Many More Musical Theatre Themed Questions!

What an exciting title, It’s been a while since I uploaded the last one but here we go:

1. Favorite (Reprise)

2. Best Act 1 ending.

3. If you could go back in time to see a certain production, which one would it be?

4. Who should write a musical?

5. The routine you recreate when home alone:

6. A duet you’d love to perform and with whom.

7. A musical everyone can learn from.

8. Favorite set design EVER.

9. Favorite person to play (insert role)

10. Best digital #ham4ham

11. Make up a name and the ingredients for a Waitress pie.

12. Best tap number.

14. Express your love for the orchestras!

15. Favorite musical written by (insert composer, lyricist)

16. Which part (or parts) do you sing in One Day More?

17. A line that never fails to make you laugh.

18. An upcoming production you’re excited for.

19. Do you have any funny misheard lyrics from a showtune?

20. A musical you would NEVER see with your parents.

21. Musicals can introduce you to new cultures, interests, fancy words and so on. Name 3 things you’ve learned form musicals.

22. Favorite OBC.

23. Cast recording you know by heart.

24. Cast recording for a long car ride.

25. Favorite Miscast performance.

26. I really like these ones so: make 2 musical related confessions.

27. Showtune of the day:

28.  Who would play you in a musical about your life?

29. Who would play your best friend in a musical about your life?

30.  Who would play your romantic interest in a musical about your life?

31. 2 solos you’d love to perform.

32. Describe yourself with 3 musical theatre characters.

33. A character that inspires you to be better.

34. A showtune that always puts you in a good mood.

35. A showtune that makes you feel melancholic.

36. Best showstopper.

37. A place you consider to be your Santa Fe.

38. The name of the prettiest theater you’ve been to.

39. The most intense scene from a musical.

40. A great cover of a showtune:

41. Put your phone on suffle and write the first 2 showtunes that appear.

42. Best design of a Playbill.


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 


161030 1pm - i finished up this weeks spread at breakfast this morning !!! idk how i feel about this bc it got really cramped, but i like the layout idea a lot and ill probably try it out again closer to the holidays !! next week i think im going to try for a more naturalistic (??) style haha (not pictured: the lasagna at caffè habitū that made me cry for home cooking again)


( ̄▽+ ̄*) stress relief scribbles lmao


me: I should go to sleep and study for my exams

me to me: make a compilatory video about every time Victor and Yuri’s rings appear. With a flare count.

i mean i haven’t read kings rising in a while so my facts might be off but it just struck me how fucking ridiculous damens speech was for his trial. like, maybe most people put a case together with evidence and facts and witnesses and i realize that yes damen did eventually do that with Pascal.. But first he just HAD to Release His Gay like damen jfc u are more extra than laurent i swear. this is like being president being on trial w the supreme court like ‘umm ur honor i LOVE him like u dont understand how Gay i am and how tender & pure our love is therefore i am right sorry i didnt make the rules’ like damianos  c h i l l 

@beanpots Day and Night AU has me destroyed… seriously, it’s amazing please go check it out i’M D Y I N G

I had been stalking the tag for days until I decided to go draw fanart for it because something as amazing as that needs recognition!!

Thank you, @beanpots!!!


And of course all credit for the concept and AU goes to beanpots :) I just drew what inspired me.

Art © Daelyn Carroll

Once upon a time a curious pale-eyed and black-haired boy wandered into a big, deep forest. The boy was so fascinated by the plants and animals in these woods that the hours passed by like fish swimming downstream and soon it was dark. The boy only noticed this when he came upon a clearing in the forest, where he could gaze at the twinkling myriad of stars above, glittering like no jewels ever could. Under this starry sky the child laid himself down and fell asleep, trusting himself to the stars care.

The boy had no idea how fortunate he was, for in the forest lived a big, vile spider who resented everything that could walk under the sun. The spider could bear no light, even moonlight left him horribly scarred. So in the darkness of the forest he dwelled, praying upon any that strayed into the woods.

On this night he had been hunting in a far and lonesome corner of the forest and only heard his webs sing when the boy was in safety. The young thing tempted the spider so terribly, he hadn’t had a bite so fresh since he’d been damned to the forest. The spider was patient and could wait, the moon on this night was barely a sliver and would set soon.

Thus the spider creeped towards the boy on the meadow with his long, spindly legs. The starlight pressed patterns into his body, new scars sprang into his flesh at every step. The prize would worth the pain, though, and he was already hideous.

Suddenly the spider felt a burning on his back more like the moon and the sun, intense and painful. He barely had the time to glimpse at a shooting star when he scuttled back into the dark depths of the forest. For a fallen star was standing now next to the sleeping boy, a star like a child of blond hair that shined starlight and twinkling blue eyes, that searched the woods for danger.

The spider became angry, for he could not even look at this star without hurting and he began to plot the demise of the star and returned to remote depths of the forest to wait for his time.

In the meadows the star turned his attention to the sleeping boy. He had gazed down at this boy from his home in the sky, wondering at the curious life of this human. He had worried when the boy had wandered into the forest, his fear growing until he had appeared in the meadow. This was the first time the boy had looked up at the sky for longer than a moment and the star felt as if it was him that the boy gazed at. His joy turned to worry soon though, for the forest loomed around the meadow and dark things dwelled there. Soon his fears came true and the most evil creature in the whole of the woods creeped out into the meadow.

The star didn’t hesitate for a moment and jumped down towards the boy, leaving his home in the sky behind. His descent was as fast as light and yet it still seemed too long for the star. The creature fled at the light and the boy in the meadow was safe for a time longer.
The boy stirred from his sleep soon, a shining star next to him made it seem like midday was upon him. But what gazed down on him was a much more wondrous than the sun.

The boy’s eyes went wide when he realised what stood watch over him. He had heard stories of falling stars, but never believed any, for they were set in times long past or lands far away. But now a real star stood before him and he was sure that nothing in the world could ever compare to the beauty of this star. His skin shimmered, eyes twinkled and his hair was a shining light, bright enough to light up the darkest of nights. The boy was quick to open his mouth.
“A star. A fallen star. How are you real?”
The star stared mutely back, his brow quirking up.

“How did you come down? You look like a human, how could you survive up there? Can you speak?”

At the last rapidly spoken question the star shook his head. Speaking was of no use up in the sky, the distances too great. Instead the star lifted up his hand and cupped the cheek of the boy. The boy had only time to freeze when his mind fell into the star’s. He saw himself there, at different moments in his life, and a question drifted to the forefront of his mind.

The boy gasped as the star let his face go and breathed:

“Sherlock- my name is Sherlock.”

The star smiled dazzlingly at him.

“What’s yours?”

The star scrunched his eyebrows together and shook his head.

“Well, I can’t refer to you as star all the time. Can I make up one for you?” Sherlock inquired.

The star nodded vigorously and smiled.

“I think I’ll name you… John. It’s a common name, but you are so uncommon already. And people tend to notice you less if you have a generic name, not like mine.”

The star smiled wide at his new name, but took hold of Sherlock’s hand to convey that he liked Sherlock’s name. He frowned at the sadness in the boy’s voice. Sherlock gulped and rambled:

“Some people think it’s a weird name and that I do weird things and that I should stopped and-”

Sherlock’s speech was cut off by John hugging him and conveying him emotions of care and happiness. Slowly he relaxed into the hug and for the first time felt like he had a friend. The star hugged him even closer and Sherlock smiled like he was truly happy.

For the lovely lovely @love-in-mind-palace, I started this as an ask to you, but it somehow grew and I now have an entire plot. Whelp! I just have to get it down on paper now.

I’m tagging also @addignisherlock and @predictably-unpredictable, because you may like it and everyone deserves something good!

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Kay so in Copycat Theo looks like Chat Noir, right?  And then Ladybug tricks him into using Cataclysm on the chains and his ring starts counting down.

But, like, what if they hadn’t purified the akuma in time?  I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t be turning back into Theo.

I can just see the last beep going off and Ladybug and Chat being like “oh this is easy he’s not going to have powers now” and then the light flashes…

…and there’s Adrien.

And everyone is really confused.

Ladybug is like “I definitely thought this was Theo?  Chat, did you piss off Adrien too?  What the hell did Adrien get akumatized for?” while also freaking out because she’d just been flirting with Adrien and kicking his ass

Hawkmoth is freaking out because he’s finally learned one of their identities and why didn’t he think of this sooner with a possible additional holy crap I’ve been fighting my son.

Theo is freaking out because Chat Noir was Ladybug’s boyfriend and he was supposed to be Chat Noir not some random model Hawkmoth what is going on?

Chat’s freaking out because his identity’s been exposed even though no one’s really clued in on that yet save for Hawkmoth and he’s also freaking out because Ladybug seems to be going into a panic attack and this was definitely not how he was planning to spend his day.

So they purify the akuma and Adrien turns back into Theo and it finally clicks for Ladybug what that actually meant.  So now she’s freaking out even more and probably runs away because that’s usually how Marinette seems to deal with her feelings and Adrien’s sad and confused.

But then the next day Marinette shows up to school and gives him cookies and can actually talk to him and she tells him she’s Ladybug and they start making plans since chances are really high that Hawkmoth knows his secret identity.

Adrien’s really confused when he comes home from school and finds out about his dad’s new no-jewelry policy that’s been put into place for no discernible reason.  He manages to hide his ring, though, when Nathalie comes into his room to confiscate any jewelry.