Sassypants and I are enjoying the sunshine and a cuppa this morning - tea with milk for me, Ensure for her.

Wearing my new super-cheap super-comfy pajama bottoms which I bought in the men’s department. The pants there seem to be more comfortable and forgiving versus the pants in the ladies’ department, whose never ending quest seems to be to remind me that their pants are not ready for all this jelly. (These pants are HUGE btw way. It’s completely unfounded but also completely doing wonders to my self-esteem.)

Now comes the age old conundrum of either scrambling back onto the wagon post-Christmas only to fall off again and land in a vat of champagne on NYE… OR go bust out my new waffle-maker-thingie and eat my little carb-loving heart out until we all reach for that beautiful clean, blank slate on the 1st of January.

I think I propose a compromise: an occasional waffle here and there with a side of moderation and double portion of not hating myself for eating carbs. Sound good?

Gotta go - someone is demanding I “fix her hair.” Diva.