If you’re a fan of Moulin Rouge or Great Gatsby, watch The Get Down because it was created by Baz Luhrmann, who also co-wrote and directed both films. 

If you like musicals, watch The Get Down. 

If you like 70′s aesthetics, New York City, hip hop, or disco, watch The Get Down. 

If you claim to want or support actual representation for people of color, watch The Get Down, which has a majority black and latinx cast and has, like, two white people who only show up a couple times. 

If you want LGBT representation, watch The Get Down. If you want to know a little bit about the history of black and latinx drag culture, ballroom culture, and LGBT culture, watch The Get Down. If you want to see interracial relationships, watch The Get Down. 

If you want to see well written, nuanced women who are complex and who actually make mistakes, watch The Get Down. 

If you want a glimpse into the way working-class people struggle with white capitalism, how poverty subjugates people of color, and the struggles young people of color from these communities face, watch The Get Down. 

Watch The Get Down. It hasn’t received a tenth of the amount of attention it deserves, and we know that it’s because it has a majority black and latinx cast. Tumblr can’t handle such things, but seriously I encourage you to watch it. 


So the Disney XD animated series ultimate Spider-Man is currently in its fourth season Ultimate Spider-Man vs the sinister six and we could kinda use some help. The show is by in large geared towards a younger audience and as such snippy nerds are trying to get it canceled because it’s “juvenile” and not spectacular Spider-Man. So I’m going to list some of the positives of the series in the hopes of enticing you to watch with us and help scoot the ratings off the edge.

•diverse cast of non white characters including Ava Ayala, Sam Alexander, Luke cage, Tyrone Johnson, miles morales and Amadeus Cho all of whom play big vital roles throughout most of the story

•aunt may is the best she has ever been written and nobody can argue that. She’s an active character that’s not letting Bens death destroy her. She’s out taking on hobbies, being active and having fun. Even DATING one Phil coulson for a short while. And small spoiler for season 4, is completely aware of who peter is and supports him and what he does so long as he stays safe.

•These creators have a love for the spiderman universe that runs deep. I’ll be the first to say season three was a complete mess with too many ideas all together at once but it’s a fun and entertaining mess that takes every chance it can get to show love to spiderman and the various words he’s existed in, created and the iconic moments of his life. Yes they recreate the costume in the trash can.

•it’s a spiderman media that’s FUN remember that word? The series does have its darker episodes and still carries on the tradition of “how much can life shit on peter parker” but it still has fun, and cracks jokes and cares about the heart of peter parker being a goofy nerd having fun while saving the world. It doesn’t bang on about uncle Bens death as cheap manipulation, instead his death and his words hang warmly over peter to remind him why he does this in the first place.

•That isn’t to say that the show is without depth. The origin episode for ava is still in my mind genuinely horrifying when you read between the lines of kid friendly dialogue, and peter carries a surprising ammount a self hatred and anxiety which are portrayed in interesting and vaguely comedic ways. Peter regularly has bouts of anxiety, and self deprication that the show never paints as shameful and has him re affirm to himself he is good. Very important thing for the young intended audience to learn.

•The action scenes are genuinely really stunning at times, and one little silly animation thing I noticed was the Web based heros (venom, peter, miles etc) all have moments where they effortlessly stick to various surfaces casually like one would lean against a wall. It’s very natural so it’s easy to miss but it’s there and I like it.

•The first few episodes, like with any show are a little weak and peter may seem like an asshole as he vehemently refuses to join the team. Until it’s later developed that peter is scared of loosing his team mates. He’s scared of screwing up and loosing them. Shit dude.

•as of right now it’s 98% likely the writers are about to dip into the clone saga so hella !!

•look up ultimate deadpool. That episode speaks for itself honestly. And Ron stoppable voices wade like come on.

There’s more to the show but this is getting long, if you have any questions hit me up I will happily answer any. Even if this doesn’t interest you a boost would be appreciated as we are teetering on the possibility of being canceled and there are still a lot more stories to be told. @waltdisneyconfessionsrage @effyeahultimatespiderman @fandomsandfeminism @black-n-animated @nerdsagainstfandomracism

I will always be pissed at the BBC for cancelling a show that got so much better in its second series, but on another note PYTHACARUS IS CANON AND WE GOT AN ACTUAL KISS AND ICARUS DIDN’T DIE AND THIS IS LITERALLY ALL I EVER WANTED FROM THE BBC.

I’m still pissed though. I mean seriously now that Top Gear’s gone surely they have a shitload of money to spend again…?

You know even if we just got a couple more episodes just to actually give the show an ending I’d be happy. But oh no, the BBC likes to leave us fans wallowing in a pool of misery…