A trolley full of your loved ones is heading down the tracks and will hit another loved one. If you redirect it, it will hit three strangers, but all of your loved ones will be fine. However, there is another person on the other side of the tracks facing the same problem. If you both choose to redirect the trolleys, they will crash in the middle, killing almost everyone. 

The least amount of people will die if you do nothing and allow a loved one to die, the best-case scenario for you will occur if you pull your lever and the other person does not pull theirs, and the worst-case scenario will occur if you both pull your levers.

What do you do???

ok, I’ve thought about episode 12 for a while now, and I don’t think it will be as angsty and drama-filled as we all think and as episode 11 suggested

the episodes are usually 20-23 minutes long, including intro and endings. So unless they make this one longer (I hope they do, but I doubt it) the creators will have 20 minutes to:

- Show us a lengthy talk between Viktor and Yuuri about their future
- Show us at least parts of every skater’s FS performance, which is I think between 2 and 5 minutes long?
- Show us an award ceremony
- Show us an epilogue (since this is the last episode of a season, I assume we will get to see what most characters will be up to after the GPF, right?)

idk about you guys, but to me 20 minutes doesn’t seem enough time for there to be a conflict between Yuuri and Viktor.

or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, lol ^^

i was just ranting about ben c to my mom yesterday (throws her off the gay scent, gotta do it sometimes) and i spent like 20 minutes going off about how incredible ben is like you just wouldnt need to see him in a costume to know that he’s playing a character, he takes the role up with his entire self, the way he speaks, walks, even his like shdhshsh resting face (??) is different, he’s so talented and yall come to My House and tell me that the shitton of work this amazing boy puts in sherlock doesnt exist because ‘hes just in love with martin lol’ ???????? catch these mf fists and imma beat u up with his emmys u sons of guns

anonymous asked:

if you could go on a date with Elise Bauman, or Katie Mcgrath, which one would it be?

ajsfqskghfdsgv why are you doing this to me i’m a nice person i don’t deserve this

okay ugh i’d probably pick 

coz i think i can handle her flirty nerd vibe. i’d die inside but i could deal with it ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Elise’s too dorky and clumsy for me. i’d literally melt like fried brain and all

I also spent 20 minutes in a giant grocery store’s bacon aisle finding Whole30 approved bacon and when I did I audibly gasped

I never ever eat bacon just because like ??? Who makes food at home ????

But now I do!

Because I’m a perfect human specimen and everyone should want to be EXACTLY AS I AM

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Yo my dudes. I probably lowkey stalk you or somethin’ and since I have like maybe 1 Tumblr friend I decided I’d be awkward and tag you.

Name: Lea (pronounced Lee)

Nickname(s): ^ my real name is trash so we ignore it

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′9″

Sexual Orientation: I guess pan???

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Color: Blue :D

Favorite Animal: Cats!!!

Avg. Hours of Sleep: Taking the average for me is impractical considering some nights my insomnia is horrid and other nights it isn’t so I’m going to use the median in order to eliminate outliers (I have to apply what I’ve learned in Probs and Stats somehow). So about 5 hours.

Cats or Dogs?: CATS. I HAVE FOUR.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Lance McClain, Ze’ev Kelsey, Adrien Agreste, Marinette, and Nicholas Wolfwood (sobbing)

Favorite Singer/Band: Meg Myers/TOP bc they’re both quality

Dream Trip: I wanna go to the moon but if I had to pick a place on Earth?? Rome?? I’m basic but tHE HISTORY THERE. IM NERD.

Dream Job: Voice actress

When was this blog made?: Shit I don’t remember

Follower Count: 124

What made you make this blog?: I wanna reblog fan work so artists/writer’s get recognition. Also my old tumblr was collecting too many real life friends…


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ok im that kid that literally spent 20 minutes choosing which photo to post lMao im that kid that never takes selfies,, but sometimes there are those bouts of Narcissism™ so i found some old stuff yA and i also put my hand on my cheek a lot bc if not id look like an awkWard beAn otherwise..scjbsfjbsfjhjrw

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You have no idea how hard it was for me to take that picture, though, because aside from really… having no control whatsoever over my hair and feeling generally ugly, I really, thoroughly hate HATE HAAATE taking selfies in public bc of other people seeing me doing it, so I spent like 20 minutes casually walking around the station waiting for the like 20 seconds when I’d have the entire platform for myself.

This is honestly so important to me. They start joking about how Minghao’s pronunciation of heart sounds like garlic but then Seungkwan stops when he sees that minghao looks uncomfortable. He even reassures him that he doesn’t have to worry. He makes sure that Minghao doesn’t feel embarrassed about his pronunciation. This is a small gesture but it speaks volumes about their relationship with each other.

@xap4kop I’ve definitely worn this one the most, and it’s scent takes me back to last year so I identify with it the most. It doesn’t smell too much like a man lol. I also really like Versace’s Pour Homme. I’m still trying to decide if I like Euphoria by CK, but the scent doesn’t stay on so long. I also really like Hugo Boss’ “Night” cologne, but I don’t own it yet. Last night I spent a good 20 minutes in a mall deciding between which Chanel perfume I liked the best haha. What cologne/perfume do you like? :3

my mom just spent 20 minutes yelling at me because i’m ‘dressed like a boy’ (im really just wearing a baseball type cap, a graphic tee, a baggy jacket, black tights, and vans??) and i was like ’???’ then she went into this giant rant about how 'God made us this gender/sex and we shouldn’t want to dress like another gender!! you’re a girl!! dress like a girl!!’ and im so…….yikes….. rn because im just so sad clothes are so gendered and my style revolves so much around being as androgynous as possible and i?? shouldn’t be afraid to express myself??


Drew this pretty dork ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・fresh young blueberry son


Why must you lie to me little green arrows? You say I have successfully reblogged something, you remember it when I come back,but when I check my page and notes, that heartfelt response I spent 20 minutes writing is not there. Where did it go, little green reblog button? Is there an afterlife for reblogs? Is my work now in essay purgatory? Some sort of Shroedinger’s cat situation where my reblog exists until I or anyone else try to observe it?

Why? What did I do to deserve this? My thumbs feel like they just ran a marathon typing a several page story and essay on a phone touch screen. Where has it gone, o smol reblaggart button? Why vex me so?

New theory: Alphys hacked Tumblr and ruined the mobile app and made the mobile site annoying and constantly insult and beg you to use the app, all to try to prevent me from making and putting out more theories after I upset her revealing how lizards have two hemipenes instead of a single penis, and explained how their female cloaca works versus how a female fish cloaca works.