olicity + felicity’s feelings for oliver  

       I wish that I could change your mind about staying here, but I know I can’t. Just like I know that leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don’t regret a single moment. And you shouldn’t either. You have done so much. You have saved so many people’s lived and you have changed so many for the better, including mine. Knowing you has changed my life.

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How do you think the first REYLO kiss would go down in the movies of there ever was one?

Oh man. As much as I ship the shit out of these two, I just don’t really know. So much of what is in the movies already is pretty much one sided. 

If a kiss were to happen, and I’m talking a pretty big IF here, I think it would be a heat of the moment type thing. 

Ren and Rey are facing off again… With choice words and taunts being volleyed back and forth…

They are both stronger now, healthy and whole and fresh with new skills. This isn’t the first time Rey has held a lit lightsaber—the weight isn’t strange in her hand, the slice of it through the air is no longer jarring in its swiftness. 

She is harder to surprise, now that she knows her footing.

Ren is twice the fighter he was on Starkiller. More, even. This is his first battle of the day, and his body is strong and uninjured. He seems to wield with two weapons—that corybantic lightsaber in one hand, and the outward push of the Force in the other. 

Rey has to use two hands on her saber to deflect his blows, no matter how skilled she has become. 

(Her advantage is the Force she has in reserve. While Ren holds his ready in the palm of his hand, Rey keeps hers simmering in the pit of her belly and at the base of her skull, letting it guide her through her forms, letting it show her his intentions an instant before they are put into action.)

So she anticipates that pushing hand as their sabers clash above their heads.

She does not anticipate its fisting in the folds of her cloak. Dragging her forward and to her toes.

He manages to surprise her with his mouth on hers, just this side of off-center, hard and hot. She can’t think to react; stares dumbly at the fluttering hair at his temple. Her arm is cramped between them as she still holds her two handed deflection above her.

He is waiting.

She makes a quick decision and moans into the kiss, licking into his mouth. He falters, mixes his moan with hers—

And she shoves. His saber wielding hand comes down, his blade connecting with a hiss against the dewy grass, and she risks turning her back to him to twist out from under his hand gripped in her robes. Her back against his chest, she throws her elbow mightily into his gut, crumpling him in half.

Then she shoves again, leaving him wheezing on the ground behind her. One final spin and her saber is pointed at his startled face, his saber unexpectedly extinguished.

His lips curl into a smile, tinted bright blue from her weapon and her thoughts stutter over the remembered feel of those lips on hers. How easily that moan had burbled out of her, how naturally she delved into the heat of him. Her face grows hot and he laughs, reading her like a book.

She edges the blade an inch closer, bares her teeth. His laughter continues, skirting the fringes of madness.

“Worth it,” he sighs as he throws his head back against the grass. Exposing the thick column of his neck. “Absolutely worth it.”


Funny Story about this Comic: I saw the post of @dreemurr-reborn and i was listening His Theme and… this derp comic come to my Mind when i remember the Episode Alone Together of Steven Universe

Soooooo i do this for fun <3 I hope that you like this guys <3


Nekoma And Karasuno React To: Kurostuki.
  • Kuroo:Wait, so people 'Ship' Tsuki and I? Wait- What is shipping?
  • Tsukishima:Don't call me 'Tsuki', and also. Please stop. I don't want to be associated with a man who cares way too much about his hair.
  • Kuroo:SHUT UP OKAY?
  • Kenma:Okay, calm down. 'Shipping' is when people think two other people go good together. There fore they 'Ship' them.
  • Kuroo:Ah, that makes sense I guess.. Tsuki, wanna be a ship?
  • Tsukishima:Absolutely not.
  • Kuroo:But why?
  • Kenma:Wait calm down-
  • Sugawara+Daichi:Called it.
  • Tsukishima:Wait what?-
  • Hinata:So, Tsukishima and Kuroo-san are dating?
  • Tsukishima:No-
  • Kageyama:I think so.
  • Kuroo:I mean oka-
  • Yamaguchi:I never knew Tsuki was gay-
  • Tsukishima:AM NOT-
  • Kuroo:Shh baby, let it happen-
  • Hinata+Kageyama:I ship it.
  • Tsukishima:I HATE YOU ALL.

i don’t get how anyone could think these two characters AREN’T good friends. i mean, they clearly love each other way too much for it to be romance. really, how can so many people see this great friendship and think it’s just a romance? can’t they see how much these characters love each other? it’s practically canon that they’re great friends

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I really hate it when people are quick to judge or even consider others pov on things especially with ships and interpretations. I really love your artwork and echotale. Thank you for working on this AU and hope you don't let hate get to you.

Do not worry about me <3 It’s been fine till now and I have to learn to handle things (but I was lucky not to get much hate till now, maybe just one or two messages, I expected a lot more to be honest… I try to understand the feelings of “haters” - I’m sure they wouldn’t be this way if we spoke in person or if they knew about my life…so I try to look at it this way). Thanks for the concern! ♥


Chuck, listen to me. I’m here. I have so much that I want to tell you. Chuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t care if you have the Intersect or not. Without you, I’m nobody. I’m nothing but a spy. Come back to me, Chuck. I want to marry you.

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kurodai for the ship thing (lmao i'm in desperate need for more fics about these two)

im always glad to help out a fellow kurodai friend and to help their needs.,,,.

i love kurodai so much its probably my number one ship from hq

some really good fanfictions i have read so far are!!!

Wilder mind by akhikosanada - http://archiveofourown.org/works/4978897

iwaizumi and daichi are like??? best friends in this its great!! and kuroo and bokuto are film students

Kiss, live with, push off a cliff by tmntransformer - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5203640/chapters/11993576

boy oh boy this one is so good!! mutual pining and lots of help from teammates

Catch and Release by evils - http://archiveofourown.org/works/2857145?view_adult=true

pure 100% sin but very good sin that makes you want to scream and huddle up while you cry over how dense these two are

What costs a life by milkmug  - http://archiveofourown.org/works/3619086/chapters/7988736

Modern Supernatural AU!!! with vampire kuroo and human daichi

Half asleep / Wide awake by boxofwonder - http://archiveofourown.org/works/4320201/chapters/9795261

This is really angsty and made me cry but its also?? really good

so believe that magic works by awkwardedgeworth - http://archiveofourown.org/works/4315239

Harry Potter AU!!!! its like half Kurodai and Half bokuaka so its like 2 for one???

So I think you all know how much I love Yuya X Yuri and with their ship name up to vote this month, it would mean the world to me if you guys could vote for Jestershipping for these two. I suggested this name for these two a long time ago and yet, it still so dear to me. Oh course, you don’t have to if you don’t want too but I would be so thankful if you do :)

I will say this much though about the episode:

I got everything I wanted and more out of the Adam & Blake confrontation.

I could not ship those two any harder right now if I tried. I’m so happy. I’m so, so happy. *screams into the void* It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I love Adam Taurus so much. He delivered. That boy delivered.

top 5 otp meme

I’ve been tagged by @chokolacat. Thank you <3

I’ve done this before writing 5 times Haruka and Rin :D

Ok this time I’ll list other ships too.

1. Haruka/Rin - Do I really need to say anything about them???  If I start talk about them I’ll probably write 10k words essay. You all already know that I breathe and live with this ship. This blog and most of my edits dedicated to these losers which took over my life. They fit in EVERY trope I adore in ships. They are my otp of otps I ever otp’d.

2. Takeru/Riku - Wow ok I loved these two even before the series started, now I absolutely adore them as you can see by posts about them. Passionate partnerships/friendships and power duo ships are my thing. Plus they are absolute dumbasses and dorks. And so much touches…so much gayness…

3. Kageyama/Hinata - Oh boy I have a otp style, haven’t I? * Ships grumpy dork with cheerful dork*. I adore these two. They are such losers I swear.

4.Nezumi/Shion - Beautiful, tragic otp ;-; I love them so much and pray every day so their reunion come soon. Nezumi get your ass back!!!!

5. Mikaela/Yuu - This ship gives me so many feels. So much angst, so much emotions, so much gayness, oh my god. How I can handle all of these?

the clexa ship is really rubbing me wrong lately….

not because it’s you know “a same sex couple” or whatever, I could give two shits about that — it’s the fact that they can’t see past their rose coloured glasses at how manipulative the relationship is


no matter how much Lexa goes about it she does noT know how to express her love in a healthy manner — not since Costia and who knows even then. The fact that she’s given Clarke so many ultimatums just proves it.

I mean I’m not saying she’s this horrible person, Lexa is just as dynamic as the next but I’m saying that this stupid ship can’t recognize that what Clarke feels for Lexa, at least right now, is not love. At most it’s hope. Hope that she doesn’t turn her back. Hope that this is the last of the betrayal from those she thought she knew - thought she cared about. Hope that maybe they could start over. Hope because Lexa HURT HER and in the process of abandoning her gave her no choice but to kill the whole damn mountain. t



I don’t care who you ship — it’s the fact that they can’t realize how there is more to this show than just Lexa and Clarke or Bellamy and Clarke and more than just a hint of romance. There is so much more to Clarke as a character that Eliza is doing and she’s not getting the credit she deserves as a character and as an actress and it just makes me really frustrated

Top 5 ships!

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1. Rin x Haruka - Free! (Is anyone surprised??)

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I love this ship so much!! Rin and Haru have so many dynamics going on. They’re childhood friends AND rivals! Like it can’t get better than that imo. They mean a lot to each other and that makes me really happy :)

2. Tsukishima x Yamaguchi - Haikyuu!!

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I love Tsukishima so much omg! He’s amazing and his character development is SO GOOD!! And plus Yamaguchi is precious and really loves Tsukishima, and helps him become a better person and I just :’)

3. Haru x Shizuku - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

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Oh look a guy x girl ship! lmao I love these two so much honestly this show/manga and their relationship are super amazing! They are complete opposites but at the same time they function really well together. They kiss like right away and their dynamic is very different than most shoujous.

4. Ryuuji x Taiga - Toradora!

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In some ways this ship is like the exact same as the one above, but with the reversed roles for the girl and guy. But, the slow pace of their relationship kills me and I loooove it!

5. Poe x Finn - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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This ship has taken over me tbh. It’s still new, but there is so much poetential (see what I did there). LET THEM BE GAY DISNEY PLS. The only guy x guy ship I have that I think could actually be canon.

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What made you like clexa so much?

Honestly the main reason why I love it is because it’s canon and I am so tired of shipping non canon f/f ships. 

But also because I started watching the 100 when season two was coming out and so i was introduced to Lexa pretty much straight away and I just fell in love with the intricacies of her character and how she was so obviously affected by everything but also didn’t show it so often. She’s such a well put together character in general and I love that. And of course I love Clarke she’s a manipulative smartass and one of my faves.

So I think Clexa as a unit work so well because Clarke often tries to ignore other peoples emotions, making decisions with her heart, in a “its the only way she can make the choices she has to make” way but Lexa tries to ignore her own emotions, making decisions with her head, in a “love is weakness” kind of way. So on the one hand you have Clarke, who’s trying to only think about her people by pushing her feelings out, and Lexa who’s trying to only think about her people by keeping her feelings in and they really clash, meaning they have to make each other think about the feelings they’ve buried down (for Lexa thats love and for Clarke thats mainly empathy and guilt).

Plus it’s been built up so well and so well written and acted out, with so much chemistry, that i can’t not ship it.