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So now that Todd is editing PBGGameplay, has it left you with more time to work on videos for your channel?

Yeah! There’s going to be an “Official” announcement at some point. But yes I work less on PBGGameplay, but do more in a sense. More on that later though. It means I should hopefully be able to be a bit more consistent - but at the same time i’m making no promises because I never like rushing creativity.

I ate so much crap today.

Actually, it started last night. I had eaten well all day, but was reeeeeally hungry at 9pm even after dinner. This has kinda been the norm for the past week - not much of an appetite during the day, but an insatiable hunger at night. #thanksmiscarriage

Anyway, I ate a bread roll with peanut butter and half a block of chocolate last night. Today I continued that trend with bread, crisps, hot chips, chocolate, and lollies. Pretty much all the foods I should be avoiding in order to manage my PCOS. The only thing I ate with any nutritional value was eggs and milk.

Yes, I’m going through some shit right now. No, eating crap will not make me feel better about said shit. What will make me feel better about said shit is taking care of myself.

So I’m going to refocus and make sure that the self care I’m trying to practice this week also extends to nurturing myself with healthy food. Simple.

      Once Farah departs from the house, producers begin to descend down the stairs &          there’s one pushing through the rest of the producers making one of the cameras fall down     the rest of the stairs. She rolls her eyes and scoffs.

Buy another one, Teddy. She then looks at everyone. Okay, I’m going to be quick with this. First rule, cameras will be on from 10:00AM to 5:00AM the next day. Cameras will not follow you into the restroom, closet or whatever you people get undressed at. Whatever you do, it will be on camera except for privacy things. You guys should know. NOW, some of you may get into somethings but no worries security is here. If you haven’t read over the rules and regulations. I suggest you do so. If you don’t know why you’re on this show, then I suggest you read over that too. You guys will be moving to Paris, France. yup, we’re taking you all there. She holds her hand out to grab a stack of papers from one of the crew-men.

My name is Amy and I’m one of the main producers. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints.. don’t speak to me about it. Go to Teddy. She points at a man that is examining the broken camera before she passes out a piece of paper to everyone. Rules, purpose and agreement. Read and sign your name if you agree with the rules, purpose, the cameras and to also be apart of this show. She points to a box of pens near the stairs as she then moves her foot to kick at Teddy. “Just pick the damn thing up. Just like Teddy here, if you break any items you’ll have to pay for them. I’m pretty sure everyone can afford certain things. You guys are rich! Anyways, you guys can mingle but please be ready for the club tonight, woot woot! ya’know. 8:30 on the dot. The limos will be taking you all so be ready or get left.

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People are suggesting they SWAT the youtuber's house so imo shes probably at most being abused and is showing more or less signs of a substance abuse problem and shes just gonna get arrested for drug possession so all thats gonna happen is a young girl going to jail for a problem she kept in private and hasnt resolved tbh

the problem with this whole situation is that no one knows anything about what’s happening, so everyone is assuming the worst.

If the poor girl really is just struggling with an addiction, or even suffering from an obscure paranoia-based mental illness like some people have guessed, then that will only get her in more trouble.

And while i get that her friends and family dont want to bring certain things up, they definitely should at least give us some kind of an idea of what’s going on. Because as of right now, everyone is acting like they have something to hide which is only going to make things WORSE.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is already so fascinating to me. He was a standout in that trailer. I have so many questions.

From what I can gather, he’s not king of Atlantis yet. He seems to be on his own, away from his people. Perhaps because he doesn’t think he should be king, or he doesn’t want it, or maybe there are family issues at play (some brother problems, perhaps?). So it looks like he’s walking the earth (and the sea) alone right now. Coming and going, not staying in one place. I don’t think Arthur even knows who he is or where he belongs, which makes sense considering he’s half human, half god. Where does he really belong? With humans or in Atlantis?

And yet we see him already carrying out heroic deeds in that trailer. He brings fish to a hungry village in the winter. He doesn’t do this expecting something in return, he’s doing this because he cares. So while he’s clearly somewhat jaded and a serious hard ass, there is a kindness and a gentleness to him that I love. He doesn’t know where he belongs, but he wants to help people.

Then there’s his powers. Jason had talked about how Arthur hasn’t been trained and doesn’t have full control over his powers. I imagine that’s part of why he’s wandering the earth in search of himself. He has these amazing powers that he doesn’t know what to do with. That shot of him going to the sea and the water engulfing him while he stands still as a statue was so powerful. Reminiscent of that Moana footage, actually. The sea responds to him and calls to him. 

So we have this man with these incredible powers who is wandering the earth in search of himself, and doesn’t know where he belongs. That’s going to be fascinating to see explored in Justice League and in his solo movie because I am dying to know how his father, mother, brother, and Mera fit into all of this.

To the people making fun of those playing Pokemon Go… this game is actually helping people to get active. Like in order to catch Pokémon, you have to go different places, and the eggs require you to walk at least 2k to get them to hatch. Some require as much as 5 or 10k. Plus it is helping those with social anxiety to meet like-minded people and just make friends in general. Society complains about lazy gamers then makes fun of them even when the game promotes activity. Yeah it’s nerdy. But I thought we were all cool with nerdy now?

I know what it is… y'all are afraid of fit nerds. You’re worried all of us playing Pokemon Go will get super fit and we will take over. You know what? You SHOULD fear us. First step, master all the Pokémon. Second step, THE WORLD!

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why are people saying that?

That Arima working with Eto ruins his character? Seems like some people have a rigid idea of how a character is or how the story should go, and then get frustrated when the square peg doesn’t fit into the round hole.

Idk. It makes total sense to me that Arima would have been sent after Eto (V wanted her) and that two teenagers who were suffering over the lives they’ve been dealt to find some middle-ground. Arima had the chance to kill Eto multiple times over by now, and he didn’t. That in itself was always suspicious to me. 

And even if Eto is remembering things at the shrine wrong, or they didn’t meet up after that, or if Arima never agreed to the OEK thing… they, as the singular most powerful influences over ghouls and humans, were made to be pulled into each other’s orbits. Even while their personalities were practically polar opposites, they shared the viewpoint that things were horribly wrong, and realized that each of them held a unique fragment of power to change things. Collaborating– even loosely– would only strengthen that power. 

It doesn’t make him a godawful person, either. He’s done some horrible things, but was purposefully shown saving the moth to explain that he was a naturally gentle person with the drive to help (again, opposite of Eto, who is/was understandably angry and bitter, albeit lost). It wasn’t his intention, but he wound up genuinely loving Kaneki once he was finally given the opportunity to love someone.

Finding a person who shared his and Eto’s ideals, whom they could shape and bolster into a powerful leader for both worlds brought him to Haise, and it changed his life for the better.

People aren’t black and white– they aren’t even grey. There’s a whole spectrum of goodness and badness, distorted ways of thinking, complicated histories, positive influences and whole-hearted motivations. People do shitty things with good intentions, and good things can come out of shitty situations. How anything effects an individual will never be in the exact same way as it effects someone else. Nobody of importance in this story is an exception to that rule. Not Kaneki or Touka, nor Arima or Hinami; Not Yomo, Uta, Yoshitoki, or Hide… nobody

So no, working with Eto doesn’t ruin his character, it only gives him more depth.


After almost 2 years of having made this blog, I just reached 1k and I honestly don’t know how to thank you all so much?? You’re amazing and I appreciate every single one of you sm. When I first decided to make this blog, it never crossed my mind that it was going to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to all of you! It was just a spontaneous decision to find wallpapers for my phone tbh but now Idk what I’d do without y'all. I decided to do this follow forever to send the people who make my dash beautiful some love. ❤️

Before I begin I want to say that I follow over 1400 people so please understand that I’ll obviously forget some of you, and I apologise for that. If you think you should be here, JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE!! It’s alright I won’t think you’re annoying or something, I’ll add you my loves 💕 However, since last year I was asked this: no, not all my mutuals are here because I have a lot, but I deffo missed some of you who should be here even though I went through this more times than I can count, so I’m really sorry about that. You should know that if we’re mutuals I automatically love you anyway and you can talk to me anytime 💓
(this is like a thank you post + a follow forever in one, so r.i.p. it’s gonna be long)

First and foremost I want to send my special thanks to the friends I made on here. You’re all truly wonderful and deserve THE ABSOLUTE BEST and I’m so glad you guys decided to talk to me since I’m too shy and awkward to begin the conversation myself. Here’s a tiny paragraph to the people I cherish a lot, here you go.

@gigibuffone - Jack!! We’ve only been talking for less than a month but there isn’t a single day we don’t speak, and somehow we always have something to talk about. You’re my fav person on here and I genuinely enjoy talking to you so much! Our conversations about the Maltese Premier League give me life tbh (ps. tarxien rainbows suck :))) Also I know I can be a little talkative and I whine a lot at times, so thanks for putting up with that. I appreciate it mate, you’re absolutely amazing and you deserve all that’s good in the world ☺💘

@satansfavouritegirl - we also haven’t been talking for long but to me you’re like the older sister I never had. Thank you so much Ela for helping me with my problems, sweetheart!! 🙈 I’ve also finally found someone who misses Basti just as much as I do 😭 You’re such a wonderful person and honestly the world needs more people like you. Ily ❤️

@philip-lahmmm - you’re the first person who talked to me on here!! We’ve been friends for a year now and you’re honestly such an amazing person. Thank you Inna for all the times you listened to me!! I also thank you sm for being patient with me when I take way too long to reply, I’m so sorry I’m so bad at answering messages 🙊 I truly cherish our friendship and if you ever need anything I’m here for you!! I hope you’re having the most fantastic summer of your life ☀️ I love you my first ever Tumblr friend 💕

@alessandro–florenzi - we don’t talk everyday but you’re honestly without a doubt one of the sweetest people on here. I’m so glad to have met someone who truly understands my indescribable love for the Azzurri. Also it’s pretty awesome that your adopted son Ale, who’s just as old as you are, is also the love of my life 😏 Thank you for everything (my mother-in-law??) Zana!!💙

Other cute and special people I consider as friends even though we might not talk daily or not even that often:
@zedtheartist 🌸 @thousands-of-splendid-suns 🌸 @thiaghoes 🌸 @ronaldeus 🌸 @fearlesskiki 🌸 @leupolz 🌸 @basicallybayern 🌸 @granitixhaka 🌸 @badstubing 🌸 @fcbayernmess 🌸 @blowingwinds
You guys are so amazing!! I promise to have your backs whenever you need anything. Thank you for making my (almost) 2 years on Tumblr worthwhile  💖

Now, these are also my fav blogs 😍 If your username is bolded, I love you and your blog a lot!! Italics are non-mutuals. (ps. in past follow forevers I’ve done, some bolds and italics disappeared. I hope it won’t be the case this time):

@25thomas@aaronoxladewilshere@adnanrodriguez@aleflorenzi@allesmulleroderwas@all-madrid-things @andrej-kramaric@andrewminyadr @anothermoroccan@antoniocandreva@anusdemascherano @ardawhatsgood@asstoine@aysenal@azpilicutiea@baclstuber@bavaern@becausefootie @benoitcostil @beyourownanchorsweetie@bigdicklallana@blaugranagurrl@boomxhakalaka @buffongianluigi@calumchambers @chouchougiroud@cristianoisking@cristianomufc@crownprinceofrome@dergoldeneschuh @desciglios@diegocostars @die-koeniginnn@dimitriipayet @drunkonbasti @durmerella @dxbayern@dybaela@eatsleepbreathebayern@ethereal-elephant@fc-muller@federersroger @flashed-football-mind@footballbabesmakesmesmile@footballcrown ✿ @forzaseriea@fussballgoth @gerraaard @gigi-buffon@gigibuffonforever @girouds@granitxhakas@grazianhoe@gregvderwiel@gutilicious@koke6 @hectorbaellerins@hellograce2513@henrycumvill@heyitsmemario@hummxlz @immersudkurve@italynt @itsazzurri@james10rodriquez@jonapapi@joshkimmich@j-u-v-e @kiararose40@king-david-2016 @kingpayet@kingslayy@klosenough@lahmageddon@leobittencourt @leobonucci @lewantorski@locablaugrana@loriskariius21 @lukamodrich@mannschafted@manu-the-sweeper-keeper@manuwallneuer@marcelitovieira@mariothesun@markclattenburg @mattiadsciglio @matuidis@mein-holgi-boy@mertes4cker @mesut-and-tie@mesut-and-waffles@mgoetzinho@miasanfamilie@miasanmuller@mia-san-madrid ✿ @mia-san-muller @misandrygoeswellwithfootball @mnlnr@motherguti @mourinheaux @mrhugolloris @mullehr@mutantproudfan@mylovethiago @nachofernandez@narcissus-princess @nathanielclynes @nemozil @neuersnutella@oficialmuller@okscielny@paddywhackmcnair@pcdolski @pcgbas@piedowski@pinpanpinpan@pirloilmaestro ✿   @piszczyna@podolzki@pogbala@pogbellerin@pppper@princephilipplahm ✿  @rafaeloangelo @ramsey-targaryen @reyesdelmundo @reyrafinha@rosberging@rowan-fcb@sampers @sangigibuffon@schuerrle@schweiniology @sergiorambo@simozabala@simozaza @smolgunners@sterndesuedens@szalaiadam@t0nikroos@teamraikkonen@teamzidane@thia6o @thiagos2lva@thomassholemuller @thoumasmuller@twasoffside@unpaiodistelle @wearethechampionsofeurope@whatsthemata8@wojshere

You’ve reached the end of this hella long follow forever. Once again, thank you all so much for everything and I love all 1k of you, even those not included in this. You’re all p amazing ❤️ Have a wonderful day!!

DGD lyrics out of context:

• you’ll go far on the back of a potato
• I’m legally overdosed on pumpkin pie
• your puke is a mutant
• I’ll be your sugar daddy
• making french fries in the snow
• I’ll watch you sleep
• bugs don’t matter
• line up some blow on your tits
• let’s get fucking naked
• maybe I should fuck her now
• talking’s for functioning people
• just because you move your hips / doesn’t mean that you exist

I'm Gonna Say This Then I'm Moving Past This

My issue with Taylor is that she’s fake and two-faced. The FACTS are that in the beginning she claimed that she didn’t know she was gonna be in the song. She didn’t know she was going to be referenced. That’s been her sob story ever since the Grammy’s. She has been dragging all of her ex’s and others since she first started making music. Should Kanye have called her a bitch? No. She people be bullying her? No. HOWEVER. I am sick and tired of her playing victim when the only reason she has a career is because she talks shit about other people. She had some idea of what was going on in the song. What was being said and all of that shit. So no. I’m not going to feel bad for her and I do believe she is a snake. He’s been saying he did ask her and she gave the okay and now there’s proof and y'all still wanna say he’s lying. Stop. Taylor needs to grow up and so does everyone else trying to declare her innocent. And stop coming for Kim. She’s defending her husband. I don’t like her either but I know why she did that and she’s not wrong. She loves her man and she’s gonna look out for him. Leave her alone.

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hey Carrie! ☀ I've been wondering.. why don't you make 'serious' videos anymore? like when you used to sit down & talk about decision making, mental things, etc. some other youtubers did the same. do you just like vlogs better now? ☀


I did make a video a while back saying I’d be on tour for the next few months which meant time to sit down and make talky type vlogs may decrease so I was going to do more “follow me” type videos! However, i’ve still done a few serious, sit down videos! Stage Door Chat, It’s Okay To Block People, The One When We Should Be Selfish and there are some sit down serious bits interlaced with the “follow me” vlogging like in Homesick House Cat and The One When There’s a Spider In My Mug! 

More serious sit down videos will commence once touring it over and time frees up a little! <3 


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So does this mean you're done with Naruto? ㅠ.ㅠ

Haha, this is about me getting into Haikyuu!! isn’t it? No, I still have a lot of things I want to make for Naruto! I do already have a silly Iwaoi comic in mind, some Karasuno shenanigans… but my default go-to is Naruto. Since you know… all I know from HQ is from fanwork and bits of the stage play. Though I am pretty sure Oikawa is generally an ass anywhere…

Anyway, I’m sorry for the silence from this blog, I have a lot on my plate right now! My project should roll out to prod a month or so, and it’s an enterprise app, and as the lead, I need to make sure everything doesn’t go to shit. There’s other stuff aside from that, and my leisure time is taking a hit, so basically I draw to destress, post it, then I sometimes forget about it ahh sorry!

I will try answering asks/messages when I can, thank you for understanding!

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may i ask what situation regarding the n word (i read it in your tags)? i'm new to the fandom lol

Hi! Welcome to the Hamilton fandom! 

The situation with the n-word involved the audiobook of the Hamiltome. Lin fully said the n-word in the audiobook when quoting Daveed, while it was censored in the book. 

Here is the audio of him saying it: http://leonpequenito.tumblr.com/post/145727488684/versiailles-lin-manuel-miranda-saying-nigga-in

(Thanks @purelintrash for sending me the link)

People took offense to him saying the n-word since he is not black.

Now, me, as an African-American, didn’t exactly take offense to it or wanted to make a big deal out of it. Yes, he probably should have went ahead and censored it to avoid controversy. I’m not excusing his use, but I’m not going to turn this into the drama some want it to be. Although, at the same time, he wasn’t using the term on his on doing, but quoting a friend of his, who is black. 

When it comes to the n-word being offensive, or used as a slur, one has to take it upon their own will to be used in an insulting or degrading manner against a group of people, in this case, blacks.

I’ve been in classes, such as history or literature, where people or teachers have used the word, but its the context of quotes or history. I’m not going to be offended. Now, if they call me one, I have a problem. 

This is how Lin said the n-word, in the context of a quote. 

Typically, in my experience, these examples are when the word is used offensively, when used by non-black people. 

“Look at those n***as on that show, why are they here?”

“Stupid n***ga.”

If Lin had said this of his own accord, in an interview, or etc. I would have a much bigger problem with this, but he didn’t. 

So, I’ll end it here, and hope you understand the situation. Sorry, this is long, but I felt the need to get this out. I’m not going to stop supporting Lin, and I’m still a fan of his and his art. 

so this morning i got sidetracked AGAIN and finally thought of a way to make the “ecto” (??? they ain’t ghosts) parts work for me and it’s a) fucking ridiculous and b) kinda cute but now i need a second opinion to know if i should pursue this line of thought

just… give me a sign of some kind if you want me to write the tiddy porn that is about to ensue and/or their awful fucking mess of a first time 


Manifesting a magical extension of yourself for the first time is always hard. Calling upon a body part you’ve used before is easy, just a matter of associating the memory and feel of it with the right state of mind, but figuring out what form it should take, how to achieve the right texture, weight and shape can require hours of concentration, and that’s not even taking the complexities of sensory feedback into account. Invisible strands of sensitive magic are weaved throughout the freshly-formed appendage, and their number, location and density is absolutely critical, lest you end up with a tongue that feels like it’s on fire every time it brushes against your teeth. The process is almost meditative, mainly consisting of intently listening to your body’s signals and shaping them into something pleasant.

This is the first time you’ve done it on your own. Overall, it’s the fourth.

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I wasn’t going to say anything...

but after seeing @taetaetown‘s & @bang-tan‘s posts I feel like I should.

Lately It seems like everyone is so desperate to steal others work for no reason other than to gain likes.

This is something that I’m going through myself.

I run a pretty small blog w/ about 400+ followers.  

I like to make my own little videos, mostly fake subs & dance mashups, and some imagines every now and then.

Now the stuff I put out is nowhere near the quality of taetae & bang-tan, but even so I still struggle with people stealing the things I post and reposting on here/facebook/twitter.

I’ve even called them out on it and the response I received was more along the lines of “Whelp, you’re a little blog so no one is really gonna care.” and at one point I was told that I should be grateful that someone wants to post the things I make.

and honestly hearing that really pisses me off and makes me not want to post anything all.

I don’t mind if someone wants to repost my work, If anything it makes me happy to know someone likes it ,but is it too much to ask just to get a little credit tossed my way?

I just hope in the future that people think before they steal someones work.


Please don’t steal someone’s work and claim as your own and if you do repost something please give credit.

That’s all.

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i am very interested in psychology, and i want to pursue a job as a psychotherapist when i get out of high school. is it a really hard field to get into? i've heard a lot of jokes about how the only jobs you can get with a degree in psychology are fast food workers or consultants and now idk if i want to pursue my dream job...

It would be an exaggeration to say the only work is in fast food or consulting, but depending on how much experience you have, specializations, and how much time + effort you want to put in, you should do the research on your dream job to make sure it is actually what you want to do. 

Especially since you are still young, there is lots of time to change your mind. You might go to university thinking you are going to do one thing, but some other subject might catch your attention before you graduate and you might end up going a different route. I think many students start out in university dreaming of one thing, and then discover other opportunities along the way. 

Good luck whatever you decide! 

god i want to start a new save file BUT…. im gonna start one with 1.1… concerned ape pls, give me something to hang on to

Is anyone else going to make a new save for 1.1? I know I read a bunch of people making new ones now so that they’re ~ready~ for 1.1 so I am curious

Maybe we should make some sort of event(s) leading up to 1.1 like, character/world building activities? Maybe once we get a release date one of those “question a day” things where yall build your character by answering a set of questions about them?? Maybe incorporate small challenges into it like if your character likes only certain vegetables they could only eat food with those in it

Just. Something. Would be fun. Give me ideas maybe

3rd Season Seigaku vs Yamabuki English Subtitles!!

大変お待たせしました!!I’m so sorry this took so long! I’ve been working on this since the Yamabuki DVD came out, but between work, taking the JLPT, and Seigaku vs Hyoutei starting up, it took me way longer than I expected…

Originally, this was meant to celebrate @tenimyuintranslation reaching 100 followers, but now we’re at 133 followers, so maybe it’s a little late? XD; However, it is this admin’s Tenimyu oshi’s birthday, so - happy birthday to Yamabuki’s Kita Ichiuma!!! Let’s all celebrate with some English subs of his Tenimyu debut!! (๑^ ^๑)

-This is my first time subbing anything, so please go easy on me ^^; If there are any mistakes or improvements you feel I should make, let me know!!
-I did include karaoke! All song lyrics, both romanization and translation, were done by me straight from the lyrics booklet - I know the 1st and 2nd Season songs have been translated before, but I redid them from scratch. If you would like to use these song translations for anything, please credit me. I don’t really care about the romanizations, do what you want with them, but the song translations took a lot of effort to get right. Do not steal.
-Please note that I am only making these subtitles available in soft sub format. This particular blog does not endorse illegal downloads, so I ask that you find your own source for the video - preferably the official DVD/Blu-ray.
-If you would like to share these with a friend, please link to this post rather than the download link. Even better, reblog this post so even more people can see it!
-Huge thanks to @maketakunai​ and @shabondama​ for checking these for me and helping me fill in parts I couldn’t catch!

More preview screenshots and download link under the cut!

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zero/f!kamui angst? (I love your blog btw!)

thank you!

When had he last put someone else before him? Niles has no idea. He looks down at your sleeping face, and lets out a deep, anguished sigh. A shady thief, now a prince’s retainer going after the princess? That can only spell trouble for you. To hell with his reputation, but he’ll be damned if he blemishes yours.

How can he do this…with a letter? No, you can just confront him the next day. That won’t do.

He’ll give you one last date–one that should at least make some of your last memories happy ones. Perhaps it’s selfish too, but–he wants to make you smile one more time.

And yet his usual bravado seems forced. When you question about it,  he takes your cheeks and stretches them out, telling you to not worry about silly things. He just hasn’t seen your happy side in a while–and the only smile he ever misses is yours. Won’t you laugh for him?

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