Hello! So, as promised, I’ve got a couple things for ya.  Remember the Small Gods? I was posting about them when i took them to Comic-Con. I have some Gods of Small Mercies, Gods of Small Comforts, and Gods of Small Victories ready to list in the shop.  But I also have a few special, fancy-town versions of each! I made some one-of-a-kind little painted editions, and I’m pretty pleased with how they came out! If people are digging them, I’ll probably try to make a few more.

Anyway, these will go live in the shop at 12pm, PST

(And before anyone asks: Yes, I will be getting new Gods of Small Wonders made. Should take a month or so, we’ll see)

BTS In A Haunted House


“Relax Y/N, it’s not even that dark…” *tries not to laugh at how scared you are*

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“I don’t know why you’re so scared, there’s no such thing as ghosts.”

What a skeptic jeez



Ghost: *Knocks something over*


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poor Yoongi should have just stayed in bed;-;


“Yeah how about we just…don’t…do that…”

*you drag him inside anyway*


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Wow I just suck at finding gifs today


“Y/N what is this place? I thought we were getting food…”

“It’s a haunted house Kookie! Doesn’t it look cool?”



“Me? Scared? Pffft don’t make me laugh.”

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*hears a noise*



“Now Y/N if you start to feel scared feel free to leap into my arm-I mean tell me so we can leave right away…”

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My Requests Are Open!

A PSA bc I keep seeing this shit for some reason

Let me just say that if I ever see anyone shitting on Dean and Renee’s relationship or just on Renee in general get ready to fight me. I’m so sick and tired of seeing people go “oh I don’t like Renee. Dean should break up with her and date _________” like NO STOP

She makes Dean happy okay. They make each other happy. This and this alone should blow all the reasons you think they shouldn’t be together out of the water. It really doesn’t matter why you may think they shouldn’t be together. They make each other happy.

And besides Renee does so much for the WWE. I don’t see any reason to dislike her. I’d like to see somebody give me a good logical unbiased reason to dislike Renee. But until then I don’t want to see people shitting on her.

So in conclusion don’t be an ass about Dean and Renee’s relationship or be rude to Renee or be prepared to face my wrath.


Chicago W10D1 - easy 7 turned 5

Due to other obligations tonight, I had to run during lunch (because I was not getting up early to run on a Monday!). I only have so much time at lunch, so I had to cut this run short, but I’m fine with it!

I was thinking of running on the treadmill since it was 80ish out, but before I headed to get ready, I asked my coworker if I should run outside or inside. He encouraged me to go outside and I’m so glad I did! It was warm in the sun, but felt so nice!! The humidity was low and there was a breeze so I was very happy I went outside :)

I was nervous how my legs would feel after 15 yesterday, but they actually felt good! I was surprised! I just cruised along for this run and had a good time. The perfect recovery run and lunch break. I do have some soreness from yesterday’s run, but nothing some foam rolling can’t help :)

I was a part of a fundraiser at Pizza Hut tonight, so I was a waitress for the first time! It was fun, but I would not want to do it every night. I am beat! Props to all the servers!

Happy Monday!!


You finish getting ready and give yourself a look in the mirror. When you are satisfied with how you look, you go into your living room and sit on the couch, waiting for your ride to come pick you up.

While you are waiting, your phone buzzes in your hand. You look at the screen and see it is a message from your best friend, Kai.

Hey. We should do something tonight -KJongin

Sorry, but I can’t. I already have plans -(Y/N)

But….:( I want to see you. Who are you hanging out with?

Just an old friend. 

There was no reply so you lock your phone. You put it in your purse and stand up, hearing a knock at the door.

“Annyeong Taeminnie,” you greet your second best friend, bowing at him. He returns it and then pulls you in for a hug.

“You ready to go?” Taemin asks cheerily. You nod and loop your arm with his.

“Kai is gonna be so happy when we’re done,” you say as you step into the night air and close the door behind you. 
“Oh I think he will like this,” you muse, pointing to a photo of a birthday cake that Taemin showed you. He nods and smiles, his grin taking up his whole face.

“Yeah i had it made yesterday. I’m gonna bring it to the party,” he says.

“Thank you so much for helping me plan Jongin’s birthday,” you say sweetly, thankful that someone was there to help you plan everything.

“What the hell man?” You hear a familiar voice screech. You groan and close your eyes as you hear footsteps stomp up to the table.

"Kai,” Taemin tries explaining, but he’s cut off when Kai’s pushes him to the ground from his chair.

"Shut up!” he yells at his best friend.

“Jongin, what is the matter with you?” you scream, pushing him away from Taemin.

“You ditched me to come hang out with this dude? Seriously?” Jongin sneers at you.

“Why are you even here in the first place?” you sneer right back, ignoring his question.

“I came here with the boys for dinner, since you didn’t want to hang out with me tonight.”

People in the restaurant were starting to stare, so you step closer to Jongin, lowering your voice.

“Kai stop. You’re making a scene.”

“I don’t care if I’m making a scene. Let these people stare!” He yells, you flinching back.

“Stop,” you order, this time more firm. Jongin shakes his head.

“Oh no. Not until I know why you ditched me to hang out with this fucker.”

He makes a motion to charge at Taemin, but you hold him back.

“He was helping me plan your birthday party!” You scream back even louder.

Jongin’s face instantly drops and he looks straight at you.

“W-what?” he stutters, guilt crossing his features.

“I hope your happy.” you mutter as you grab your things, help Taemin up, and pull him towards the door.
As soon as Taemin drops you off, back home, you draw a bath, light some candles, and sink down into the hot water.

“God he’s frustrating,” you whine to yourself, pulling on your hair slightly. You shake your head and then sink down until your nose is just above the water.
After a few minutes, you hear a knock on the bathroom door. It startled you, but you have the feeling that you know who it is.

“Open up,” Jongin’s pleading voice comes from outside the door. You weren’t going to open up, but then you remember that he knew where the key was. So you get out of the tub, wrap yourself in a towel, unlock the door, and face the mirror to brush your hair.

“(Y/N),” he whispers, standing behind you. You just stare at him, not speaking.

“I’m sorry.”

You stay silent.

“Don’t ignore me. Please don’t ignore me. I overreacted and I’m sorry.”
When you’re silent still, he grips your shoulder and spins you to face him. Before you can get away, he pins your hips to the counter with his, circling his fingers around your wrists and holding you in place.

“You can’t stay mad at me forever,” he runs his nose along your jawline, hovering his lips above your skin.
You try your best to ignore him, but when he bites gently on your neck, you let out a shiver. He smirks and places a trail of kisses on your still damp skin.
“I’m. Sorry. Jagiya,” he says between kisses, taking his hands and running them up and down your back. You roll your eyes and give in, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stay mad.
He pulls away, so his face was an inch in front of yours. He smirks and puckers his lips cutely.

“I forgive you,” you groan, trying to sound mad. You were betrayed when a smile broke out onto your face. Jongin lets out a relieved sigh and closes the space between your faces. He grabs your thighs and you jump up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He goes to turn the shower back on, never breaking the kiss.

“Strip.” He demands, striping himself. When you are both fully naked he grabs your hand and you step into the hot water. He attaches his lips to your neck and starts to suck harshly, causing the skin to become purple. His fingers brush your wet “parts” and you whimper.
“J-Jong-gin please.” You beg. He chuckles and complies, sliding his long fingers into you. Even this simple task leaves you breathless. He starts to pump them in and out, his other hand roughly massaging your chest.

He soon bends down and flicks his tongue across the sensitive skin, causing you to moan in pure pleasure.

“Oh god Jongin, that feels so good.” You moan, grabbing his hair and shoving his face further. Your core tightens and you squirt all over his face, him cleaning you up before standing back up.

“My turn.” He smirks. He pushes you down and you take his length in your mouth. He hisses and bites his lip.

“God your mouth is so tight baby.” He praises, “look at me.” You lift your eyes so that you are looking at him and he licks his lips. He stops her.

“I need to be in you. Now.” He stands you up and makes it so your back is to him. He bends you over and slides his member into you. You scream as his giant length settles into you. He starts to thrust in and out, each time earning a louder scream from you.

“God baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groans, his skin slapping against yours.
His thrust become sloppier as he comes closer and closer to the edge. Soon enough he shoots white ropes of cum inside you and you finished also. He stands you up and kisses your lips delicately.

“That was amazing.” He praises, hugging your naked body to his. You nod and sigh in contentment.


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Can you do some mafia + Taegi, Thank you!

Men in suits sit at a large table playing cards, they’d almost pass as simple everyday business men if not for the money and drugs that litter the area surrounding them. Loud music basses through the crowded warehouse filled with woman barely covered in clothing. A boy, no older than seventeen, with cherry pink hair walks towards the men with a box shaped grin on his face. 

“Morning boys, Suga is a bit busy so i’ll be taking his place for this meeting.”

The men, dirty men Taehyung notes, share a look before breaking out into loud laughs.  “No offense or anything but this is a men’s meeting doll face, the housewife should never get involved.” A man Taehyung recognizes as Sungjin speaks up, the men around him laugh more. “Exactly why don’t you go work the pole or something and let Suga come talk to us when he’s ready.” This time it’s Leemin to talk. Taehyung sees red. 

Loud shots ring through out the warehouse and Sungjin doubles over in pain with a yell. Another shot is followed by Leemin gripping his arm and Taehyung giggles when he realizes what’s going on.  “Now now boys it’s rude to talk to the Mrs like that you know.” Yoongi walks out of the shadows and closer to the table, Taehyung could moan at how good his husband looks in his tight fitting suit. “Why don’t you apologize and maybe i’ll let you live.” The once cocky men quickly bow their head in sorry. Taehyung frowns. 

“W-we’re sorry V.” 

“Not good enough.” 

Taehyung blows a kiss and  raises his arm, Yoongi smirks when he notices it’s his own gun Taehyung holds, the sly little shit was always a good pickpocket. One bullet flies from the barrel of the gun into the head of Sungjin killing him instantly, Another follows for Leemin. The remaining stare wide eyed with fear. “Now shall we start the meeting?” No one objects as Taehyung sits on Yoongi’s lap at the head of the table. 

(Thank you for requesting i hope you liked it!!)(this was sort of inspired by that one line in Suicide Squad “They were the king and queen of Gotham, and god help anyone who disrespected the queen.”)

We spent the morning cuddling a LOT! I think he got up before he was quite ready to this morning.

We hung out all morning, colouring, eating breakfast, watching cartoons, and cuddling!!!

Then we went for a walk and had coffee with a friend.

Now he’s fast asleep on the couch and I ate a lunch that was ANYTHING but healthy 😒

Letting it go.

I should really get some washing done and tidy this afternoon… But I probably won’t.

The unpacking made the house a mess and it’s beyond where I can cope.

I don’t know where to start… So I just haven’t. And I won’t. Not until this weekend when hubby will help me get on top of it and we will go from there.

It’s going to be a fun weekend!
- Nan & Poppa get home.
- We are test driving a new company car
- We are getting started on renovating the laundry room
- Back to the market for our veges 🙌

And I’m working on convincing Carl that one more holiday is needed before he knocks me up again 😉
Perhaps a cruise or something in the Pacific…

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Hi:) Maliks are going to L.A. Get ready for Zigi attack. And for maybe some cute Family+Zigi pictures.

hiii there anon friend!

While I don’t know that i would ever refer to “Family+Zigi pictures” as anything generous like “cute”, I did take to the instagrams and the twitters to try and see, and there wasn’t anything (i like to be a verifying hoe), so I very much appreciate you telling me that I there’s a chance I should best be getting sea otter who hates watermelon but eats it anyway out of semi-hiatus. I figured as much, given that Zayn & Gigith are only seen together looking awkward when they have things to promote. 

This will be such a fun* week!

*not at all probably

Thank you

I would just like to thank all of you for you support and kind messages. You cannot imagine how much it means to me when you share your stories so openly and so freely. I appreciate all the notes and messages very much. It has been an extremely difficult couple of weeks, as you can imagine. I miss my guy and our routines. I still feel like I should be getting his dinner ready or taking him out at certain times and then I remember he’s not here any more. I know it will get better with time, but I will miss him for the rest of my life. He really was a very good dog, and he was my best friend. The best friend and companion I’ve ever had. I hope with everything inside of me that the Rainbow Bridge is a real place and that he is running free and without pain there. I also hope I get to go there one day and that’s where I wish to remain.

Going through piles of childhood art while cleaning my parents’ basement.

Found a comic I remember drawing based on a dream. This should be exciting, I thought, getting ready for some fantastically absurd adventures.

Turns out the entire comic is just talking heads waffling on about the Pauli exclusion principle

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Gosh I wonder how many times YBIAW is gonna have me yelling "Just pin her to the workshop table already!".

HA, probably quite a few, I imagine! The Third Thing will be in two chapters, and while there will be physical contact of some kind at the Third Thing, there will not be kisses until sometime afterward. I think the sexual tension will be starting to ramp up then, and things might end up getting a bit heated depending on how everything works out. I’ve got scenes loosely written already and a general timeline of how I want things to go, so it should be an interesting ride.

Hope you’re ready for it!

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my brother recently came out to my entire family and I've been trying to come out (I've been heavily hinting at it) for almost two years now and I don't want to come out now because I don't want my family thinking I'm doing it "for attention" or to "get back in the spotlight"

hey, no, listen. first of all, i’m giving you a huge fucking internet hug right now, okay? okay. second of all, don’t get hung up on those thoughts. come out whenever it feels right to you. it is very hard and scary (i haven’t even told most of the people who i care about/who care about me) and you are very brave to have been working up to it!! whenever it feels like it’s the right time and you’re ready, you should go for it. it doesn’t matter if your brother just did. this isn’t a competition. he’ll know that. come out whenever you feel okay with it in your heart and soul. it is not to be the center of attention, it is to finally be comfortable with telling them <3 and if you still aren’t ready that is totally okay too!! you are valid and wonderful no matter what

I Wanted To Draw You (OTP Challenge Day 1)

OTP Challenge by otp-imagines-cult

Day One, Meeting: The first time your OTP met. Introduced through a mutual friend? An accident?

Honestly, Hanschen couldn’t stand Starbucks. It was crowded, over hyped, and no doubt Melchior would have him pay the bill for the overpriced bean juice.

But here he was. Twenty minutes after he got the text from Melchior reading: ‘Meet me at the Starbucks on campus pls in fifteen minutes? I’m beg’. But still, no sign of the boy who had demanded Hanschen’s attention.

He was ready to get up and leave. His coffee was already half empty and he was already half asleep. Maybe he should just go back to his apartment and pass out on his couch again, like he did from studying all night last night. He was about to get up and leave when he was ripped from his thought’s by a hand anxiously tapping at his shoulder.

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Could you please do 26 for the age prompt? c:

Putting this one under a readmore cause its pretty long!!

In summary Heather Chandler gets a gay cameo, Kurt and Heather Mcnamara are the funniest and most idiotic couple ever, Heather Duke is an utter bitch as usual. Heather Duke and Kurt might be a little out of character but idk I tried my best!!

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