during my homework/study/revision sessions, i often find myself wasting precious time making frivolous decisions and adjustments i should have already figured out. i thought of a couple ways to avoid such procrastination and distraction, and to make the most of your study sessions!


even if you think you MIGHT need it, grab it. when you need something in the middle of doing homework, studying, or revising, it might cause you lose focus and track.

now, mind you, this one isn’t a super huge problem if you simply get what you need and go back to your study space (or don’t leave it in the first place), but just in case, get everything you need so you’re not tempted to wander, go check your phone, etc.


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been sitting down to make notes, a study guide, or something similar, and i end up going through my stationery collection and staring at my paper for 10 minutes trying to decide which colors to use.

establish a color code for the subject you’re taking notes on, and/or already have the colors you want to decorate/write your notes in chosen.


it will eliminate the need to go on your phone/computer/ipod/etc. to change the song, which can lead to you using it for social media and other things.

put songs you LOVE on there so it’s constant jamming—not constant distraction!


this is a huge one for me—probably my biggest issue. i find myself at the end of the study session with barely anything accomplished because i don’t have a game plan in the first place.

chunk your assignment or topic of study/revision into small, manageable chunks so you’ll not only feel more productive, you’ll BE more productive.

you’ll have a clear list of everything you need to get done by the end of your session, motivating you to work and steering you along the way so you don’t end up idling the whole time.


if you’re taking notes from a textbook, video, test prep book, novel, etc., decide on a note-taking method before you even start. this will keep you from being dissatisfied with your notes and starting over, scrolling through tumblr/social media for inspiration then straying away from actual work, getting overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do, and (obviously) getting no notes taken.

as for studying/revising, choose whether you’ll be using flashcards, summary foldables, re-reading, highlighting, etc. to study or revise the information before you start. this prevents spending time trying to figure out HOW you’re going to study/revise INSTEAD OF studying/revising, and helps you actually get some learning done.


some people work well under pressure! the time constraint might motivate you to get as much done as possible in the time you’ve allotted yourself, thus decreasing your will to turn your attention to other things.

moral of this post: plan out your study sessions so you’re fully prepared for success, productivity, and accomplishment! :)

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While I’m waiting for more activity on Needed Me, I’m debating on whether or not I should write a new series. Depending on the likes of this post then I’ll write longer parts. Sorry if it’s short :(

Peter Hale X Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Warnings:// Darkness, i guess…

“I can’t believe this!”
Jackson jumped off of Lydia and tried to collect himself.
He told you he was over her.
That you were the only thing that mattered to him.
Clearly, that was a straight up lie.
You ran downshift stairs and went out the door.
Shirtless, Jackson rose his hands.
“Baby I’m sorry!”
You shook your head and hopped on your bike.
Someone should’ve told you that riding a bike, crying, with no clue where to go; was a bad idea.
Something in the middle of the street startled you.
You screamed and fell over.
The creature snapped it’s head in your direction, making you run towards the woods.
The reason why you stood out to Jackson was because you were a cross country runner with two regional gold medals.
So you were fast but so was it.
The night was dark, the moon offering whatever light it could.
Your chest burned as your legs fought for their lives.
A mistake.
You fell forward, your ankle hurting from the hit.
Fear arose in your heart.
Between owl hoots and the impending sounds of cricket chirps, you could hear your heart beating at an incredible rate.
This is not how I die, you thought to yourself.
Get up!
Mustering the strength, you got up and hobbled as fast as you physically could.
The fear of being mauled or murdered provided an effective pain suppressor.
Snarls and low growls rumbled through the ground.
A tear or two flew off your face when you tried to assess the situation.
I am going to make it?
You reached the end of the woods and almost fell off the cliff.
Heavy, animalistic breathing created goosebumps on the back of your neck.
You get to choose your own fate.
You took a step further and prepared to die.
A sharp pain on your arm, made you cry out.
Its claws dug into your skin, unwilling to let go.
You tried to fight back but it was useless.
His hold was too strong.
It pulled you up closer then took a chunk out of your shoulder.
A spine-chilling scream released out of your throat.
The searing pain clouded your vision, your body felt limp, so this is what it feels like?

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5th December! Happy Birthday, Indigo! - One Piece

It was so close that I thought, “Why not?” Anyways I doubt I will remember next year’s.

So, the MUN decided to force Rosetto to give something to Indigo, so why not a new scarf for his collection?


I had no clue how to make him react to this! He ain’t my character afterall! So i stopped there drawing. Shall he know who gave this to him? Should he care? Does he know she is in the lab?How does he react? 

So why not have a laugh?

You all can send in a comment or even an ASK telling me what he does. You can write anything xD Afterall, i know people will use the Anon mode to troll Rose as always XD. I will try and draw it.

Therefore, ASKS OPEN AGAIN!!

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I know you have a lot of side projects and stuff, so whenever we 'pretend to be in the story by speaking to flowey,' how do you know where our 'ask' should be? Do you just guess and just place our ask where it fits, or are we supposed to include something that hints you to the correct project? Please answer, thanks~! :D

I try to make it sound as much like a conversation as possible, to help progress the story. Most of the time I do not write the update until I have collected all of the asks. 

I have a bullet list of all things that could happen based on how the story is choosen to go by you, the reader, and work those bullets into the story. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years with my first webcomic located here –> DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!

gonna start tagging these ‘Shinra photo book project’ because I forgot to assign a tag to the cards and that was a mistake.

Yes, it’s a photo book! Very much inspired by Phil Noto’s ‘Hank Pym’s photo collection’, which you should totally look up if you haven’t seen those images floating around. But in addition to being lots of ‘photos’ of the folks at shinra, there’s also going to be an overarching theme/chronology and hopefully at the end of it all you’ll still get to feel like I’ve punched you in the lungs. I enjoy delivering that feeling. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t enjoy feeling it.

Learned lots from making the cards, so hopefully this project runs smoother. Haven’t quite decided on the print format - something more aesthetic, or useful? Either way I can’t foresee this one selling as well, but doesn’t matter. Even with the cards it was never about the sales.

Hope to have your company again for the production ride this year!

(edit: hmm might have to brush up on my CC timeline. just think of those years as a placeholder for now)

I’m so rusty, but I just needed to get something out, and after reading some amazing Illegal Allies, I just wanted to try my hand at it.

“And why should I work for you, huh? What makes you better than any of the other gangs running heists, killing people?” Ian’s teeth were almost bared against their lipstick (a bright enough red that Ben had wondered aloud, briefly, if it was supposed to look like blood against their teeth. Everyone collectively agreed that it was probably the aesthetic they were going for.)

Jones raised a brow coolly. “Because I know your reputation, Hinck. You may look bloodthirsty, and you’re one hell of a grifter, but you’re no killer.”

Ian snorted. “And what, you guys don’t kill people? What is this, Batman? You planning on dying out there?”

 “We don’t kill people needlessly,” Jones stressed. “And we don’t take hit contracts. We only take down people we have to.”

 “Oh God, you’re one of those people.” Ian was clearly unimpressed, their face screwed up in a mocking smile. “Oh, we only take down the people we have to. That makes us better people blah blah blah. A killer’s a killer, Jonesie. And I’m going to ask again: what makes you any different?”

 Surprisingly, it’s Kyle who answers. “Jack McMillan. Know him?”

 The air in the room seemed almost to get a little colder. “He’s dead. What does it matter?”

 “I know,” Kyle said. “We did it.”

 There is silence as Ian considers. Ben considers too, wonders why this is the trump card Kyle decided to pull.

 “Why? What did he do to get in your way?” Ian’s hands are shaking, just slightly, and they are not quite meeting Kyle’s eyes. Ben hopes they don’t have this many tells when they are actually grifting.

 “Not a job,” Jones says. “We know what he did. What he was still doing. So we took him down.”

 Huber chimes in, breaking the tense silence that was forming, his voice solemn. “We live by a strict code.”

 The noise Brad makes in response is half a choke and half a snort. “Fuck that, no we don’t.” He moves over, sits down in front of Ian. His chair tips back jauntily. “We’ve been winging it since day one. Some days we’re better at winging it than others.”

 Surprisingly, Brad’s words seem to mean the most to Ian. The look on their face is almost savage now, and Ben can’t help but be impressed when that’s the moment they say “I’m in.”


Peony didn’t say anything for a moment, but turned around and walked into the family room, collecting her thoughts. She might be making this up. Ms. Star didn’t say anything about this last week when I called her. This woman could’ve looked something up online about me. Criminal do that, right? Research people on the internet. You can find anything online. I should’ve deleted my BerryBook when I started this political career like they said to…

The woman had slowly followed Peony, keeping her distance. “I…I can go, give you some space, time to call Ms. St-”

“How do I even know that you actually know Ms. Star? And what does knowing her have to do with you being in my home? You’re probably just some crazy lady who invades people’s homes.”

The woman recoiled from Peony. Oh, boy, does she have a convincing innocent look. She’s probably a pro at this…whatever it is she’s doing.

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not to be *that girl* but your caption on that bi / ace tumblr post makes no sense

The “x and y should fight” meme which op was joking about is built upon the idea that the x and y parties are cringey/bad/toxic/otherwise undesirable and should be pitted against each other in an amusing hypothetical (e.g. “yaoi fangirls and yuri fanboys should fight”). To make this joke, they referred to the ace and bi community on tumblr derisively as “ace tumblr”/“bi tumblr”, as though they’re a monolith who collectively do cringy and problematic things and hold cringy and problematic beliefs, as if “bi and ace tumblr” aren’t just…people on tumblr who happen to be bi and ace. I mean imagine a bi or ace person saying something similar about the gay community on tumblr. It would be extremely out of line

This is just one of many things exclusionists like to do to make the tumblr bi and ace community seem worthy of their derision and an active mobilized force opposing them, which is…really indicative of how they see us and the tactics they regularly engage in

Servamp Episode 12 - calm your titters

     Right, ok you whiny babies let’s settle down here for a minute. I’ve collected my thoughts long enough and it’s time to set the record straight on the finale for the Servamp anime. I will be damned if I’m going to see another fandom become a war zone over something we should all be grateful for. First off, let’s appreciate the fact Servamp even got an anime at all. There are hundreds of thousands of manga being produced; it is a damn competitive market. You’ve got all sorts of popular series coming out and you’ve got the less mainstream ones fighting to make it. Servamp is probably sitting in the middle somewhere–that’s right the blaze ignored mid table finish. It’s no Haikyuu, it’s no OPM, but it’s not a minor series either. Right in the middle. You know how hard it is to even get there? STRIKE Tanaka had to work hard and try over and over again to make it with their series to get it to where it is now. For them to have achieved an anime they are probably so proud and humbled to even have that chance to see their beloved characters and story animated. Yes, it’s not exactly like the manga but name me one anime that is word for word, scene for scene a replica of the manga (I see you FMA Brotherhood people–sit down. You had to go through an original anime ending as well before your series made enough to be revamped).

     Now then, as far as the anime is concerned, Kadokawa had to make a lot of extremely hard choices on what exactly they were going to do with the 12 episode series they were green-lit for. I can’t imagine they did not consult with STRIKE Tanaka continually in order to gain their opinion on what to do for the series. Yes, STRIKE Tanaka probably didn’t get things completely their way, but for the sake of having the anime be successful and generating both mutual revenue compromises were made. Given the anime as a whole, they did a fucking fantastic job of it to try and make the series both complete, and open as possible. That’s not easy to do. With that, we look at our finale episode.

     As a rabid lover of C3, I understand some fans disappointment in what transpired. I get you–I feel you, but let’s rewind for a minute. From the beginning most of us were damn well certain we wouldn’t be seeing them AT ALL–let alone hearing the amazing seeiyuu they got. But if I may… I’d like to point out why the animation team made the choices they did.

     First of all, the series is about Mahiru and Kuro’s relationship. As such the finale is not going to crescendo on C3′s intervention. It does this in the manga because the manga is continual, there are no breaks; whereas anime has set seasons–they don’t get that luxury. It’s just like a book, you have an intro, you have a message you’re trying to convey through the story, you end the story on that message and drive it home again. That’s what the anime did, that’s what they needed to do, and I don’t think they could’ve done it any more epically than what they did. Tsubaki is still at large as he was in the manga, they didn’t end it with his issues being resolved. Mahiru got a glimpse into Tsubaki’s problems but they sure as hell were not solved. Tsubaki made a point of saying this when he was with Sakuya.

     On that note; Sakuya. owreinbfeolefihnerlugrloewifhdsolfugeirugbel dear Sakuya I love you again–or at least your anime self. HE DID A THING GUYS!! HE LEGIT—DID A THING AND FINALLY FOLLOWED HIS OWN HEART. LIKE—JUST—6jiglfdh -dishes points all around for him and throws flowers on him- SO. MUCH. DEVELOPMENT. BLESS!!!! I could not have been more excited for Sakuya as I was this episode. I hope all of you SakuMahi fans are screaming your hearts out right now because I sure was and I’m usually the one standing in the bg of the ship going ‘that’s cool bro’. So many points for that change man–so many. That ship has fucking sailed.

     Speaking of other sailing ships: LICHT AND LAWLESS. HOLY FUCKING HELL OF HELLS. I’ll definitely be rereading through the manga on that scene but kjgriowahifohsd LICHT’S EMOTION SCREAMING HYDE’S NAME. I CAN’T EVEN MY EVEN. 

     That was basically me on that scene. I could not handle it–it was so beautiful. AND PISSED OFF TETSU. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! KJfgorwahf heart throb–fucking heart throb. His bond with Hugh was cast in such a beautiful light that even the manga does not touch on all that deeply and I just lost my shit in giddiness over it all.

     Then we have Mikuni, to which I tilted my head a bit with mixed emotion. I was both pleased and concerned. Pleased first of all because Mikuni is my king and I’d fucking lick his boots if given the chance. Second… he was cast in a really protagonist light, and he’s… not? Really? This is actually stuff that’s still waiting to be brought to light in the manga, but throughout the story Mikuni is sort of this on again off again side character that seems to have some ulterior motives. Of course the anime is likely not going to touch that as it is SO SUBTLE in the manga, and there’s no real justification as to why or what he’s doing, so why even go there yet? In the end though I’m pretty ok with him being shown as a positive character. He did have a bit of that Chaotic Neutral aura when first introduced and when seeing Mahiru in his shop The Land of Nod. Mikuni does act like a mentor to Mahiru, but his advice is usually questionable–yet he seems to have most people going along with what he says that are gullible to it. So all in all, yah, ok I’ll give you guys that. Make him seem like a good guy for a bit longer which will only hype the surprise when he innevitably fucks us all over at some point.

     Lastly we have the C3 babies. I’m circling back around to this because while most of you pissed off can we take a second to appreciate they light they were cast in with this episode? Admittedly I myself was dissapointed at first not seeing them, but I got cameos and even a little seen with Tsurugi in the resolution. C3 appeared just as they do in the manga but they fucking HELPED. THEY. HELPED. Which is fantastic because daaaamn for episode 5 did people not like them. They were scene as the yucky bad guys there to take vampires out and that’s not really their goal. As a Tsurugi RPer myself episode 5 was a goddamned curse for me. Every character I RPed with that had only watched the anime thought of C3 as some vampire hunting guild and only that, and they’re totally not. So with this episode I was extremely pleased to see them cast so positively to balance that out. They were there to aid all of the eves and even Servamps after the battle. They observed ready to step in if things got out of hand and I was just really elated with that. If they had stepped in like they’d done in the manga that would’ve only worsened the opinion on them. C3 is not a horrible organization–they’re questionable, but they’re not merciless vampire hunters. So, thank you for this Kadokawa I really appreciate the redemption you gave them <3 truly.

     Now, we still have the actual climax of the series a lot of people are confused and angry about. The whole scene with Tsubaki, his past, the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, all that stuff. Again you guys… it’s the FINALE. OF. THE. SHOW. People that do not know what the hell is going on from having read the manga would be more pissed off than you if there was no resolution–and do not yell at the anime-only fans or I swear to my cat mug I will come to you and bop you on the head. Everyone starts somewhere in the fandom; leave ‘em alone. They are not any better or worse having only seen the anime. This episode is again the finale–FINAL. It draws to a close, and that’s what it did. We had the vitally important driving home of the message with Mahiru and Kuro working together to solve a problem. We had absolutely AMAZING development on Kuro from his begining days of ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome, to full blown ‘I’ll take all of this burden on myself–I’m tired of regretting and doing nothing’. He came full circle which you need to do in a FINALE. Mahiru likewise stepped right in and reminded him again that he didn’t have to do it alone and they would handle this together.

     Then we have Tsubaki. You can’t go a whole season without giving the main antagonist some sort of modus operandi or creed. You just… you can’t have that. Many of us manga readers are still going WHAT IN THE FUCK IS TSUBAKI’S REASON FOR ANYTHING, because we STILL don’t know it. You anime fans may not realize this but you’re getting more closure and information than the manga readers had with this episode. (Hahahaha who’s superior now?–no really there’s no right and wrong in this) Can we just take a step back and appreciate we actually had some goddamn information finally come out on Tsubaki? We got to see his arm as we do in this battle in the manga, and we got to see his fucking REASON–sort of. Nothing was really said as to Tsubaki’s goal or the mission sensei assigned him with. We just know now why he’s as batty as he is, which to be fair the anime foreshadowed this for a number of episodes. The manga has as well but we still haven’t SEEN it yet. I can’t imagine this scene happening without STRIKE Tanaka’s OK and guidance on it. Believe it or not the manga-ka’s do step in sometimes and say ‘yo, add this in because I want this shown’. It does legitimately happen and for the finale of the series I imagine this was likely a decision by STRIKE Tanka themselves.

     IN CONCLUSION OF THIS WALL OF TEXT: 1. I understand the manga readers are upset. 2. Ya’ll should not be upset because you got an anime series for a series you really love and should be fucking grateful they tried to give you as much as you wanted as they could possibly squeeze in with their budget. 3. YOU’RE GETTING OVAS ON THE DVD/BR RELEASES. 4. The anime serves as a means to draw in people to a series and create hype. I have seen the Servamp fandom explode in size since the anime has happened and met so many amazing people. A lot of you would not be here today without the anime and don’t fucking kid yourselves and tell me it’s not true. 5. The anime also can serve as a means to get people interested in READING THE MANGA. (Shocking~ ¬_¬).

     If you all want a season 2 as badly as you’re yelling in the tags for one right now, stop yelling and support the series. Pissing and moaning about it (and goddamn if I see one of you threaten to boycott—) will not get you a second season. It’s the same as when you’re working in the service industry. Screaming and yelling at the poor cashier that’s just doing their job is not going to get you better customer service–or what you want at all. Sit down, be thankful, provide support and you may get that additional season you’re hoping for.

     As the saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” Take this message to heart and give Kadokawa a round of applause because they worked their asses off on this.

     Thank you and good night -mic drop-

These are without a doubt, in Jack and Bitty’s kitchen.

Did Jack buy them for Bitty as a surprise, because he recognized the musical baking puns? Did Bitty get them when he moved in to/started spending a lot of time at Jack’s place to help it feel more like a shared place?

Did Jack see Bitty looking at them and make an offhand comment about “someday when I have my own kitchen…” with a big sigh, and then put them immediately in the shopping cart because “I’ve always thought of my kitchen as, well, yours, Bits. If these are something you’d like in your kitchen, then they should be in ours”?

Who knows? But they are in there, hanging proudly on the wall where they can see all of Jack’s collected post it notes from Bitty.

Make the Yuletide Gay (Bumbleby)

“Oh, Blaaaaaake …”

“Hmm. Probably, I should have guessed you were scheming something when you kept singing naughty and nice instead of naughty or nice. What’s up?”

“You’ll probably need to look up, if you wanna find out the answer to that question.”

“A message from on high. How apt to the seas … on?”

“See anything you like?”

“You know, in the past, I’ve made a lot of inquisitive statements about your whims. Dozens of times, even. Apparently, those many occasions have taught me nothing. What, may I ask, is that?”

“Your ticket to paradise, Blakey.”

“Hmm. Funny. Doesn’t look very much like a quiet evening alone with a good book.”

“… huh. I don’t have a witty response to that. Good one!”

“Thank you. In all seriousness, really. What is that?”

“It’s a mistletoe! Or should I say a kiss-letoe?”


“You’ve seriously never heard of them?”

“I’m about as far removed from Yuletide traditions, as I’m assuming this is, as the greeting card industry. You’ll have to indulge me.”

“That’s kind of the idea, actually.”

“I’m beginning to suspect you’re teasing me. What does a mistletoe mean, Yang?”

“Alright, alright, alright. The idea is, if you’re underneath a mistletoe with somebody special, oh, say, I dunno, someone with blonde hair, purple eyes, stunning good looks and a killer smile – you two have to kiss. Or to put it another way, mistletoes mean ‘pucker up, kitten’.”

“You’re … what? Kissing?”

“Just think of it as an early Christmas present! One size fits … you.”

“ … you know, Yang, I really, genuinely believed that you were more mature than that.”

“Huh? Wait, what?”

“You really thought – you really thought – I was going to kiss you just because you hung up some sprig of green above the doorway?”

“I - I mean – it was – I was only trying to, you know … I mean -”

“I can’t believe this. You - you of all people - should know better than that, Yang.”

“No, no, no no no no, Blake, I didn’t mean it that way, I swear, I -”

And then, suddenly, there was a feeling like hot cocoa on Yang’s cheek.

Not a feeling like hot cocoa felt. A feeling like it tasted. Sweetness, and a warmth that spread from a single point all the way throughout Yang’s body. The feeling, remembered and made new, of every small moment where warmth was found in a world that seemed to have gone completely cold.

It was enough to make a terrified girl peek out from under the eyelids she’d squeezed shut.

Blake was cradling Yang’s face with one soft-pressing hand. “If you really wanted to kiss me so badly?” And smiling, something the hearth would probably be jealous of. Warmer. Brighter. More smoky. More … like home. “You didn’t need any silly plant to give you an excuse.”

There were chimes, after that, from the clock on the mantel above the fireplace. Twelve chimes, the background music to a sensation like finally being complete.

Yang felt Blake’s lips move against hers, more than heard her speak.

“Merry Christmas, Yang.”

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Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 10

Favorite Lyric: “The moments when you’re in so deep, it feels easier to just swim down…” Damn.

Favorite Song: Hahahaha… there’s too many to choose from this question should be illegal but I guesssss I’ll say ‘Non-Stop.’ Or ‘The Room Where It Happens.’ Two is as narrow as I can get. 

Favorite Character: Elizabeth Schuyler. Or the Schuyler Sisters as a collective unit. 

Best Moment: The dance break in Yorktown is so ridiculous, I love it so much. The best moment is right after that when everyone goes still and they’ve won the war and everyone is happy but also on edge about what’s gonna happen next. It’s so triumphant, I love it.

Something that makes me angry: The forcing of historical facts upon me that make me too emotional aka Philip dying. Also, that they wiped out the Tony’s this year. I love this show, but I also love a lot of other shows that deserved awards more, in my opinion.

Gives me the chills: ELIZA’S FIVE CONSECUTIVE BELTS IN A ROW IN ‘BURN’ FOLLOWED BY A LONG ASS NOTE. Also the scream that’s not on the soundtrack but absolutely killer in person. 

Overall opinions: This show is absolutely a masterpiece… It brought so many people into theatre who had no interest or knowledge of it before (which I believe is a beautiful, wonderful thing, since it’s so important- shows have so many important messages to teach people). 


#302 You go to sleep during horror movies

(Hi this is absolute garbage but hey it’s something!! I’m so sorry for making you wait so long😰)

Dan: “You know what we should watch tonight? A horror movie.” He declared one evening.

You’d been dating Dan for a few months, and had neglected to tell him how terrified you were of scary movies.

“Yeah… Okay,” you replied, heart beginning to pound.

“Phil and I don’t have a huge horror collection,” he noted. “How about The Woman in Black? It’s Harry Potter ghost hunting,”

“Sure, that’s fine with me.” You were 100% not fine. You sat down on the couch as he put the movie in.

Some time in, you were starting to get really scared. But it clicked in your head- you should go to sleep! He’d think you were just tired, when really you were terrified.

The movie ended and Dan shifted. “Well that was spoopy,” he said before looking down to see you fast asleep. “Huh,” he thought. “She must have been tired.”

Phil: He was a total horror fan, while you were the exact opposite. You both tried to do things the other liked, and to your dismay, he picked a horror movie for his night.

“Hmm.. Maybe we could watch..” He picked through the movie collection. “Ah! Let’s watch Scream,”

You sunk back into the couch a little. “Don’t worry, I’m here to protect you,” he joked as he sat down and put his arm around you.

You stayed awake for a little bit of the movie. But as soon as the scary music started to pick up, your eyes were shut.

Next thing you knew, he was shaking you awake.

“You fell asleep on me,” he laughed. “Wouldn’t it be funny if you did it on purpose? Like imagine forcing yourself to sleep when you’re watching a horror movie,”

So what happened was uh… I found Louise O’Connor - the voice of this little lady - on Twitter and I almost immediately went to draw something for her since that was what I’ve always wanted to do should I ever find her on any social media site.

It took like 5+ hours to make collectively, but with how much I had to rest up to make sure it wasn’t a complete disaster it felt a lot longer.

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{agentannakelso} //tbh, Eidos really dropped the ball with Vega in MD. The Fall & Hard Line make it pretty clear she is a badass. Black Light & Hard Line take the time to remind people she mainly does piloting for the Collective... and then that never comes up in MD. Like, at all. Neither does her cover in Lebedev Global. I was hoping maybe a Criminal Past would end with Adam escaping with her help but not even that.

(I should really read the books or something because they keep popping up, but I am always so disappointed with video game books. And comic spinoffs (Prototype. No.).

But yea, I was expecting a little more co-op with her or something. I didn’t do the Bank mission (because Adam is a man of his word, Vega!) so I donno if she co-ops with you there but *shrugs*)

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Will you ever do a 2nd part of Ghost Lights, or something with the two guys in it? I just fell in love with them and don't want to stop it... <3

omg /// i’m so glad you like them <3 and YES i’m already working on a part 2 (or better said… a separate part, a main story). collecting scenes etc.

it makes me so so happy that they got so much positive feedback. and i want to continue working on their story, too. it’ll be much longer, and it’s going to be really dark… but also more intimate between them! i’m setting the release date of the comic for early 2016

soo thank you very much, it means a lot!! (they say thank you, too)


Imagine having sleepovers with Hanna

“I’m so glad that your mom let me sleep over, [Name]” Hanna said as she walked into the [Last Name] household.

“Well you’re my best friend. You’re always welcomed here.” [Name] replied as she gave her friend a smile. “What movie should we watch?”

“Let’s watch something romantic!” Hanna told the girl as she started looking through her movie collection.

“I’ll start making the popcorn while you choose the movie, okay?”


Hell of an evening

TITLE: Hell of an evening


AUTHOR: teawitchjoan

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine attending a formal event and meeting a dark tall stranger named Loki, who ends up spending the night with you.

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNINGS: none really. Sorry for minor errors and mistakes, especially when it comes to punctuation. English is not my native language and nobody ever bothered to explain punctuation in class.


“Why did I even agree, I should have told them I’m sick or something”, you muttered under your breath, getting out of a taxi and handing a bill to the driver.

This whole evening was some awful mistake. Your boss called a few hours earlier and said he needed you to attend an event organised by the owner of a big company you were trying to make a deal with and it was crucial that you go there and make sure they agree to all the terms, otherwise the newest collection wouldn’t be ready on time.

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