the son tried to communicate with his dad, the dad tried to be a good father (by being super tough and overly protective), the lover tried to make a good impression.

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tbh i'm one of the aces who are considered "actually lgbt" by exclusionists and it makes me feel like i'm a horrible person for being Good Enough For Them even though i shouldn't feel bad, it's just circumstances, and though i guess i'm *technically* lgbt i hate the label for what it's become and avoid using it when possible

I feel, bud. It’s the bullies saying “Oh, but you can sit with us because you are cool.” No! We don’t want to sit with you! What the fresh hell are you implying?!

You’re not a horrible person. Just gotta keep repeating that. You’re not a horrible person.


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Do you have any tips on how to leave an abusive boyfriend? And not as in, how to leave safely but more as: how to not get back to him? I know he is bad for me and I know I have to leave I'm just worried I'll go back to him bc I love him a lot (even though I shouldn't).

It can be really difficult to let our hearts catch up to our heads when we know someone is trouble for us. Our emotions can lead us back into bad situations. What you’re doing right now is buying your heart time to catch up. 

First thing I would suggest would be to talk to a trusted friend. Let them know about the abuse, and tell them that even though you know you shouldn’t, you still feel the urge to return. Then, working with this friend, make a list of different incidents where your ex was abusive. Physical abuse, social isolation, verbal abuse, belittling you, destroying your property, sabotaging your life, anything that he has done. Write it down, make it a document. And then what I want you to do is keep a copy for yourself, and to give a copy to your friend. 

Now when you start to feel like you miss him, the first thing you should do is distract yourself. Hang out with friends or family, cook yourself something nice, indulge in your favorite movie, play with a pet. Oftentimes, that will kick your mind out of that mode. And if that doesn’t work, you have that list to go back to. The bad things he did, the things your mind attempts to forget, minimize, or excuse. And if that doesn’t work, you need to call your friend. Your friend has that list, and loves you. Ask her to talk to you about those things and assure you that anyone who did that to you does NOT love you, and WILL hurt you again. Abusers don’t change, not to someone they abused. That really is just the truth of it. 

And if you can, erase all ways you have of contacting him. Block his number and delete it from your phone. Block him on all social media. Ask your friends not to mention him, and if they won’t do so, tell them you might have to block them too for a while. Do your best to erase him from your everyday life. Throw out any clothes of his. Get rid of things he gave you. Delete the old text messages (or save them to a thumb drive you give the friend if you need them legally), burn the letters, drive him from your life like he is a demon that you need to drive from your home. Tell your mind, tell your house, tell your social circles: he does not live here. He is not welcome here. 

He can’t be trusted not to hurt you. Treat him the same way you would if he hurt your best friend, or your sister. 

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I've always heard ppl talk about Sin City and how amazing this fanfic is. Since jimin is my bias, I had to read it. And it's the best fanfic I've ever read. Your writing skills are just... so fucking good. Like, I started having some weird feelings for jimin even though I shouldn't be feeling that way considering I'm just a fan and I don't know him personally. Or maybe I'm just crazy haha. Thank you, thank you so much, and it is always a pleasure to read you x

Thank you so much! I’m glad you gave it a chance and that you ended up liking it :* I get what you mean. It’s easy to get attached to fictional characters because more often than not, they’re created to be “perfect”. The character is just loosely based on Jimin, I’ve no idea what Jimin’s like in real life, but I’d like to think he’s a caring, compassionate person. :) Thanks for being here and for taking the time out of your day to send me this! 

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this time on "Everything I Do Is A Symptom:" easily annoyed / angry even though i Shouldn't Be

i feel on a deep, spiritual level

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I kind of feel like my depression is invalid. I mean, I have a good life, and plenty of money, friends, I was never bullied or harassed, and I recognize that I'm in a good place status wise. I just can't not be sad and I can't not think about suicide and just ending it. I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to though, because nothing has ever happened to me that gives me a reason to be depressed, and like there are people who have it so much worse and who have such valid reasons, and I just don't..

An incomplete list of things that do not need permission to do whatever the hell they want:

  • cats
  • feelings
  • brain chemistry

Much like cats, feelings and brain chemistry are going to dutifully listen to any instructions or requests that you have, and then are going to immediately disregard them because you’re not the boss of them. Also much like cats, feelings and brain chemistry do not need a “good reason” to do what they want. Why did your cat just push that glass of water off the table? Because it’s a cat and that’s what cats do. Why are you depressed? Because your brain isn’t producing the right balance of chemicals, and that’s just a thing that happens sometimes. 

It doesn’t matter how you got to the point that you are. What matters is that you’re here. You are depressed right now. That does not need any qualifiers. That does not need any justification. You feel what you feel, and that is all of the justification that you need. Regardless of why you’re depressed, you feel what you feel, and it is real.

So, I’m going to suggest that you talk to someone. I know that’s hard when you feel like you should just stop feeling the way that you do. Unfortunately, that’s kind of a side-effect of being depressed. Depressed-brains always like to tell you that what you’re feeling isn’t enough, isn’t real, isn’t important. The cardinal rule of depression is to do the exact opposite of what depression-brain is telling you to do. You matter as much as everyone else does, what you are feeling matters, and you deserve help as much as everyone else regardless of whether you feel like their problems are more severe or not. 

(It’s worth noting that I’ve seen people who have gone through a lot of horrible things saying everything that you said, and saying that other people have it so much worse. This thought isn’t really a function of your actual problems, it’s a function of being depressed.)

Just wanting to die is, itself, a serious problem and no competent mental health professional would dismiss what you are feeling just because you don’t think there’s a good reason for it. You’re allowed to say that you’re not okay, regardless of anything else.



You know we are kind of fucked when Ferid Fucking Bathory is making good points,,,

Ferid is my favorite asshole., the kind of asshole sort of like your girlfriend has where “maybe I might do that today depending how I feel even though I shouldn't” 

or that one bitch in class who fucks with everyone but also fucks with the people you hate so you sort of tolerate him….

He is that Kind of Asshole…

(Also that last image is from  textsfromgayvampires.tumblr.com I advise you check em out if they are still active)