sakuma-kantoku replied to your postlike i’m drawing for myself but it Hurts when…

u may think i dont but i … understand u deeply :T i sometimes spend hours on drawings i am really proud at and i get like 20 notes of which 18 are likes which dont do shit… but important thing now… what drawing? did i miss something :o?

yeah and it pisses me off when that happens because it’s kinda. people don’t realise how hard it is to get stuff done like. i haven’t been able to finish a drawing properly in months and i make eveyrone well aware of this and yet i see people who’ve spent 5 minutes because they didn’t have extra time, getting like 50 odd notes and it’s just ???? dude.
oh and it’s literally not worth your time at all don’t worry it wasn’t even that good i’m just being a brat about it

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Yeah, international fans have money. No doubt about it. BUT you ASSUME 5H is popular outside the US, and is that really true? 5H and their management no doubt talked about it. I just think that their popularity outside the US is not big enough to cover the expenses of an international tour. And you do realize 5H isn't that big in the US right? Hell, they don't even perform on the big award shows or even late-night talk shows.

Firstly, let’s get some fucking facts straight before you try to throw some shade. 


  • Also, Reflection debuted at 62k, and sold more than 80k, basically declaring them the biggest girl group of this DECADE.
  • Reflection by Fifth Harmony has been listed for 40 weeks in 11 different official charts around the world.

But sure, they haven’t preformed anywhere, not to MENTION, the awards they’ve won. *coughs* 


And since when does being on a late night talk show make you not popular? Can’t remember the last time Beyoncé was on one, but okay. And no, i’m not comparing them to Beyoncé, i’m just saying, who the fuck said being on a late night show makes you popular? like no. 

even late-night talk shows.  Have you seen them in the morning though. Not to forget they took over VH1 Buzzfeed for an entire week though. And no, this does not mean that these fans will buy tickets, but have you seen these girls’ support groups? Most of these people i’ve talked to aren’t even IN America. But yeah, you’re right, they’re not even big. :) 

Yeah, just to state that they were named the biggest girl group of this decade, but they are minor, not to mention that they were the FIRST GIRL GROUP TO PREFORM AT THE WHITE HOUSE, YES, MEANING OVER GROUPS LIKE SPICE GIRLS, DESTINY’S CHILD, AND TLC. And again, I am NOT saying they are better, just stating facts.

But who are you again? Some fat bastard sending anon hate? okay. But 5h is winning though. You’re sleeping on these girls go shove your dick up your own asshole.

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Hii Horangii, firstly I love your stuff and your designs!! Secondly, I was wondering roughly, how long do you spend on bust up shots sketches? I spend like an hour-ish, maybe more, 60% of the time is spent trying to make my sketches look neat :| Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, just making it harder for yourself

sketches imo are short and rough. I draw REALLY FAST and dont usually underline things, so this is just me, but max 10 minutes, maybe 20 if I add color.

the thing is art will always be 100% more frustrating when y u try to perfect it and spend time making every single line juuuust right, the more loose your hand and your lines the more attractive it tends to be because it looks more natural. And with practice you sort of get the hang of your style, and can start drawing faster while still making sketches look good AND neater

so dont think ‘these need to be neat’, think ‘how do i sketch’ and try to simplify! then go more detailed, more simplified, etc etc and play with switching between the two

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I'm sorry if I bothering you but I just had a horrible morning. I spent 20 minutes in the girls bathroom, crying. My friends started to bully my outfit I had today and I just laughed it off. One of the friends were my cousin. They don't know how sensitive I am but today was too much. I can't control my emotions anymore. I feel like crap again. I'm tempted to cut again. Idk what to do... Once again, I'm sorry if I bothered you with my silly life but I just needed to talk to someone...

No,no,it’s absolutely fine,sweetie. I’m right here for you *hug* Calm down, okay ? No matter what they said, know that it came from a bad place in their hearts, which makes the very things they said very far-fetched. Even if your cousin was involved, the reality is that sometimes - most of the times, our family hurts us the most, both directly and indirectly. You’re not gonna let a couple of silly fools ruin your day or your life, are you ? Don’t. They’re not worth it, and neither is anything else. Don’t even argue with them,just leave.Their words aren’t wise anyway.. It’s gonna be okay. You’re amazing the way you are and no matter what are you wearing , and you didn’t waste my time. Be strong,okay ? 


well this is me coming out to tumblr and like one RL friend of mine woohoo ((also also girl on left, boy on right yeah yeah))

Basically I am an AFAB (assigned female at birth) gender fluid human being who is no longer going by my birth name ‘Sarah’. I will now be going by my middle name Evelyn, which is in fact a unisex name. I would prefer gender neutral pronouns such as they/them/their and yeah okay cool I suck at this stuff yay go me

*also how do I look more masculine because when I try and look like a guy I still look like a girl pls help I have a little girl baby face*

**honestly I’ve spent like an hour writing this and it’s still shit and I also spent like 20 minutes trying to post this and I kept having panic attacks bc scared and I need to breath good lord**


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Ok, I'm not the Dorcas Anon, but I just spent 20 minutes jumping around my room trying to calm myself down after reading what you have to say. I'M SO HAPPY! Would you headcannon about Lowen or Nils please? Thanks! I love FE7 so much, you don't even know...

Actually, I think I do know! ;; FE7 is my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter and my peanuts. I’m so glad you like it too! (If you’re not the Dorcas Anon, then ahhhhh who are you? Can we be friends?) 

Anyway, yeah, Lowen and Nils headcanon!

I’ll do Lowen first because I actually have A LOT of Nils headcanon. Basically for Lowen, first of all, I buy into a headcanon I’ve seen floating around from a few people that he grew up poor/hungry, which is why he has his food fixations. I headcanon that he’s a little on the short side and that he KNOWS he should cut his hair but it makes him feel safer to have it in front of his face. You can see through bangs so it’s fine. It’s not like he’s Brock from Pokemon walking around with his eyes closed. His favourite thing to eat is meat. And talking with the-furious-florist, I’ve decided that Lowen started out as kind of a terrible knight and is only with Marcus because Marcus made a bet. MY REASONS: in the game Eliwood asks that all of Pherae’s best knights (except Marcus) stay in Pherae with Lady Eleanora. So why would Marcus bother taking along one of the NOT-best knights for such a dangerous mission? It seems like “any help is better than none” is a poor excuse when he will be personally relying on that person to keep THE HEIR OF PHERAE safe. Honestly bringing along a n00b just means more work for Marcus. But if, perhaps, Lowen IS talented but not one of the best, why is Marcus SO HARD on him? Why does he drill him like Lowen is still learning?

Answer: because Lowen IS still learning. Lowen’s not a real knight yet; Lowen’s a n00b and the game is fairly clear about that. I headcanon he actually sucked at all his training and tests because his knight-commander’s teaching methods didn’t line up AT ALL with his learning style. No matter what he did, he couldn’t succeed. And Marcus kind of watched with folded arms, because he saw Lowen’s potential and figured HE could do the job right, but he kept his mouth shut because he’s a busy dude and it wasn’t his business. Eventually though, when Lowen’s teacher complained about him, Marcus said Lowen would be fine with the right teacher and the teacher got pissed and bet Marcus couldn’t do it and Marcus accepted. So Lowen got to be his squire. And that’s why Lowen rides with Marcus wherever Marcus goes: he admires him so much and would die for him because Marcus believes in him, and also he doesn’t want Marcus to lose his money. (It was a paltry sum. Like 20 bucks. Lowen’s future rides on twenty freaking dollars poor guy. Bonus crack points if all the other knights also got involved so even Isadora is like grudgingly paying Marcus at the end of the war while a studly, beefy Lowen with 5000 kills under his belt looks on, happy for Marcus but also hurt.) So throughout the game I headcanon that Marcus is basically reteaching Lowen everything because the way he learned it the first time doesn’t work. And Lowen’s not a great kinesthetic learner but he does his best and gets great results eventually.


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So this guy in his 40s got on the same subway car as me the other day and there were literally only 6 other people on the train. So I’m playing Pokemon on my phone and HE SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Now it’s like midnight in south Brooklyn. He has his hand in his inside jacket pocket and is being kind of sketchy. He keeps leaning in to watch what I’m doing.. And just as I’m about to ask if I can help him he shouts “Emulator buddies!” and pulls this bad boy out of his pocket and for the next 30 minutes tells me about how it’s the best $20 he’s ever spent.

one time in like fifth grade we had to read like stories to the 1st but like they chose the books they wanted us to read and the kid that i chose had an encyclopedia of snakes. i spent like 20 minutes reading descriptions of various kinds of snakes to this kid

i wonder how hes doing rn

I’m a girl with a pretty average voice and I just spent 20 minutes trying to speak like both Shepard and Garrus instead of doing homework…what is my life anymore

Well today was interesting

I spent the whole day upset about this doctors appointment and it ended up being really weird. Idk how I felt about the woman, she just made REALLY strong eye contact and she like drew me out a picture on a paper towel of serotonin to explain how your body gobbles it up and like kept talking about diabetes (like to the point that for about 20 minutes I thought she was telling me I have diabetes which I definitely don’t and then I finally realized she was using it as a metaphor)  and then she gave me like a 20 minute peptalk about how being depressed and having anxiety is a chemical thing and I’m not crazy or lazy or a bad person I’ve just been through a lot and blah blah blah. I was just sitting there like 1 I’m 23 cute the crap 2 I’ve been depressed and anxious since I was 12 I’m fine with just give me something to tone it down.

But anyway I got new medicine and my first antidepressant which will apparently ruin my life for about 12 days and then gradually make me my normal self so I’m excited for that. 

I was pretty peeved I couldn’t go to the gym tonight because someone decided that I as a guest can’t go without my host even though I have 20 times before but oh well. I did some yoga, I’m playing some VMK, and it will be ok.

Tomorrow korrasamiisms and I are gonna wakke up and do yoga to start off the day with good vibes. I’m supposed to get my pins from Ebay tomorrow so that will help me plan what I want to trade at Disney and then I’m going on a huge craft/bathing suit shopping spree with grandma so I’m hoping the good vibes keep coming!