the son tried to communicate with his dad, the dad tried to be a good father (by being super tough and overly protective), the lover tried to make a good impression.

So there’s this guy I’ve known since like freshman year and we weren’t really close back then but now we’re in the trumpet studio together and we’ve been practicing together and ???


Celica WIP 8/12/16: Almost done!

I’m pretty happy with how this is turning out and I’m so excited to wear this! A few things are uneven, like the orange patterns (most noticeable with the coat), But I still think it looks really good. The embroidery on the bodysuit is more or less done, ignoring a small patch on the side covered by the coat. The coat is just about done as well, it only needs the embroidery on the top and the paint on the shoulder. The embroidery won’t be completely done for the next convention, which is ACa, but I will still be debuting this cosplay there finally! It’ll serve as a good test to see how it will hold up, and how I will hold up for that matter. This cosplay is not suitable for warm days. Just trying it on I was getting hot.  Also the belt is actually upside down. I realized this looking at the ref, but was too lazy to put everything on again just for that XD

I’ve got the wig and the ears pretty much done, boots and decorative belt are very close, and the guns still need some paint. I’d call it about 90% done at this point.

I really hope everything goes smoothly and this cosplay holds up, as its one of my favorites I’ve done. It would be pretty heartbreaking to do all this work and not have it workout, especially since I can’t imagine doing any part of this over again >.< But whatever happens, I’ll make it work!  I do still have a few concerns with this cosplay for how well it is going: 

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I’ve been getting hate mail from anons for some reason and so I’ve been blocking them. On one hand, I’m like, “Good choice, take the high road. Don’t pay the strange people in sunglasses.” 

On the other hand, I see blocking them as missed opportunities because I have about 30+ gifs I could employ for ultimate sassage.

Hey, I got an A in Medieval Lit!

I was so sure I was going to get a B given my test results and whatnot, but I guess she curved it, in which case I’d definitely get an A because I know that I did better than anyone else in the class. (One guy didn’t show up for half the classes, one guy barely participated, and the other two were Comm majors I knew were having trouble in the course, so …)

That does make me laugh a little, though, because I literally did my 100-question final exam in 15 minutes and ran out of the classroom to go to the bathroom to throw up, I was so sick. What does it say about me as a student that I blew through my final exam and still got an A? Heh.

It does make me hopeful for the other classes I took. I thought this would be my worst grade and if so, then I have nothing to worry about. :)

When someone asks me how am I, I say I could be better, because in my mind I’m playing those moments where I was the happiest, the moments where I didn’t have to worry about you slipping through my hands like sand as if I have no control over it. I say I can do better because there’s this numbing pain that I began to ignore over time, but it’s still there, an open wound that even time couldn’t heal it, so it lays there scarring the beautiful skin to remind me of that experience.

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OMFG! I just had a thought... I was thinking "what if Sanji met a really beautiful woman, but she was a spider zoan?" then I was like: WHAT if robin wanted to get back at Sanji for something and she just gave herself 8 eyes and 4 extra arms? Would he be scared of that comming out of the shadows?

“…o-of course I wouldn’t be afraid of the lady. Why would I? Robin-chan is always lovely but I could be startled just simply from the actions of her surprising me without the use of her devil fruit. Not to mention, I’d like to hope there was nothing I did to make her feel the need to get back at me. I always try my best to be a gentleman. ”