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If you came across whilst searching a tag for something completely different, then good. That is why I spent 20 minutes coming up with as many tags as I could. Before you go on with your tumblring, please just do me, a random internet stranger, a kind favor by reading this.

This is very important to me, and it would be very meaningful to me if you would take a moment of your time to read this. This is a somewhat long post though, so if you don’t have longer than a minute or two, please leave a like and come back when you do have time.

Alright, listen up followers, all 62 of you, and anyone else as well. If you know me personally, or have paid any attention to anything I post or reblog that isn’t sj, carmilla, or miscellaneous, than you should know of my love for The 100.

The 100 is an amazing little show that so far has aired two full seasons. The first season is available on Netflix right now, and the second one should be up around the end of summer or the beginning of autumn of this year.

In the show, the people of the present day started an all out global nuclear war. At the time, seven different nations had habitable space stations in orbit around Earth. A few small groups of people managed to get off the planet before the missiles hit, and it was on these stations they took refuge. As they watched the planet burn below them, knowing there could be no survivors of what they were seeing, the people’s of the different stations decided to put aside all differences in order to preserve themselves, the last of the human race. The seven stations attached themselves to each other and became a massive vessel known as The Ark.

The show starts almost a century after the war, and follows Clarke Griffin, a soon-to-be-18 17 year old girl who has been imprisoned for several years because she and her father attempted to alert the public that The Ark’s oxygen filtering system was broken, and that it would take longer to fix than for all the oxygen to run out. They were accused of treason, and Clarke’s father was thrown out an airlock to die in space, the penalty for almost any crime aboard The Ark. Clarke would have been floated too, had she not been a minor, so instead she was kept in solitary confinement. As a last resort, and an attempt to buy more time by reducing the number of people consuming oxygen, Clarke and 99 other juvenile delinquents like her, some thieves and murderers, some imprisoned simply for having been the second child in a family when The Ark had a strict one child policy, are sent down to the surface in a dropship designed for returning from space, all with the purpose of seeing if the Earth is once again habitable. However, they are not prepared for what they will find.

The 100 airs on The CW network. You may have heard of it before. It is also the home of such well known and well liked shows as: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, its spin-off, Arrow, The Flash, Beauty and the Beast, Reign, and America’s Next Top Model. You’ve probably heard of and/or seen at least some of these shows. I know for a fact that some of you are quite avid fans of some of them.

But The 100 is also on The CW, and it is new and fresh and unique, and has done things that no show has dared to, and its dedication to its fans is so unique. Some of the cast and crew members have done livestream interviews directly with fans, and the show started it’s own charity project, the100charityproject , to unite the fans and the cast and crew to create positive change through various donation drives.

The characters are incredibly complex, and the world of the show even more so. The script is carefully and lovingly written by Jason Rothenberg, creator and executive producer, and his team of writers. They are constantly on social media, chatting with fans about the world they’ve created, and all because of how much they care. That caring really shines through when you watch the show. It is not without flaws, but the perfections more than make up for it. Of course, some people will enjoy it and some won’t, that’s a personal choice.

The problem is not people enjoying it. Many, many people do. It’s that there aren’t enough people. Despite doing exceedingly well with critics and even better with fans, The 100’s viewer counts were so low during season 1 that it almost didn’t get a second season. It managed to eek that out, though, but then when it aired the trend remained constant through season 2, season 3 became even more doubtful than its predecessor.

Luckily, The 100 did succeed in getting renewed for a third season.

When The 100 first premiered, it was early spring/late winter, and halfway through or at the end of the standard season of most TV shows that started in the fall. This delayed release timeframe is reserved by TV networks for shows that it doesn’t want to drop just yet, but that it doesn’t trust to be able to compete with other big name shows that share the same schedule. Then, for season 2 it got upgraded to a fall slot, but now season 3 has been pushed back to a spring slot.

This wouldn’t really be a problem, if there were any such thing as publicity for the show. The CW is completely unwilling to take any time away from promotions for shows like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, who have many seasons under their belts, and have just been renewed for seasons whose plots will simply be stale, recycled versions of older seasons, to give to The 100, a new, unique show that has already proven itself many times throughout its short lifespan, and yet they demand constantly more from it.

The CW is unwilling to put any effort into helping The 100 gain more viewers, either through promotion or continued optimal schedule placement, so that leaves it to the fans.

And that is the point of this post. I care quite a lot about this show for many more reasons than I have time to list, but here are a few reasons why you should care:

Because the story is unique.

Because it has very strong lgbt representation.

Because it cares about its fans.

Because pretty much the entire cast is E X T R E M E L Y attractive, and they promote positive body image (see here: http://chrmdpoet.tumblr.com/post/118713074154/eliza-taylor-explains-her-love-your-lumps )

Because all the female characters are strong, independent, and equal with the male characters on the show.

Because it deals with themes relevant in different ways to many people of many different ages and cultures.

Because if there is any show out there that deserves to be cared about, it is The 100.

There are so many good things about this show that so many people are never exposed to, and so that is why I am making this post. Because these things deserve to be shown to people and people deserve to have these things shown to them.

So please, if you have watched or are watching The 100 and enjoy the show, please reblog this post and promote the show on your own so that it doesn’t die before it’s time. It needs as much support as it can get.

If you have never seen it and this post has sparked your interest, please reblog this post so that when you do watch it, there will be as much for you to watch as the show deserves.

If you have seen some of it but stopped and forgot about it, and this post has rekindled your interest, please reblog and spread the word so that the show can live long enough to prove itself to you.

If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, but you care about quality entertainment in general, and feel like TV deserves to have this new blood survive, please reblog so that it can.

Seriously, I care so much about this show. It means a huge amount to me, so if not for not of the reasons above, please reblog it for me?

I’m going to try to follow as many people who like and reblog this as I can. So if not for the show, or me, or any other reason at all, at least reblog it for the follow. That’s how much I care about this show. I am willing to become a follow whore for it.

Please, it takes no time at all and it can’t possibly hurt your blog, so why wouldn’t you?

I am posting this Friday, the 22nd of May, 2015. I will reblog it next Friday, and every Friday after until The 100 is over or until I feel that the it has gotten the attention and treatment it deserves, and I would ask you all to do the same. I will have the link posted in the header of my blog here: vyndanion.

Thank you for, if nothing else, your time.

Happy early birthday Jaime, you cute little sexican!

To celebrate Jaime’s birthday tomorrow, I’ve decided to put a lot of very cute pictures of him on this post.

Thank you so much for doing what you do Jaime

You are absolutely amazing in every way

.You make me laugh and smile almost every day

You are ridiculously sweet

and inspire me so much.

You are quite cute too

Oh yeah. You can play the bass…. kind of

Just kidding, you frigging rock that bass.

Thank you so much Jaime, I hope you have an awesome birthday.

this was such a fucking chore. i was like “haha while im drawing minions why not do a quick adam sandler minion too?” photoshop kept crashing and in the end i spent like 20 minutes on this. this awful thing. this… godforsaken… thing. even though photoshop tried to stop me, i wanted to just finish it. NO ONE ASKED ME TO DO THIS. i did this of my own accord.

Alright so um, I was tagged by that-fangirl-over-there to do this challenge thingy and I’m super terrified. I’ve never posted a selfie before so you know. I look super bad here but I spent like 20 minutes trying to get a decent one and this was the best so I guess it’ll have to do. Ignore the fish btw my mom likes to add pizazz to things, which includes the bathroom. I don’t really have anybody to tag so if you want to do it go ahead!! I’d love to see your selfies!

The Song of Apollo's Glory. [ self para ]

There was a lack of fear in Max’s bones. In an honest situation, Maximus would most likely find himself sitting on the church steps reading a book as the world burned to the ground. He knew, there was that feeling in his body; what was there for him to be afraid of? He’s thought that his whole life. He could get broken, and bruised, and they could crush his soul, but never would Max fear anything. Not even himself. 

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anonymous asked:

my best friend who was a guy asked me out and i word vomited yes by accident and im gay as fuck and couldnt even hold hands with him. i spent like 4 months "going out/" with him and he was rly in to me and i finally was like nah and he was destroyed so the moral of teh story is just dont do it bc itll be harder to get out of it once ur in!!!

omg that sucks, I’m so sorry :cc

I said no tho, like I spent 20 fucking minutes stressing about how the fuck I was going to say ‘’no’’ in a kind way, even said that I think he’s a nice guy

got ‘’yeah but you don’t wanna go to the movies with me’’

replied with ‘’yeah but that I think you’re a nice guy doesn’t automatically mean I wanna go to the movies with you’’

if he’s gonna act like that it just proves what kind of guy he is

fuck this shit

I’m gonna marry my cat

…which I don’t have


Um, critique? This is just something I doodled up in class, no more than 20 minutes spent on it, eh. It’s not the best I can do, but it’s what I have right now.

Wow, that was quick, 20 minutes?

Good stuffs: EVERYTHING(Including freckles)

“Bad” stuffs: That nose, again those curls.(Her hair looks like it’s made of black fire.)

But nonetheless, really good for 20 minutes.

-Mod TQA

I just spent the last 20 minutes writing a death scene when I should have been taking a math test and finishing my world views hw (all due tomorrow.)  It is almost midnight, and yet… I regret nothing. 

BC FOR ONCE THE WORDS JUST FLOWED OUT LIKE MAGIC AND IT WAS WONDERFUL AND i can count on one hand the number of times this happened. But figures that this happened for a scene that I’ll never use in my actual book, haha. (I actually wrote it for a death scene contest my friend Hannah and I are doing. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.) 

ok so i’m so mad rn

so i want to write this down

i’m at my dad’s house atm and his friends are here. they have a big family, but tonight they are here with their 8 yo son.the boy is soooo lovely you have no idea. he’s kind, he’s polite and etc. and since my sister is 7 they are getting along and having a wonderful time

so first we all sat at the table and his mother says something about him being a pussy and i start to listen to the conversation. she’s telling a story about his grandmother wanting him to do dancing bc the kid wants it himself, but she says that the kid is weird already so that’s why they put him in the karate club(which he hates and always getting beat up in) but she’s like yeah whatever at least he’ll learn how to be a man not a girl

than i remember that earlier at the shop his father spent good 20 minutes trying to find him black headphones bC APPARENTLY WHITE IS A FEMININE COLOUR LIKE WTF WHY IS WHITE FEMININE 

and than my dad’s dog trying to bite the kid and he starts to cry.and ok my dad’s dog is quite big and scary even it’s only 6 month old so if the dog would try to bite me i would cry too

but his mother and father scream at him like wtf are you a male or what who allowed you to cry bc of some stupid dog

and then they all laugh at him saying that he likes soap with banana flavor


/sorry if there are mistakes i’m just mad and furious and don’t have time to check/

anonymous asked:

which disney princess do you consider yourself to be the most like?

I just spent the past 20 minutes trying to decide on one answer for this question, and I honestly have no idea. I feel like Jasmine is the most similar to me/who I am, but I’ll probably change my mind at least 5 times in the next 10 minutes lol