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yo do you guys know any good Farming/Farmer AU's? I've already read We Should Imitate the Bees. xxx

ok here you are my friend

47.25435° N, 101.73998° W by tabaqui

Summer, North Dakota. The war is over for both Bucky and Steve, but coming home isn’t as easy as it seems.

Apes Debemus Imitari (We Should Imitate the Bees) by buckysbees

Steve operates a fruit & veg stand at a farmer’s market. Bucky keeps bees and has started up a honey shop just opposite. They’re failing to get along. Steve gets along a lot better with the anonymous friend he’s been writing letters to. In fact, he’s rapidly falling for him.

A Little Honey & A Little Sun by kvikindi

me: “I kind of want to write a fic where Bucky doesn’t decide to become a superhero.”

me: “Like a fic where he becomes a pacifist beekeeper in upstate New York.”

aka: The Emotionally Repressed Bee Farm Love Story

Into a bright bound, sea surrounded fury, by Poe

The world rarely ends without casualties.

Steve and Bucky are both the last man on Earth, or so they think. A virus has wiped the slate clean, and all that’s left is blood and death. In a world where dog eat dog is the final truth, what chance do they have of a normal life? Ultimately though, this is a story of hope, of love in the most unusual of circumstances, and a life less ordinary.

So I just read Ender’s Game. I expected something… I don’t even know what I expected but the book is fascinating. It’s been a long time since a book got me thinking like that.
Yeah, I have many thoughts about it but I’m not good at writing so that’s that.

Anyway, I just saw the movie and wow what a fucked up thing they did to the story. And the author actually participated! It makes me feel I read it all wrong?

I don’t know… don’t mind me I’m just venting

“He looked behind the counter. Photos of all of them crowd and overlap each other…Keith and Lance dancing under the twinkling lights, Keith throwing his head back in laughter, Lance looking at him in a way that will never not make Keith’s chest ache.” - Nothing’s Quite as Sweet by @dimpleforyourthoughts & @jhholtzmann

This fic killed me if you haven’t read it already you should. I tried to put it down and sleep at one point but I just couldn’t, I kept reading it into the early am’s. It’s 50K+ words but it is so worth it, I promise. It has cats, coffee, and Klance, What more do you need?

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I was just coming to your blog to ask if you'd seen 3% and had any thoughts on it, glad to see you're enjoying it! I've only been able to watch the first two eps so far but it seems ACTUALLY fresh and diverse and I'm sad it's not getting a lot of attention...

Enjoying it? I watched the whole thing the same day it came out! (And it wasn’t just because Portuguese may be one of the sexiest languages to listen to). It’s one of the best sci-fi serials in recent years. No contest.

I mean, sure, some of the VFX in certain takes - specially all the wide shots of the location where the Process takes place - are less than stellar, but it really is so marginal than it doesn’t affect the overall viewing experience. Netflix killing it again.

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Hey once again! You really need to check out this cool theory called the Kummi/Taang theory if you haven't. It's very interesting and creative, and I find it absolutely sad that Bryke never used this idea(or maybe Aaron Ehasz did thought about using the idea, but it didn't come into fruition). If you haven't read the theory, then you really should! Once you've read it, I do want to ask, what do you think of this theory? What are your thoughts about it? :)

Some years back there was this popular theory in the taang fandom that toph was actually ummi (avatar kuruk’s wife’s) reincarnation which partly explains why aang saw toph(both as someone he was going to meet and someone he had lost and loved) in the swamp. This plus the whole “some friendships can transcend lifetimes” thing and aang seeing toph eyeless (and nearly faceless) in his nightmare from the nightmares and daydreams episode fueled the theory they also suggest that this is why toph was born blind -her past life’s face was still possessed by koh and could not completely move on. Perhaps this is what the writers had originally intended for aang and toph? Was this how they were gonna revisit the koh plot? What are your thoughts on this theory?

I got two questions about this, so I will answer them both together.

Something like that wouldn’t surprise me. There was the idea to have Momo be the reincarnation of Monk Gyatso. Which is…weird. This idea was scrapped, but there is a reference to the original idea, when King Bumi says that Momo is very important and wonders where he is when Aang is missing in The Old Masters, written by Aaron Ehasz, before he has to face Ozai. Aang is in the Spirit World, and his dreams in Nightmares and Daydreams have many references to it as well.

It does beg the question though. What actually happens to people when Koh steals heir face? We know that Ummi was dragged into the Spirit World, but not many details are ever given. That has always bothered me, and it really annoys me to have no closure on this. Are they dead? Does Koh have their face, or is it simply an illusion created based off of the people he has killed? It is very intriguing. Is Lu Ten dead, too? Kuruk seemed to imply that defeating Koh would save Ummi, so I am really confused. And Ursa said that Lu Ten had died, but that might have just been the assumption after he disappeared.

Aang’s trip with Avatar Roku takes place in the Spirit World. After that, Toph wonders if friendships can transcend lifetimes. I did always find it interesting that Toph in particular said that. She sounded sad, and Aang grabs her hand. It did seem like it meant something important. Probably would have been something that was explored in Book 4.

Who knows, maybe Toph is the reincarnation of Avatar Roku’s earthbending teacher. Toph was originally supposed to be male, and her portrayal in the play is somewhat similar to Roku’s teacher. Toph is also quite happy with being a man in the play, so perhaps she was one in a past life? Wouldn’t surprise me. 

I have always had the suspicion that Aaron Ehasz wrote the creepy nightmare part of Aang’s dream. The dreams do reference other nightmares that Aang has had, and many of the episodes that he wrote as well. Toph’s portion of the dream definitely is a reference to Koh, who appears in an episode written by Aaron Ehasz. So it would not surprise me if the writers had something in mind with that. It definitely is a shame that the Koh subplot never got finished. The dreams all seemed to be references to many of Aang’s worst fears and his most frightening experiences from the series.

The giant Momo portion of his dream is an obvious reference to The Storm, which Ehasz wrote. We know Aang is afraid of letting the world down and he feels guilty for the Hundred Year War taking its toll on the world while he was frozen in the iceberg.

There are portions of his dream that directly reference Avatar Roku’s message to Aang while they were in the Spirit World, and his vision of Sozin’s Comet. He definitely fears Ozai.

The Sokka portion of his dream seemed to reference Aang’s fear when Sokka was trapped in the Spirit World and Aang felt unable to save him. That episode was also written by Aaron Ehasz.

The Katara portion of the nightmare seemed to be a reference to Aang’s fear of burning Katara. He wants to help her, but is unable to stop her from being consumed by the flames. He is frozen solid, which may be a reference to him being trapped in the iceberg, as well.

The Zuko portion was obviously a reference to The Siege of the North. That episode also had to do with the Spirit World, and also was written by Aaron Ehasz. It seems that Aang still has some unresolved fear from the times when Zuko was hunting him. Aang definitely has an interesting relationship with Zuko. He also saw the Blue Spirit during The Guru, when he was unlocking his chakra and saw a vision of his fears.

But in his nightmare during The Avatar State, also written by Ehasz, we see Zuko appear again. Aang has repeated nightmares about being unable to control the Avatar State, and I always found it fascinating that Zuko was one of the people that he feared harming. I guess Aang could always tell that Zuko was not really a bad person.

The fact that when Aladdin granted the wish, only Emma disappeared is surely proof that this was not a proper ‘wish’. If the wish had been granted as a true event - there would be no curse, no Storybrooke etc etc. But everyone else stayed. Not a single other person was affected.

So instead of changing the past and seeing truly what could have happened, we got this fluffy pink fairy tale version. I do not believe that means that Emma would have ended up like that had she not been saviour. I also don’t think we should read to much into ‘my pain made me who I am’ speech. I think she means (as I have experienced myself) when things get shit you realise how tough you actually are. This Emma didn’t experience the hardships and pain that our Emma did. She never found that part of herself.

(adm: Heeey guys!! Just here to give you a small update!! My beta testers are finally testing the game out for me, and I’m very happy to say it has little to no bugs, so game playing should go smoothly for everyone!! An amazing friend from Australia checked some english mistakes for me [luckily there weren’t many], so the texts should be nice to read, too. I’m still struggling a bit with the ending, sometimes I wonder if I’ll really be able to finish it this year or not, but I’m sure I can do it if I work hard enough. Again, thank you for your patience, everyone!! Also, I’m sorry if updates like these get too tiring. I know I say basically the same thing in all of them, but I really just want to let you know I am indeed taking this seriously and working on it everyday x’DD but, yeah!! If I can follow more or less how I want the story to end in my head, I’m already very close to finish programming. Then I just need to fix the timing and add some more features so you can have more interaction with objects, and finish coloring the drawings and it’s all done!! Time flew by really fucking fast, omfg the clocks need to chill. It’s already december 5th!! Wow! I thought I still had plenty of time, but the next time I blink we’ll be in 2017 already, haha. 

Anyway, that’s it for the update. Thank you for your time!! I hope you have a great week!)

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Just read 'I should have never gone to the Wall' fic and please please please write a second part pretty please?

HEY! Sorry for the late response to this, I know you asked for it about 100 years ago but between the plague, work, failed dates and christmas I have been busy. Here is part two with some fluff!


Sansa had no idea why she stood every morning looking out of the barricade behind Winterfell, the handful of Soldiers the Dragon queen had left her stood nearby. She could feel their eyes and hear the whispering behind her back. They wondered why a Lady should care of the outcome of war. And why everyday she stood, wrapped in furs looking out into the snowy storm.

She knew she had more pressing matters to attend to, Winterfell was filled with all the small folk of neighbouring villages, all seeking refuge in the newly build courtyard. She had matters of State to deal with, Lady Mormont the only one helping her learn how the castle and all its holdings worked. But for just an hour each morning, before she broke her fast, and before the duties of lady of Winterfell fell on her shoulders, she took this time. To hope, that maybe as she waited he would appear.

That Jon would walk, head held high, through the snow and rain, with his army behind him. Unharmed and smiling. That he would look up at the barricade and see her and smile.

That’s what she wished for, just one hour of each day for herself. That maybe he would appear and this new guilt that sat in her stomach would go. Once her hour was up, that would be it and she could wrap her furs closer to her body, shake away the snowflakes from hair and go back to being the stone-faced Lady of Winterfell. The She-Wolf of the north as she has been called behind her back.

The stairs back down to the court yard where traitorous and many soldiers had fallen from them each day, sliding on the icy wooden steps. Sansa remembered when the stairs had been made of stone. But they had been blasted away moons ago by Jon’s army. She made her way down them carefully, hiking her skirts up high so she could see her foot take every step. Once upon a time that thought would have shocked that she would even think of showing an ankle in the court yard, but like many old sensitives she once had, they had been beaten out of her.

“Milady!” A soldier called from above her just as her slipper touched the fresh snow. She turned to look up and saw it was one of The Dragon Queens men, Greyworm. 

He looked too tan to be in the north and her first impression of him was that he would not last the winter, he was the spitting image of a Summers Child, but he had become one of her only companions as time had gone on, in the six months Jon had been at war. 


“I think you need to see this.” His words were rushed, making his foreign accent harder for her to understand but Sansa started up the staircase again, this time slipping as she rushed up, her skirts billowing around her ankles. She wanted nothing more than to rip them aside as she climbed but with only her fingers to rip it was a fruitless idea.

At the top, she understood Greyworms urgency, as if from nowhere an army had appeared below the gates. They looked worse for wear and they carried each other on shoulders, stretchers and horses. But Greyworm smiled at the Lady of Winterfell and pointed to the Banner, being held up half-heartedly. A Dire wolf.

Jon was home.

She smiled at the commander and then looked over the edge at the army. It took less than a heartbeat for her to find Jon. He stood at the front, on the back of the grey stallion she had given him so long ago. He looked healthy, dirty and covered in blood, but from the distance she was his skin looked pink and he looked to be laughing with the man riding beside him.

Then Sansa took in Jon’s companion.

Tyrion, the half-man and Lannister, also known as her Husband.

The guilt in her stomach woke up, like a lion it roared through her. How she had forgotten about the Imp, the man who had saved her from atrocities she could not believe in Kings landing, she had not seen him since the day Joffrey died, he had gone straight to the wall when he landed back into Westeros, opting to take on the white walkers quickly with his dragon.

But of course, he would return to Winterfell, it felt like a moment from her past, the King returning to Winterfell with the Imp by his side, she almost felt like a one and ten-year-old again waiting 

Waiting for something to happen to her.

With a nod to Greyworm and a sharp turn on her heels she left the barricade once more. Nodding to her men and shouting orders to open the gate, she would welcome the soldiers back into Winterfell herself. It was the right thing to do, no matter how much her heart hurt at the idea of seeing both Tyrion and Jon again.

 The gates opened before her and the blast of cool breeze hit fast ending her furs to rustle around her and the last bits of hair still woven together apart. She should have waited in the throne room, made herself acceptable to meet with her husband and King but both the Imps and Jons eyes found her too quickly to run away.

 Jon smiled broadly, and jumped from his horse with no hesitation. In less than a heartbeat he was in front of her, Sansa took him in as she curtsied low. He had another scar over his eye and his hair had been shorn close on one side exposing a long wound sown shut. 

As she rose Jon smiled wider, crinkling his eyes.

“You’re unwed?” His voice sent her body into overdrive and all ideas of formality went out of her mind. She launched herself at him, arms over his shoulder pulling him into a rib crushing embrace. Tears feel from both of them as they clung tightly to one another.

 “I didn’t marry Littlefinger you mean.” Her voice was barely a whisper as she looked into his grey eyes. She could have fallen into them, stayed staring for days on end. The guilt that she wore like armour felt like it slipped away as she took him in.

Their moment was interrupted however by a cough and shuffling of feet. They both looked down and saw the Dwarf has also dismounted from his steed and that the entire army was watching their every move.

Sansa bowed low, like she had once on her first wedding day.

“My Lord Husband.” She blushed after being caught acting like a unbleed lady.

Tyrion lifted her head up and looked her in the eyes, the intensity there was nothing like Jons. Instead of lust or passion his eyes were filled with kindness and friendship.

“How about you and I get an annulment.” He smiled as Sansa broke into a grin. Decorum once again going out the window as she hugged him tightly.

“Thank you My Lord.”

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So, i just read "Hiraeth pt10" and i felt that i should express my feelings towards the relationship between the OCxJK/Taehyung. First of all, sorry if my english isnt that great, i'm trying my best. Second, i love your fics, your writing is so captivating, intense. So, lets go: I know that Taehyung and the oc have an history, im aware of that, but something about them together doesnt seem to fit. Like, they care about each other but it looks like something got lost along the way.(1/?)

And im not saying that because i want her with Jungkook. But it seems like the love, the real love that they once felt for each other isnt there anymore, but they think believe it still exists. And just the affection, the memories and the ties remained. And with Jungkook i feel like she has a great love. Its like, they love and each other and they love the fact that they’re in love with each other (2/?)

And it seems right they stay together, its seems like a great love but still brings the best of both. They found a home in each other’s arms, not only because they were the only thing that each had for a long time, but they seem to understand each other in a spiritual level, i see something so pure and heart warming about them. And she never seemed to regret what happened between them. (3/?)

and theyre so caring toward each other, so sweet. They just seem to fit in a odd but cozy way. But of course, that’s just my opinion. She could end up alone. And i still will love to have had the opportunity to read a story as fantastic and elaborated as yours. Thats it, forgive my poor english and thank you. <3 (4/4)

aww this was so cute to read :”) and interesting! I love seeing what you guys have to think about their relationship or tae’s and the oc’s relationship. you got me at the part where you said “they love and each other and they love the fact that they’re in love with each other” which, honestly, sums them up. :”)) as for tae and the oc, I can’t say much yet because I’m still diving into their relationship but !!! thank you so much for sending this in!

Oh dear! How flattering of you! Though I suppose that I should fix you up, seeming as though you’re hurt. Free of charge as well, since it seems to be my fault that you have “fallen for me”.

There we go! A plaster and a human “kiss” should be sufficient to ease the pain. Or at least it should be as so, as a human documentation I once read referred to love as “the best medicine”. From a scientific point of view, it cannot possibly be the best medicine, but it could help in the process in some form or another.

weirdly, the most comforting thing about this is how random it all is. in the days leading up to my appointment, all i could think about was what could have caused it. what could i have done to prevent it? was it my overall health? should i have been taking more vitamins? was it how much reading i do on my phone in low-light?

no. no one knows why it happens. it just does sometimes, to people like me. it wasn’t my fault.

honestly, if you have never read the comics, then i don’t think you should have a say in whether or not negan is a rapist. you can’t base your opinion off the maybe five or so hours of screen time negan has had and automatically assume he sexually assaults women. 

it’s stated MULTIPLE times that he is AGAINST RAPE. he kills a man for trying to rape a woman. if you read the comics, you’re going to know what i’m talking about. he basically has no other policies except for his no rape policy. anyone who rapes will get punished for it.

and no, he did not “sexually coerce” these women. again, if you read the comics you’ll know that all of these women MADE THIS CHOICE VOLUNTARILY to be a wife of his in order to live a better life for themselves. they have the opportunity to leave at any time but they chose not to because then they’d have to work for what they would be getting handed to them by negan.