sweet and incredibly talented. 

You ended up having a small crush on a  certain Tom Holland maybe not a small crush but a huge one.

You were reading to the kids when you realized that Tom was staring at you when you turned around to face him he became beet red which made your crush on him become even bigger and the butterflies in your stomach multiply. 

 You were on your way to your car when you heard someone call out your name, you turned around only to be faced with the handsome brunette. 

“oh hey Tom what’s up” he smiled at you ,catching his breath, “I ugh this may sound a bit weird but I- you know what never mind Y/n sorry it’s silly” you frowned  "no it’s not silly Tom you can tell me" you tried to boost his confidence which seemed like it worked. 

He scratched the back of his neck and spoke up “ I kind of have a crush on you and wanted to know if you want to on a date with me? if you’re up for it of course?” you smiled glad that he felt the same way as you did.

“yeah that would be great”

ok, this sucked I will make it up for it.

Method to the Madness ~ Part One

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || Next Part

Word Count: 2.5K

Genre: Mafia!au & Demon!au

Please excuse any errors! It’s a bit short, but it’ll get longer as time goes on!


I started at the schedule book, trying to understand where these words came from. I don’t remember writing this! But it looks like it’s written with my pen, and it’s my handwriting. I glared at the book, letting out a sigh of confusion. I closed the book before turning around in my spinning chair to my computer. I began to look through some files, doing the work which was set for me.


I looked up to see Bora approaching me. Her eyes were wandering around as if she was looking for something. I also looked around, curious as to what was going on.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at her for answers. It’s gonna be something stupid, I know it is. Bora works in the marketing department of the company. She only sees values in looks and money. She comes to visit when Mr. Kwon’s handsome and successful nephew comes to visit.

Though I’ve been here for a short time, I’ve figured out how things work. She must want someone’s attention.

“I heard from Yeji that some very handsome gentlemen came to visit Mr. Kwon.” She muttered. I stopped for a moment, also confused as to what she was saying.

“Ah! Yes, they said they had some business with Mr. Kwon.” I answered, trying to turn my attention back to the computer.

“Are they really that good looking? Yeji tends to exaggerate.”

I kept my eyes on the computer screen as I nodded, “Yes. They’re very good looking.”

A smirk pulled at lips, and she flipped her long black hair, pushing some behind her ear. I was expecting her to leave when another voice soon joined in.

“Are they still here?” This time softer. I inwardly groaned knowing that Yeji has now joined. They always gather around like this.

“Are you here to gawk over some men? Don’t you have things to do?” I muttered.

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i just started following your account & i like it a lot, everything is just amazing ! im new to tumblr & fan accounts so i dont know how they work and stuff but if you do writing prompts can you do one with betty being new in town & meets the gang at pops. like they see her by herself & then like have bughead in there too.. but if you dont its ok, please never stop posting though ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, that’s so sweet. Here it is, I hope it’s okay! It’s long lol.

New To Town

Alice placed the last box of kitchen utensils on the counter. “Done, finally.” She huffed.

“I’m going to unpack my room,” Polly said as she checked her phone - again - for messages from her friends in their old town.

“Elizabeth, make yourself useful and walk over to Pop’s, would you? Grab us all dinner? I’m too tired to cook.”

Betty nodded, knowing better than to protest.

Alice gave Betty quick instructions on how to get to Pop’s. She accepted the money her mom handed her.

Betty found some earbuds in her backpack and plugged them into her phone, slipped on her shoes, and walked out the door.

Betty admired the streets of her new town, walking quickly to her destination.

She spotted Pop’s and headed inside, the doors chiming above her.

“Hi, we called in an order for Cooper? Four burgers and two large fries.” Betty said to the man behind the counter, popping out an earbud.

Pop nodded his head. “Still on the grill. It’ll be a couple minutes. Have a seat and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He waved a hand toward the booths on his left, across from four teenagers, laughing loudly.

Betty sighed and looked at her phone, then strolled over to the empty booth.

“Did I hear you say Cooper? As in Elizabeth?” A pretty brunette called to her before Betty had the chance to sit down.

Betty nodded slowly. “Betty, actually, but yeah. That’s me.”

“I’m Veronica.” She extended a hand towards Betty.  "Veronica Lodge.“ She pointed  to the boy sitting next to her. “This is Kevin, he’s fabulous. And this is -”

“Archie Andrews,” The redheaded boy across from Veronica said smiling. “And this is Jughead Jones.”

“Jughead?” Betty smiled,furrowing her brows.

“It’s a family name.” Jughead laughed. “And actually, it’s Jughead Jones the third.”

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Hello, I’m Gone

Status: Complete
Word Count: 5.4K   
Category: One-shot, Behind-the-scenes Canon-Compliant, Baby/the Impala
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): References to familiar people/places
Pairing(s): N/A
Warnings: Bit o’ sassy language of the four-letter variety, if you’re of a pearl-clutching nature
Author’s Note(s): post-story
Overall Summary:Chuck told us a story about Baby’s early days. And we know how she’s spent most of her life helping the Winchesters get to where they need to go. Here’s a little of what happened in between.

Hello, I’m Gone

The Lucchese brothers set out for America from Italy, climbed off a boat in Galveston, Texas in 1882. Enterprising fellows as they were, Sal and Joe already had a nice little thing going, a boot-making shop out at Fort Houston, over in San Antonio, by 1883. Sal was a nut for machinery, really turned his crank - any word he got about something that might rev things up, well, he wanted to be the first to try it.  

The Luccheses became known for their hands-on approach, helped by those machines, sure, but only so’s they could give their work a boost. And they refused to cut corners, not even a little. The brothers believed that you should do things right, didn’t matter how busy you got.

Right around the turn of the century, their boots were coming in at around ten bucks. By the early parts of the 1900s, they were around $40 a pop. Then came the Hollywood bandwagon, handfuls of actors showing up wearing the Italian-meets-Western creations as word spread - back in that day, couldn’t just turn on a TV or expect to see ‘em plastered on billboards. Word of mouth and reputation go a hell of a long way.

The singer-songwriters and actual cowboy-types came along. And in the 60s, when style was starting to take a left turn, those boots were still hanging around. Hell, even the White House got in on the action - I’d heard some of the Kennedys got measured and fitted. Johnson, too.

Which, you should. I did. It wasn’t cheap, but worth it. You plan to surround yourself with something, day in and day out, you best make sure it’s a good fit. So I dished out some of the precious savings I’d squirreled away and got two good fits. Just in case I needed to walk. 

And I would’ve walked, all the way, if I’d had to. I had 'em for a year, good and broken-in, those dark cherry-red dreams that came almost to my knees. Short legs, short strides, but I was determined.

They’d turned into what I thought were the most important boots - maybe the most important things - in the world. They kept me going, just needed to glance down at them, like they were a talisman. If I believed in that sort of thing. 

Still. Funny how things can do that for you, and the people around you can’t. Won’t.

I’d been planning over that year of boot-breaking. To get out. Get gone. Away from that shithole outside Dallas, out of Texas completely. The boots set me back, my waitressing tips and the cash from hocking what little jewelry Momma’d had never quite plugging the hole. Especially when lots of it kept disappearing from my purse, went to his beer and liquor. And his girls on the side.

I stole his piece of garbage truck. I had the spare key, made sense with all the driving I did in it, picking him up from the bars when they’d announced everybody didn’t have to go home, but they couldn’t… well, you know the rest. And sometimes he wouldn’t head home and I’d find him wandering back from a cheap motel along the potholed road that led to the house. His house. His TV. His food. His furniture. His guns. 

Stole one of those, too.

The world had sailed into the 70s while I was sailing nowhere. I had nothing to my name but some clothes, my picture of Momma and Daddy the day they got hitched, and my boots. Only brought what I couldn’t do without. A small start, but I figured it was better than nothing.  

I still lacked a surefire way to get me where I wanted to go. Wherever that was. Figured I’d know once I got there. I knew the boots would be loyal long as they could, but they weren’t gonna take me all the way. I wasn’t sure what could. 

I got a feeling that would change when I spotted that big black dream, parked all lonely in somebody’s yard. A handwritten “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign was taped inside the back window. It was dirty as all get-out, had a crack in the passenger side window, a bent fender, and one of the back tires needed air in a bad way. 

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Lewis Redman Imagine- Aeroplanes

Originally posted by redmxnn

Request/Summary: Hiya! I was watching callux vlog called ‘what happened in new York’ and there was a clip we’re a baby was crying on the plane. Could I have a imagine where that’s Lewis and readers baby and the reader feels really bad that they interrupted the boys and the rest of the aeroplane? Thank you, sorry if that’s so specific😌 have a nice day love ❤

It was set to be a relaxing and easy journey. Lewis had kindly arranged to have your aeroplane tickets upgraded to first class for your journey to New York. It was going to be a romantic getaway, well as romantic as it could be with a four-month-old baby. You, Lewis and your beautiful baby (name) were going on a holiday to New York to take a break from your busy lives in London.

You began boarding the plane and finding your seats. You were holding your baby close to your chest while Lewis was offering to help put your belongings away safely. Taking your seat, you started to observe the other people on the plane around you. An old snobby couple to your left, A few businessmen in front of you, two young men sitting to your right and more important-looking-people scattered around the plane.

“Lewis,” you whispered to your husband who had taken his seat beside you. “Yes babe,” he replied. “Do you not feel a little bit out of place?” You started to question your position in first class. Everyone else in the first class area seemed much more important, that their trip held more stakes then just your cute romantic, family holiday. “Don’t be silly Y/N, this trip is special and we’re fine right where we are.” Lewis reassured you.

As more people started to take their seats and move around their bags and belongings, you began to bounce your baby on your lap trying to settle her. The movement of all the people around you had begun to irritate your baby and her mood declined rapidly. Your baby became restless and the inevitable crying started.

In a matter of seconds, slight discomfort had turned into high-pitched crying with no end. You did everything you could to try to stop the crying but nothing looked like it was working. Humming quietly, bouncing her up and down, rubbing her back, and even trying to feed her some milk from a bottle, however nothing seemed to work.

Embarrassment and guilt flooded through you as the other people on the plane began to turn their heads and look at you. The snobby old couple glared at you and whispered under their breath, “This is why they shouldn’t allow anyone under the age of 21 in first class.”

You were upset that people were frustrated with you, but you were trying your best to calm her down. “Do you think she’s hungry?” Lewis asked, “She’s a baby Lewis I have no idea why she’s crying. She’s on a plane I mean f course she’s going to cry.” You snapped back at him before apologising straight after, “I’m sorry, I’m just overwhelmed and I just don’t know what to do.” 

Feeling completely overwhelmed you looked over to the pair of young men who were sat next to you. “Some people are so mean, clearly she is trying her best,” You could hear one of them say, “I know I just wish we could do something to help but I don’t think there is anything we can do,” the other man said.

In that moment, you felt so happy. These two strangers who were sat next to you were so kind without even realising, they could have easily just been as mean as the old couple were but they weren’t. They understood. 

While the plane had now taken off and you had been bouncing and singing to your baby for what felt like forever she had finally calmed down and fallen asleep in Lewis’ arms. You felt so relieved and already tired.

Looking over to the two young men beside you, you spoke “I’m so sorry about her, hopefully now she will sleep for the whole flight,”

“It’s okay, it happens,” One of the boys replied (Calfreezy). “I feel really bad, I do.” You continued to apologise. “It’s okay, really,” One boy reassured you (Callux). “thank you for being so kind,” You spoke.

Your baby slept through the rest of the flight, including the landing, which you and the rest of the plane were thankful for.

“Do you need any help with your bags?” The two young men named Cal and Cal, who you and Lewis had gotten to know along the flight, offered. “Oh no thank you, we’re good,” Lewis happily replied.

“Enjoy you trip in New York guys, maybe we’ll see you on the flight back.” You spoke. “Although I kind of hope not, I mean for your sake, because I hope (baby name) doesn’t cry again,” The boys laughed and said their goodbyes. From what started as a flight from hell turned into a new friendship for both you and Lewis. 


A: go fuck your self
B: nah I’ll let you do it  

Eva’s pov:

I was pissed, i had been when i woke up this morning, i had been in school all day, and i still am now. The worst thing was that i couldn’t control the snapping at people i had been doing all day, immediately apologizing after. When i realized there was a party today i didn’t want to go, but Noora had convinced me that blowing of some steam would be good for. She said i had been way too stressed lately, and i believed her. After all, i had been pretty stressed lately and Noora was one of my best friends, she knew me better sometimes than i realized.

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what if naegi knowing his dumb luck actually found kamukura first instead of junko?

A/N you know how Junko said Naegi had an unpredictable luck? so now i’ve always wondered how izuru would react if he met Naegi

also, here’s a what if hinata met naegi pre-despair au

Unpredictable - SHSL Hope Meets SHSL Luckster

For Kamukura, everything in the world was predictable until he stood by corrected by Naegi’s existence.

Under all circumstances they weren’t supposed to meet. Their paths weren’t supposed to cross even in the most abnormal of situations. All of the patterns and routes showed that their lives were supposed to remain separate indefinitely.  And although they would have to meet eventually, Kamukura had predicted it to be in the much later future.

However, Naegi’s luck proved him otherwise when he showed up in his room just as confused as he was.

“Oh, please excuse me! I didn’t mean to intrude.” Naegi said and bowed politely. Nervous, he scratched the back of his head out of habit as he spoke timidly, “I got kind of a bit lost down here and I’m not exactly sure how to get out. If you know the area, I’d really appreciate your help.”

Kamukura held his gaze levelly as his talents analyzed him within a millisecond. Makoto Naegi was a peculiar person and even more peculiar was how he had ended up here in this very situation. It started with a trivial and irrelevant task. He was just crossing between buildings. That was just it. Just a small walking distance in between. And yet he never did get to his destination.

When Naegi had tried to cross buildings as per usual routine, something bizarre had happened. He got chased by a pack of animals that had ran loose and so he ended up in an entirely different district. From there, his uniform was accidentally gotten caught by a passing motorbike and he was brought to another district by the time the rider had noticed the extra passenger. Exhausted by the events, he roamed around to find a bench to rest on. It’s only then that he noticed for the first time the statue of the founder.

As he walked towards it, he had tripped on the last step of the short stairs and found himself staggering forward until luckily, he was able to hold on to the base of the statue for support. Conveniently he had pushed and stepped on the two right switches which activated the trapdoor. At first he didn’t even plan to explore the suspicious basement but a tremor caused by a nearby explosion had made him lose his balance and fall forward. And as he stumbled forward, he fell through another hidden door, one without guards in the corridor. From there he roamed around and all sorts of events happened around him. The doctor who was standing by as they were getting their eye scanned was accidentally pushed aside when Naegi fell through another hidden door just as the scan completed.

And that brought them back to the situation at hand.

“…” Kamukura had yet to grace him with his answer.

“Um, if it’s not too much of a bother that is. I understand if you’re busy though.” Naegi said with a worried expression when he didn’t get a reply. “I guess I’ll just be going…”

“Wait.” Kamukura’s voice halted him in place. That made Naegi an easy target as he discreetly shot a pin aimed at his eye.

Only to have it miss when Naegi had coincidentally sneezed, narrowly missing him by millimeters. Kamukura’s eyes widened. An unprecedented event.

“Excuse me.” He took out a handkerchief to wipe his nose, oblivious as to why his other hand was unconsciously combing his hair where the pin passed by him. “Sorry, um, you were saying?”

Kamukura considered what had just happened and all the implications it brought with it. He wasn’t able to predict that at all not even by the slightest bit. Although both of them had shsl luck talent, Naegi’s was different. His kind of luck was erratic and random. It was textbook luck, pure luck. His luck was mere random chance. There was no pattern for it, hence its unpredictability.

An unknown.

“I may be able to assist.” Kamukura said as he stood up and approached him.

Naegi’s face broke into a grin. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.” Kamukura nodded curtly.

“Oh, but wait. We haven’t introduced ourselves yet!” Naegi said as he offered his hand towards him. “I’m Makoto Naegi.”

Kamukura already knew his name, and every detail about his past, but when he took his hand and tried to predict the future, he found himself surprised yet again. Everything was just so uncertain, so unpredictable, so… not boring.

“…How interesting.” He said to himself.

He didn’t know what he had gotten himself into but that’s what made this so exciting. An unpredictable world was right before him and this person would be the key to unlocking it. For the first time in his existence, a ghost of a smile tugged on his lips as he formally introduced himself,  "Kamukura Izuru. I look forward to our future endeavors together.“

An unpredictable future lay ahead of Kamukura as long as he was with Naegi. And further down the road he’ll discover just how unpredictable hope can be too.

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Can I request a James Cassells smut where you and James have been fighting.

It’s been ageeees, sorry! I’m really busy with uni and my driver’s license but here is some new stuff ^^ it turned out pretty cute while I wrote it while fighting with my boyfriend at 1AM (hoping we can work it out tomorrow..) so I hope it will be what you wanted :)
Word count: 1208

You pushed the horn of your car, annoyed by the driver in front of you because he was stopping for a green light. “Move!” you yelled through the rolled down window, getting a middle finger in return before he hit the gas. Anger was racing through your blood as you proceeded your way home. Work was taking its toll lately, more hours and less respect weren’t exactly good for your mood. Your boyfriend James on the other hand spent his days drinking, jamming and playing videogames with his friends instead of doing the cleaning and cooking like you always asked him to do. The band had a short break from touring and took their time to write a new single. You even had to cancel your vacation for work, leaving the travel magazines about Egypt and Marocco abandoned on the back seat of your car. 

When you entered the front door of your apartment with the heavy groceries in, you snapped. “James, get your ass down here!” It wasn’t unusual for him to make the place a mess but now he just crossed a line. The laundry basket was in the exact same place where you left it, a bowl with leftover cereal from breakfast was still on the counter, joined by empty Corona bottles and a pizza box which probably were his dinner. His face had a concerned look as he rushed in from the bedroom. “What have you been doing all day?” Your stern voice startled him, making his answer hesistatly: “Ben came over to hear my drums, I even forgot to have lunch.” His excuse sounded legit but that didn’t make you any less mad at him. “So you had time to drink but not to clean up?” He started to get what the conversation was about and became agitated. “I’ll do it now, okay.” You grabbed his arm, preventing he walked away. “No, not okay. I’ve been working for the last 11 hours and you’ve done absolutely nothing. It’s time you take some responsibility and help me out.” With a fierce look, he broke your grip. “Don’t you understand how stressful it is being in a band? Always writing, always on the road. I’m just as weary as you.” Thanks to the rash edge on his words, the anger in your eyes made place for tears. It didn’t affect his tone when he continued: “Why don’t you have any respect for what I do? At least I enjoy my work, unlike you.” He realized his mistake when the sound of a loud sobbing started. Stress that had built up for so long found its way out. You got pulled in for a hug as he apologized, trying to comfort you by stroking your back. With your face hidden in his shirt, you stood there until your eyes were dried. His hand led you out of the living room while soothing words changed the mood.

Your skin looked red where your bra strap was just a few moments before and when James noticed, kisses quickly replaced the painful feeling by flattery. The sheets felt soft to the bare skin of your back as you were finally released from the office-appropriate but uncomfortable and even uglier pants. “I’ll make you feel okay again.” It sounded so sincere, so loving that it became hard not to tear up a little. His soft lips traced the lines of your chest and neck, finally meeting yours. What started as a soft but passionate kiss soon became more rough, interrupted by you ripping off his shirt. Your fingers were entangled in his hair, pulling him over you. With one hand he supported the weight of his body, the other he used to fondle your breasts one by one. Fiddling and pinching your nipples, your hips were pressed in the matress a little further. Along with the sight of his bare torso and the erection clearly visable in his skinny jeans, he got you so turned on the inevitable moans finally left your mouth. A pleased smile on his lips showed when they left your skin. Two of his fingers slipped past your pastel coloured panties, making you gasp for air as they penetrated. The tips curled up with each trust to make sure it would leave you shaking. Then he placed his thumb on your clit hood, teasing you with circles and pressure until you begged him to cut to the chase. He happily granted your wish as he started making a rubbing movement until your legs started shaking. “Not just yet,” he said with a smirk on his face. He moved back to kiss you, giving you the opportunity to unbutton and slip off his jeans. You placed your hand on the fabric of his boxers, caressing the erection under it. It wasn’t hard to tell he enjoyed it by the way his body was wobbling, seeming rather unstable because his arms were getting weak. A bit clumsy, you managed to get yourself on top and remove the underwear of the both of you. While your hand softly stroked his erection, your lips were drawn to his stomach, giving him a kiss that left a lipstick mark. James pulled you towards him by your arms, then softly grabbing your hips and placing them on his, waiting for a consenting nod before you were pushed down on him. With each movement the both of you made, intense groaning filled the room. He circled your clit with his fingers as you moved back and forth, then up and down. The feeling of his tip hitting your G-spot over and over again made you forget all the worries and stress. When he muttered your name, it became hard not to let it all go, but you managed to keep yourself together until suddenly his nails dug into your hips and you could feel him filling you up. A scream escaped your lips as you came, leaving the two of you breathless for a little while.

You let yourself drop on your back, next to James. His hand was stroking your thigh when he spoke: “I kind of like this.” You looked up to see him pointing at the lipstick mark you left not too long ago. “Maybe I’ll call Dan tomorrow to see if he can fit me in for a spot tomorrow.” A puzzled look showed on your face when he mentioned his tattoo artist at this moment. He laughed at your reaction. “Would you like that? The appointment would be after I cleaned the entire house of course,” he said and he winked. “But… but why would you get my lips on your body? That’s quite a commitment.” It made you feel a little uncomfortable to think about if you actually meant that much to him, you just couldn’t really believe it. “It just feels right to me, I love spending every moment with you and I plan to do that for the rest of my life.” Tears filled your eyes when you replied: “of course I would like that! You’re amazing!” You laid down your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around him. “Well, let’s make the call then,” he smiled as his hand went through your hair.

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Uh, hey again. We kind of left off on a awkward note when we first spoke. So I kind of wanted to try talking to you again, to make up for that? Hopefully that makes sense. - max-mortal

Sure. How are you doing? ( @max-mortal )

An Awkward Encounter (Solangelo)

Nico opened the door to Starbucks, escaping the frigid air outside. He immediately felt the feeling in his frozen toes start to come back.

Starbucks was very crowded, which was something that didn’t happen very often. Nico would know, he came here almost every morning before school.

Nico stepped in line. He waited for about fifteen minutes before actually getting to order; twice as long as he usually waits.

“Good morning, what can I get you?” Said the cashier hurriedly, trying to get through the line as fast as possible. He had golden hair with sky blue eyes; Nico recognized him from a couple of his classes.

“Um, a grande chai latte please.” Nico replied, counting his money and handing it to the cashier, already knowing what the price would be from ordering the drink so many times before. The cashier smiled, knowing that the customer would get the exact same thing as yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that.

Nico moved out of line towards the waiting area so that the cashier could take the next order. He felt awkward just standing around. Nico looked around the room and accidentally made eye contact with the blond cashier. He chuckled at Nico’s awkward stance, making Nico blush.

“One grande chair latte!” The cashier called out, sliding the cup towards Nico. “Enjoy your drink!” he said cheerily.

Now, Nico didn’t know the cashier’s name. The two boys shared three classes together, yet Nico was pretty sure that the cashier didn’t know his name either. Nico found himself somewhat attracted to the blond, yet he didn’t pay much attention to his petty crush until last week, when the blond starting working at Starbucks. Instead of ordering coffee every morning, Nico had to adjust his usual routine to ordering coffee every morning from his crush without stuttering, blushing, or doing something else that would make him look like an idiot.

In the split second that the cashier and Nico made eye contact during the exchange of coffee, Nico had the most ultimate brain fart which resulted with him replying…

“I love you too.”

The cashier’s ears reddened yet he kept a black face. Nico didn’t process what he said until a silent, awkward five seconds later. The cashier was just as shocked as Nico. He couldn’t believe what he just said.

What the hell!? Nico internally thought. What the fuck did you just say!?

Not letting the cashier say anything or allowing time for Nico to do something even more embarrassing, Nico grabbed his drink and rushed out of Starbucks. He dreaded school today as he was going to have to see the cashier again.

The next morning, Starbucks wasn’t as crowded. Nico debated wether or not to even order coffee this morning to avoid the cashier, but then he realized that without coffee, Nico would basically be a brain-dead zombie for the rest of the day.

Just as Nico dreaded, the cashier was behind the register, waiting to take the next order. He saw Nico, and smiled a cheeky smile and his ears slightly reddened.

“Uh, hey.” He said. “What can I get for you?” As if he already didn’t know.

“Grande chai latte, please.” Nico muttered, trying to avoid as much talking as possible. He handed the cashier the money.

As the cashier handed Nico a receipt, he began to say, “Um, about yesterday-”

“Please, forget that anything happened.” Nico cut him off, ultimately embarrassed. “I don’t know what happened, I just kind of spoke without thinking. You know?”

The cashier smiled. “Actually, I was, uh, going to ask for your number. Since you’re in some of my classes and you’ve been coming for a while now, I would kinda like to talk outside of Starbucks…” He trailed off.

If Nico wasn’t already red, now he was redder than a strawberry. His crush wanted his number?

This is your chance! Don’t fuck it up! His brain told him.

“Uh, yeah. I would like that.” Nico stuttered awkwardly yet happily. “I’m Nico.”

The cashier blushed furiously (which was totally cute, in Nico’s opinion.) “I’m Will.”

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A while ago, one of my friends watched all the way to GI and told me (while I had only seen the first few episodes) that hxh wasn't good, lacked any kind of stakes, and that at the point she was at it was just Gon and Killua running around doing whatever they wanted. Now, I've finished the show (she's still in the middle of GI) and I love it and know that it is wonderful but I'm horrible at debating and putting what I love about it into words. How would you defend hxh in this situation?

Man, this is really tough. If your friend watched past the Yorknew arc – which I think is one of the best – and still wasn’t convinced HXH is good, I really don’t know what to say. What parts did she enjoy? What specifically made it seem like the show “lacked any kind of stakes”?

Someone else I spoke to kind of said the same thing, that they made it to Greed Island and just didn’t care for it, specifically citing that they don’t like “shows about children”. I really don’t know what to say to these people because what they look for and enjoy in media must be so different from me. Personally, I stand by HXH for delivering a multitude of diverse, complex characters, breaking the shounen trope mold, having a clever, well thought-out magic system, and providing arcs that vary in mood/genre while maintaining a cohesive story. Personally, I think Togashi is extremely talented in creating worlds, characters, and a narrative that unites them. This is probably really shitty of me, but all I can think is, “well, maybe your friend just likes cookie-cutter trope-filled media,” which there is nothing inherently wrong with, but it’s just so……….. boring!!! lol

Also, MAN, do I wish HXH was about Killua and Gon running around together doing whatever they want, lmao.

Do you miss her ? (Jelena one shot)

(Justin’s POV)
“I’m glad we’re done with this show”-I Said as I walked on my bus.I Was not in the mood.I felt something weird in my heart…I guess we can call it lonrlliness
“Where are you going ?”-I heard Fredo asking as I Started walking to my room
“My room”-I mumbled
“That’s what you doing for the past week come on we can play some NBA.I Want to beat your ass”-He insisted
“Not right now Fredo”-I Said before walking in my room.I Sat down on the bed and I started liking some fan edits and some of my friend’s pictures on instagram but before I knew it I was typing her name in the search bar again.The first thing I saw was that she posted a new selfie.I Starred at it being hella careful not to like it even though I loved it
“Tell me how to  get you out of my head”-I Whispered,Yeah it was official I went nuts.I’m talking to a picture.My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door open.I Quickly thrown my phone on the bed and I turned on the TV Acting like I was watching it.Fredo walked in sitting on my bed
“What was that before bro ?-He asked
“What do you mean ?”-I asked with my eyes still on the TV
“Ohh”-He said looking down to my phone “Do you miss her ?”
And that’s when my heart sank. “No why would I miss her ?”-I Answered my eyes never leaving the TV Screen
“Justin don’t forget who are you talking with.If anyone knows something about your relationship wit her it’s me.And look at you in your bed all alone stalking her instagram and you tell me you don’t miss her ?”-He said getting up and looking at me.I Finally looked away from the TV And looked at him for a second before looking down at my phone.
“I really miss her.I can’t tell you how much”-I Whispered starring at the picture “But that’s nothing I can do okay ?”-I Said looking back at him
“But Justin…”-He started
“I Want to be alone.Please get out”-That’s all I said before fixing my focus on the TV Again.I felt his eyes  on me for a couple of seconds before he walked out of my room

(Selena’s POV)
I heard my phone ringing in my pocket.When I looked at the caller ID I instantly smiled
“Hey bubba what’s up”-I Smiled as I picked it up
“Hey Sel what are you doing ?”-Fredo’s voice echoed in my ears
“Just some preparation for the tour why ?”-I Asked
“It’s Justin…”-He started and my heart instantly started to beat faster
“Is he okay ?”-I asked as I walked around the room
“He’s just so down lately and depressed I think he needs a friends”
“Well you are there and Johnny as well”-I Spoke
“Not that kind of friend…He needs a Selena kind of friend”-As he spoke these words.I stopped walking around the room.
“Are you still there Sel ?”-His voice brought me back to reality
“Yeah..yeah I’m here..I Don’t know Fredo.I know we’re both in L.A.”
“Please he needs to see you”-He begged

(Justin’s POV)
1 hour later I Was still in the same position doing the same thing.Stalking Selena I haven’t liked any picture which was kind of unbelievable considering that I’m at a 45 week old pic now.I Heard a knock on the door
“Fredo I told you to leave me alone”-I Shouted.But the door opened anyways
“What the fuck you don’t unber….:-I couldn’t finish my sentence cause I Couldn’t find my breath once I saw who was standing to my right.I sat up on my bed just starring and swallowing hard
“So…Are you gonna hug me or not ?’-She asked stretching her arm out.Without any hesitation I got up dropping my phone on the bed.I Wrapped my arms around her waist and seconds later I started to spin her around.Her squeals filled the room.I Finally put her down but I didn’t let go,instead I buried my head in the crock of her neck.I Closed my eyes letting her hair tickle my nose
“I Missed you so much”-I Mumbled in her hair
“I missed you too”-I heard her whisper.After a couple of seconds we finally pulled away
“What are you doing here ?”-I Asked looking at her
“Well Fredo told me you needed a Selena kind of friend”-She said doing a quote mark with her finger as she said Selena kind of friend
“I’m gonna kill him”-I Mumbled
“No you won’t”-She said jumping on my bed she looked down at my phone.
“Oh”-She smirked raising one of her eyebrows as she held up the phome showing one of her 45 week old instagram posts
“No it’s not what it looks like”-I Quickly ran to the bad
“Oh but this looks exactly like one of my instagram posts”-She teased
“Give me the phone”-I Said as I threw myself on her trying to get the phone from her.
“Oh Gosh you scrolled through all of this”-She laughed stretching the phone away from me as I desperately tried to get it from her.That’s why I love what we have.Even after all the shit we went through we still manage to laugh together as friends and things are almost never awkward between us.She turned to her back and our faces.became extremely close to each other….and that’s when problems start.We both stopped as we looked at each other,me on top of her,are hands are touching because we are both holding my phone and our faces inches apart

(Selena’s POV)
We continued to stare at each other and I knew if I Don’t move away we’ll do something we would both regret.So I looked away letting go of his phone.He climbed off of me so we were laying next to each other.But we were keeping our distance.and we went from fooling around to awkward silence in a meter of seconds.I hated this

“You know it’s okay to stalk your ex”-I Said trying to lighten up the mood

“Oh really ?”-He chuckled looking at me
“mhm.I Stalk Zedd all the tine and Niall”-I Said looking at him.I saw how his face changed he was suddenly upset and he looked away from me
“But you know who do I stalk the most ?”-I Asked he didn’t looked at me but I continued anyway
“There’s this guy from Canada”-I teased and he looked at me trying to hide his smile “He was my first love and I Could never forget him”-I Said in a serious tone as I looked at him.He finally smiled and our eyes locked again which caused me to look away again “Are you hungry ?”-He asked
“Is that even a question.You dated me for 4 years you should know that I’m always hungry”-I Said and I heard him chuckle.He got out of the bed and started to walk to the kitchen
“Justin”-I Called
“Yeah ?”-He turned around
“Come here”-I Said as I stood on the bed
He walked up to me and I indicated him to turn around.When he did I jumped on his back.He hoisted me up a little higher as he started to run to the kitchen with me on his back and that’s when I realized we’re still the same.We’re still the same people as we were 6 years ago just a little taller and with  a couple of common scars

Whole (A Joshifer One-Shot)

A/N: Yes, I have finally returned to my Joshifer roots. As you can tell from the timestamps, these two prompts have been sitting in my inbox for quite some time:

The top prompt is from this post, and I choose to focus on the first prompt on that list, “things you said at 1 am”. And of course I used the song for inspiration, although what resulted is certainly not the one shot of the year. It’s a rough, unbetaed ride, really, but I still wanted to throw it out there because why not. 

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and enjoy. And remember that no matter how rough things get on this fine ship of ours, I will always be around. (Oh, and for clarification reasons, this takes place on the same night the cast was seen having dinner in New York a few months back). 

Rated M because there’s smut ahead, kids (apologies in advance for my general ignorance over how sex works) 


I never slept well in New York.

It didn’t matter how many times I came here, I always ended up rattled awake in the middle of the night by the rumble of a subway train far below my floor, or the blare of late-night taxis outside the window. Maybe the broken up nights were a trade-off for how intoxicating this city was in the daylight. Still, I could do without waking up every morning and going to a meeting or a press conference looking and feeling hungover despite spending my nights inside drinking nothing stronger than water.

Tonight, though, the mechanical bleating of traffic was trumped by the sharp chirping of my phone.

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The Bad Boy - Final Part
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May 30th 2014. The day I was graduating high school forever. Putting it in perspective, it really wasn’t a big deal at all. In fact in the larger scheme of things, this event was completely irrelevant to the existence of human kind. But for me, I had an existential crisis on my hands. How was I meant to go out into the world all by myself? And be expected to make my own decisions and pay for my own things and be responsible for myself? Okay maybe I was being a little dramatic but it was a scary time. I’m only 18 and I can barely even drive, never mind make life decisions. 

Although I was scared beyond comprehension, there was a small part of me that was excited for the future and what it holds. There was an endless possibility of opportunities that were awaiting me, I could do anything I wanted. Reinvent myself completely. No one was going to know who I am at college. No one knows all the shit I’ve been through this year, and no one has to. It was going to be a fresh start that I badly needed.

“Kendall! Quickly you need to be in school in 20 minutes” Mom called down from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming!“ I called as I scrambled around my room, packing all the things I needed into my backpack. I scurried down the stairs to the front door open and my Mom standing there with a proud smile. "Look at you, my little graduate” She said smiling widely. I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Mom I haven’t graduated just yet” I told her. “Sorry, I’m just excited” She said hugging me tight. She stood there just taking all of me in. "Come on let’s go" She said gesturing towards the car. I got in the passenger seat and she got in the drivers’ side. "I think this is the first time since your first day of school that I’ve dropped you to school" She said to me and I laughed. "Dropping me on my first day and on my last, very poetic" I teased and she laughed.

As we drew closer to the school, my Mom brought up the one thing I didn’t want her to. “Kendall, I hate to bring this up, but what’s your plans for college? You still haven’t decided where your going yet and I’m just worried” She began. "I know, I know I have to decide soon but can we just leave it for today?“ I pleaded with her and she nodded in agreement.

The school was completely bombarded with people. "It’s going to take me ages to find a parking space so you go ahead you don’t want to be late” She told me and I hoped out. I ran to the back of the school to get my cap and gown before heading to the stage where we all had to stand.

“Teachers, Fellow students, this is the day we have been dreading and anticipating for the last 4 years and it has finally come…” Cindy our valedictorian began. They began calling us out individually to the platform to receive our Diploma after she spoke. I kind of blanked out until I heard my name. I flashed back to reality before running on stage to collect it. “Thank you” I mouthed to the principal before shaking her hand. I turned to the crowd, catching a glance of my Mom and waving at her before walking back to my space on stage. After some of the staff said what they called ‘Inspirational speeches’, the principal came back on stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the graduating class of 2014" She announced before we all cheered and took our caps off and threw them in the air like in some cheesy movie.

I hugged the few people that were standing around me before walking to pick up my cap. I made my way down the stairs of the stage to reach my Mom but stopped when I saw who was standing beside her. Standing there with a happy but guilty expression on her face. I stood there blank expression in response to her. Lexi. She looked at me anxiously anticipating my next move, probably scared that I was going to punch her in the face. I let out a sigh as I glided over to her, pulling her into a hug. Her muscles stiffened at my reaction before relaxing and hugging me back. I noticed she was about to open her mouth to say something but I cut her off. “Thanks for coming” I said before she could apologize or anything else.

Before her or I could say anything more, I felt a tap on my shoulder which made me turn around. I screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw who was standing there. “Courtney!” I yelled before jumping into her arms. She laughed as she hugged me back. "What are you doing here?“ I asked, excited. "Did you really think I was going to miss your graduation?” She asked me. I grinned widely at her. “I can’t believe you’re actually here!” I yelled. After that Mom insisted on taking a million pictures. Ones with me and her, Lexi and me, her and Lexi..every combination under the sky.

After that we all went inside for tea and coffee in the gym. “Hey” A voice said from behind me. I flipped around to see Sam standing there in his cap and gown. I jumped into his arms as he picked me up and spun me around. "We did it! We actually graduated" He said in a surprised tone. "I know, crazy isn’t it" I said giggling. "Kids get into a picture" I heard my Mom call from behind us. I rolled my eyes and groaned. "Mom..“ I said turning around to face her. "One picture isn’t going to kill you” She said holding her camera up. I groaned again as Sam laughed as we posed for a picture. "Smile!“ She exclaimed as the flash flashed. "Okay that’s enough” I said waving her off. "I gotta go but I better see you at Steve’s graduation party" He demanded. “Wouldn’t miss it” I called back before he walked away to see his family again.

As I looked around the room, I caught a glance of Jack leaving the gym from the corner of my eyes. "Eh..I’m just going to go for a walk, I’ll be back in a minute" I told my Mom, walking towards the door without waiting for her response. I picked up the pace so I didn’t lose sight of where he was going. I walked out straight onto the football pitch and could see him sitting on the bleachers with his cap in his hand. I strolled over slowly. His head shot up when he heard me getting closer. I smiled half heart-idly at him and he smiled back.

I didn’t say anything, just sat down beside him on the bleachers. I sighed deeply and so did he. “We did it huh? We finally graduated” He said after a few seconds of silence. "Yep, we did it, It looked a little hazy for a while but we did it" I replied. “Not sure if I would have passed this year if we didn’t do that project together last September” He joked. I laughed while lightly nudging him. "Oh shut up we both did 50% of the work, give yourself a little credit" I told him. He looked at me. “That’s not what I meant. I meant if I hadn’t of met you this year, and if we had of never happened, I would have never had the motivation to even try and graduate this year. You were the only reason why I even bothered to try” He told me. I sat there for a moment unsure of how to reply.

“Well then you’re welcome” I joked smiling at him. We sat in a comfortable silence for a moment before he spoke again. “Isn’t it crazy how much has changed this year? Like this time last year we didn’t even talk. And to think about how much we went through this year together” He told me. "Yeah it’s crazy really" I said looking down at my feet. "I don’t regret one minute of it, I just want you to know that. I know I acted like a dick to you sometimes..well a lot of the time but it’s just because I cared..care about you so much. I care about you more than I’ve ever cared about anyone and I didn’t really know how to act about it. So I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you but I really did try" He told me genuinely. "I know you did..“ I responded. All I wanted more than anything was to ask him to try again, for us to try again but it just didn’t feel like the right time.

He turned to me and laughed. "What?” I asked him. "Nothing" He said shaking his head while wearing a grin. Before I could press him to tell me my phone buzzed and a text popped up from my Mom telling me to meet her by the car. I sighed, “I got to go” I told him standing up, “Yeah I should probably go too” He said standing up. We walked onto the pitch. I turned to head towards the parking lot when Jack called me back. “Yeah?” I asked turning around. "I have something for you" He said lightly jogging up to me. He dug into his pocket for a moment before pulling something out.

He took my hand and opened it before placing a key in it. “I told you I’d pay you back” He said. I looked at it before looking at him in confusion. “What’s this?” I asked. "It’s a key..to an apartment in New York" He said and my mouth literally dropped. “Well it’s in the Bronx and it’s only a rental for 12 months but it was the best I could do, this means you can travel into NYU on the Subway” He said with a proud smile. “Jack, I don’t know what to say” I said shaking my head in disbelief. “Just say thank you” He said shrugging. “Thank you!” I exclaimed pulling him into a hug. He hugged back and I rested my head on his chest for that small moment they were in contact. I leaned out of the hug, still speechless. “You’re amazing you know that?” I told him. “No you’re amazing, what other person would spent all their college money on some guy just so he wouldn’t have to spent one night in jail” He said half smiling at me. I just smiled in response to his sweetness.

My phone buzzed again and it was my Mom again. "I’m so sorry I really have to go but I’ll see you later?“ I suggested. He nodded before taking my hand to pull me into another hug. He leaned in to kiss my cheek which sent good shivers all the way up my arms. I leaned out and began to walk away. I turned slightly, waving at him. "Bye Jack” I said

“See you around Sparky” He said before walking off into the opposite direction to me. 

Thank you all so so much for your constant support the entire way through this fan fiction. It was an absolute pleasure to write this for you all and I hope you all enjoyed it. I had so much fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I know this may not be the ending everyone was expecting but for me I felt it fitted in with the story. It’s not the ideal ending but it’s a realistic one and I think it’s kind of sweet and I hope you think so too. Thank you again for reading  x x 

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Hi mama shawol~ I'm just stopping by to get your thoughts on something that I've been thinking about for a while. I've seen numerous posts and comments analyzing where Onew ends and Jinki begins. So I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the man behind the Onew name??

Hi, sweetie pie!

*internally squeals at Mama Shawol before composing herself.* 

I kind of spoke on this with the dominant Jinki vs Submissive Onew post but the simple answer to this? 

This is Onew: 

This is Jinki:

This is Onew:

This is Jinki: 

This is Onew:

This is Jinki: 

This is Jinki trying to morph into Onew and it stalls. Or maybe he was so annoyed that this is 100% Jinki. Who knows.

The way I can kinda tell Onew from Jinki and vice versa is…I KNOW Onew, like the back of my hand. He’s predictable, even in his wild bouts on unpredictability, all of his actions are Onew-like. He’s going to smile really bright, body gags, say something funny, puns, slightly dismissive of his own self, 100% professional.

Jinki is wildly unpredictable because I have no idea WHO HE IS. We get glimpses of Jinki from time to time, when his guard is down or HE DOESN’T THINK ANYBODY IS WATCHING HIS ASS 

But other than that, the only thing we really have to go by are his members words. We know there are facets (quite possibly every single facet) of Onew that Jinki possesses (of course–Onew is a serving of Jinki, not a completely made up identity) but there aren’t many of Jinki’s facets that Onew takes on. 

But to answer the question, its always slight. Like, that one MusicCore…or maybe ShowChampion clip where Onew was participating in the interview with his members and as soon as (he thought) the cameras stopped rolling, his smile dropped and he rolled his eyes. 

Or when he spazzes when a interview includes that dumb ass “which member would you date” question or he flicks off a band member when he doesn’t realize there are cams in the studio or when we hear stories about Jinki making fun of the way Jonghyun sang JoJo and LLO. Those are the fault line between telling the two apart. Onew is imperfectly perfect because that’s who that persona strives to be. Jinki is human, isn’t perfect, doesn’t try to be perfect, doesn’t care about being perfect. He’s the nice guy next door and the asshole across the street. He’s the guy who will buy you 100 flowers and he’s the guy who will break your heart via ghosting. He’s the guy who won’t skip you in line at the airport but MIGHT cut you off on the freeway on the way to the airport 

He’s simply who Onew is when the cameras stop rolling.