ive learned that you don’t respond with “really?” when someone tells you who they find attractive

or worse when someone’s like “but their forehead is funny. but their hairline is weird.”

“i don’t see it.”

that shit hurts.

anyways i guess thats just not a conversation i should ever start with anyone. it just ruins it for me. at least i know how it feels and won’t do it to other people anymore

ablackwomansurvivingrape asked:

the part that gets me is when they start calling you racist for have a space/just talking about black women and no one else. since when is it not okay to help my own? no one else is doing it. why should you feel guilty for helping your sisters out when everyone else is putting them down and doesnt care.

Absolutely! We’re always labeled when we decide to focus on our own. It’s funny because they’d never considered themselves discriminatory though. I find it unfortunate because, for years, as long as I’ve been online at least, I’ve never comes across a space quite like mine, that defends black women in this way. Never. I’ve had people send me messages saying, thank you because this type of space was needed, which I appreciate because those black women can be the type of black women people shame and exclude from discussions. I would search other so called “BWE” spaces online and a lot of them are still problematic in many ways, and exclusive towards certain types of black women, showcase internalized misogynoir, sexism, victim blaming and so forth. This is why I always stress to non-black people that this space is specifically for black women. No one defends us, no one has our back, no one cares about our feelings.

Mabel and Dipper are trying to figure out what movie they should watch for Friday night because why not. Mabel lists off all these movies and Dipper, not caring what it is just says pick one, but Mabel chose the last one so she’s making him pick one. Dipper is walking downstairs and just blurts up the stairs; “I don’t care!! Just, ugh, Kill Bill, okay?”

Bill drops whatever he’s holding, he doesn’t know what’s fully going on, he doesn’t know too much about pop culture. Dipper get’s alarmed by the sound of whatever falling on the floor. He looks over, he sees Bill standing there with a confused, worried, and slightly horrified look on his face.

going through the POTF forums

someone made a post about whether Lift is a Christian song

and I found this in the reply

“Considering Lift’s music video featured a convict being psychologically evaluated and heavily hints at a violent incident involving a train set, a woman in a moth costume, and a pin….

"Praise Gawd!” is not really a message I take away from it.“

  • The D
  • The Edge of D
  • The Power of the D
  • The Evil of the D
  • Fury from the D
  • The D (again)
  • The seeds of D
  • The D (yet again)
  • Day of the D
  • Planet of the D
  • The Green D
  • Invasion of the D
  • Death to the D
  • Genesis of the D
  • Destiny of the D
  • City of D
  • The King’s D
  • Warriors of the D
  • Resurrection of the D
  • Revelation of the D
  • Remembrance of the D
  • The Unquiet D
  • Father’s D (ew)
  • Evolution of the D
  • Voyage of the D
  • The Doctor’s D
  • Forest of the D
  • The Next D
  • Planet of the D (again)
  • Victory of the D
  • Vincent and the D
  • Asylum of the D
  • The Name of the D
  • The Night of the D
  • The last D
  • The Day of the D (again)
  • The time of the D