AO3 vs ff.net

Okay, so I have issues with how each on sets out there stuff. Like, I don’t like how fanfiction.net doesn’t really allow for spacing? So sometimes what comes out as longer chapters on ff.net are actually two shorter chapters on AO3. I dislike the larger font on AO3 and that you can’t read it as a ½ sized layout like ff.net, but then I dislike ff.net’s inability to justify text or as said above, the lack of line spaces that can be slapped in.

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 

;; You gotta know, I;m a whore for just taking something cool and shoving a pairing into it, and I’m reeeeally feeling Resident Evil Au? And Jelix? And these two scared-y cats trying to make it through the hell hole that is RE7

Just imagine these two dorks going through the insect infested old house, while Felix is mildly grossed out, Jacks’ having a panic attack and hiding behind Felix

Momma comes to wreck their shit, Jack has no problems saving the day with the flame thrower, but crawling through a little space filled with centipedes? Nah man it isn’t happening without a solid ten minutes of convincing and reassuring from Felix

i’m sure there are johnlock fics out there where sherlock is the babdook but like…i don’t even need to do the search to know they exist? because i have no interest in actually reading them. it’s…well, not NICE to know they’re out there, just…yeah. they’re there. i know they’re there.

that’s probably a thing. Johnlock-Babdook AU. 


I want all of BBC Sherlock to be redone in pilot!verse because Sherlock is already soft and they’re already canon so the rest of the episodes would just be them going on crime scenes while oggling each other the whole time. Like, the pool scene. Moriarty shows up and Moriarty is all “You can’t beat me.” Then John goes “Love conquers all.” Moriarty: “what?” John and Sherlock look at each other and burst into giggles. Moriarty gets grossed out by their flirting and leaves, left to contemplate why his life can’t be as sappy. Then he meets Sebastian Moran and all is right in the world. No baddies trying to tear Johnlock apart.

Me @ me: stop talkign about yourself.. ….on your blog b…itch no…one cares …………ju..st st.op stop…..shsring about your bad highs chool experinnce.
Also me: you guys aren’t going to fucking believe what happened to me a year ago. Rip the person i used to be [starts blasting industrial rock and the cranberries while sobbing] do you guys listen to the songs zombie or linger???..???Amazing