Away From Prying Eyes

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the team goes to the beach for a day, The reader shows up in a bikini and Reid’s IQ is slashed in half XD LOL. They end up doing a little kissing in the water. @coveofmemories


“I spend way too much time with you people,” Rossi said from the back of the car. On one of their rare days off, the team decided to take a trip to the beach, with kids in tow. They spent nearly every waking hour together, but that’s what happened when you were as close as the members of the BAU. Much more than co-workers, and even more than friends; they were family. 

“That’s because you love us,” Y/N replied, slipping on her sunglasses as the sun shone in her eyes. “Don’t deny it.” She could practically hear Rossi smirk. This little day at the beach was so necessary. The cases had been hell lately. Since Hotch, Rossi, Y/N, Emily, and Morgan lived near each other, the four of them, plus Jack, drove together, while JJ, Will, Henry, Garcia and Spencer took a separate car. “I can’t wait to sit on the beach, read and maybe occasionally take a dip in the water.”

“I know,” Emily sighed, leaning her head on Y/N’s shoulder. “Yay! We’re here.” After they parked, they flooded out of the car just as the rest of them pulled into the parking lot. Reaching down for the hem of her cover up, Y/N pulled it over her head, leaving her in a strappy, yet tasteful, purple bikini. “Boom, Y/N,” she laughed. “You look bangin’.”

“Thank you, babe. You don’t look so bad yourself,” she winked. Hotch, Jack, Rossi and Morgan went to grab a spot while everyone else got their things out of the cars. As Spencer climbed out of the car, he nearly tripped over his own two feet, too busy staring at Y/N. He’d always had a thing for her, but he was so intimidated by everything about her that he’d never said anything. Y/N didn’t notice his near-face plant, but Emily and JJ definitely did, both mouthing to him to go for it. For a while, they’d been telling him to go for it, because both knew she liked him too.

As the rest of the team walked to their spot, Y/N and Spencer were left to bring up the rear. “Looking good, 187,” she said with a smile, Spencer unable to decipher the look in her eyes through her sunglasses. A shy smile adorned his face as he mustered up the courage to say something nice back, maybe about how she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him, but unfortunately he couldn’t come up with anything that smooth. 

Instead, “You look beautiful” came out, very shakily at that. And he nearly tripped in the sand, almost falling right in the middle of JJ, Will and Henry’s big blanket. 

“You gonna come play volleyball?” Morgan asked as Hotch walked over to the net. Morgan, Hotch, Garcia and Emily wanted to play. Rossi was going to fall asleep on the beach with his hat over his head. JJ and Will were going to go in the water with Henry and Jack, and Spencer and Y/N both wanted to read a book and have everyone else leave them alone. Reading was such a commodity lately with all the cases they’d had. 

“Spence and I are gonna read,” Y/N called back, turning her head to the side and smiling at Spencer. Morgan called back that it was their loss, but Y/N didn’t care, and from what she could see, Spencer was too distracted by her breasts to do much else. After nearly getting pelted in the head with the volleyball on more than one occasion, both Y/N and Spencer were able to relax, getting lost in their books while the rest of the world moved around them. 

“Done already?” she asked JJ, as she, Will and Henry came back from the water. Somehow it had been nearly two hours. “You wanna go in the water for a little while?” she asked, turning toward Spencer.

“S-sure,” he said shyly, following her and trying his very best to not leer at her butt like a creeper. As she dipped into the water, she turned around and shivered, getting much closer to him than he had expected. “You okay?”

“Yea,” she smiled, dipping her body lower and lower until her shoulders were under the water. “Just a little chilly.” Looking around to make sure no one was looking or within earshot, she turned into him again and pressed her lips to his as the wave blocked them from view. “I’ve always liked you, Spence. And I think you like me too.” 

“I do,” he said softly. Although no one could hear them, he still felt the need to keep it down. “I never expected you to like me…you’re so beautiful.” Under the water, he reached for her hands, entangling their fingers as another wave came toward them. Each wave brought another chance for them to kiss while blocked from view. It became a fun game. How hot or sweet could it get before they had to separate so as to not be seen. “Come here,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back and bringing her close. Her eyes locked on his, the need greater than before. So when the wave come toward them, he placed his hand gently around the side of her neck and pressed his lips firmly to hers before slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moaned into him. The wave had passed, so they could be seen, but neither seemed to care.

A loud whistle could be heard from the beach. “Ow! Ow!” JJ screamed. “Finally!” Some heckling came from the crowd, mainly Rossi and Morgan, but she never pulled her lips from his - his taste to perfect a mixture of sweet and salty to pull away. Instead, she wrapped her one hand around his back and lifted the other in the air, middle finger held high. This is what they’d been waiting for. That perfect moment. And it was here, so everyone else would have to suck it up or look away.

“We definitely have to do some more of this later,” she said when she finally pulled away.

“Away from prying eyes,” he smiled.

Truly a day to never forget.. I love my platonic wife with all my horrible heart! :,^)

Anywho yesterday I proposed to my bully @maginpui , we’re officially platonically married!

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I just spent a few hours working on this sprite animation DX #fantasydixie

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so like, in summary;

>spent 8 hours making this website authentically windows 98, from scratch 

>“its so clever!" 

>"you’ve done a sterling job putting it together :)" 

>"even if i wouldn’t use it as a website for promoting my professional brand, im sure i could be wrong, and others would LOVE to hire you based on this" 

>"im now using your code, that i have praised to high heaven, as inspiration for future assignments for my future students!" 

>final assignment grade: 76%

Okay so

About Hunter George, I was literally listening to an audio book today and it was talking about how George was a relentless fox hunter. One winter day George spent *seven hours* on horseback chasing a fox. Which. Lame. I don’t love foxhunting but for the purposes of this verse think of George being known as the hunter that won’t quit. The hunter that will chase you to the ends of the Earth.

And then imagine people who had heard tales of thia mighty hunter finding out that now he’s got a huge, inexplicable soft spot for a vampire.

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27317 + 28317

179/? - 86/365 + 180/? - 87/365: yesterday was another day of spending literally all day on campus. i was there from probably 8 am to 6 pm. doing work, lazing about, drinking coffee, y’know, the usual. after my seminar (which proved to be so extremely frustrating i wanted to both cry and yell at my lecturer) i went to ben’s for a bit to chill before heading home.

today i was once again on campus by about eight. had my lecture, then did work and lazed about and wanted to die over my assignment, then went to my seminar. i went home afterwards, resisting the temptation to go to ben’s and watch netflix and get home way too late. facetimed my mum, broke a nail, spent the next hour sorting out my other nails, and then had dinner. then i watched a documentary on minimalism. it was great. now, if upstairs can quiet down just a bit, i’m gonna get ready for bed and then tuck myself in


Who knows the hidden trick to MEA Nomad banter? 

Cora, Peebee, and Jaal (Vetra to a smaller extent) will not hush up on Voeld. Usually. Every now and then we have a quiet trip. 

Everyone else, and everywhere else, is near silent.

Certain squad, certain planets? What’s the deal?

I had to reload a save 8 hours back because Cora’s quest bugged and I have spent 987 years on Voeld now. I love it (Vive la résistance!), but lord I’d like some banter elsewhere.


Okay so disclaimer: I’m romancing Jaal so dudebro is going to be the info I have. I have no idea if this will work for anyone else or if it’s random and I’m a crazy person wasting time, but pretty consistently for me:

Jaal & Peebee and Jaal & Cora talk a lot on Voeld. Vetra and Jaal did a little, but definitely not as frequently.

Vetra and Jaal talk a lot on H-047C.

Jaal and Liam talk a lot on Kadara.

Will update if I notice any more. 😊

mindamellett, hogy képes voltam tevékeny lenni a munkahelyemen is, illetve még délután két és fél órát szántam a saját alkotási folyamataim feltérképezésére, vannak napok, amikor az életem folytonossági hiányai akkorára nyílnak, hogy úgy érzem, a kert, az erdő medvehagymástól és odvas keltikéstől, meg az egész Mecsek velem együtt beleomlik és örökké a pokolba zuhan. ilyenkor még a kertben heverő meztelen férfiak kiscicák látványa sem lenne képes helyrerakni, és csak azért írok erről, mert épp önmagamat tanulom megint - de hagyjuk is, majd holnap beszélek róla a pszichiáteremnek.
ja, és végre vannak nárciszok!

although i was productive at work too and in the afternoon i spent 2,5 hours mapping my own creative processes, there are days when the discontinuities in my life open up so wide i feel the whole garden, the forest with all the wild garlic and hollowroots, the entire mountain range will collapse into them and fall toward hell for eternity. at these times, not even the sight of naked men kitties in the garden could put me together, and i’m only writing about this because i’m learning myself again - but that’s about enough here, i will talk to my therapist about it tomorrow. oh yeah, and finally there are daffodils all over the place! 

  • Boss: I need you to help this other department.
  • Me: Okay:
  • Other Department Head: I need you to write out edits for this web page.
  • Me: Okay. *does it*
  • ODH: Actually, I need you to edit the entire site.
  • Me: Okay. Can I just have production access so I might edit it directly and save time?
  • ODH: Sorry, we're blocked from access right now. I need you to write out all your edits in a separate document. You will probably have to stay late.
  • Me: *Three hours later* Done.
  • ODH: Oh, wow, that was... quick.
  • Me: I used to run a web site where I'd have to edit articles by non-native English Speakers with thousands of words in the space of a few hours. I spent a year doing this sort of thing at like, 3 am. Also I'm a speed-reader with a degree in Creative Writing.
  • ODH: Ohhhh... I'll have to keep that in mind, then.