A trolley full of your loved ones is heading down the tracks and will hit another loved one. If you redirect it, it will hit three strangers, but all of your loved ones will be fine. However, there is another person on the other side of the tracks facing the same problem. If you both choose to redirect the trolleys, they will crash in the middle, killing almost everyone. 

The least amount of people will die if you do nothing and allow a loved one to die, the best-case scenario for you will occur if you pull your lever and the other person does not pull theirs, and the worst-case scenario will occur if you both pull your levers.

What do you do???

This is honestly so important to me. They start joking about how Minghao’s pronunciation of heart sounds like garlic but then Seungkwan stops when he sees that minghao looks uncomfortable. He even reassures him that he doesn’t have to worry. He makes sure that Minghao doesn’t feel embarrassed about his pronunciation. This is a small gesture but it speaks volumes about their relationship with each other.

I liked Matthew McConaughey but honestly, he spent 20 years of his career pissing away his talent in shitty rom-coms but the minute he decided to be a serious actor, he got everything handed to him. He had so many great roles waiting for him and it took him like a year to get to the Oscars. Winning an Oscar for him would barely make a difference cause he’s still going to get these great parts and he has True Detective on TV for which he’s the emmy frontrunner now. 

On the other hand, Chiwetel has been doing great work on film, tv and stage for a long time and hasn’t been able to break through even after people thought he would after Dirty Pretty Things. He may not get another role like this again. And what’s even more bizarre is these awards giving Best Picture to 12YAS without awarding Chiwetel. It just makes no sense, he IS the whole film. I mean I would understand if 12YAS wasn’t their favorite film but to vote for that film but not its lead actor who carries the film makes no sense. 


Drew this pretty dork ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・fresh young blueberry son

Tbh my favourite canon dishonored thing is that Corvo loves to climb shit.

All that time you spent climbing all over the loyalist hideout cause you didn’t want to use the door? 100% canon compliant shit Corvo would do.
Trying to find out for about 20 minutes if you can climb up that wall without blinking? IC Lord Protector.

This hobo old man dork. I bet he learned it out of necessity and then never stopped. Like, sure I use the gate to get into the court yard, but climbing over the wall would be 900% more fun. No, you’re being childish Captain. Emily is so his daughter.

okie dokie friends so my car battery died and i JUST started my new job and new battery is literally going to cost me $80-$100 and I just spent the last 20 minutes sobbing in my car because I 100% do not have that type of money in my checking account

So what I’m saying is if anyone and I literally mean anyone can help. if just like 100 of my followers donated $1 I would be so grateful

I am literally crying so hard right now. My paypal email is jessavjordan@yahoo.com and I’ll put my donate button back up

(I am still crying as I type this because I’m so sick to death of this uphill battle, I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense or doesn’t seem coherent)

I spent 20 minutes crying in my car just now, again. I tried to get my gender marker changed on my ID like a friend of mine did (without surgery, she had a letter from her HRT doctor and they took that, no big deal), and I showed them my surgery letter stating I am male and should be considered legally male, and the woman I dealt with would not do it. Told me I need a court order that states my legal gender, and I don’t know how much it costs to go that route, but judging from how much my name change was, I would guess about $300. Obviously, being a unemployable Air Force veteran on disability, I can’t afford this. I’m asking for anyone that can help me by donating to please send anything you can to my paypal at roxyseasalt13@gmail.com. If I end up raising what I need, I have no problem posting receipts so everyone knows the money went to what I said I needed it for, please if you can help please do, or reblog this so other people can see? Thanks for anything you guys can do <3

Someone Like You

Part 20 [Final]

Previous part can be found here.

SFW - -  This is the last part, thanks for taking the time to read it. I do hope you enjoyed at least some of it. I did quite like writing it and reading all of your messages. Okay - 

“Grace. This is the last one!” Hannah yells as she slams the door.

Grace doesn’t answer, at least not straight away. She’s too busy squinting at the tiny gap between the floorboards and the bottom of the dresser. She’d spent the last five minutes reaching under there, until her shoulder was flush with the front of it, searching blindly underneath the dresser for the words she’d read weeks before. When her fingers found nothing but dust and a few hair pins, Grace sat back, pulling her hand out from under the dresser. Hannah must have found the note, and thrown it away. The thought of Hannah not holding onto their past makes Grace’s stomach twist in excitement.

Hannah wants her now; she’s enough.

Grace just sits on their bedroom floor, smiling at no one in particular. She blushes at the memories she has of this room. She lowers her gaze and looks around the room, her feet finally sitting still for the first time in almost six weeks. She’s got nothing to be nervous about, she doesn’t even bite her lip. She just sits.

Everything is fine. Better than fine.

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Happy early birthday Jaime, you cute little sexican!

To celebrate Jaime’s birthday tomorrow, I’ve decided to put a lot of very cute pictures of him on this post.

Thank you so much for doing what you do Jaime

You are absolutely amazing in every way

.You make me laugh and smile almost every day

You are ridiculously sweet

and inspire me so much.

You are quite cute too

Oh yeah. You can play the bass…. kind of

Just kidding, you frigging rock that bass.

Thank you so much Jaime, I hope you have an awesome birthday.

Avengers Academy Unlocked

@amand-r: I feel like asking tony to do 8 hours of ANYTHING, even studying historic ladies, is a bit much.
Sam: I’m willing to bet if you get him to sit down for more than 20 minutes he honestly just falls asleep.
amand-r: I know right? 6 of these 8 hours is either spent drinking or sleeping.
Sam: He’s got a hologram of him “Studying” and he uses the secret passages Natasha found to get to the bar. MYSTERY SOLVED. 

Fundraiser Commission Stream on 2/8/15 Sunday starting 1:30 EST

Because I want to help sally-mun with the medical bills for her cat, Sally, I’ll be doing a fundraising stream similar to the one I did when my own pet, Boo, had outstanding medical bills.

The way this will work will be much like that- during the stream, first come first serve, for 20 dollars you get a 20 minute timed sketch. You may donate more towards the cause, but 20 minutes is the limit to the time spent per piece so that more people get a chance. Like last time, the commissions will probably be black and white for the sake of time.

These commissions will only be done during the stream as well as not to conflict with my long-term commissions- I will only do these commissions during the 20 minute time slots on that day and I will not be doing any ‘after stream’.

Because of the time factor, I will mainly be only drawing Sonic characters, MLP, pokemon, or other things I’m familiar with so that I may draw them quickly and accurately. Very simple fancharacters or asking me to do a design for something must be okayed first but I’ll be willing to do them.

You’re free to come to the stream and watch even if you don’t intend on donating or buying a commission, though I’d appreciate signal boosting.

Here is an example of the type of quality you can expect to see me making in 20 minutes- though this was drawn in 2012, and I may of improved since then. Please also bare in mind that as the stream goes on, the quality -may- waver, but I will do my absolute best to maintain quality best I can, and may enforce breaks to uphold the quality.

I’ll be streaming here- https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=DeebsDraws


Tumblr I am going to bed but before I do have some pictures of me and the baby goats I got to play with today! The one in the second picture spent like 20 minutes with my dress in his mouth haha

I just wanted to hold the wee one forever her name was Aiden !!!

20:26 // 30/5/2015- Taking this picture took so long!! I don’t know how other studyblr’s do it but personally I felt like it had to be perfect. Safe to say I’m not going to be doing a ton of these!!
Anyway, I’m now doing some last-minute biology revision for my final on Monday, wish me luck!!
I don’t think I’ve used my half term as effectively as I could have- scratch that, I know I haven’t used it as effectively as I could have since I spent most of my time watching White Collar on Netflix and slowly becoming addicted, but I’m trying to catch up with work and revision, hopefully it’ll pay off!


The internet is just one big ad.
and here I am toying around with the idea
of selling myself to you

I’m told I need to make a list
and smile for the camera
and ironically say how much
I loathe irony

If I do all this correctly
I will collect small amounts of money
from many many different people
more people than I could possibly ever know

Can’t I just skim the fractions of pennies
from everyone like Richard Pryor in Superman III?
Can’t I just tap dance around upscale restaurants
and old folks home cafeteria’s, eating little bits
of it all? Sharing strange intimate moments

Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes laughing at the trees
I was laughing because I finally realized,
trees eat sunlight
and that made me want to become intimate with them
Perhaps then I would have something to say at parties

Sorry, I’m prattling on…
These are all the things I wanted to say to you
in the grocery store or the office
the things I wanted to confess in our strange church
of loneliness

I don’t need/want anything from you
maybe just someone to chuckle with in the darkness
about the terrible dumb stuff we do
how amazingly we fuck it all up
how love is just us forgiving ourselves
forgiving each other of forgetting
We are not alone

Unless you mean like alone
as in there is only this one infinite awareness
of which we all are
that’s cool too

Maybe it’s better to say
We’re not separate
You are giggling here with me
in this vast network of light and tubes
as the trees’ devour cosmic radiation
from a gigantic star 100 million miles away


I went to the doctors to get an ultrasound for my kidney stones today (they think I have one in each kidney……..)

anyway, I was told to go use the bathroom and then come back, but as soon as I went in there, there was a huge ass spider (daddy long legs??) in the sink

I was afraid if I told the nurse, she’d kill it, so I took one of those pee cups and spent about 15minutes trying to coax it inside without letting it touch me because fuck that

After spending 20 minutes in the bathroom, I was able to successfully get the spider in the cup with a paper lid on it, but then I was like “shit shit what do I do with it now???”

So I walked out of the bathroom with the intention to just run outside and dump it, but the nurse saw me and was like “Are you okay? Do your kidneys hurt? Oh, you didn’t need to pee in a cup. I’ll take it and dispose of it” and I just blurted “NO THAT’S FINE, I’LL KEEP IT” and put in my bag because I didn’t want to like just hand her a spider???? and for some reason my dumb ass couldn’t just be like “oh I caught a spider”

So this poor lady just watched me as I put a cup of what she presumed to be pee in my purse and then lay down for my ultrasound. All I kept thinking about was how that spider was going to get out of the cup, crawl around in my purse, steal my money, and then try to kill me later. I was so anxious, the nurse kept saying “don’t worry, ultrasounds don’t hurt at all. the gel is just cold!”

After it was done, I was finally able to deposit the spider outside in a bush. I was very thankful that he did not escape his confines, and I hope he had a nice time in the pee cup.