• Haechan: Ugh
  • Taeyong: Haechan, what's wrong?
  • Haechan: I decided to try being nicer to Mark
  • Yuta: So?
  • Haechan: So, I tried to tell him that he's a nice person today..
  • Ten: And?
  • Haechan: I said I hate him and I hope he goes to hell
  • Taeyong: Oh..
  • Jaemin: ... Today I told Jeno that he's a great friend and I'm glad to have him in my life
  • Jaemin: Then we went out for ice cream

i’m salty about the ccot paper i bs-ed for ap world

like… i wasn’t expecting to get a lot of points out of it in the first place, but i only missed 0.5 points for the most frustrating tiny detail ever…… and he left these rlly passive-aggressive comments on my paper. i know he didn’t like it but it satisfied the rubric lmaooooo

All joking aside tho, JJ has the level of confidence most of us can only aspire to. Listen to his damn song—it’s inspiring.

“I never give up even if the night should fall,
always do my best.”

That’s the kind of shit that can pull you out of a depressive slump. The kind of music you listen to right before a presentation in front of hundreds of people.

“I’m the King JJ
No one defeats me.
This is who I am.”

It’s a good motto to have in life. Can we all agree that JJ’s song has probably helped thousands with depression and self-esteem issues in the world of YoI?


It all started when I got the call that the BC had been canceled…

Roja: Don’t let this upset you Sliver. You had no control over this.

Silver: I know that. But what of this is a sign? What if I’m not destined to be with anyone? I’ve had so many terrible relationships then I care to admit…now this?

Roja: I said don’t work yourself up over it!

Silver: I can’t help it Roja! For once I want to be the one to be happy for a change! But everything I try something goes wrong. Maybe I should just give up on love..

explodingpringlescans replied to your post “I’ve been having a really difficult week and I just woke up to find a…”

That person can go to hell, tbh. Your writing is lovely!

It honestly made me feel so insecure and I’m still feeling like shit about that. Like, I can’t open a document to write without feeling like I’m so worthless and should give up. I’ve been having so many doubts lately and I know I make so many mistakes and my handling of most topics is just so faulty and reading other people’s works just makes it worse. Plus, I’m not even writing in my native tongue, which only makes everything worse.

But anyway, because I’m that stubborn, I opened a document today anyway and started writing something and I’m trying my best. Even if it’s pure shit, at least it feels a bit better than what I usually write, idk.

But if I ever get to finish it I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to show it to anyone because I feel like a huge piece of shit right now.

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(YOI!Anon) I should just give up thinking that there's no way YOI can get better with each new episode because it just proves me wrong every goddamn time :D I'm not complaining, though lol

Yoi always amuse me and it’s one of the reasons i love this anime so much.


Quinx + Masks

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 

au where arthur is some kind of forest spirit and alfred is a prince

not sure where this is going but i like it

the mother deserved better

Set 127 - 3. “They went home already." 
Set 128 - 9. "It’s so stupid but I can’t stop thinking about it.”

And Sousuke has a new name in his hatelist.

Srsly I dunno what happened. I tried to keep them in character but I failed miserably. I also tried to write but I gave up. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)