Depression: oh my god just take a depression nap who cares about chores and doing things u love????
Me: ???????i care?????? Mom asked me to do something uhhh i care??? And im sad and id rather not wallow in it???? Don’t be a little bitch????

I wanna join too: lazytown characters as things i've done
  • Sportacus: ate blueberries straight from the bush with my dirty little hands until my fingers were blue
  • Robbie Rotten: ate a whole can of cream cheese frosting
  • Stephanie: turned my music up to 11 and danced in my bedroom like a rockstar
  • Ziggy: when the gum lost flavor I just kept adding more gum until the ball was too big to chew
  • Stingy: yelled at my sister for touching my radio cuz she was "too little" and would "break it"
  • Trixie: bounced a ball on the ceiling until it left horrible marks then hide and pretended like it had always been there
  • Pixel: stayed up until dawn playing video games on a regular basis and sent insane amount of time decorating every home I owned in the elder scrolls series
  • Mayor: volunteered to make a thing I had do business even touching and was too stressed to do anyway
  • Miss Busybody: deciding that doing 1 chore meant I should treat myself for the rest of the day
  • Glanni: pranced around in high heels and called myself a sexy bitch

tardisprincess10  asked:

Me: I am a mature person and understand that the people who dedicate their time to writing these imagines are real people and have lives outside of tumblr. I should respect that. Also Me: I will lock you in a basement with only a laptop so you will write every goddamn imagine i want, i need glenn... You have no life except to please me... Also also me: Maybe i should put down the phone and try to actually do my chores...... nah *rereads everything* But nah i love ya man! You're great!

OMG ROFL 🤣🤣😭😭 (If you keep me in the basement…will I still be allowed to watch the show XD)

I guess I have to start over. I foolishly deleted my original account, haha. I can’t decide if this is something significant or not, like maybe I should do something else instead. Photography is more like a chore than anything, where I go out, take photos, and I feel that I can’t express the authentic part of me that really wants to get out there. I need to engage with the actual world, not escape in some naturey moments that get me nowhere but away from facing the world.

I find comfort in the crackle of a not-so-gently-loved vinyl.

Sure, some albums sound amazing fresh out of the sleeve, in immaculate condition, and a legitimate skip in a record makes me cringe. But a little surface noise tells me that this album has been around. Someone handled it enough that it got a little beat up along the way. It has been played and tossed on top of another pile of records in turn. Or played so much that the grooves have been worn out.
So it has a little static. a little pop and crackle. But so does a campfire, and so does a running brook. And I might be crazy, but that crackle is as comforting to me as the murmur of slow moving traffic, electric base board heaters, the hum of a refrigerator. These sounds are all familiar and personal and I wouldn’t trade that crackle for silent clarity any day.

Listening to Exo’s album

I am not going to listen to it.

See my feed filled with exo songs 

Hearing people nearly dying from the songs and this being the best album ever.

Woke up in the morning to see the whole album is out, buys it for fun.

Doesn’t listen to it until i was doing chores.

first four songs.

Debates if i should listen to the rest i mean i became bipolar within four songs.

Listening to Exdous and El Dorado

Listens to the rest of the album…. all the songs i like  wtf.

Let me say this as a fact, i love both , both album was on point and i am very impressed because i don’t buy exo albums at all, i have a few songs by them but that is it. 


OK, this bugs me and scares me a bit but please bear with me and hear me out.

 I was expected to do lots of chores as a kid. A LOT of my friends weren’t expected to do any chores. To be honest, I believe kids should be expected to do chores because responsibility is part of living in a community. Now, they didn’t choose to be born. But working together with your kid is a way to help them feel welcome and give them a degree of control over the household. It may be annoying to be asked to fold some laundry sometimes, but it also means in return (or it should mean) that you can be expected to be responsible for more fun things than matching socks. Or that you in turn can ask your parents to handle something for you that you need help with as well and not feel like you’re a weird outsider or burden. Believe me, a lot of my friends relate feelings of alienation and being a perma-child when their parents see doing all the work as their way to validate themselves and don’t include their kids as part of the household and instead as passengers.

That said, this list really bothers me! Wow! Are you really telling me an 8 year old kid can be expected to vacuum the floors when a vacuum might be the same size as they are? Or that a 10 year old can do all the family’s laundry? Or that a 12 year old might be expected to cook dinner for the family without any help?

I was expected to do all of these things at a similar age, but it wasn’t my age that defined what I was able to do and what I wasn’t able to do. This mentality that your child needs to “pull their weight” or that there’s certain ages at which point you can put your kid to work is really creepy. Your child is not an extension of yourself, they have their own boundaries and they should be respected. I wasn’t expected to reheat dinner and prepare a vegetable to something at age 12-13 because I was “old enough to be expected to.” It was because my mom showed me how almost every week beforehand, I cooked with her and my dad all the time and after I practiced enough at their side they could call home at 5 PM and ask me if I could make some broccoli or something. To disastrous effect, a couple times too… because I was 12!

The idea that as soon as you hit 12 you need to begin looking for work or that you’re old enough to fill your time with labor rather than play (rather than choosing to on your own for some candy store money or something!) is really alarming! I know moms are afraid of their babies never learning how to do basic household tasks but it’s not age that defines a person’s readiness to help. It’s how they have been taught to make a difference and how to be part of a household.

Or that the 9-10 year old kid can be expected to teach their 5 year old sibling how to work, rather than the mom parenting the kid… serious warning bells are being set off here okay. No matter how competent I was at chores, I never was a replacement for my parents in teaching my sister how to do something. Parenting is not something one can deputize. I understand many moms feel they have to pick up after their kids and do everything by themselves thanklessly but weirdly conscripting your kids (rather than helping them naturally contribute and take responsibilities on!) is not an appropriate solution!

it makes me wonder if the frightening ‘minimalism’ of limiting a kids possessions or making the house showroom-neat is an effort to just do less work in picking up + tidying at the expense of having an enriching household environment. And that lists like these are also like, hacks to make your “problem” (your kid being a ‘problem’ in the way of leisure!) do the work for you so you don’t have to.