Story time, fuckers

Once upon a time, there was an innocent Slytherin (lol) minding her own goddamn business and living her life when she picked up a Hufflepuff bestie. Now, Hufflepuff bestie was a fantabulous bestie 99.9% of the time; however, Hufflepuff had the *cough* interesting tendency to lick her close friends when she was a) happy, b) annoyed at said friend, c) feeling playful, or d) because she fucking felt like it. Slytherin has been on the receiving end of this fairly unsanitary means of expression more times than she cares to admit.

Today, Hufflepuff sent Slytherin a quote she found on the interweb: “I’m gay and my best friend licked my face and walked away, saying "I tasted the rainbow”“ and basically admitted to the desire to taste the rainbow being Hufflepuff’s motivation for licking Slytherin so much. Slytherin is feeling a little used becaUSE SHES NOT A GODDAMN SKITTLE OKAY.

Fic: Au Clair De La Lune

Title: Au Clair De La Lune
Rating: T-ish
Summary: Mulder and Scully’s night on the town post-Hollywood AD.

As promised, this is fic I wrote when I was a teenager.  I won’t be offended if you read it and unfollow me ;)  This one hasn’t existed on the internet for a long time, but I brought it back just for you, Tumblr, to say thanks and hello to all my new followers.  <3

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fuckedupnostalgia  asked:

Okay I can't handle this anymore. When you first replied to my messages I thought I had mishandled the situation and I shouldn't have said anything (and I shouldn't have, I admit that), but now you're hating on me and other people for stating their opinion. I was being perfectly respectful and I was planning on dropping it but now you're cussing me out and you're being completely unreasonable and it's pissing me off. We're human too. I'm not some "privileged white bitch".

(cont.) The whole “literally, this is why no one like you people thing” made me really angry too. Stop saying that we’re all just basic privileged racist bitches just because we’re white and we’re scared for our country because it is so divided. We’re not sticking our noses in places we don’t belong. We’re fighting for our country just like you are. And The Hunger Games movies and books were just that. Movies and books. Fiction. I can’t believe you are comparing our society today to that. And just because she starred in it doesn’t mean that’s what she believes in. Not every actor that takes a role stand for what their character believes in.

Okay, let’s get out the White Feminist Bingo Board.


2. Tone policing / Whitesplaining


4. Reverse racism with the whole “HOMG JUST BECAUSE I’M WHITE DOESN’T MEAN (insert drama queen nonsense here)”

5. OMG it’s JUST a movie (with no context to how racism played a role in white washing the character)

Oh hey. Looks like you were good for something after all. BINGO.

Will you fuck off now? I know you white girls have to be self important and victimized at all fucking times but that doesn’t mean we have to pretend to like the sound of you squawking. 


in honor of judy garland’s birthday: the trolley song from  meet me in st. louis.

happy birthday judy.