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Hey there! I am hosting a family feud style jojo panel in the future and need some "survey says" answers via a survey that I created. I need as many answers as I can get, so I would seriously appreciate any submissions! If you're interested, its the most recent post on my blog. Thanks so much!

Yeah sure, no problem

The link for anyone else who wants to help out is Here, only takes a few minutes tops

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Just saw that ask from the other anon. I always see these posts like "I wish I was 20 and had my life figured out" like no. No one in that age has their life figured out. And it's okay. I think the years from around 14 to 24 are there to learn shit and how life works. And I'm there and make the same mistakes 3 times in row even if I know that it's a mistake because I'm dumb and gopeful and it's okay. I like it. Your youth is there to do whatever the fuck you want. Ily have a great day!❤

yes totally!! i always tend to forget that everyone else is just as confused as i am, people just have different ways of hiding it. it sucks because i understand that i shouldn’t feel so helpless when i’m literally only 18 and still learning, but the other part of me is screaming and can’t help it lmao. thank you so much, i seriously appreciate it. i love you too, have a wonderful day 💘💞💘💞💘

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dkfhjsd oh my god thank you!! i’m fuckin glad u like it 

im actually rly insecure about those notes so seriously, i really appreciate this aaa

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Hi just stopping by to tell you that I appreciate the kindness you spread throughout this community! 💓 You are a very lovely person and I'm always happy to see you around here! I hope you're having an amazing day/night! x

💗💗💗💗💗💗aaAAHH THANK YOU!!!! Same goes to you!!! This was a very lovely message to see right now, so I seriously appreciate it 😻😸😸😸😸😻

Falling alseep together while catching up with some things on netflix <3

[Hi Res is better]


So I want to thank everyone who visited the stream today. I’ve been having a tough time lately so it was really great to draw something that makes me happy and have you lovely, talented, wonderful folks to talk to as I did so. I seriously appreciated having the company and conversation, you have no idea how much it was needed today :’D thank you all <3

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Thanks for doing all my asks! I realized I never thanked you, so thanks 😂😂. I seriously appreciate it! -Dragon anon

Aww ☺️ your welcome!! I’m so grateful that you send in requests so I guess it’s a two way street ~~ Admin Shannon

About Lies We Tell Ourselves

There’s been discussion recently on Twitter regarding my first book, Lies We Tell Ourselves, that I want to address. The book takes place during the school integration battles in 1959 Virginia, and critics have noted problematic representation in it. I’m grateful to those who are raising these issues, and I want to apologize, deeply, for the hurt I’ve caused.

I’m listening to the feedback and learning from it. I take the points that have been raised very, very seriously. I so much appreciate the work so many marginalized members of this community are doing in addressing representation in kidlit ― through social media, through panels, and through offline conversations, all of which have been incredibly valuable to me over the past several years.

I’ve learned a ton from this community since I started writing Lies back in 2010. When I wrote that book, I was caught up in telling the story I envisioned based on my research, and I didn’t take a step back to think about whether I should be telling it in the first place. All the research and sensitivity readers in the world couldn’t change the fact that, whether I realized it at the time or not, my writing was inherently limited by my own experience. But I’m trying to do better moving forward.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been raising these issues for discussion. I’ll continue working to listen and learn and do better, and to support underrepresented voices and creators as much as I can.

And on a final note, to anyone considering telling others not to criticize Lies on social media or elsewhere ― please don’t. Shutting down discussion helps no one. Criticism is essential, and it benefits all of us ― writers, readers, and the community as a whole.

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I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your stories and reactions. You do them so well! I hope you continue making more!

AH Thank you! This made me so happy! I seriously appreciate your support! I love to write stories so I hope I am able to continue also. I am sorry that I am not always active but thank you for saying that! <3 :)

(And here a beautiful gif that you can enjoy^^)

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Hey this is really late, but at the Pokemon go meetup I said I’d draw you some fanart; i finished it then but couldn’t find you to give it to you so here’s a phone pic of it, I hope you like it!

____________________ SHIT I HATE WORKING TUMBLR ON MY PHONE I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED WITHOUT SAYING…THA K YOU SO MUCH!!! FOR BOTH THIS WONDERFUL DRAWING (I’M SO GLAD I DON’T HAVE TO DRAW THOSE BOOKS ANYMORE NGL) AND COMING TO SEE ME AT THE POKEMON GO EVENT… YOU WERE SO SWEET AND IM SORRY I DISSAPPEARED AFTERWARDS! Seriously thank you so much, I seriously…appreciate it, you were so sweet to offer and I’m mad I wasn’t there….to receive this ;; I’d love to pay you to have it….sent to me though if you….want to message me about it please do !!! 💖💕 Thanks again!!!

Umm, so I know this isn’t exactly what you’re struggling with right now. I just wanted you to know that I think you’re really strong. We’re all human, so we all screw up sometimes. We get angry or snappy or whiny. But it’s our ability to want and hope past it that makes us miraculous and you have that in spades!


I’m crying a little bit thank you so much I seriously seriously appreciate it thank you

I hate to be kind of needy and clingy and also a bit aloof about this, but I’ve been having an incredibly upsetting day just on a personal/family level so I figured I’d reach out somewhere since I’ve been having a hard time doing it in person today. I would seriously so appreciate it if you guys could send me in some stuff about why you like Steven Universe, or maybe your favorite moments from the show- happy stuff. 

I am in great need of happy thoughts from my favorite show to distract me for a little while, and think you guys are perfect to ask this of because we have so much fun doing this already on a day to day basis!

You guys are seriously the best, and I so so so appreciate how much joy I get to have talking about my favorite show with you so often <3 I means the world to me on days like this