SHE CHEATED. she cheated? MAUREEN CHEATED! FUCKING CHEATED. I’M DEFEATED I SHOULD GIVE UP, RIGHT NOOOOW. gotta LOOK on the BRIGHT side with ALL of youR MIGHT- I’D FALL FOR HER STILL ANYHOOOOW. when you’re DANcing her DANCE you don’t.. STAND a CHANCE. HER GRIP ON RO-MANCE MAKES YOU FAAAAALL. so you think “might as well!” “-dance a Tango to Hell-” AT LEAST I’LL HAVE TANGOED AT ALL…. ………………. 👀☕

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just wanna say your task for odin is really similar to a task apollo had me do? i was gonna learn an instrument dedicated to him and he was like WHOA i had to give something up to learn MY favourite instrument!! and i was all like ???? what should i give up then?? and he was like hm... didn't think i would get this far... i'll get back to u don't do anything and then peaced out for a month and a half before telling me. gods man, gods.

They’re like fuckin’ cats, I swear. 

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i made rosewater but it's really weird and i don't think i waited long enough or something since it's a really red colour and has a weird texture do u think i could just simmer it longer and strain it better or should i just give up? love ur blog and it's really helped me btw :)

Thank you, I’m glad I could help!

That’s really interesting. I’ve never tried to make my own rosewater. I don’t think you have to give up (though you could easily buy rosewater for cheap). I assume its like brewing tea? Did you follow a recipe? 

I would say maybe try cold brewing it and don’t strain too vigorously. That’s just my guess. Make sure you add a little alcohol or a capful of vodka to keep it from going bad.

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What is ExtraTale? I have recently found it and would like to know more.

Shoot man, im sorry.  At the moment im not really working on it.  ExtraTale is an AU im making.  I kinda stopped for a little while because im kinda lost and honestly feel like i should just give up on it.  Im kinda redesigning a lot of the characters and adding more.   I dont plan on making comics for it because i have no idea how to make them but maybe later ill do some more art for it.  I would love to tell you about it though!

I dont know if youve seen some of my older art but this was someone i drew a lot.  ( His name is Cheff)  What ExtraTale is about is, when monsters travel through AUs, they can get lost or stuck in AUs, so the monsters of ExtraTale help them get back to their homes.  There are only a few characters at the moment, but i will be adding more, but as of now it is only Gaster, Cheff, Ado, and B who are apart of the universe.  

There is actually a FAQ post i made for it a little while ago.But like i said earlier, i will be changing ExtraTale around and im not going to be making a comic for it, which probably isnt a good idea, but i may write a short stroy for it.  But i will for sure draw art for it when i get it all sorted out.

(  https://extratale.tumblr.com/post/160505963423/faqabout <—FAQ page)

Any asks for characters of ExtraTale or for the AU itself are always welcome though! Your ask actually really surprised me XD (Sorry this was kinda long…)

how terrifying, to be aging and girl. at 18 i was told by men that i was “the perfect age,” and i still thought it was a compliment. is it because at 20 i figured out how sharp those words were. i felt old at 21, felt like if grey hairs came and my spine cracked i was done for. how scary. i am reminded constantly by “realistic” ideas in fantasy novels that i should have five kids.

my life feels short. like it is squeezed into my twenties. like at 30 i become ghost, just another mother or hard worker or both, just another background character. like if i am not settled and making a difference by 27 i should just give up already. is this something men feel? like a clock is painted on their back, one hand warning: your beauty is something you are valued for and it is something you cannot get back.

and why was i only beautiful, i wonder, at 18 on a riverbank. i’m told often my childish face is a blessing. that i shouldn’t want to look older. one told me i was a trap falling: “you look young but you’re not” he said to me, “it kind of led me on”. am i not young? 

maybe i am wrong. maybe it’s just how we all feel, getting old, like time is slipping from us. maybe men do worry that they will be alone forever if they don’t settle by thirty, maybe it’s even because they think they’ll turn ugly. maybe we all squish our lives into that incredibly young decade. what do i know. i’m still learning.

When I realise how much I was manipulated in my last relationship, it makes it so difficult to trust again. But I believe when good people come around, it’s such a rare occurrence that you have to hold onto them tightly. So this time around that’s exactly what I plan to do. I love love and just because I loved someone who couldn’t love me back the way I deserved to be loved, it doesn’t mean I should give up on love entirely; especially when it keeps knocking at my door.

What criticism feels like to a creative person

Browsing Reddit, I came across an extremely effective post about why some creatives respond very poorly to criticism, or even for those of us who respond well, why it can feel like an attack even though in your head you know it isn’t.

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Criticism creates a mental conflict, but not always that kind.

Imagine if you wrote a final essay for your literature class, really did your best on it, turned it in, and the teacher gave it 100%. Elated, you take it home to show it off to your dad. Your dad says “You got a D? You really should have tried harder.” You think WTF, you squint at the paper and you’re pretty damn sure it says 100%, A+, Good work. But your dad says “No, it clearly says 63%, D-, disappointing.” Then you start to realize you’re living in some kind of warped reality where your dad sees something on the paper completely different than what you see, and you start wondering if you even know what’s real anymore.

This is what it feels like to get a criticism. It casts into doubt your own definition of “good” which is probably the basis of your entire creative process. It’s not even an issue of admitting weakness. Admitting weakness is easy. What’s not easy is having your instincts cast into doubt and not knowing whether to trust  yourself anymore.

  • Do I trust this critic?
  • Do I trust myself? Some combination of the two?
  • Do I stand by my decisions or not?
  • Do I make changes even though I don’t understand how they will help?
  • Will the changes completely undermine the artistic vision I wanted for this?
  • Will it defeat the whole point I was going for?
  • I can’t feel the emotional reasoning behind making changes, so how will I know if my change is for the better or worse?
  • Is the critic just not the right audience for this? Is the critic biased? Is the critic just having a bad day?
  • Should I ignore them altogether, and just keep doing this for the people who like it?
  • Are my fans wrong and simpleminded?
  • Am I even doing anything of significance?
  • Should I give up here?

These are all questions which artists ask themselves when they receive criticism. They’re tricky, ambiguous questions that don’t always have a correct answer. Many newcomers don’t even know how to approach these questions, so criticism can often feel like a personal attack even if both sides mean well.

That’s not to say that criticism itself is bad, but if you get a better idea of what a criticism is doing psychologically to the receiver, you might find yourself offering more effective, well-received advice.

This ties in pretty closely to the advice I often give on this very blog, about how to deal with negative feedback; above all, trying not to dwell on it. Before you give any response, always take time to calm down.

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This is a pretty universal problem that affects all creatives across all media. You’d have to be as emotionless as a stone to not fall prey to it occasionally.

Part of being a writer is building up creative confidence. This is the faith in yourself to be able to write something and put it out into the world, and to know, deep down, that this work has value, to you and to your audience.

You may, later, discover that this work isn’t all that good, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was a stepping stone to the person you are now, and the work you’re producing today.

Whenever you create a piece of work, make sure you internalise why you made that work. What it meant to you. It doesn’t matter if that work was a prize-winning literary novel or a scrawling of Vegeta from DBZ drawn in pencil on lined paper. If the work expresses something you can’t contain, something you have to get down on paper, over time you’ll develop the creative confidence to accept that even if it’s “bad”, that isn’t what’s important. The end result isn’t as important as the work itself.

Creative Confidence isn’t something you just develop overnight. It takes work. It’ll probably take a few embarrassing moments too, and those will be the hurtful types that’ll lead to “arguments you win in the shower” 5 years later. It takes different durations for different people. However, if you work at it, it’s something I believe is within the reach of everyone.

Find your Creative Confidence; I’m sure you can.

 Day 1 of 30 days of encouragement!

There are times we bound to meet problems and troubles, and there are times we ask or tell ourselves: “Is it worth it?”, “This is not working.” , “Why am I so hopeless?” , “Maybe I should just give up,”

But honestly, we might just be that close to our goals before we decide to give up for once and for all. Hard work never lies or cheat you, and they will definitely pay off.

The only way to reach your goal is to stop telling yourself that you can’t do it. Only you have the control to do what you want and tell yourself what you want to hear.

Like the post said, your only limit is you.

I fell in love with you, but you don’t love me back. I don’t know what to do anymore. I live for you. Every morning I wake up, for you. I laugh for you, I smile for you, I do my best, for you. But I guess everything I did, for you, wasn’t good enough. Now I have two choices, I can give up and have my love for you die with me, or I can try harder to make you find some interest in me. Right now, one of those choices is more appealing than the other.
—  i’m thinking i should just give up