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Can you write a drabble about Klaus and Hayley + secrets

(a/n: wowww I haven’t written anything in sooo long, yall must have a bone to pick with me. setting: takes place right after the s1 finale)

“Are you sleeping, love?”

He flicks the light switch on, entering her room with slow and calculated footsteps, as he notices how quickly she curls herself in to a tight little ball. Hayley clenches the sheets, holding back countless tears while Klaus looms over her.

“I asked you a question,” he tells her.

And she thinks that that’s the thing she hates the most about being a hybrid. The fact that she can hear everything. Like the way his bloodstream flows like a self-righteous river. It echoes and churns, making her ears ache with yearning. Or the breath of his body, dragging and beating and lunging on. She can even hear his clothes creasing as he sits. The rubbery noise of his crumpling leather jacket, the way it swishes once he slides it off his body and offers it to her.

“You must be cold,” Klaus softly whispers, and it’s like he’s telling her a secret. He’s so quiet, so attentive, and so very sympathetic. It’s quite surprising because Hayley thinks that he should be broken too. They had just lost their daughter…their Hope.

She wants to know how he’s able to remain so strong.

“How did you know?” She finally releases. “That I was cold,” She takes the jacket and wraps it around her shoulders.

Klaus smiles at her. “It’s a hybrid thing.” He confesses, turning his head towards her open window. “It has something to do with the biology of our skin.” Klaus stretches an arm out and watches the moonlight hit his flesh. “No matter how warm the weather, we somehow always manage to stay ice cold.”

Hayley bites her lip as she remembers how cold he was the first time she had touched him. She always thought it was just a ‘Klaus thing’. An icy outline to match how cold he was on the inside. But, she was so wrong because it appears that Klaus’ heart isn’t such a cold place after all.

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