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this time on "Everything I Do Is A Symptom:" easily annoyed / angry even though i Shouldn't Be

i feel on a deep, spiritual level

(Full video - One Direction - 18 (OTRA SD 7.9.15) [Larry focus])

Prussia breaking into a world meeting wearing baggy sweatpants, a snap-back turned side ways, dark sunglasses, and a plastic gold coloured necklace that has a gigantic fake-diamond studded euro symbol dangling from it before locking eyes with America, giving a slight nod and then they both start singing White & Nerdy by Weird Al perfectly with no instrumental whatsoever and the rest of the countries just sit there immobile and stare utterly horrified when the pair starts dancing to it on the world meeting table

@adlibinflux @ramblindragon Don’t you two start tempting me back into the Neopets Dergun Hell, I broke my habit right before Bogsneaks and those frog apparel items were released, dodging the goddamn bullet that would be the cause of even more procrastination on my writing.

I should be writing right now, in fact. But! You kids have fun.