This is honestly so important to me. They start joking about how Minghao’s pronunciation of heart sounds like garlic but then Seungkwan stops when he sees that minghao looks uncomfortable. He even reassures him that he doesn’t have to worry. He makes sure that Minghao doesn’t feel embarrassed about his pronunciation. This is a small gesture but it speaks volumes about their relationship with each other.


@ayapandagirl I’m glad it’s been okay! Lmao saaame, which one, Kampos or tiny seahorse Tones? My parents won’t let me get student loans, they took out a second mortgage. Lol you right you right I keep forgetting I’m 18 lmao
@theycallmeskizze 1. Movies are good
2. “but you just pointed to all of me”
(Gif isnt working on mobile i spent like 20 minutes tryna do it imma cry)
3. nO not sTupid.
4. I like cuddles!!! 😄😄💗