me, laying on the floor dramatically: when will i be good at art……

my brain: practice? you’ll never be good if you don’t work on it???

me: [long drawn out whining noise]

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Hi there! I was wondering, when you go through and edit a story, what do you look for?

Hello! So I usually look for awkward or repeated wording, misspellings, things like that. Sometimes…I…don’t go back and edit. Which is terrible because I’m a technical writer by day so I really should. But sometimes I can only let myself skim something before I post it or I’ll get too hard on myself and rethink everything. A beta reader, though! A beta reader is great! And sometimes they turn into your best friend!


Since this is my OOC Blog, I like to occasionally do a post that links you to my main RP Characters! I am a dork and didn’t set this all up properly many many moons ago so this is how I fix things without trying to break/delete stuff!

Thank you for your time and for sharing all your writings/ideas with me! I really enjoy reading all of them and keeping up with you even if we don’t get the chance to RP together. Which, we should :D!

Here are my babies!

@velestemberlight - My Main



@wildfarstrider - My old character with a new blog! 

I look forward to seeing all of the things you post and thank you for reading my own! :D <3

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