“Where are we going?”
”The future.”

Ok, people, it will take a while before I post anything new, so, please, consider this quick celebratory salad of colors a “sorry”.

I’m currently working on a thing for @coinelot , a Merlin/Arthur convention that will be held in Berlin in October.  Do I need to say how excited I am to be able to contribute to all the fun?
Meanwhile, as October’s still a couple of months away, the team has something special to offer to all Merthur fans out there - wall and desk calendars that contain pieces of art created by awesome artists exclusively for the project. If you want a delicious treat for yourself or need a special gift for a friend, take a peek [here], guys.

My stucky fellas, hope to see you in a month or so. ♥

When you’ve been struggling to shake off the title of “imbecile haplessly destined to be outshined by Keith at everything for all eternity“ since the first episode, and you’ve had a major crush on Allura since you laid eyes on her, but not only are you gonna have to take orders from the mullet-sporting bastard in season 3, but you also have to watch Allura fall for him


Whouffaldi Week 2k16 ~ Day 1: ‘not what it looks like’, orange peels, bed covers

“Clara! I’ve been knocking on your door forever. With all this loud music, no wonder you couldn’t hear me!” Gran turned the corner towards Clara’s bedroom and the source of loud music, opening the door, “Now, where are those orange peels that–OH!” Gran stopped all of a sudden.

After a long awkward pause…“Uhhh.. it’s not what it looks like Gran” replied the shorter of the two idiots wrapped up in bed covers.