Big thank you to murdering-roses for posting this comment, from which I got the idea to make this video. This is all thanks to their beautiful, beautiful mind


"My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the boring stuff."

Boring she says. 

This episode featured:

  • The Shoulder Touch
  • The “Proceed” Gesture
  • The Smirk and Eye-slide
  • The Gigi Voice
  • The “Payback” Look
  • The Fitz Impression


It was absolutely not boring, Lizzie. [x]


I just have a lot of feelings for this post ok

So begins the weekend of all weekends of being a professional academic: 2 papers, 2 conferences, 2 cities, 2 days, way more than 2 Big Deal scholars in the field watching our intrepid art historian speak. Can she do it? Stay tuned!

Okay so I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out the story behind the EXODUS teasers because I was getting frustrated and it turns out it isn’t so complicated after all. As most things do, it starts with the beginning - MAMA era to be exact. So the tree of life split into two roots, one for K and one for M. In my mind, it screams ‘parallel worlds’ that look the same as each other but aren’t. And in the member teasers, Sehun, Chen, Lay, Baekhyun, D.O, Suho, Kai, Xiumin and Chanyeol see the eclipse - this is important when you compare it to the EXODUS teasers.

Overdose era is another important one - each member has their own maze that they are stuck in after the tree of life split, that’s why they never meet up. We think that Kai is the first to leave the maze but that’s not true - he’s the first to FIND THE WAY TO THE MIDDLE, which is the way to group with EXO-K as shown in the album promo pictures (6 mazes with the member codes surrounding a main EXO maze for each group). In each member’s part, something unique happens to each of them. Kai finds the entrance and the end, D.O has the box with the sand, Lay lies where the sand fell and reverses it, the lamp goes out for Chen but comes back on for Chanyeol, the map for the maze forms in one of the frames above Baekhyun’s head, Xiumin finds the map on the wall and Suho finds a blocked exit. Remember the intro to overdose - I’m coming back to it in a bit.

Moving on to EXODUS now, there’s some huge hints and throwbacks that we haven’t focused on, and the biggest hints of all lie with Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun and Lay. In Kai’s teaser, we see a flashback of D.O opening that box and Lay reversing the sand that falls out of it. Chanyeol, Sehun, Chen, Xiumin, Suho, Lay and Kai all seem to know that their powers are coming back before it happens - just like they see the eclipse in the MAMA teasers. Now, the first thing that I got was in Baekhyun’s video - his powers don’t return when he reaches that gate, they return when he gets the text message on his phone. The lights go off BEHIND HIM as he runs away from something or someone. Think back to Kai now; he was teleporting all around London. He had his phone out. I think Kai is following Baekhyun and that’s why he calms down when he reaches that gate and turns around because he knows now that it is Kai. I also spotted an awesome little throwback to Sehun and Luhan’s teaser for MAMA - Sehun uses a map on his phone to find the house with the telekinetic kids; in his original teaser, he uses the map when he sees the eclipse. Those kids are making aeroplanes fly. Therefore, homage to Kris and Luhan. Aww.

One of the last hints that the PathcodeEXO Twitter gave us was ‘BEGINNING=END’ and there’s a few ways that this could be interpreted. In MAMA era, Kai got the beginning and end teasers. For EXODUS, D.O is in the beginning teaser and his is the last one. Also, if you wanna get crazy, think of the Bible. Exodus holds the story of Moses and the Pharaoh when God brings down 10 PLAGUES upon the city. Ten. So far, all the cities where teasers have been set spell out ‘call me baby’, the title track, apart from one letter - C. Where was exodus set? Egypt. D.O’s teaser will be set in Cairo.

This is something seriously to do with D.O and that box and the vision of the hands when he opened it from Overdose. He released something with that box that has haunted them and needs help aka his brothers to start the exodus. And just think of the new logo that astounded us all - it turns into a cube with a side missing… Or an open box.

Therefore I deduce that Kyungsoo and that box of sand is central to this plot. That’s why his teaser is last, that’s why the logo is a cube, that’s why he was shown in Kai’s teaser. The exodus isn’t to go back to their planet - it’s to save the twelve of them. It’s to get to D.O.


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My friend just told me about you and I've just spent a solid 2 hours reading your smut. Im not even ashamed. also, please keep writing more bc you are literally soooooo awesome and fabulous and hella cool!!!

Omg I can’t even believe you’d talk about my blog in real life like I’m so happy right now ! Thank you so much, thank you to your friend, this is so awesome! I won’t stop! Love you ! xx

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name: Kasuni

nicknames: Nini, Kasu, Kasu Akki, Akks, Nungs

gender: F

sexuality: demi/ace

height: 5′1″……….

what time and date it is there: 8:35 AM on the 26th of March

average hours of sleep: 8? (but how much of that time is spent contemplating life instead of actually sleeping…)

otps: taekook (obviously), namjin, vminkook

the last thing i googled: lepidopteraphobia

what i last said to a family member: what the hell are you doing?— i yelled in sinhalese while my cousin antagonized the puppy

one place that makes me happy and why: my cousins’ house in sri lanka (where i am right now) it’s chaotic and wonderful and im surrounded by family

how many blankets do i sleep under: 1/2— i only cover my feet

the last movie i watched in the cinema: TIFIOS…….

three things i can not live without: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen

something I plan on learning: more prayers!!!!

you HAVE to listen to this song: Rescue— Yuna

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i spent literally 2 and a half hours looking for a new theme and i kept getting really annoyed bc i couldnt find any that suited me bc my last theme was actually perfect and idk why i changed it and didnt reblog it on my dump blog and im also mad bc i have like 7 fics i want to write right now and im literally annoyed at the world even though i’ve done nothing all day but sit in my bed and go on tumblr happy april fools to me my life is a joke

So here i am sitting on my bed with “sleepytime” tea, rain (thunder lighting and all) and Coldplay on. For 2 months last summer this is now i spent my nights and into the early morning. For those 2 months i hardly slept (I’m not going to call it insomnia mostly because I don’t know the diagnosis for that) those nights I would drink 2 to 5 cups of tea a night and when it wasn’t raining I would lay out on my roof staring at stars with a 3 hour long playlist i created consisting of Coldpay, The Fray, Ed Sheeran, and even a little bit of Adele. This was the absolute best time of my life, for the first time in what seemed forever I was at ease with no stress and that is all i crave right now. I crave freedom. Freedom from waking up before the sun, exams upon exams and trying to impress my peers. Now I am going to soak up the little bit of freedom that I get until my break finally arrives.

I spent 4 hours on 2 study models yesterday for my TA to look at them for 2 minutes and tell me to do it on Rhino on my laptop im just loving life and loving the waste of wood that was

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78, 17, 4, 2

78. Lost glasses/contacts
I misplace my glasses about 3 times a day but they always come back to me before the day ends like a really well trained pet.

17. Laughed until you cried

literally every single day, I’m really funny and goofy irl, I’m constantly laughing and in tears about something or another

4. Last song you listened to
A Lie by Kelela

2. Last phone call
I just spent an hour catching up with Fola Sade, one of my favorite people in life I love and miss her so much.

i cant believe i spent 2 hours of my life watching 50 shades of gray it’s terrible it’s literally the worst movie i’ve ever seen it’s worse than that one movie about greek gods where all the actors are white that i saw in a bus once it’s worse than mean girls 2 what the fuck good bye