You know what line really got to me this episode?

And I think this is really important for Dipper. The fact that he really doesn’t have anyone to hang out with in Gravity Falls was touched upon in Carpet Diem

but nothing was really DONE. Mabel didn’t even apologize to him about it (although they did make up. the fact she never actually said she was ‘sorry’ is important though)

So while, yeah, she feels alienated from Dipper and all, but it really isn’t Dipper OR Ford’s fault. Hell, Dipper tries to include her.

But he’s met with nothing but mockery from both her AND Stan

and these two have been ganging up on Dipper all summer. You can’t deny that Mabel is Stan’s favorite.

Dipper finally has his friend.

But Mabel doesn’t know how it feels to be the one left out. She’s always front and center, especially when Dipper’s involved. He always puts her first. For once, he’s found something in common with someone who is not her. And while, yeah, Mabel should be afraid of what Ford’s influence on Dipper may be (see “keep this potentially universe ending thing a secret from everyone you know”) she SHOULDN’T be feeling bad that Dipper finally has a friend.

And notice at the end of the episode. Stan apologizes, and even says he’s okay with Dipper hanging out with Ford.

but Mabel doesn’t.

Thorki want:

Loki is the most cherished person on Jotunheim. Laufey spoils him rotten, his brothers are super protective, and pretty much everyone wants to get with the prettiest prince. Loki doesn’t care for any of his suitors, but he’s more than willing to take their gifts. One day, Loki sees Thor and is immediately like “I want him.” Laufey’s like “baby no he’s gross.” “Want.” So all of Loki’s suitors go running around trying to capture Thor to present to Loki as a wedding present, but jokes on them cause Loki’s secretly like “yes I will have him and we shall be bonded in matrimony and no one else shall ever have him besides me. That thunder d is mine now and forever.”

{12/100 days of productivity}

I’m so excited!!!! I finally got my laptop back! (It had an unfortunate incident with a cup of tea last semester) I have another interview tomorrow and a bunch of midterms coming up so I decided to plan out my day for tomorrow using @theorganisedstudent’s daily planner. I can never seem to drink enough water to fill the cups up though. 😕

Don't Give Up Team Delusional

When you’re getting very tired
And all the theories start to blur
Just step away from Tumblr
And begin to think of her

Her hope and faith and strength
Are what drew us all to Beth
But we need to hold on to all those things
So we can make it through her “death”

Now I know 5.10 is coming soon
And emotions get in the way
But I know if we hold on together
We will make it through the fray