What Happens In Vegas: Part 15

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

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A/N: SO sorry this took so long. I was procrastinating big time and also life got in my way. There’s only one part left after this and an epilogue, so I really hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 2,184
(I know this is not a drab, and this is the longest part to date :O)

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Bucky was sleeping peacefully beside you the next morning, after spending hours the night before trying to get him to fall asleep. His nerves were getting the best of him, and rightfully so. You’d spent most of the night coming up with a court summons for Peggy, so that you could finally find out whom Charlotte’s true father was. You pushed his hair off of his forehead and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. The love you had for him swelled in your chest and, in that moment, you vowed to find the truth for him, to give him inner peace. Even though this was his own personal struggle, it would bring peace to you and your relationship with him as well. Maybe, just maybe, it would also mend his and Steve’s lifelong friendship.

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@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up


If you’ve ever wondered how much of an asshole my roommate is, in the hour I spent doing calc homework without cell signal, she sent me the transcriptions of the following: The Gettysburg address, The lyrics to 5 Jon Cozart songs, And last but not least, Obama’s farewell address. (Followed quickly by a meme)

This is what I put up with.



8.2.17// library day at HU Nord. I did my readings for friday and I spent hours on  an email I have to send to my Prof.
I have to write a kind of abstract for my paper, since I’m not going again at the colloquium. I prefer to collect my thoughts and to write her than give an oral presentation of my topic. I’m kind of shy, especially in German, and I should write an abstract anyway.
It was a quite productive day after all, even though I had some problems with my eduroam connection (I hate that damned thing, at FU it works though!).

mindamellett, hogy képes voltam tevékeny lenni a munkahelyemen is, illetve még délután két és fél órát szántam a saját alkotási folyamataim feltérképezésére, vannak napok, amikor az életem folytonossági hiányai akkorára nyílnak, hogy úgy érzem, a kert, az erdő medvehagymástól és odvas keltikéstől, meg az egész Mecsek velem együtt beleomlik és örökké a pokolba zuhan. ilyenkor még a kertben heverő meztelen férfiak kiscicák látványa sem lenne képes helyrerakni, és csak azért írok erről, mert épp önmagamat tanulom megint - de hagyjuk is, majd holnap beszélek róla a pszichiáteremnek.
ja, és végre vannak nárciszok!

although i was productive at work too and in the afternoon i spent 2,5 hours mapping my own creative processes, there are days when the discontinuities in my life open up so wide i feel the whole garden, the forest with all the wild garlic and hollowroots, the entire mountain range will collapse into them and fall toward hell for eternity. at these times, not even the sight of naked men kitties in the garden could put me together, and i’m only writing about this because i’m learning myself again - but that’s about enough here, i will talk to my therapist about it tomorrow. oh yeah, and finally there are daffodils all over the place! 

While a lot of people think it is a curse or a neutral thing to live in a refugee city, I have always thought it was a blessing. But especially last night. I had a 5 hour Christmas shift at Ulta yesterday. It was a constant never ending flow of people, I don’t think there was a single purchase under $50 outside of the occasional little girl buying some candy scented body wash. Most of the totals were $100+ spent on cosmetics and beauty products. About an hour before closing it was really slow, we were starting to clean up already when a refugee and her guide came into the store (one of our centers gives refugees someone to guide them and help them adjust for a few weeks). He gives her a thumbs up and she makes a beeline for the nail polish. After 45 minutes of looking she comes up to the counter with 2 colors and a huge smile on her face. I have never seen someone look so happy in my entire life. She eagerly signs up for a rewards card and when I tell her the total she takes out a wallet and looks over her shoulder at the man, he nods, and she is glowing with pride and happiness as she hands me all the money in her wallet and says, “This is my money, my very own money! And I get to buy something for me.”  I help her sort her money and then she asks if she can swap the “American coins” for the “paper ones” simply because the “paper ones look better and make me feel good”. After the transaction, she skips over to the guide and shows him what she got. He told her good job and she just looked so happy. She left the store with more pure joy than the lady who spent almost $600 on Urban Decay and all she had was $5 and 2 nail colors. I read the news regularly. I do extemp and debate, I’m also an international affairs major. I know what is happening in Syria. I watch the videos and see the pictures. But seeing this woman last night brought me to tears faster than any news story because I got to see someone who came from that. If there is anyway you know of that you can personally help with the crisis in Syria or with refugees in your own town, please make sure you do it. Every human deserves the chance to have the same joy this woman had, but if they can’t have small moments like that they at the very least should have the chance to live


26.03.17-Day 86

still felt like crap this am so spent half the day sleeping in the boys dorm

drove down to a ‘cleaner’ river to swim

hung out with my little guy, Brian

facetimed my american family who i miss a lot

as amazing as this experience has been, i’m so tired of everything. i take my life in american for granted, but i can’t wait to be home, clean, with good food, and my bed

headed to the resort in 2 days which will be relaxing before another 15 hours of plane travel

in the midst of what has definitively been the worst travel day of my life, I would like to just toss out a thank you into the universe to two people:
1 - the really kind flight attendant who got me a bag of ice, hugged me, and took the time to kneel down and say comforting reassurances periodically during the entire two hour flight that I spent throwing up (while the other flight attendant literally actively avoided even looking in my direction)
2 - the nice TSA agent who, after I literally had my documents shoved out of my hands and scattered onto the floor by an impatient immigrations agent, took the time to ask me about my trip to Mexico and what my favorite activity was. he even complimented my lovely sunburn and wished me well while he helped me into line.

I’ve been on-off sobbing since 2 am while feeling like death and then facing my absolute worst fears in tandem at 35000 feet in the air. After all of this, what matters most to me is the small shows of concern and care. The littlest gesture can literally mean the world. So be nice out there whenever you can, kiddos

today I didn’t just see a band
Today I didn’t just see 2 dudes perform
I didn’t just listen to notes being played to create music
And I didn’t just waste 13 hours of my life
Today I saw a movement, a family
Today I saw Joshua dun and Tyler joseph
Who to some might just be names but to me are the reason why I keep moving forward
Today I spent 13+ hours in harsh weather conditions just to see the people who inspire me the most in this world and to see all twenty one pilots fan in Orlando together I have never been this happy in my life

July.1.2016 Emotional road show

fraactals  asked:

Hey wonderful staff of dramioneasks. I was reading an article on "Stump the Bookseller, and it reminded me of the work you guys do. Sorry to eat up two asks but, it's just such a beautiful quote: "The posts on Stump the Bookseller are far more utilitarian than they are sentimental, but reading them, which I now do for hours every week, routinely brings tears to my eyes. Each one forces an overwhelming rediscovery of just how real other people are, a confrontation with the fact that everyone’s..

(cntd 2/2) “…mind is cluttered with images that are incidental, almost always partly lost, affecting in ways that are subtle, unpredictable and impossible to explain. How can you not marvel at a person who has thought of a kitten carved from soap repeatedly and with agony for years? Or someone who has spent her whole life wondering why a fictional princess, encountered decades earlier, so hated being made to embroider? It’s enough to make you feel as though every obscure thing you’ve ever forgotten is still with you somehow, waiting to be recovered and maybe even shared.”

How beautiful! And what a great service for Loganberry Books to offer! I know that those kinds of feelings about fics are what first brought me to this site to ask about the fragments of my memory, and it’s those same feelings that bring me back to my favorite fics time and again, as I’m sure is the case for all of us.


P.S. If anyone is interested, you can find the full NYT article here.

skipdivided  asked:

❤️🌸 :^)

aaa thank you so much!!!!

❤️ - your favourite song at the moment
right now it’s ms. jackson by outkast because i havent heard it in such a long time and i needed it in my life! and this is violence now by death grips because of the tu tu tu du du tututututu TU TU TU TUH TUH!! part playing in my head for days (have no idea why but im ok with it!)

🌸 - a song that you associate with happy memories
start guitar by the chemical brothers! i was listening to it years ago when i started going to high school and i needed to travel by train so i was there 2 hours a day and i spent that time looking out of the window, listening to this song and pretending the view is the video (AND IT WORKED!! it gave me very abstract feeling of happiness but i loved it so much)

I have to share

Of course I have to share, are you kidding me?

So, Mr. Saff took our girls hiking yesterday. They were all gone for four hours. It was glorious and at the same time I felt like I wasted it since I spent a large portion of the time thinking “Oh my god, they’re gonna be home soon! What should I do? What should I do? Something great, something self-care.” I finally opened up my fic only to stare at it for ~2 hours while my brain did the above freak-out on a loop, only to actually get some writing done 5 minutes before they got home. Yup. (Then I stayed up till midnight writing what I wanted to write earlier in the day) Anyway. This share is not really about that. Ah ha, fooled you, didn’t I?

When they got home from the hike, they were all three talking about how the youngest had chosen the wrong skirt to wear for the hike(our kids pick out their own clothes on most days). How it didn’t have enough range of motion and was so restrictive that she couldn’t even ride on Mr. Saff’s shoulders. I thought it odd, but really didn’t dwell on it. Cut to an hour later, we are in the kitchen getting ready to plate up some dinner, when the skirt issue comes back into conversation. So, I ask MiniSaff (she’s 3) to show me how wide she could make her legs while standing. It really was very restrictive. But the thing was, from the outside the skirt didn’t look THAT restrictive. In fact, it wasn’t even pulled taut. So, I kneel down, lift up her skirt, discover that it has shorts underneath (most do) and that the is only utilizing one of the holes. She had both legs in one of the shorts holes. So, I fix the skirt/short situation and then proceed to look at Mr. Saff and LittleSaff a touch incredulously. They had gone on and on about how much of a problem this was during the two-hour hike. Mr. Saff had even picked up the MiniSaff and carried her since she was cranky (she refuses weekend naps). How did they not check this? Y’all, Mr. Saff is a professional engineer who manages and designs multi-million dollar projects every day, he’s a smart guy. I’m still baffled. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has the experiences.

tl;dr MiniSaff went on a 2 hour hike with both legs in one shorts hole and no one noticed until they came home and complained to me about it.

Just visited the WWII memorial and had flashbacks to when I spent 2 hours there in 8th grade and it was the site of the worst teasing and bullying I experienced in my childhood where a bunch of my classmates told me that I was annoying and that no one likes being around me and I’ve only be carrying that experience with me my whole life.

why yoonmin works (otp/brotp)

i just spent an hour lying in bed pondering about yoonmin, as one does

bc whereas jikook is fairly easy to grasp, yoonmin has one of those relationships that seems so unlikely on paper but actually works so well in real life and it just stirs my curiosity. you’d think someone who’s as private with his emotions + as blunt as yoongi wouldn’t mix with someone who’s quick-tempered/sensitive like jimin YET somehow they do??

(instead of finishing jikook BL analysis pt.2 i wrote an essay about yoonmin… im sry;;; this is mostly for myself, i wanted to organize my thoughts)

read at your discretion: 

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YoonMin fanart loosely based on chapter 26 of Celestial Bodies by  kkumkkatcher

After 2 months of procrastinating, it’s finally finished. I haven’t drawn anything digital for a while huhuhuh. Please excuse the mess as well. I do not make a line-art or sketch in this art style, hahaha [read: im a lazy bum].

(Fact: I played Suteki da ne on repeat while doing this AND I SPENT 7 HOURS ON YOONGI’S FACE OMG THIS WAS HELLA FRUSTRATING)