I find comfort in the crackle of a not-so-gently-loved vinyl.

Sure, some albums sound amazing fresh out of the sleeve, in immaculate condition, and a legitimate skip in a record makes me cringe. But a little surface noise tells me that this album has been around. Someone handled it enough that it got a little beat up along the way. It has been played and tossed on top of another pile of records in turn. Or played so much that the grooves have been worn out.
So it has a little static. a little pop and crackle. But so does a campfire, and so does a running brook. And I might be crazy, but that crackle is as comforting to me as the murmur of slow moving traffic, electric base board heaters, the hum of a refrigerator. These sounds are all familiar and personal and I wouldn’t trade that crackle for silent clarity any day.

I guess I have to start over. I foolishly deleted my original account, haha. I can’t decide if this is something significant or not, like maybe I should do something else instead. Photography is more like a chore than anything, where I go out, take photos, and I feel that I can’t express the authentic part of me that really wants to get out there. I need to engage with the actual world, not escape in some naturey moments that get me nowhere but away from facing the world.

I have a lot of headcanons about gilbert finally really moving in with roderich and his mounting horror as he discovers how lazy and indifferent roderich is to cleanliness like behind that elegant get up is a man who does not know how to take care of himself or his house he was too lazy to learn after all the servants left he tried for like a week and kept dropping things and was finally like u know what fuck it so gilbert finds dustbunny empires under the sofa and the carpet and one day he just walks in on roderich scooping a bowl out of the dishwasher and he’s like I haven’t run that yet and roderich’s like ehh it looks clean, and gilbert is just standing there flabbergasted like


can you look like that

and yet


“I want to eat” doesn’t eat
“I’m not hungry” eats everything
“I want to draw” doesn’t draw
“I want to sleep” doesn’t sleep
“I want to get up” sleeps
“I should do my chores” ignores them
“I want to relax” does chores

my life is just a huge contradiction

Me because I just can’t find the time to read all the wonderful Critical Role Bang fics

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  • straw man argument: you adult privilege whiners think no one should have to do chores! well fuck that I'm not cleaning up after my kid all the time just to avoid being ~oppressive~!
  • the actual issue: sharing the workload in a household is fine. it is perfectly fair to expect each member of a household to contribute according to their ability. the problem is adults believing they have the right to unilaterally decide who does what, micromanage how and when chores are done, enforce their own personal standards and timetables of maintenance and cleanliness in children's bedrooms and other private spaces, and punish children for not doing chores without fear of being similarly punished if they neglect their own household responsibilities.

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🐇I couldn't just give one of y'all a plushy…so…I…wanted to…give…you all plushies…*Blushes*

Send 🐇 to give my muse a plush toy!

The plush toy is up to the sender!

I love it! Thank you! 

Thanks! Such a little fluffy bunny this is!

It’s so cute~!

Unlike you, little oni. My plush owns more elegance than yours

Oh come on! All of our plushies are the same!

Thank you. I should place this in front of me while I cook and do my chores.


I really hope it’s not real rabbit fur, thank you.

**is silently having a staring contest with it**