Beyond good and evil ~ Ajahn Chah

People don’t study that which is beyond good and evil. This is what they should study. “I’m going to be like this; I’m going to be like that,” they say. But they never say, “I’m not going to be anything because there really isn’t any ‘I’.” This they don’t study.

– Ajahn Chah

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There’s a lot of those AU prompt posts around tumblr and one of them has this prompt that’s about loosing little sibling in Ikea and asking for help and I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it right now (oh I know why, I should be studyuing but shhhh…) but I thought about Skyeward and Grant asking Skye to help im find his little sister.
His description is pretty vague (‘Brunette, red shorts, star wars t-shirt, I don’t know, she’s cute ?’) so Skye’s looking for some six year old and she’s asking every little girl if her name is Rose (I think b-isforbombshell came up with this name and I like it) and she hears 'I’m Rose, who are you?’ from around the corner. She goes there and she sees her sitting on one of those rocking toys , exactly like Grant described her: brunette, star wars t-shirt, red shorts, she’s eating jelly worms and she really is cute… BUT HE FORGOT TO TELL SHE’S SEVENTEEN!