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my parents and i had a talk about this recently, i dont get why its ok??? my dad has had moments at work where people tell him he can’t give input to a conversation because he’s a white male. It makes no sense??

It’s not okay.  It’s really, really not okay.  But it happens all the time.  I just don’t get it.  The justification itself is circular logic.  And it hurts like hell.

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Dear YF - what is your favorite book-to-screen adaptation in Outlander?

Hi Gotham! Great question. Quick background, a coworker gave me Outlander and said I should read it. Walked back to my desk and another coworker noticed the book, tells me about the show and that I need to watch it. I watched the first episode and was hooked, but stopped and read the first book before bingeing the rest of the season. Since everything happened so quickly, I didn’t really have any expectations or lines that must be included in the screen adaptation.

However by the time season two premiered, I had read Dragonfly in Amber twice and had those scenes and lines that I couldn’t wait to see.

I remember reading and envisioning Master Raymond with his frog-like appearance. When he heals Claire after the loss of Faith was just so spiritual and super natural that I couldn’t imagine how it would translate to the screen, but it was everything I hoped for.

“Now,” he said softly. “Call him. Call the red man. Call him.”

His healing of her was described beautifully from the cupping of her breast where her child would have fed, to the reaching into her womb and cleansing her internally. It had the possibility to go so wrong or be too graphic, but it was perfectly done.

For those who would like to or have not read the passage, I’ll put it under the cut.

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  • Feyre: I hate Rhysand so much. He's such an awful monster, I want to kill him, I can't believe I didn't when I had the chance, I should have--
  • Rhysand: *offers to teach her to read and use magic*
  • Feyre: Shit.

Small request because files do not generally like having Japanese characters in them and I don’t trust googe translate: can anyone provide a title for this book?

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if I only ever read one issue of daredevil which one should it be

Daredevil (2011) #7, no doubt! 

[Image: the cover of issue 7. Matt, in full Daredevil costume, is lying on the top of a snow-covered water tower. He’s grinning and making snow angels.]

It’s a really soft and fluffy solo issue that doesn’t require knowledge of the rest of the series or Daredevil history, and it won the 2012 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue. It’s also very funny in places (it’s the issue with the “I’m Not Daredevil” sweater).  

[Image: Daredevil panel. Matt stands, arms outstretched, grinning. He shouts, “Happy holidays, people!” He wears a sweater that reads “I’m Not Daredevil” and a little devil horns headband. In one hand he holds a white and red striped crooked cane that looks like a candy cane, with mistletoe on the end. Foggy is in the background, looking sad and wearing an antler headband.]

In it, Matt takes a group of children from the Cresskill School for the Blind on a field trip, but their bus crashes, leaving Matt and the kids alone and lost in the snow in the Catskills. Matt is really good with kids, canonically, and this issue has a bunch of moments that just like… make my heart hurt with it. 

[Image: Daredevil panel. Matt, in his Daredevil costume, with torn clothes over it, kneels in front of a little girl, who is crying. Matt puts a hand comfortingly on her shoulder. “Sydney? What is it, honey?”]

Rather than being exclusively a narrative about, like, a supercrip (who therefore takes on the role of a nondisabled person) rescuing regular crip kids (symbolizing and infantilizing disabled people generally), it’s actually a story about, like, uniting under stress, and using the skills and knowledge that you have, and disabled people working together.

Not only is it really cute and sweet but it also (at least somewhat) contradicts this narrative of disabled weakness/helplessness in crisis, and it shows the amazing things Daredevil could be as a series if Matt could just… interact with and work with and be supported by other disabled people. Like 90% of what I want in my life is for Matt to have disabled friends, honestly, and Matt mentoring disabled kids is pretty damn great too. 

Like, this in the context of Matt being “the man without fear”: 

[Image: Matt, wearing a sweater that reads “I’m Not Daredevil,” swirls a glass of wine. He says, “Getting them out of their comfort zone for a day or two gives them a chance to experience new things and find out it won’t hurt them.]

The issue is written by Mark Waid, who did the rest of that run, and has art by Paolo Rivera. Rivera is really good at working with Matt’s cane, and this issue also includes a bunch of other blind/low vision kids who use different styles of canes and tech. It’s just generally like a warm and soft issue and I care about it a lot. 

[image: Daredevil panel. Syndney, one of the Cresskill kids, sits on a high countertop, legs over the edge. She holds a steaming cup of soup, Matt’s long white guide cane leaning against the counter next to her.]

i’ve decided 2k17 is the year of bettering myself and next on my list is building dis body, but i have no experience.. so.. can any fitness gurus lead me to either a reliable workout plan or anything I should be reading? I’d greatly appreciate any help pals <3

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who are some writers you'd like to see more? like blogs/writers who've only written a little bit but whom you want to see more stuff from?

Oh good one! Hmmm. It should be noted that I’ve been reaaaaaaaaaaaally slow with my reading lately. Again I don’t wanna leave anyone out bc really everybody’s brilliant. But these are ones who come to mind. 

@whatwecanfic and @onthedriftinthetardis have this way with words that blows me away every time so it’s always a treat to read their work 

I need to get off my carcass and finish reading @gingergallifreyan and @nannyogg123. They’re bloody brilliant and they write plenty. It’s just me who’s slow on this one 

last time I looked @chiaroscuroverse was cookin up something good. I hope I haven’t missed it. I bet it’s brilliant 

I do miss seeing new stuff from @lixabiz, @rointheta and @studio-forty-two, though I do understand and respect that people drift away

some day the wife (aka @natural–blues) will finish Arkytior and I won’t know what to do with myself

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25/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 20 

Morning work: Some reading and paper edits I should have finished yesterday but didn’t because my mood was crap and my PMS was acting up. I did end up reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell instead of Lord of the Rings, but my decision to ignore my work in favour of self-care and rest was still the best decision I made all day yesterday. 

I’m nearly done with all my really urgent tasks, which is good because it’s museum night in the nearby city and I’m going out with friends later to see dinosaurs! (And lots of other things/museums. But I’m particularly looking forward to the dinosaurs. :D) 

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Hi sorry if this is a dumb question, but i was thinking of reading reverse and you said it was sort of a remix of backslide, so does that mean i should read backslide first? Will reverse still make sense if i dont?

No worries! reverse is only a remix in the most basic sense - I took the premise of backslide, but nothing else is the same. There’s no need to read one to understand the other. ^-^

Should I do an audio for my 250 follower count? I am thinking about reading one of my teases aloud. Which one should I read? Hopefully one that I have already written

Is there any way to search the hell that is Tumblr for actual content, not tags?

Because someone posted that there was a post that stated:

luke’s story began with kylo and it should end with kylo

And I would LOVE to go read the actual content…but I can’t make Google pick it up and Tumblr search is worse than search on the Internet before Google so…



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Your face reminds me of a certain art style idk why but like, Bryan Lee O'malley, the person who wrote seconds and scott pilgrim, ur face reminds me of his art style, i think you would look good in it


its been while since I’ve heard that name ‘round here…why I haven’t picked up one of those books…since 09′ (whether or not I should have been reading those books at that age is like eeeeehhh rrrr, whatever though, middle school is wild.) 

I LOVE ART STLYES THOUGH the admittedly, I liked the art style in the game…more?? I get its the EXACT SAME STYLE, but it looked so nice in pixel form @0@