A Conversation I Had With My Mother Today
  • Me: Where's the bro?
  • Mum: cricket
  • Me: where's the other bro?
  • Mum: football
  • Me: wow why're my family so active
  • Mum: you should be more like that. Do something with your life that you enjoy.
  • Little does my mother know I run a blog with 40,000 followers and write fanfiction with over 15,000 reads. I still have no life but that's not the point.

Ah, the GeekCon. A place where Geeks like Lilith can hang out, make friends, and take pictures with cosplayers. The first thing she did was go up to a cosplayer to ask for a selfie, and once she gotten it, she almost screamed in excitement. She actually gotten a picture with Llamaman! At least it was taking her mind off of the argument she had with summer. 

“Thank you for letting me get a picture with you,” Lilith had told the cosplayer with the brightest smile on her features. The person had chuckled, nodding his head. 

“Of course. I hope you enjoy the festival. They have some games set up over there,” He pointed. “You should play a few rounds with me, if you have the time that is.”

“Sure! I have nothing else to do today! Let’s go play! What games do they have?” From the looks of it, Lilith had made a friend at Geekcon. Already they were playing games and talking as if they were the best of friends. As the two of them played together, Lilith had learned that his name was Kabir and he was single (she didn’t really ask, he just told her).