One Year of Sounds Good Feels Good ~ @5sos

This album has changed my life. I know that sounds a bit cheesy but it is true! To me, it makes me feel better that people have songs that they can relate to and get help from them. This album has made me cry, laugh, smile (a lot), basically all the emotions. Each song is different and has unique lyrics that has a different meaning for all of us. I could go on for a very long time on how each song is beautiful, but that would take forever. Thank you @5sos for creating this album for us and yourself. I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you! - love, 5sos fam (written by me)


nd headcanons | ptsd raphael

1. extreme negative reactions to something that reminds him of trauma (simon’s death and resurrection reminding him of his own, clary talking about the vampires in disgust which reaffirms his negative view of himself)

2. aggression and irritability as a symptom of ptsd (especially seen in the second part of the gif when related to possible abuse)

3. guilt and aversion to yelling (clary blaming him for simon’s death, “this was never supposed to happen”)

4. about camille & more elaboration on headcanon [here]

things that happened at yesterday’s band competition
  • a freshman tuba player tried to kill me by tickling me when i called her adorable. in my defense, she’s shorter than me, and not many people are. we spent literally two hours trying to pinch each other’s faces.
  • much later, when we were waiting for the finals awards ceremony, i fell asleep on said tuba player’s shoulder, only to have someone try to wake me up by whispering the pen pineapple apple pen song in my ear. 
  • a trombone player asked me if i had any spare reeds. i play flute. i told her that all my reeds are either chipped or nonexistent. she understood the sentiment. 
  • one of the field judges seemed to be following me around the entire show. when i had to go pick up my fifteen-foot-tall lantern prop, he looked me right in the eye and gave me such a creepy smile that i almost screamed dropped it. later, i nearly hit him with it. 
  • my school uses sparkly plastic plumes with a layer over them to cover the sparkles, and we all take off that layer together during the big climax moment. mine didn’t come off at all no matter how hard i pulled. i was two steps away from the front sideline. creepy field judge was still staring at me. 
  • people from other schools kept asking to touch my the sparkly part of my plume. someone nearly started crying when i bent down so they could touch it. “finally i’m living,” they whispered. “finally.”
  • after our finals performance (did i mention we made finals?), some guy from another school went for a high-five but ended up holding my hand instead. it was weirdly cute. 
  • the foot-joint of my flute got stuck so three other people had to line up and pull on it together to get it off. it worked. my flute is so broken it doesn’t matter. i had to steal so much cork grease from the clarinets. 

Test Run

Yo so I wrote just a couple pages of an idea I’m having - the middle of action otl. If you wanna know more about what’s going on, and would maybe like a fic of this, please let me know? It’s an adventure with a lil bit of fantasy/sci fi, I can’t really tell which honestly I’m bad at subgenre details but yea please read this and lemme know if it sounds interesting and if you’d like more. It’s called Test Run because I don’t feel like actually naming it.

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None of Your Business-Part 11

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving to people that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Castiel Novak, Omega! Jo Harvelle, Beta! Kevin Tran, Mandy (OC, Sam’s daughter)

A/N: Sorry guys….It had to be this way.  Don’t hate me

(Part 1) All parts are linked

Dean’s POV

Ruby was a half an hour late.  She had texted me and asked me to meet her at the coffee shop.  I drummed my hands on the table nervously as I waited for her to arrive.  I assumed she had gotten the test results back.  I really hoped Ruby was just messing with me, and she wasn’t really pregnant.  Our if she was, it wasn’t mine.  I wanted her out of my life.

“Hey Dean.” Ruby said breezily as she sat down across from me.

“About time.” I muttered.  “So? Do you have the results?”

“Getting right to it, are we?” She smirked.  “Fine.”  She slid a paper across the table to me. My eyes scanned it, and my stomach clenched.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” I muttered.

Ruby shot me a look.  “Here’s how I see it, Dean.  I already told you, I have no interest AT ALL in being a Mom.  I want to get rid of it…….”

I slammed my hands on the table.  “That’s NOT happening.  I already told you that.  I will raise it, and you can walk away.”

She leaned in close.  “If you want me to carry this baby and give birth, your going to need to make it worth my while.”

I sighed deeply.  This was going to get complicated.  “What do you want, Ruby?”

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at 2am last night i was locked in my high school library eating a cold fried chicken leg from kfc and everything outside was lit up by dark orange streetlamps i felt like i was living in a cursed image

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hot or not: jeonghan lmao

Um??? Obviously not. Like.


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*on the floor, dying* certainly not me of course I don’t think that