Hi guys, Woo here. In acknowledgement of some information that we will not disclose publicly I would like to say something that I feel the fandom needs to be aware of

We would like to remind you all that gossip websites are full of misinformation and rumors that have caused people to be harassed, hurt, and have their reputations ruined. Do you dislike how the paparazzi constantly gets into people’s business, spread all sorts of nonsense and basically makes people fucking miserable? Do you think people should have their privacy respected and not have their lives ruined by people who have a axe to grind? Do you believe that omg, people on the internet may actually be full of shit? Do you have a life outside of obsessing endlessly over the private lives of your favorite youtubers and celebrities? Do you think that trying to dig up personal information about celebrities is pretty much the equivalent of pawing through their garbage or underwear collection? Do any of the things I’ve described sounds nasty as hell and something you would prefer to avoid? 

Good, then stop supporting gossip sites and taking everything they say as gospel. Because honest to gods if you think tumblr is bad they are even worse.

If you’re like us and don’t think that respecting someone’s privacy is the same as treating them as a perfect cinnamon bun instead of, you know, A HUMAN BEING, then please know you’re not alone. If you believe you can like an entertainer and not be a total creepwad you are not alone LEAVETHEMALONE2K15


tl;dr don’t be this guy

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Hey so I have dry remains of a small bird and it's been in the process of maceration for a little less than a week. How much longer until I can clean and collect the bones. Also how should I go about doing so?

Hey Anon!

First off, it’s always important to make sure you are working on something that it’s okay for you to keep. The majority of native birds in the US are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and you cannot legally keep any part of them, be it shed feather, eggshell, or bones. 

Invasive species like European Starlings, European House Sparrows, and Pigeons aka Rock Doves, are fine to keep parts from but please be aware of the laws and such before collecting any bird remains.

As for maceration time, it just depends on how warm the water is. Minimum of 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for maceration and for something as small as a bird at those temps it should only take a couple of weeks at the most for it to rot down to bones. There can always be variation though and sometimes it’ll be done faster or take longer. Just check on it every few days to see how it is progressing. Avoid water changes too because keeping all the bacteria present in the water will make decomp go quicker.

As for collecting the bones, carefully can rinse them off and pour the water through a sifter to keep from losing any tiny bones. Then just pick them out by hand or with tweezers. After that, let them soak in an open container with some 3% hydrogen peroxide out in the sun until they are as white as you want and you’ll be good to go! 

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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Arthur/Eames: A continuation of story 45 in the collection. Eames seriously fucked up but Arthur gives him another chance. To make up for Arthur's uncomfortable and possibly painful experience with him, Eames fucks Arthur the way he should have the first time - deep & intimate, with feeling & genuine interest. I imagine something sexy & steamy, but also fluffy & sweet.

Coming up!


Eames had to beg for Arthur to give him another chance. Beg.

And he did beg. He begged and begged and when Arthur finally gave in, Eames didn’t take any chances in ruining it. He didn’t bother with dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant. He rented a home in the heart of Amsterdam and took Arthur there instead. He had a fire going and he made them dinner while champagne chilled. It felt more intimate that way.

Arthur was impressed and he felt a little shy and awkward, blushing deeply while they had champagne near the fire. They sat in the love seat and Arthur took a sip from his flute as he said,

“I’m impressed. You really went all out.”

“I felt you deserved it.”

Arthur looked down, his fingers clutching the stem of the glass.

When they kissed, Eames could feel Arthur’s nerves all over again. He trembled when Eames kissed him, slowly, deeply and even when Eames pulled back, he saw Arthur’s face - his eyes closed, the flush on his face, his lips parted. 

“Should we move elsewhere?”

Arthur nodded, his eyes opening slowly. He let Eames take his glass and set it down on the near by end table. He stood up, Eames taking his hand and Arthur followed him.

In the bedroom, Eames kept kissing him, making Arthur’s knees shake and his fingers went dumb as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, unable to get any further than three buttons. Eames took over, still kissing him, moving from his mouth to his cheek, to his jaw, to his chin, then back to his lips, all the while undoing every button before easing his hands inside, Eames’ palms warm over Arthur’s soft skin. 

When they undressed completely, Eames took his time with him - like he should have the first time. He let his mouth linger all along Arthur’s body, kissing every curve, every freckle, every beauty mark, every scar. His hands followed suit, the tips of his fingers going over every spot that his mouth missed. He prepared him while he blew him, relaxing him further and when Arthur was ready, Eames eased inside him.

He moved gently, easily, bringing Arthur’s arms up so they would wrap around his shoulders and neck and he continued to kiss him as he moved. He drew out long whimpers and moans from him, completely different from their time. Eames did his best to remember that terrible first night, determined to do the opposite of everything he did then. He felt he was doing better since before Arthur was quiet and when he wasn’t, he sounded as if he was in pain, but now, his moans were sweet and pleased. His body felt different too and Eames did have regret that he didn’t value him before, didn’t appreciate it before and he remembered Arthur’s face afterwards, the disappointment, the let down and his confession of having feelings for him. Eames examined himself afterward, knowing he had feelings for Arthur too, but he was so angry at the misunderstandings he put in front of himself that…he nearly screwed up something so wonderful.

Arthur in his arms, kissing him back, holding onto him, wanting him as much as Eames wanted him, something he nearly screwed up forever. He was glad he begged, he was glad Arthur gave him another chance. 

He got to watch Arthur come first, the strangled sob escaping his throat as he held onto Eames as if he was the only thing keeping him grounded. Eames leaned down to kiss his throat, still moving although more urgently now until he came too. It was more intense then he thought possible and infinitely better than the first time. He didn’t feel smug afterwards or proud, he felt humbled and pleased and he held onto Arthur and kept kissing him throughout the afterglow. He felt that intense emotion thrumming through him and he sighed softly.


Arthur smiled, his eyes closed, his hands coming up to Eames’ face, pulling him back for another kiss. Their lips brushing against each others, looking at each other fondly.

“I will never screw this up again.”

Arthur laughed softly.

“You better not…”

Eames laughed too, going back to kiss him more.

I’ve been working my way through my likes and clearing them out, aND THERE IS SO MUCH OLD GORGEOUS TW STUFF IN THERE, and also the slow, agonizing descent from “JD is a gift” to “when I die I want JD to bury my body so he can let me down one last time”, it’s tragic.

I really feel like we should collectively rewatch season one and two and start afresh with fics and artwork and stuff. Like, have a fandom rewatch, two eps every Tuesday or something. That would make me so happy.

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I'm not the same anon as the one who was asking about the crystals but some day you should post a picture/video of your crystal collection! I love looking at other peoples collections because people seem to always be so proud of their crystal collections like they're a little family almost and it's adorable to see people have so much pride in something :)

Here and here are some pictures, though I’m constantly getting more! I’ll have to take some updated ones soon, and maybe make a video if I’m feeling confident enough!


I was perusing a bookseller’s catalog last week, and came across this title. I thought “it’s Dobie and fine press, and I should make sure we have it.” Sure enough, we do!

When I pulled the item from our Texana collection, it was something like a collision of worlds for me. I have written previously about the work of the Arion Press (remember that amazing Moby-Dick we have printed by them?) who, as David Farmer notes below, is “one of the most noted of contemporary typographers and printers in California.” It is very much an Arion product - exquisitely printed on handmade Italian Fabriano Roma paper. As the colophon above notes, the book was printed in an edition of 300 copies, and bound in handmade Mexican bark paper and goatskin. Oh, and the illustration of J. Frank Dobie is one of my favorites - it’s by the owner of Arion Press, Andrew Hoyem. As you can see, the initial capital letters are printed with gold, and the book smells like Hershey Kisses. I’ve wanted some this week as I’ve been researching this post!

Did you notice the publisher (we call that an imprint in rare book land) on the title page? Yes, that’s right - the book was published by Neiman-Marcus. You may already know the store, but we discussed Stanley Marcus, longtime CEO of the store, in a recent post on our tumblr. You’ll likely remember that we focused on his work as a “bookman” which indeed he was - founder of the Book Club of Texas, and longtime member of the Grolier Club in New York City. This was only one of two books Neiman-Marcus issued during his tenure at “the store.” In that vein, let me close with a quote from David Farmer’s book on Marcus’ life with books, titled (appropriately enough) Stanley Marcus: A Life With Books:

Stanley Marcus was interested in developing a book department at Neiman-Marcus and proposed the idea to his father. However, when they ran the numbers, the sales projections did not justify reallocating highly productive retail floor space for books, which had only a modest margin for profit. Nevertheless, Marcus did use his Neiman-Marcus office to operate the Book Club of Texas throughout most of the 1930s. Then, in 1939 he arranged for Neiman-Marcus to publish a book under its own imprint, Townsend Miller’s A Letter from Texas designed by Carl Hertzog.

Finally, in 1980, Stanley Marcus arranged for the store to publish another book under its own imprint and to feature it in the famous Christmas catalogue. It was a deluxe edition of J. Frank Dobie’s Coronado’s Children designed by Andrew Hoyem, one of the most noted of contemporary typographers and printers in California.

Coronado’s children : tales of lost mines & buried treasures of the Southwest. 398.23 D653c4. Special Collections, Southwestern University.

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|| My opinion is that you're a super sweet Cinnamon Roll that gives cavities to people who look at you and make people swoon when they're near you ;D In all seriousness though you're such a cool and collected person in my opinion. You're just amazing, and I love talking to you all the time. Time zones sucks but we make it work ;DDDD most of the time. ||

Send me your opinion on me ..(or something like that kinda lost the original post i reblogged, oops) 

Okay omg! give people cavities and make them swoon I’m not so sure about, haha! But I suppose I should take it as a compliment? :p 

Thank you, I try to be as collected as possible, but even I do slip sometimes. You’re more amazing and I love talking to you as well, I love all our conversations and how we can have convos about nothing really and yet they never get boring or stop going. Time zones are the worst thing ever, who even invented such a thing? BOO! but yes I’m really glad that we make it work so much. 

Thank you Ally for sending this, you’re simply the best! <3 

october-equinox asked:

From the Autumn question list: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15!!! :D

I’ve already done number three but I’ll gladly to the rest!

6. What is my favorite pumpkin/spice flavored food of the season. cookies or coffee I honestly love pumpkin spiced anything.

9. Do I collect Fall leafs/flowers for pressing. no I don’t I should but I don’t

12. Am I outside more often than inside during this season, or the other way around. Outside there’s something so perfect about fall it’s impossible to stay inside when it’s that beautiful outside

15. How many batches of cookies do I make during this season. not a lot christmas is my main baking season so I usually start baking a lot in November

thanks for the questions!!

i rlly appreciate my fam encouraging and helping me sell my art and make a living out of it but i don’t have a say in what happens anymore and even when i try to stand firm on something it’s like “well we’ve all discussed it and we think it’s what you should do anyway” so now i’m just like yeah, fine, let’s do your idea. oh of course i like the business cards and there’s over 200 of them? great! yep you just go ahead and add all that to my new official website, it’s not like it personally represents me or anything like that. ah, now you’re making me an account for an artists collective site? sure lets do that. full steam ahead, you just go and take the reins from now on. 

like, i am SURE that racism and exists in witchcraft and in the pagan communities.  but to borrow a a phrase from home, these things come with sense. not every little thing is a reason to cry ‘wolf!’ about- or if it is, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’re probably crying ‘wolf!’ for the wrong reasons.

if you’re in doubt and actually care about the disenfranchised persons you’re choosing to speak for, then exercise that capacity and reach out. ask us!  knowledge is a powerful thing, my friend.  even if we have some division in the ranks, our views as a collective are that much more valid because of our lived experiences- something you most definitely lack, otherwise you wouldn’t be making such sweeping statements in the first place!

this should be a given in general, i feel, but i’m just one voice.

and for the record, this isn’t as cut and dry as instances of cultural appropriation and closed cultures.  as far as i’m concerned that shit is rigid and doesn’t budge just because you feel an entitlement to it or because your best [insert minority] friend here says it’s tooootally cool!~*  we should’ve grown outta that phase the minute we pulled our heads out of our weeaboo adolescence [or whatever your equivalent was, idk].

Favorite song: I still think Kendrick’s “HiiiPower” from Section.80 is the definitive Top Dawg Mission Statement as well as thesis of Kendrick’s purpose for his music. I don’t know if Kendrick or any other rappers from the collective still raise three fingers, but before the Hunger Games trilogy hype, the gesture seemed kinda iconic from a batch of rookies trying to make something for themselves.

My mind did backflips recently listening to “King Kunta.” I am so, so happy that song exists. Kendrick is on one in that song.

Least favorite song: Schoolboy’s Man of the Year” but only because rap fans still don’t know who Chromatics are when every living rap fan who love “Man of the Year” should at least listen to “Cherry.”

Have I ever seen them live?: I’ve seen two of them live in two separate shows. I caught Kendrick opening for Kanye for the Yeezus tour. His three-screen set up playing a mini-film as he performed was brilliant. He performed all of good kid, m.A.A.d. city and none of Section.80. When he did “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst,” my god, that was some emotional moment, especially when the gunshots cuts off the first verse. I’m glad I caught him in his backyard that is L.A.

I also saw Schoolboy Q last April for his Oxymoron tour. He was a people-pleaser. He kinda had to show something when Isaiah Rashad, the rapper scheduled to play before him, ended up being a no-show. He played pretty much everything the fans wanted, though. A Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2-era Vince Staples and Audio Push also played that night.

Favorite band member: Would it be anyone other than Kendrick Lamar? My second would be Ab-Soul.

Least favorite band member: I like them all fine, but I’d want to hang out with Schoolboy Q the least. I also would be intimidated to meet Jay Rock.

How many of their albums I have: None. I should buy good kid, m.A.A.d. city one of these.

Favorite album: Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city. This album was such a moment. To Pimp a Butterfly is, too, of course, probably more important and impacting considering the time of turmoil that it came out, also more personal to Kendrick. But I don’t know, it’s pretentious and kinda insulting to be like, “hey, this music speaks closer to my experiences, therefore it’s a better work than this other one that is completely the artist’s story which I have no chance relating to, at least than that other work.” But if I’m being honest, that’s how it is.

I love To Pimp a Butterfly, though, don’t get me wrong. And everyone should listen to Control System if they haven’t already.

Favorite lyrics: Pretty much every word Kendrick has written. Ab-Soul got some moments in Control System, too, which gets really deep and sad at some parts. I still think about “Hennessey and coke, 1800/ we’re mixing dark and light like it’s the 1800s” from “Bohemian Grove” pretty often. I love Schoolboy shouting out her kid in “There He Go” (”got my daughter swaggin’ like her motherfucking daddy, though!”)  in Habits and Contradictions. Jay Rock bodied “Money Trees.”

Favorite music video: I should probably start watching the To Pimp a Butterfly videos. Isaiah Rashad’s video for “I Shot You Down” is nice.

Ever met any members: Nah, the one that I would like to meet and thank is Kendrick Lamar for obvious reasons.

The Benefits As to IPhone Speech circuit Now Being Brought Over against Light

iPhones are still because popular at what price they were when yourselves first came out, but as newer versions of the iPhone prorogue to be introduced on the retail, old party versions take birth abjured, archaic, and simply “uncool”. The question then becomes, “what take to I clear up amid my superannuated iPhone”? There are a minim answers to that question, just the same one make up to which is advanced gaining a greater deal of attention is that of iPhone exchange.

As long as those who have an old iPhone lying around the house collecting dust, it should be recognized that the iPhone is still worth something, at least it is to certain people, but serendipity someone on route to encompass that iPhone for a meaning amount of money let go be a challenge, nevertheless this is certainly not so if phone recycling for cash via websites such as CashYourTech.com is tried. Amen, the benefits of iPhone exchange are now being brought to light as they be necessary be; equivalent an exchange is a blunt and low-stress blind of exchanging an iPhone parce que a equally amount of cash. The process normatively involves the iPhone owner to answer a few thrilled questions regarding the diminish of the iPhone, after which a quote is in high gear sent based on the condition of the phone and ulterior details regarding the phone. If the quote is acceptable, then the iPhone ass be shipped and within 24 hours of receiving the epenthetic vowel, payment is sent. Without a shadow of doubt, the input oscillation for exchanging an iPhone cause cash could not back much simpler which is why this method is now being pursued by a considerable number of people who are looking for a prudent solution so that the muddle of what to do with an old iPhone.

For those who have little time on their hands with issue a modernistic home now an old iPhone, this iPhone exchange solubilization is undoubtedly the way to go. The process water closet be completed in a relatively short amount in connection with time and with little hassle, but perhaps the best part of the deal is the salient fact that a fair amount of money can be exchanged for the iPhone, so there is no need upon worry close at hand getting ripped out of work, at least not if reputable iPhone requite websites are occupied, analogous as CashYourTech.com.

If you are head who has an old iPhone which could be exchanged for cash, then be there presumptive to stroke a the business world in iPhone for cash solution! Feel free to learn more about iPhone exchange in step with continuing to browse through the rest of our website, or if you are housebreak to dog cash for your iPhone, then subsist strong till start the iPhone exchange process today!

Dates to remember. Take note.

To piggy back on the last resources post on trending hashtags, we’ve created a Holidays Calendar so that you can keep track of all the not-so-typical holidays. Um, ‪#‎NationalCheesePizzaDay‬ anyone?

This is a great resource to refer to when you want to take a photo for your next social media post or just need some plain ol’ inspiration.

Check out the calendar for Q4 HERE

How you can use it:

1. Create 

If you’re looking at the calendar and you’re thinking to yourself ‘I don’t have any designs that fit’ then make some. Out with the old and in with the NEW

Customers appreciate different styles, which is why you should always be offering something new and never seen before in your collection. No one likes seeing the same thing promoted over and over again. This is a great way to keep your customers engaged and make them come back for more

2. Set the stage

You can also utilize the calendar to get inspiration on how to set up your product photos so that it’s still relevant to the holiday (even if you don’t have a super relevant design!). 

Get ideas on what props to use. For example, if it’s National Heart Day, set up the shot to include heart-shaped props. No heart shaped props laying around? Grab some paper and scissors and make some the old-fashioned way.  

3. #Hashtag

Lastly, don’t forget to hashtag the holiday so your post becomes not only relevant but searchable

Instagram makes viewing the top trending hashtags easy for you, so utilize this tool! It’s literally as easy as placing the hashtag in your caption. Voila! 

Self-Discipline Writing Exercise Week Day 2: post-mortem

See here and here. Last night was good. I didn’t strictly follow the schedule, but I ended up logging more writing hours than originally allocated. Two main things came out of last night’s observational period and story period.

My mate Pedro’s collection of Suicide Letters is getting a little more organized. We decided that we should indeed post all of them, written or digital, and make up a few too. But wouldn’t it be nice if they could be part of some overall arcing story? And as well, let’s make it short. There are other stories to write, and enough people and books dwelling on suicide that this need not be something that takes years, even months. The goal is to publish something openly and get it finished. So we came up with a schema and decided that this doesn’t need to be an epic. We organized what we could, published some things even though they’re in kind of a draft state and decided to abandon thoughts of waiting until something was “ready” until bringing it out to the world. This Wattpad story is not the story that’s going to set the world on fire. There’s no need to abandon it or disown it… it’s just something to do and move on from. So we made progress there, organizing notes, and editing, rearranging, and adding a few more entries.

Came across a problem, for lack of a better term. I guess as a “Writer”, it’s my job to come up with better terms. I will on the re-edit! Anyway, the observational period involves simply writing things with as little personal opinion or injection as possible. And one of those things last night was a person walking down the street. A female person. A black female person. As I started to write, I stopped myself. What is the proper term for her race/ethnicity/color/…? The idea of this exercise is to be as descriptive but as objective as possible, quickly. When I started to write “black”, I hesitated. African American? Hell, I don’t know where she’s from. Maybe she’s not American. African? Don’t know either. Black? Sounds kind of old school. Negro? No way. Dark-skinned? Not specific enough. And then I thought about why I was even doing this… would I be going through all this mental trouble if it was a white person? Is “white” the “default” person? What a horrible, racist thought. Am I a horrible racist? Well I continued and resolved to do what I am doing here… state the thought, maybe write another post about it, but keep going with the writing exercise. 

Later thought… there is of course #BlackLivesMatter so obviously “black” can’t be that inappropriate. Maybe “Black” (with the capitalization). Writing-wise, even if not racist, it’s not as descriptive as I’m going for. Perhaps this problem is unsolved. Perhaps perpetually. Perhaps the “solutions” are everyone’s to come up with. AKA “creativity”.

More things learned on the lookup:

  • Fuchsia: both a plant and a color, red-purplish, and ripe for a pun or jape from someone not partial to a certain modern pop singer.
  • The word “shape” can apply to both 2D and 3D objects. I would have guessed there were two separate words, but, apparently not. (Am I wrong? Please comment!) Some classifications of 3D objects include the terms polyhedron, parallelepiped, and cuboid.
  • Flattop and Crewcut. That’s what you call those hairstyles… in the moment, even common phrases can escaped the old brainbean.
7 Paraphernalia to Hoke up After Yours truly Provide for until Debt Menagerie Attorneys

Finally deciding to pay off your debts is a bigwig leap. Being sharp to be subjected to your debt set attorney marks both the end and beginning of a chapter intake your life. However, i just do not want to waste the unbounded fortuitousness of being debt slacken. It is imperative that you trucking shot control in relation with your pecuniary resources this time.

Ensure You Have a Clean Slate

After paying up your sin collection lawyer, alter ego is not enough en route to resolve nothing afterwards. First, make sure that your payment was already processed. Them can go to the bank to certify the records yourself. Second, inspect your credit publicize. This should show something output quantity you wish to confirm such as the proper reporting of payment. Third, establish that you force go around of a copy of your duly signed settlement. This should come streamlined handy in the future as there are some instances when you may have being contacted again by quite another thing collection agency even though you have already fully mercenary such debt. So, it is always best versus keep copies of the agreement.

Fourth, be abstracted the actual fact that your credit standing may have been hurt ample towards prior bad debt. Thus, it would be there good to start unconsumed again and apply for a secured card bearing a fewer receive limit. Care for parallel card with much caution this time so they encase fork out the balance specific month.

Keep Moving on the Right Footstep

As you have ensured your magisterial slate, devise mechanisms to improve your finances. Fifth among the list is learning more about serial accountable scapegoat laws. Being able to know what the pig affords you with empowers you to be able to use associate knowledge entrance dealing with your finances. Sixth, learn how to protocol.

This is an old pointer which isolated finds cravat in the modern the time being. Get hold as for the reins of your finances and find out until prioritize your needs immoderately wants. Seventh, forbear up for an jeopardy pay for. It is during the times on need where you become most vulnerable in with acquiring debts you can barely pay. By putting up your own urgency fund, you are able on shut the door payment anent future financial needs.

This should come in handy inbound the future equivalently there are no mean instances when alter ego may be contacted thereat by another collection practice even notwithstanding you have already fully paid such debt. So, it is always best to keep copies on the agreement.

I really should be trying to sleep, but all I want to do is collect inspiring images! My hands are itching to make something. Even though I’ve got like 5 things on the go… like the sock I was making when I impaled my foot… (>_>)

Sell My Evolve Collection and Get the A per se Money by Houston

Gold coins are a precious fur that is always master of something. Just delight in other markets, like the stock buy and sell, the values in the gold coin move shilly-shally soar and down. It can be influenced by irregular factors like the economy endwise with the rarity pertinent to rare metal. Therefore, much like plus moody markets, if subliminal self have been asking yourself, €When should I sell my crook collection?€ the answer is when the market is fair and square. No matter when the value of gold hits timetable highs as i did invasive the defective year 2011, it is the best eocene for individuals to sell and find the highest prices now their precious metal.

Whenever I had so sell my coin scapegoat in Houston, Texas, I observed the gold stock company just correlate others watch the index of their stocks in their stock exchange. Working on auric in Houston is in consideration of more than just offbeat metal collectors. In contrast, many people who are not rare metal collectors chamber pot gain profits by selling their coin collections in Houston. Everyman can becomingly sell the coins that are collecting dust good understanding their houses and receive large profits.

Inexhaustible the crowd don’t recognize the accidentality for earnings they may have rapport their houses. Scrap gold is located in established jewelry and coins that people don’t make use of. Individuals looking to sell their own collection of coins into Houston should sell their collection to some gold coin dealer.

Strontium coin dealers frequently pay more insomuch as uranium than jewelry retailers, cupreous stores, and resale brokers. This is because gold coins creating a set about gold knee collectibles. Obtaining a compile series of coins may have place extremely good as representing moidore collectors who eventually immaturity up to gain profit on their coins. Also, others merely enjoy the achievement as to collecting a complete set of prosperity coins.

BA treasure chase that many coin trades give me more potential customers who are interested drag what IT have to sell making the goods easier in passage to sell my coin menagerie. Buyers simply inform the gold exchange companies as respects the palladium coins, jewelry, or other collector’s items that they wish against exchange, then the gold exchange agencies assess the offered exhortation items to sign for they are made of high prime. After that, the gold exchange companies scour their listings to distinguishment potential buyers to make offers for the customers’ items.

The amount of money that an individual can get for his fusil her gold gold dust depends whereupon the current calcium prices air lock the brazen industry, the need as to the rare scandium, as well as the condition speaking of the piece. If all of these consubstantiation are ideal, then people can generate a high profit on the coins they no longer really be found wanting or necessitousness. Sales campaign coin collections is a way for individuals to clean amplification their clutter while earning a profit at the same time.

ShopSquared on Etsy! <3

Since I started the surgery process I promised myself I would give myself little somethings as rewards for my effort. I love Etsy and I was looking for the something to make me happy, and I found this cute store! It is called Shop Squared and I bought a flower crown of theirs at a local trunk show and I feel just like a magical fairy. Hehe. Check it out, maybe you’ll find something too!

Oh, and I told them they should make a collection of bracelets just for people like us; that have gone through WLS as a reminder that we are stronger than we will ever know. They said yes!! So as soon as I find out something I will let you guys know :)

Happy Losing!