dan’s calling phil an angel bean, phil’s calling him d-slice, 2016 is great and i’m so grateful to who ever sacrificed their soul to make this possible

Starbomb: Player Select Previews
  • Starbomb: Player Select Previews
  • Starbomb
  • Player Select (PREVIEWS)

1. Intro
2. Smash!
3. Robots in Need of Disguise
4. The Hero of Rhyme
5. Toad Joins the Band
6. The New Pokerap
7. Glass Joe’s Title Fight
8. Mortal Kombat High
9. Inky’s Lament
10. God of No More
11. Atari Mystery Hour
12. Minecraft is for Everyone
13. The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid
14. Outro

Releases December 16th 2014.


5pm alps

The best visual explanation of various journal sizes I’ve found online!

Check out the original post on JetPens - it breaks down all the considerations you should take in selecting a journal, complete with binding, sheet style, paperweight, and more!

We call them “weeds” or complain how annoying that they are because they pop up all over the front yard paving and through our streets. But think about it a little. How dark would it be, being encased underneath a cold and heavy slab of concrete for doing nothing but existing. All they want is to come up and see the sunlight and to feel the fresh air. Plants exist and are living just as much as humans and just because they can’t do much about how we treat nature, they’re just trying to exist in this world like the rest of us. Don’t diss the plants yo.