I couldn’t resist this cute adventurer mug from ModCloth to add to my ever growing collection! I actually love that it’s tin cause it makes you feel like you should be back in old New England or something, drinking from a hot tin mug, sharing seafaring tales lol. #modcloth #adventurer #mug #nautical #anchor

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during my homework/study/revision sessions, i often find myself wasting precious time making frivolous decisions and adjustments i should have already figured out. i thought of a couple ways to avoid such procrastination and distraction, and to make the most of your study sessions!


even if you think you MIGHT need it, grab it. when you need something in the middle of doing homework, studying, or revising, it might cause you lose focus and track.

now, mind you, this one isn’t a super huge problem if you simply get what you need and go back to your study space (or don’t leave it in the first place), but just in case, get everything you need so you’re not tempted to wander, go check your phone, etc.


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been sitting down to make notes, a study guide, or something similar, and i end up going through my stationery collection and staring at my paper for 10 minutes trying to decide which colors to use.

establish a color code for the subject you’re taking notes on, and/or already have the colors you want to decorate/write your notes in chosen.


it will eliminate the need to go on your phone/computer/ipod/etc. to change the song, which can lead to you using it for social media and other things.

put songs you LOVE on there so it’s constant jamming—not constant distraction!


this is a huge one for me—probably my biggest issue. i find myself at the end of the study session with barely anything accomplished because i don’t have a game plan in the first place.

chunk your assignment or topic of study/revision into small, manageable chunks so you’ll not only feel more productive, you’ll BE more productive.

you’ll have a clear list of everything you need to get done by the end of your session, motivating you to work and steering you along the way so you don’t end up idling the whole time.


if you’re taking notes from a textbook, video, test prep book, novel, etc., decide on a note-taking method before you even start. this will keep you from being dissatisfied with your notes and starting over, scrolling through tumblr/social media for inspiration then straying away from actual work, getting overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do, and (obviously) getting no notes taken.

as for studying/revising, choose whether you’ll be using flashcards, summary foldables, re-reading, highlighting, etc. to study or revise the information before you start. this prevents spending time trying to figure out HOW you’re going to study/revise INSTEAD OF studying/revising, and helps you actually get some learning done.


some people work well under pressure! the time constraint might motivate you to get as much done as possible in the time you’ve allotted yourself, thus decreasing your will to turn your attention to other things.

moral of this post: plan out your study sessions so you’re fully prepared for success, productivity, and accomplishment! :)

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little hungarian things:

  • huge guys dressed in black physically stopping you from changing anything in completely legal ways
  • “women’s role in life is to belong to someone not to earn the same amount of money as men” - a local politician
  • gov people giving T-Mobile shit and breaking contracts for not agreeing with above sentence
  • your school not having useable books or heating or a roof
  • dying from a broken arm because the hospitals are in such shitty condition you get an infection 
  • anti corruption money stolen by politicians
  • huge billboards and adverts saying THE GOVERNMENT IS WORKING AND THE IMMIGRANTS ARE BAD
  • getting called a gorilla on national television for the colour of your skin (or a monkey, not sure what the exact word was but something along these lines)
  • “we should collect the jews and get them out of here”
  • making it literally impossible to know what the government does with your tax money
  • laws that stop you from moving abroad if you attend university here
  • your pm priding himself on being illiberal

this is all 100% true and there is zero exaggaration but we aren’t the US so we’re not talked about I guess

I hate controversy but this situation really upsets me and I have to say something. My friend @soniquesaturday had her concept taken/used ( I believe ) by @gucci’s new collection and I think credit should be given to her! It pisses me of to see a hard working black woman make a name and a brand for herself all on her own and it be taken away just like that. Some may disagree and that is fine but I don’t think this is right! Please please tell @gucci to give @soniquesaturday her credit. Thank you! I don’t want drama. I just want her to be recognized for what she has created. 🙏🏾

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These are without a doubt, in Jack and Bitty’s kitchen.

Did Jack buy them for Bitty as a surprise, because he recognized the musical baking puns? Did Bitty get them when he moved in to/started spending a lot of time at Jack’s place to help it feel more like a shared place?

Did Jack see Bitty looking at them and make an offhand comment about “someday when I have my own kitchen…” with a big sigh, and then put them immediately in the shopping cart because “I’ve always thought of my kitchen as, well, yours, Bits. If these are something you’d like in your kitchen, then they should be in ours”?

Who knows? But they are in there, hanging proudly on the wall where they can see all of Jack’s collected post it notes from Bitty.

help me make a gift for tyler oakley!

hey guys! im meeting tyler on the 13th of december (holy fuck). tyler mentioned in his recent room tour that he’s always enjoyed collecting fortune cookie fortunes, so i thought we could make a personalized gift out of that. you can message me here with a short message for him that will look like this and ill put it in a jar:


the message can be literally anything (including self promo). if you just want your url on the paper, please REBLOG this post and i will include you.

Hello you gorgeous person out there!

This june, I will attend AlphaCon in Vienna, Austria.

And I will meet Dylan O'Brien for a photoshoot there. And I thought that this is maybe going to be the only time in my life that I will see him, one of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever seen, and that I should give him something special.

So I thought that maybe we all could do this together

I want to collect letters for him. To show him how much we appreciate him. Even though it’s only 1 or 2 sentences. I’m sure just 1 or 2 sentences would make him smile.

The rules are:

  • Don’t write any displeasing stuff.
  • Don’t write anything he wouldn’t wanna read.
  • Just be nice.
  • You don't have to be following me or sth. I do this for him, not myself.

So, if you’re interested, just write me a message with your letter or piece of fanart. And please add your name to it!

I will not print it if I only get a few letters. So write, write, write!

If I get your letter, I will send you a message for confirmation! So if you don’t get my message, send it again!

Please turn anon off so I can actually write you a DM!

Feel free to reblog this post. The more people see this, the more people will submit letters!

Deadline is May 1st.

Thanks in advance to all of you guys! <3


I will work together with sagasimon on this. She already started a project like this, and she even has a M&G with Dylan, so that’s a better opportunity to give him the stuff. But you can still send the stuff to me, I’ll give it to her! Thanks.


In October I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau. Despite having learnt about it in school it still shocked me when I arrived. It seems like a normal place until you look at things like the barbed wire fences; I didn’t expect to see trees inside this place where so much cruelty occurred. I found the collections of the Jewish people’s possessions especially poignant, knowing that they were taken to Auschwitz in the hope of a new life. I decided to make the images black and white to represent the past, with any hints of colour representing the present to show that we have changed; that this is a reminder that something like this should never happen again.

National Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January

gonna start tagging these ‘Shinra photo book project’ because I forgot to assign a tag to the cards and that was a mistake.

Yes, it’s a photo book! Very much inspired by Phil Noto’s ‘Hank Pym’s photo collection’, which you should totally look up if you haven’t seen those images floating around. But in addition to being lots of ‘photos’ of the folks at shinra, there’s also going to be an overarching theme/chronology and hopefully at the end of it all you’ll still get to feel like I’ve punched you in the lungs. I enjoy delivering that feeling. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t enjoy feeling it.

Learned lots from making the cards, so hopefully this project runs smoother. Haven’t quite decided on the print format - something more aesthetic, or useful? Either way I can’t foresee this one selling as well, but doesn’t matter. Even with the cards it was never about the sales.

Hope to have your company again for the production ride this year!

(edit: hmm might have to brush up on my CC timeline. just think of those years as a placeholder for now)

It is certainly unfortunate, but it appears that summer holidays are officially over, and school is back! It’s another semester (or year) of lectures, lessons, studying, exams and waking up early… but don’t cry yet! I have made a little list of study tips for you today, and I hope it’ll be handy for you. 

We shall ignore the ironic fact that I should be studying my readings right now when I am typing up this post. :) 

So, how to survive school again? Below are a few pointers!

1. Start school with a positive mindset. 

Try to find the great things about being back on campus and studying! For instance, isn’t it great to be able to do something productive again after such a long, lazy holiday? Also, it’s always nice to meet new people and friends in new lectures! Everyone knows 8am lectures are terrible so it’ll be great to make new friends out of it! (Collective whining is somehow more enjoyable than doing it alone, hee)

2. Start early

Ooh, I can’t emphasise this enough. Don’t go around thinking ‘it’s too early in the semester to study’ - that’s a killer mindset! Somehow in university, time flies by really, really fast. It’s important to consistently study to build a strong understanding and foundation so that by the time finals roll around, you’ll be more or less ready! It is really not fun to panic the day before your finals and try to cram everything at one go, so please heed this point! For starters, today is the first week of school and I have read my readings :) Ah, school. 

3. Don’t be afraid

If you don’t understand any content in the lecture, please don’t discount yourself and think 'that probably wasn’t important, I’ll be fine’. When in doubt, ask! Your lecturers are human beings and they won’t eat you up, I promise. In fact, they’d love to answer any questions you have! I have discovered that many professors are wonderful, funny people who are genuinely passionate in what they teach, so there is nothing they love more than a student (YOU!) showing passion and curiosity for what they are lecturing about. Besides, it is always helpful to strike up a good relationship with your professors for your Final Year Project, or for your future resume, eh? 

4. It is perfectly alright 

If you feel overwhelmed, afraid, or confused by new content, it is really ok. You’re not stupid, or screwed, or in trouble. Everyone needs time to absorb new content - that’s why it’s new, right? :) Take a deep breath, and read it several times until you get it. If you still have trouble, refer to point number 3! <3

5. Highlight, highlight, highlight

If you are a visual learner like me, there is definitely no shame in defacing your notes with a highlighter. It’ll help you learn and that is what is most important! Use different colours if necessary for different parts of a reading - they can get pretty content-heavy at times and it is important to ensure you understand it. 

6. Make notes

Don’t be lazy - just do it! Writing notes and repeating them helps you remember the content (this is especially so for the humanities modules, since there is always a lot to memorise). Besides, writing them down helps you check if you understand what has been taught. If you can write the material down without pausing, you’re set for that A! 

7. Be generous

When my friends don’t understand something, I always jump on the opportunity to help explain it to them. Why? First, it’s always nice to help someone :) Also, it helps me see if I understand what is being taught (like above!). If I catch myself pausing and mulling over something, it is time to look the professor. 

Now, I know Tumblr is a great supportive community, so a while back, many lovely people contributed their study tips, too! Some are conventional, but others are downright cool. Either way, all are worth a shot and I’m sure, helpful. :) 

littlemissyWhen studying for an exam, I first read + highlight the notes, then rewrite as colorful and with as many cheesy jokes. Lastly I take a huge A3 sheet and make a colorful map of the material, just headlines and keywords. As a visual learner, it works!

thehealthyteacupa study tip I find really useful, is using sticky notes in the shower. I know, it sounds silly. While you’re taking a shower, you can look at your material on sticky notes and study there! For some reason it helps me because I look at a test question and think “Oh yeah, I saw that in the shower.” Obviously it’s not for everyone. Good luck!

makemehealthyandsassylistening to a harry potter playlist! I don’t know it makes me feel a bit like Hermione while studying haha.

eatcookandrunEach night, write down what you have to study the day after, and stick to it ! If you have finished everything early, enjoy the free time :)

aegi-hohave a routine before you start studying. Making a cup of tea, clearing your table, getting out your books etc. will help your mind get ready to focus. Oh and my personal fave: Put everything you need to study in 1 pile and when you’re done move it to another and through the day watch the to-do pile get smaller and the done pile get bigger!

fatgirlgetsfitatlastOne thing I used to do for things that required boring memorization was make them into rhymes or even songs. I can remember the words to every song from the 1970’s, but I couldn’t remember the periodic table!! … so I made it into a song and managed to get out of chemistry without failing! :-)

curvesandtigerstripesdon’t be afraid to experiment with what kind of environment works best for YOUR study habits! Some people like having background music, other people need complete silence. For me, I found that getting out of my dorm room and into a library or a quiet place in a park worked best for me. 

lucysweatslove:I make flashcards “books” (with book rings) and I will exercise as I go through them. You can take them off the book ring and put them in piles too- stuff you know well, stuff you need some practice on, and stuff you hardly know. Go through the stuff you know least, then the stuff you know mediumly, again sorting them, and then restarting the process until all cards are in the “know well” pile, and restart. 

(I think what this means is that you keep going through your materials until you know them all well, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them! Am I right, Lucy dear? <3)

smile-you-bootiful-souls:After every 25 minutes of studying take a 5 minute break. This always works for me. Also study ponytails are totally a thing =) I recommend a fountain ponytail

happy-body-happy-mindMy absolute favorite study tip is to simply find a good place to study!! It’s a ton easier to get work done when you have a calm and comfortable place outside of home that’s used only for working and that gets you in a studying mood. I live right by a college campus with tons of beautiful, old libraries I like using. There are usually other people studying in them as well, who motivate me to get work done like everybody else is! Plus, being in old buildings makes me feel like I’m in a movie :)

PS Thank you so much for all your input, darlings! I had fun reading them and I will apply some :)

Also, thank you for reading so far! Please let me know what you think of it and if I should do another post maybe? :) (Feedback is realllllly appreciated <3)

Servamp Episode 12 - calm your titters

     Right, ok you whiny babies let’s settle down here for a minute. I’ve collected my thoughts long enough and it’s time to set the record straight on the finale for the Servamp anime. I will be damned if I’m going to see another fandom become a war zone over something we should all be grateful for. First off, let’s appreciate the fact Servamp even got an anime at all. There are hundreds of thousands of manga being produced; it is a damn competitive market. You’ve got all sorts of popular series coming out and you’ve got the less mainstream ones fighting to make it. Servamp is probably sitting in the middle somewhere–that’s right the blaze ignored mid table finish. It’s no Haikyuu, it’s no OPM, but it’s not a minor series either. Right in the middle. You know how hard it is to even get there? STRIKE Tanaka had to work hard and try over and over again to make it with their series to get it to where it is now. For them to have achieved an anime they are probably so proud and humbled to even have that chance to see their beloved characters and story animated. Yes, it’s not exactly like the manga but name me one anime that is word for word, scene for scene a replica of the manga (I see you FMA Brotherhood people–sit down. You had to go through an original anime ending as well before your series made enough to be revamped).

     Now then, as far as the anime is concerned, Kadokawa had to make a lot of extremely hard choices on what exactly they were going to do with the 12 episode series they were green-lit for. I can’t imagine they did not consult with STRIKE Tanaka continually in order to gain their opinion on what to do for the series. Yes, STRIKE Tanaka probably didn’t get things completely their way, but for the sake of having the anime be successful and generating both mutual revenue compromises were made. Given the anime as a whole, they did a fucking fantastic job of it to try and make the series both complete, and open as possible. That’s not easy to do. With that, we look at our finale episode.

     As a rabid lover of C3, I understand some fans disappointment in what transpired. I get you–I feel you, but let’s rewind for a minute. From the beginning most of us were damn well certain we wouldn’t be seeing them AT ALL–let alone hearing the amazing seeiyuu they got. But if I may… I’d like to point out why the animation team made the choices they did.

     First of all, the series is about Mahiru and Kuro’s relationship. As such the finale is not going to crescendo on C3′s intervention. It does this in the manga because the manga is continual, there are no breaks; whereas anime has set seasons–they don’t get that luxury. It’s just like a book, you have an intro, you have a message you’re trying to convey through the story, you end the story on that message and drive it home again. That’s what the anime did, that’s what they needed to do, and I don’t think they could’ve done it any more epically than what they did. Tsubaki is still at large as he was in the manga, they didn’t end it with his issues being resolved. Mahiru got a glimpse into Tsubaki’s problems but they sure as hell were not solved. Tsubaki made a point of saying this when he was with Sakuya.

     On that note; Sakuya. owreinbfeolefihnerlugrloewifhdsolfugeirugbel dear Sakuya I love you again–or at least your anime self. HE DID A THING GUYS!! HE LEGIT—DID A THING AND FINALLY FOLLOWED HIS OWN HEART. LIKE—JUST—6jiglfdh -dishes points all around for him and throws flowers on him- SO. MUCH. DEVELOPMENT. BLESS!!!! I could not have been more excited for Sakuya as I was this episode. I hope all of you SakuMahi fans are screaming your hearts out right now because I sure was and I’m usually the one standing in the bg of the ship going ‘that’s cool bro’. So many points for that change man–so many. That ship has fucking sailed.

     Speaking of other sailing ships: LICHT AND LAWLESS. HOLY FUCKING HELL OF HELLS. I’ll definitely be rereading through the manga on that scene but kjgriowahifohsd LICHT’S EMOTION SCREAMING HYDE’S NAME. I CAN’T EVEN MY EVEN. 

     That was basically me on that scene. I could not handle it–it was so beautiful. AND PISSED OFF TETSU. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! KJfgorwahf heart throb–fucking heart throb. His bond with Hugh was cast in such a beautiful light that even the manga does not touch on all that deeply and I just lost my shit in giddiness over it all.

     Then we have Mikuni, to which I tilted my head a bit with mixed emotion. I was both pleased and concerned. Pleased first of all because Mikuni is my king and I’d fucking lick his boots if given the chance. Second… he was cast in a really protagonist light, and he’s… not? Really? This is actually stuff that’s still waiting to be brought to light in the manga, but throughout the story Mikuni is sort of this on again off again side character that seems to have some ulterior motives. Of course the anime is likely not going to touch that as it is SO SUBTLE in the manga, and there’s no real justification as to why or what he’s doing, so why even go there yet? In the end though I’m pretty ok with him being shown as a positive character. He did have a bit of that Chaotic Neutral aura when first introduced and when seeing Mahiru in his shop The Land of Nod. Mikuni does act like a mentor to Mahiru, but his advice is usually questionable–yet he seems to have most people going along with what he says that are gullible to it. So all in all, yah, ok I’ll give you guys that. Make him seem like a good guy for a bit longer which will only hype the surprise when he innevitably fucks us all over at some point.

     Lastly we have the C3 babies. I’m circling back around to this because while most of you pissed off can we take a second to appreciate they light they were cast in with this episode? Admittedly I myself was dissapointed at first not seeing them, but I got cameos and even a little seen with Tsurugi in the resolution. C3 appeared just as they do in the manga but they fucking HELPED. THEY. HELPED. Which is fantastic because daaaamn for episode 5 did people not like them. They were scene as the yucky bad guys there to take vampires out and that’s not really their goal. As a Tsurugi RPer myself episode 5 was a goddamned curse for me. Every character I RPed with that had only watched the anime thought of C3 as some vampire hunting guild and only that, and they’re totally not. So with this episode I was extremely pleased to see them cast so positively to balance that out. They were there to aid all of the eves and even Servamps after the battle. They observed ready to step in if things got out of hand and I was just really elated with that. If they had stepped in like they’d done in the manga that would’ve only worsened the opinion on them. C3 is not a horrible organization–they’re questionable, but they’re not merciless vampire hunters. So, thank you for this Kadokawa I really appreciate the redemption you gave them <3 truly.

     Now, we still have the actual climax of the series a lot of people are confused and angry about. The whole scene with Tsubaki, his past, the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, all that stuff. Again you guys… it’s the FINALE. OF. THE. SHOW. People that do not know what the hell is going on from having read the manga would be more pissed off than you if there was no resolution–and do not yell at the anime-only fans or I swear to my cat mug I will come to you and bop you on the head. Everyone starts somewhere in the fandom; leave ‘em alone. They are not any better or worse having only seen the anime. This episode is again the finale–FINAL. It draws to a close, and that’s what it did. We had the vitally important driving home of the message with Mahiru and Kuro working together to solve a problem. We had absolutely AMAZING development on Kuro from his begining days of ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome, to full blown ‘I’ll take all of this burden on myself–I’m tired of regretting and doing nothing’. He came full circle which you need to do in a FINALE. Mahiru likewise stepped right in and reminded him again that he didn’t have to do it alone and they would handle this together.

     Then we have Tsubaki. You can’t go a whole season without giving the main antagonist some sort of modus operandi or creed. You just… you can’t have that. Many of us manga readers are still going WHAT IN THE FUCK IS TSUBAKI’S REASON FOR ANYTHING, because we STILL don’t know it. You anime fans may not realize this but you’re getting more closure and information than the manga readers had with this episode. (Hahahaha who’s superior now?–no really there’s no right and wrong in this) Can we just take a step back and appreciate we actually had some goddamn information finally come out on Tsubaki? We got to see his arm as we do in this battle in the manga, and we got to see his fucking REASON–sort of. Nothing was really said as to Tsubaki’s goal or the mission sensei assigned him with. We just know now why he’s as batty as he is, which to be fair the anime foreshadowed this for a number of episodes. The manga has as well but we still haven’t SEEN it yet. I can’t imagine this scene happening without STRIKE Tanaka’s OK and guidance on it. Believe it or not the manga-ka’s do step in sometimes and say ‘yo, add this in because I want this shown’. It does legitimately happen and for the finale of the series I imagine this was likely a decision by STRIKE Tanka themselves.

     IN CONCLUSION OF THIS WALL OF TEXT: 1. I understand the manga readers are upset. 2. Ya’ll should not be upset because you got an anime series for a series you really love and should be fucking grateful they tried to give you as much as you wanted as they could possibly squeeze in with their budget. 3. YOU’RE GETTING OVAS ON THE DVD/BR RELEASES. 4. The anime serves as a means to draw in people to a series and create hype. I have seen the Servamp fandom explode in size since the anime has happened and met so many amazing people. A lot of you would not be here today without the anime and don’t fucking kid yourselves and tell me it’s not true. 5. The anime also can serve as a means to get people interested in READING THE MANGA. (Shocking~ ¬_¬).

     If you all want a season 2 as badly as you’re yelling in the tags for one right now, stop yelling and support the series. Pissing and moaning about it (and goddamn if I see one of you threaten to boycott—) will not get you a second season. It’s the same as when you’re working in the service industry. Screaming and yelling at the poor cashier that’s just doing their job is not going to get you better customer service–or what you want at all. Sit down, be thankful, provide support and you may get that additional season you’re hoping for.

     As the saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” Take this message to heart and give Kadokawa a round of applause because they worked their asses off on this.

     Thank you and good night -mic drop-

Be very very quiet, I’m hunting KBOs

In 2006, NASA launched the New Horizons spacecraft, en route where no one has gone before. That craft rocketed away from Earth faster than any previous spacecraft to close the distance between Earth and its targets in a reasonable time. The spacecraft’s first target is the Kuiper Belt Object known as Pluto, but note that I said “targets”, plural.

The New Horizons spacecraft is a fly-by mission. It won’t orbit Pluto; it will instead fly through the system at high speed, collecting as much data as possible in a few hours. To allow this kind of mission, the spacecraft has to have enough fuel to correct its course en route that make sure it passes through the Pluto system along the correct path.

After that flyby, the spacecraft should have some fuel left, allowing for continued course corrections, which it is hoped will let it do something interesting.

Pluto is one of many objects in the Kuiper Belt; a set of ice-rich objects that orbit mostly beyond the planet Neptune. We can image many of these objects from telescopes on Earth and we’ve already seen that they’re diverse. Different KBOs have different colors, different types of ices, different gases, some (like Pluto) may even have tenuous atmospheres. 

After New Horizons flies by Pluto, it should have enough fuel to push its orbit to fly by another KBO before it leaves the solar system. Getting 2 KBOs for the price of one mission will be spectacular, nearly doubling the science output of the mission. There’s only one problem as of now. Look at this image, I moved the label of Pluto to close to where the planet actually sits in its orbit. If you look beyond Pluto, we have yet to find any KBOs in that area.

This lack of KBOs isn’t for lack of effort. A number of telescopes on Earth have targeted this area trying to find a suitable target only to come up empty. Among other things, part of the problem appears to be that the area is in the direction of a bright portion of the Milky Way and the brightness in the background is making it difficult to locate small, dim Kuiper Belt Objects in the foreground.

To plan the next step a KBO target needs to be found soon so that New Horizons can adjust its course shortly after passing Pluto. The clock is now officially ticking. The good news for this hunt? There’s one tool left being deployed right now in it. You’ve heard of this tool; it’s called the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hopefully in the next few months, we’ll hear news of Hubble identifying at least one, if not more than one suitable target for its second phase. If we don’t hear that by about the end of this year, when New Horizons begins automated operations in preparation for its Pluto flyby, that would be genuinely sad news for the second phase of the mission. It isn’t mandatory; this mission will accomplish all of its goals if it just successfully flies by and analyzes Pluto, but this scientist is getting greedy and hoping we can get double the data.


Image credit: NASA

“The movies should be focusing on making the Star Wars universe Bigger! Not everything has to be about the Skywalkers all the time!!11″

You are so right. Man I wish there was a whole vast collection of books, graphic novels, video games, television programs, and short stories, that include original characters and plots that have nothing to do with the Skywalker Family. Golly something like that could really help with Expanding the Universe. 


It is completely okay to love collecting dolls, or love dolls in general. It does not make you childish by any means. I repeat, it does not make you childish by any means. If your family cannot accept that about you, then that is their issue. You should never let them make you feel ashamed of something you like. If your friends make fun of you for it, then they’re not worth your time. Do not be embarrassed for liking dolls. If they make you happy, then that is what matters. Other people’s opinions don’t.

On Being Confident, or 13 Tips On Becoming A Confident Badass

I talked to a hot guy once.

He had lustrous hair and shining teeth and a strong, stubbled jaw that I imagine could both chop wood and grind it down to a shiny, smooth surface upon which I might set my entire collection of oversized teacups — everything my future model-turned-trophy-husband should have.

But then he spoke — probably something about lean meats or wheat grass or CrossFit — and I realized two things:

One, this beautiful slab of beef was the least interesting, most awkward person I’d ever had the displeasure of spilling my wine on at a bar.

And two, I should be damn confident in the things that make me more interesting to engage with than a pile of smooth, glistening muscle.

Of course, not all hot guys are uninteresting.

(Some of them are Neil Patrick Harris.)

But for the rest of us who are neither NPH nor the owner of a confidence-inducing six pack, here’s 11 tips on being confident:

1. Look in the mirror every morning and remind yourself, preferably out loud, that you’re a strong, sensual woman who don’t need a man. Even if you’re not a strong, sensual woman. Don’t ask questions. It works.

2. Do shit. When your nemesis screams, “Oh yeah, well what are YOU doing with YOUR life?!” at you in a crowded movie theater, you want to be able to shout something back. Preferably something interesting. Otherwise the rest of the theater won’t stand up and applaud you. Which is the goal.

3. Remember: Even Beyoncé has haters. They exist. You can achieve perfection and someone will still try to shame you out of doing your thing. (If you’re lucky, by the time you’ve achieved perfection, you’ll have an entire army of followers to defend you against blasphemy.) 

4. Know your strengths. I, for example, am good at three things: eating deviled eggs, dipping fried foods into ranch dressing, and forcing unsuspecting victims into listening to me sing at karaoke. I accentuate these strengths by doing nothing but dipping fried deviled eggs into ranch dressing during karaoke at all times. And I believe strongly in my ability to do so.

5. Drink coffee until your brain believes your body can fly. How can anyone stop you when you’re flying? Answer: They can’t.

6. Take risks. Do something you’d never do. Talk to a hot guy in a bar. Spill wine on him. Brush his hair. Discover that he’s boring. Confidence.

7. Wear a robe every morning. A kimono is ideal, but a plain terry-cloth robe is acceptable. I don’t understand why, but it builds confidence. Trust me.

8. Don’t be a dick. The nicer you are to people, the nicer they are to you. That way, you can assume they’re being genuine when they tell you they don’t like your shitty shirt. It’s because they want what’s best for you. 

9. Fake it until people believe you can actually sing a Jennifer Hudson song at karaoke. It might take a considerable amount of practice and alcohol. But the only way you’ll sound like Jennifer Hudson is pretending like you sound like Jennifer Hudson long enough that it becomes the truth.

10. Admit when you’re fucking wrong. Confidence means nothing if you’re only confident about how fucking wrong you are.

11. At least once a week, look a complete stranger in the face and say, “I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. But Robert is dead.” Confidently.

12. Get a good pen. Everything you do or say is more convincing when you do it with a good pen. Preferably felt tip.

13. Consider the mini pig. Mini pigs don’t care. Mini pigs live their lives being beautiful and confident in their mini pigness. They don’t look in the mirror and doubt themselves. They don’t let bigger pigs tell them how to live. They’re just mini pigs. Confident. Plump. Mini pigs.

Be the mini pig.

And finally, finally, Rory receives a pep talk from Jess. (TEAM JESS FOREVER! Come at me in the comments!) He’s working at a successful indie publishing house that “has Dave Eggers shaking in his boots” — I would contribute to that Kickstarter anytime — and it appears he still has room in his schedule to lift weights. “I coulda been a contender,” Rory whines to him, in the not exactly Sorkin–esque newsroom. Jess reassures her that she’s just in a rut, that she should work on something that makes her feel passionate. I love that they’re friends, yet there’s still the slightest bit of sexual tension in the room. He suggests she write a book about her relationship with her mom, and Rory is inspired. (I would suggest she pitch it as a collection of essays about her friendship with her mom, as seen through the lens of the pop culture they enjoy together, but we’ll get back to that.) Finally, and most satisfyingly, Rory ends things with Logan. “We can’t break up because we’re nothing,” she tells him. Score one for Team Jess.
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Testimonial Time

It is such a joy to come to work everyday and try to find something or think of something to make that might delight you, O Tumblr. 

But now I need to fill out some paperwork that tells how we’ve been doing here in Tumblr land. Sometimes it is hard to see or know how you’re doing. 

What does UISpecColl mean to you?  What should we keep doing?  Anything else we should do?  How are we doing?  

Birthday project for Javi: the lowdown

Good afternoon/evening/morning wherever-you-are, friends! If you’ve been following Annie @withaliensandrainbows and myself, you’ve most likely seen posts floating around regarding Javi’s Birthday Project. I wanted to make one more post to collect all of the details and dates everyone interesting in contributing should know about so we’re not wrangling half a dozen different reblogs! Keep in mind: Javi’s birthday is on November 27th, so we have just over a month to get everything together. 

1. Scrapbook

Annie @withaliensandrainbows is assembling a 10x10 scrapbook, which will be filled with letters, cards, fanart (we can always use more fanart!), etc. Feel free to message them to Annie or “you can message me for my email address or mailing address if you have something you want included that can’t be sent over the internet (please use your best judgment with this if you’re a minor)”. The deadline for scrapbook contributions is NOVEMBER 13TH.

2. Acts of Kindness Week, aka #JaviLittleKindness

Seeing as Javi’s birthday is a few days after Thanksgiving in the States, we figured that a number of folks might be busy that weekend. With this in mind, we wanted to have our #JaviLittleKindness Week start on November 19th and run through his birthday, which should give everyone enough time. 

Javi has unfailingly shared his light onstage and off, and has always championed lifting each other up; we want to carry that spirit forward. All through the week, we’d like to encourage you to pass some kindness on to someone else–no matter how big or small the gesture, regardless of whether it’s someone you know or a complete stranger–and share it on his Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #JaviLittleKindness! Take a photo if you can (use your best judgement in this regard, of course).

** Charitable donations

We had originally planned on coordinating donations to a charity of Javi’s choice, but after running the idea by him, he’s actually going to make a pitch for that himself! So keep an eye on Javi’s Twitter at the start of November for the organizations you can donate to in his honor :)

I believe that’s that! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Annie. Javi’s done so much for so many people–we want to bounce a little bit of that love back to him if we can. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word, for contributing, and hopefully making this A Bit of a Day/Week for our wonderful guy! 

Your obedient servant / friendly neighborhood admin,


Addendum: it probably goes without saying, but we want to try to keep this all under wraps so it can come as a bit of a lovely surprise