You and I…we met for the first time on a plane. You were sick and you fainted..There was no doctor on board at that time. Without having a choice,I, who dropped out from medical school, had to do the first aid.  The second time we met, there was an accident while riding a motorcycle. A doll that is valuable to you fell on the edge of the cliff, and as I tried to get it, an accident occured.

That was the first time I ever saw someone with such an attitude. Disformed and distorted in all shape and form. Everyone in the world is untrustable and an enemy. Arrogant, and overly-confident, cold, and picky. A girl with no manners, not knowing how to say thanks when she needs to, and not knowing how to apologize when she needs to. The third time you came to my house to find me. You should have told me you miss me if you miss me. Instead of uselessly talking nonsense. I thought at that time, “Ah, this girl’s way of expressing is unique.” Words like “I like you”, “ I miss you.” You said them in anger.