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i found a chad/incel fanfic in a03. should i read it

my cousin is writing a chad/stacey story and i’m scared to read it so idk do what you can

Regret not reading cyborg 009 manga by Shotaro earlier.I got interested in it 15 years ago but missed for some reasons.Though I love its tv series of different version,it proves obviously that manga story of Shotaro is the best,adventures(early series)SF fiction,love or lyric stories,and the nine characters,I love all of them faithfully.
“Love maybe a moment but eternally(002-Glacier of Love).” “When I transform as others,I share their joy of life but also sadness,I won’t do it anymore! (007-Transforming).” (I tried my best to understand furthermore chapters in Japanese,so it maybe not fit the correct English spells of official comics) …Then I should read Conclusion of God’s War,frightened.

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I keep listening to soul phrase today and got emotional.

So I haven't read the books...

…but from what I have gathered from the discourse, there is quite the difference between book characters and show characters? 

This is based on what I’ve read of book characters and what I’ve seen on the show:

Book Stannis: Actually a good king, loved Shireen and wanted her on the throne after him, didn’t seem like a religious fanatic. 

Show Stannis: iron throne is mine, do whatever Mel, kill innocent people, give birth to my demon murder baby, heck burn my only daughter Mel why the fuck not

Book Mel: Her morality is kind of a grey area? She’s not a heartless murderer but will make sacrifices for the “greater good”

Show Mel: here ya go boobs omg Jon touch my boobs also lets burn Shireen umm have I mentioned I have boobs also I’m secretly super old here ya go saggy boobs

Book Dany: Did not act like her father’s daughter? Also not 100% fireproof? 

Show Dany: iron throne is mine okay so bend the knee why isn’t everyone here bending the knee when i tell them I am fireproof okay and did you look at my dragons wait what was I talking about? oh yeah I can’t have children

Book Jon: Capable of making smart decisions, funny at times, will do his duty even if it makes him the bad guy, actually cared about his siblings being alive

Show Jon: *pouts* i saw the dead okay *pouts more* they are real okay I saw them why won’t anyone believe me *pouting intensifies* what do you mean I have really kissable lips

Book Jaime: Pushes Bran out the window and then begins an interesting redemption arc and you strangely find yourself rooting for him, might even be the PTWP

Show Jaime: is so unbelievably daft at times even Nikolaj is like, I don’t know him.

Book Petyr: Cunning- keeps his cards so close to himself no one knows what his goal is or that he is even playing the game

Show Petyr: i love Sansa i want Sansa have i mentioned yet that my end goal is sitting with Sansa on the iron throne? also raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized just by my creepy grin.

Book Arya: Loves her family, misses them all, would hurt those who hurt them

Show Arya: ooh Sansa I bet you felt nice in all your pretty dresses now how about we play a game where I cut your face and wear it lol missed our fun games sis

The Types as Things People Forget Often

ENTJ: Giving things back. “Oh, I’ll give your book back. I actually haven’t started it; I’ve been really busy.”

ENTP: Responsibilities. “We had homework? Whoops. Can I copy yours?”

ENFJ: Taking tags/stickers off clothes. “I was walking around all day with this on. I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out, thanks.”

ENFP: Why they walked into a room. “I swear I needed to be in here for something. *walks out of room* *remembers*” 

ESTJ: Forgetting. “Oh, that’s the shirt you wore exactly 2 months and 3 days ago. I like it on you, by the way.”

ESTP: Passwords. ”How am I supposed to remember what I was thinking when I made this account?” 

ESFJ: What they’ve said already. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you already heard about when my dog chased that bear.”

ESFP: Names/faces. “Hey, how are you? I haven’t seen you in ages! (I have no idea who the heck they are).”

INTJ: Birthdays. “I got you this [on the way here]. Happy birthday!”

INTP: Replying to texts. “It’s fine; I’ll get it later. I should probably turn off read receipts if I’m going to keep doing this…”

INFJ: Where you parked. “I’m sure it was somewhere in the parking lot. It’s black. I think I was next to a car that had dice hanging from their mirror?”

INFP: Words. “What’s the word that is like upset but closer to uncomfortable and for whatever reason makes me think of the color green? I think it starts with S.”

ISTJ: Watching things you suggested. “I just haven’t gotten around to it.” (not at all from experience)

ISTP: Plans. “I definitely didn’t forget we were going to dinner. I’ll be there soon.”

ISFJ: Setting an alarm. “Shoot, I forgot to remind myself to remember!”

ISFP: Song titles/lyrics. “Who sings this? Wait, don’t tell me. I know this. I know this.

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Yes please write more about Mic and Aizawa being foils to one another! I enjoy reading your in-depth posts!


okay, let’s talk a little about foil character in writing. foil characters are characters who commonly display opposite traits to another character they are closely tied with. it’s a common misconception that foil characters are always the rival to the character they foil and that they have to be opposite in every way–neither of these are true. it’s actually fairly common for a foil character to be set up as the character’s best friend and contrast only the traits the author wants to highlight in that character. i like talking about foil characters a lot because i feel as though they are very good in narratives when written correctly. 

like i said in that one ask, mic and aizawa read like foils to each other to me. or more, mic is a foil to aizawa, since aizawa is far more of a main character than he is. 

let’s start here–there was a post going around about how hizashi and aizawa’s hero names are pretty much opposites of each other, with erasing something being the opposite of presenting something and a headphone being the opposite of a microphone. that’s a good place to start, because those names are:

1. something that defines them, their careers, an who they are as people

2. fundamental to their relationship and their interconnectedness as characters, given that mic gave aizawa the hero name that he’s kept for 15 years and counting and the name that he operates his entire career under. mic essentially gave him part of his identity, and the name itself is pretty much the opposite of mic’s.

going a bit further, aizawa is characterized as not caring about appearances, introverted, and relying far more on technique than words when fighting/acting. mic is the opposite in every way, with his characterization being primarily very extroverted, obviously putting care in his appearance (i will never forgive him for That Hair), spending most of his career in the public eye, and literally using words to attack. mic is characterized as a person who pretty much never stops talking, while aizawa is much quieter and seems to pick and choose more when to speak. similarly, mic is much more visible about his emotions, whereas i think aizawa would rather die than admit he actually has feelings. mic is always moving, whereas aizawa relies a lot on stealth and being still. mic has neverending energy, aizawa can often be seen in the background asleep or just generally very lethargic. i could go on, but you get the point here for the most part. 

also, their designs are opposite of each other, too. i realize that both mic and aizawa wear all black, but you cannot tell me that the thing that sticks out with mic’s design isn’t his hair. it is literally the first thing people notice. the fucking cockatoo hair. and it’s bright fucking yellow. the closest to the opposite of black you can get without going for white. because of this, people assign bright yellow and bright colors as mic’s coloring, whereas with aizawa, everything is just black. dude literally does not wear any color (unless you count his goggles, in which case, bright yellow. literally the same color as mic.). going a step forward, mic obviously puts care into his appearance and has that weird 80′s aesthetic where all he wears is tight leather. meanwhile, we have aizawa, who wears a baggy enough jumpsuit that he could probably just wear a garbage bag instead and no one would be able to tell the difference. mic, who seems to meticulously care for his appearance, if that hair and weird mustache says anything, and aizawa, who looks like he hasn’t had a haircut or seen a razor in 14 years.

then we get to the whole style thing. mic lives his life in the spotlight. dude is a radio (and also television, maybe?) star who is well known, the head of a department, and a well-known pro hero. aizawa, on the other hand, very specifically stays out of the spotlight and works in the underground and acts like he is in actual, physical pain every time he has to talk to the press. with their fighting styles, aizawa is far more passive and would be categorized as either a support or a defense hero, since his quirk is purely non-physical. his gimmick is stealth. however, mic is completely offensive. even in the final exams, mic didn’t even chase the kids down. he literally just stood at the entrance and screamed, while aizawa has to get the drop on his opponents to attack them and usually has to be the first to attack.

speaking of quirks, i made a post a while ago about this, but mic’s quirk absolutely does not have many counters. the best thing mic has to a counter is aizawa’s erasure. mic is insanely powerful and knows how to control his quirk and would’ve easily won the final exam battle had it not been for his fear of bugs. i mean, when aizawa got hurt at usj, he easily leveled a bunch of villains with a single attack. countering mic’s quirk is very hard since he has so much control over it, and really the only counter he has in canon is aizawa right now. which, is pretty significant when you consider that these two are pretty interconnected. 

so yeah, i do really think mic is a foil to aizawa. mic usually doesn’t show up by himself in the manga or the anime–aizawa is usually somewhere to be found either directly or indirectly in the scenes he’s in. mic is used to highlight a lot of aizawa’s quiet nature, especially since these are the first two veteran teachers we see in the series–aizawa, who’s quiet and strict, and mic, who’s loud and pretty friendly. i think mic is set up to be his foil and i hope their relationship is expanded upon more in the future, since i personally think it’s one that’s important to aizawa’s character.