I don’t think you should ever, ever, ever, defend rapists’ actions, but doing the opposite and dehumanizing them is almost just as bad for everyone too. It just makes it so much easier to get into the mindset of, “They couldn’t do that, they worked with charity! They’re great with kids! They have a loving spouse! They were victims too! They would never! Even if they did, look at all the ways they made up for it!” When the fact is, you don’t have to be a serial killer or a sociopath or “evil” to rape. Creating this idea that only people with certain personalities are capable of sexual assault not only puts potential victims more at risk by getting them to think they can trust anyone who doesn’t seem immediately “mentally unstable”, it implies that mentally ill people who come across as unstable are more likely to be rapists which isn’t true at all, and the biggest issue is it makes it easier to dismiss victims by rationalizing “no way, I know them, they’re a good person, they wouldn’t do that”. Someone can be a good person in 100 different aspects of their lives, but if they do something terrible to someone else in one way it doesn’t just get canceled out like its a game and you’re keeping score.

Which Lego you should fight
  • Emmet:Despite appearing friendly, this is a tough call. On one hand, Emmet would never hurt a fly. On the other hand, he's a hard working construction worker with unbridled passion. If you catch him off-guard, you'd probably win. Then again, why would you want to fight Emmet?
  • Wyldstyle:She's fast and athletic, so fighting her might not be the best choice. She won't go down without a fight. It's hard to sneak up on her, too. Try not to fight Wyldstyle.
  • Vitruvius:Don't fight Vitruvius. He is blind, but he will mess you up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Unikitty:If you fight Unikitty, you run the risk of making them cry or making them lose their temper. Either way, it isn't worth it.
  • Bad Cop:Bad Cop is like Wyldstyle, only easier. You'd have a good chance against Bad Cop if he can't call in for support. Fight Bad Cop.
  • Good Cop:Do not fight Good Cop. For your own well being, do not fight Good Cop. You will lose. Good Cop has much more confidence and free will than Bad Cop. Beware Good Cop.
  • Lord Business:Fight Lord Business. He only relies on his drones to do his dirty work for him. Catch him without his resources and you have an easy victory.
  • Batman:I will personally buy you a $37 cup of coffee if you fight Batman.
  • Benny:Do not. Fight. Benny. He's survived with a crack in his helmet for over 8 and a half years. He personally broke the walls between different realms. He dismantled half of a room and built a spaceship with it in less than ten seconds. He embraces the powers of gravity itself. Do not fight Benny. You will lose.
  • Metalbeard:You should fight Metalbeard. He's a big mound of objects that is practically falling apart. He's slow, but he's very hearty. You can't crush his spirit, but you can dismantle him pretty easily.

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So you can imagine how freaking pissed Han would have been if he'd seen Leia taken as Jabba's slave.

i should really be working on Seren’s prompt rn becasuse I’m behind schedule but I feel like she’d appreciate this

clears throat




let’s back up, for those of you who don’t have background. Han is many things. Han has lied, cheated, smuggled, and killed his way out of many a sticky situation. For a good chunk of his life, his morals are grey and dubious at best.

Han is fundamentally against slavery.

Let’s say that again, so we get it down pat.

Han Solo is fundamentally, passionately, angrily AGAINST SLAVERY OF ANY KIND.

If we’re taking the EU as true (which we are, bc I’m pretty sure this ask is based on a post I made earlier this morning reading The Hutt Gambit), Han’s lived all of his childhood in an abusive situation where the people being abused (himself being one of them) are told that no, they’re not owned by anyone, they’re technically free to leave, but they have zip-zero finances, ability, or skills. A child in an abusive situation can’t just up and leave if he doesn’t want to work for the abuser anymore. Emotionally and physically, they’re stuck. Trapped. They have to work to make Shrike money or they get the hell beaten out of them (”the last time, Han hadn’t been able to walk for two days”. That is a direct quote). And if they do run away and get caught, then they’re dragged back and beaten some more.

That is for all intents and purposes slavery. It’s not called owning and buying, because Shrike didn’t buy any of them. But it is a situation where you are essentially owned.

Fast forward to when Han is nineteen. He finally escapes the abuse to go and work for a bunch of “priests” on a planet called Ylesia, owned and run, as it soon turns out, by Hutts. 

The people on the planet - the “pilgrims” - are addicted. They’re addicted to pleasure, pleasure under the disguise of “spiritual enlightenment”, and because of that addiction they’re trapped on the planet, working themselves to the bone to make spice in factories to sell to other worlds to make money for the Hutts and t’landa Til. And when they’re decently addicted, they’re literally sold as slaves to work in Kessel. 

Han sees all of this first hand. Han falls in love with one of the slaves, and Han witnesses first hand what addiction and enslavement can do to someone’s spirit and self-worth. 

Fast forward another five years. Han gets kicked out of the kriffing Imperial Navy, which has been his dream since he was very young and he nearly got killed getting into - because, GET THIS, he attacked a superior officer who tried to kill a “misbehaving” slave. 

Han’s stared down Hutt crime lords and refused point blank to haul slaves as cargo. Han’s put his own ass on the line multiple times because he hates this idea of slavery so much. Han has willingly killed slavers. One of the reasons he dislikes the Empire so much is because of their increasing enslavement of non-humanoids.

Background done.

So now, after Han’s finally in a spot where he might have regained footing in his crazy life, through which he’s been abused, nearly killed multiple times, betrayed multiple times, abandoned, physically beaten, emotionally hurt, and tons of other nasty-ass things - he is finally in a spot where he might have some equilibrium. There’s this woman, see, who brings out the best in him, who forces him to be better, to love more, to give more willingly, to be less angry and cynical and bitter and maybe even believe.

 And then he gets stuck in carbon freeze not knowing if he’s going to die and not knowing what’s going to happen to her and then - oh, then - he’s being woken up and he’s disoriented and she is there -

only for her to be ripped away and humilated, violated, and chained to the kriffing dias of the same massive, corrupt slug Han once resolute told: 

“I’m against slavery. There’s no damn way I’m shipping slaves, even if it means you won’t hire me.”

And it’s because she came back to get him, to rescue Han, that this has happened to her, because she loves him.

So, keeping all of this in mind, if you for so much as a second actually believe that the first thought crossing Han Solo’s head when he learns about the slave girl outfit is “geez, I wish I could’a seen that” and a lecherous smile, I honestly don’t even know what to say to you and you need to seriously rethink your logic. And understanding of this character. And possibly also sit on a cactus.

Have a nice day, and for more headcanons re: what Han might have actually been thinking, go have a chat with star-vault-ofthe-heavens or 1000-alshain, who have some excellent thoughts. And by excellent I mean heartbreakingly painful. But anyway.

Promise (Bambam)

Request: could you please write a bam bam scenario where he and you have been friends almost your whole life and he has a crush on you but u have a boyfriend but you later find out that he have been cheating on you and you tell bam bam that and he says that he will never hurt you and you end up together.
Length: 1,134 words
Genre: Fluff/Angst

*A/N: I hope you don’t mind, I changed your request from smut to a normal scenario because it just would’ve been too long and complicated if I still made it a smut.

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The ultimate irony of being a #digitalnative is knowing better than any of your superiors that “viral content” cannot be forcibly produced, memes have such a short shelf life that trying to use them to advertise is just embarrassing for everyone, and that, above all, introducing yourself at a party by saying “I do social media brand management” is some endgame shit that nobody should ever have to say.

I was tagged by my other half* who can flirt better than i do bodegacowboy
What’s your name: Elizabeth

Nicknames: Beth, Betch, Betchay (betch-eye), Betty, Queen (whoops I just made that up sorry) 
Where are you from: Manilaa
What is your favorite color: When I think color I think dresses, and earth colors look best on me. Though I have a personal preference for purple. And I could have cut that long story short but Vlad has to read something about me so… 
Write something in all caps: LIFE’S NOT AS SHITTY AS YOU THINK IT IS
Favorite artist/band: Right now? Nothing’s Carved In Stone. ^__^ Oh, and Aimer is getting me through the budget season. Forever faves would be MCR, Lifehouse and Matchbox Twenty. Wait…did I mention Taylor Swift? Yes, her too.
Zodiac sign: Pisces. Hey Vlad did you know we’re compatible or so the tumblr signs posts like to say
Crushing on: Guess who lol. Is Vlad a celebrity what’s happened to my question marks I can’t find them on my keyboard

Reason(s) to smile:

A good fic, Fan art of KouAka, PP in general, Aimer and Fate/Stay Night (or should I say cry), Utapri boys, close shaves on budget presentations (it’s almost over OMG), writing, popodachi and smutty conversations, rina and shoujo expectations, my OOR friends, the fact that I’m going to KL again this year ^__^

Favorite season:

We actually only have 2 in PH (rainy and sunny). But Jan-Feb is what would be the equivalent of Spring, and that’s my fave season.   



Favorite drink:

Alcoholic - I don’t generally drink but the only one I’ve managed that I actually liked the taste - San Miguel Lemon Flavored Beer ^__^

Non Alcoholic: Water

Tag ten people you want to get to know better: NOPE too lazy

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Did some sorting and cleaning on my USB stick. One of those is my PhD. The other is gay dwarf porn. Let’s hope I never, EVER mix them up, esp when giving a talk…

Billie Piper on her work/life balance and her kids:

I don’t juggle it at all well. It’s always a bit of a mess because it’s not something that you can do seamlessly.

I’ve never actually done this amount of travelling with them before so it’s new ground. There are moments of it being joyous peppered with moments of it being pull-your-hair-out maddening. How they can have that kind of energy after five hours of sleep is beyond me. I feel wasted next to them, their energy knows no bound.



crimsbacon replied to your post:am i the only one who spins their paper around…

My art teacher in school told me that’s a good way to art. Along with the natural way your hand moves, seeing your art from a different angel sometimes helps you see mistakes.


dang i thought i was just being lazy

So today I participated in a running event and I ran 5 km. For some people it’s nothing,but for me it was a huge step. I was never happy with myself both emotionally and physically,but a few months ago I thought that I should really need a change after these bad times. I wanted to improve myself,I hated always being that girl who is too shy and awkward and who is bullied for her weight. I started working out and I tried to be more open and confident. I still have a long way to go,but maybe for the first time,I’m feeling proud. My goal is to be truly happy about myself and I believe that one day it’ll happen. So if you’re in a situation like me,please don’t give up and keep going,no matter how long it takes,it’s totally worth it. And remember that you’re already awesome and don’t care about what others think,your opinion is the most important!😊💪

HP reread! Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 3: The Letters From No One
  • Remember when people still thought Arabella Figg might be a kickass bodyguard witch? The fact that she has a TV should have clued us in about how that can’t be right. 
  • I’d never quite realized before how fucking rich the Dursleys are exactly. 
  • “As he looked at Dudley in his new knickerbockers, Uncle Vernon said gruffly that it was the proudest moment of his life. Aunt Petunia burst into tears and said she couldn’t believe it was her Ickle Dudleykins, he looked to handsome and grown-up. Harry didn’t trust himself to speak. He thought two of his ribs might already have cracked from trying not to laugh.” This is such a great paragraph because it illustrates the psychology of the entire book opening. The Dursleys’ adoration for Dudley –> leading to the readers’ dislike and pity –> sinister atmosphere averted by Harry’s reaction. 
  • Interesting point: Harry’s first introduction to the Slytherin theme was the snake, and he loved the snake. The snake returns when he gets his letter: The House symbols are on it, and the only one we have a personal relationship to at that point is the snake. It’s gotta be a good letter, we know immediately, because it has a snake. How quickly the tides will change! Well done, Draco. 
  • The letters make the Dursleys angry because they’re convinced that they’re “reeducating” Harry into not being a wizard. But they also scare them into giving him a new room: Seeing “cupboard under the stairs” in writing (followed by the no less accusing, “the smallest bedroom” on the second letter), clearly they’re very aware that they’re mistreating him. And they don’t want to be confronted with it by people who they perceive as dangerous. It’s an interesting double dynamic. It explains why they’d run away instead of just handing Harry over and getting rid of him. I mean even with Petunia’s promise to keep him safe in mind, they could have just handed him over and been rid of him for most of the year - and Petunia starts being okay with that when things get out of hand, while Vernon turns obsessive about running away. There’s a warped attempt at protection going on. Vernon’s protecting his normalcy, which Harry is a part of, and he’s protecting his family from punishment. Also the whole production has a sweetly presented message of, “Running away from weird things will make you weird yourself." 
  • For all Harry’s so desensitized to the Dursleys’ abuse, he sure gets animated about the letter and the opportunity to get attention / open communication with somebody who knows who he is. It’s a bit heartbreaking.
  • “Someone was outside, knocking to come in.” I’ve always loved JKR’s cliffhangers. She always delivers them by giving us the first bit of information about what’s going to happen next, rather than withholding information. Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) does that and it’s cheap and annoying. “And then what she saw made her stare in terror.” Just tell us what it fucking is and be done with it.