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I actually got emotional today because I was watching TW season 1 and Jackson said Lydia was the deadest weight in his life, and I noticed that 5 seasons ahead, Lydia apologizes for wasting Jordan's time and he looks at her and says it wasn't a total waste, and we all know it's because she was with him and he enjoys spending time with her and she gives a little gasp because it's probably the first time a guy says that to her and she's surprised and then she blushes and bites her lip. Omg 😭😭😭

THIS. All of her past guys, Stil/es included, wanted, demanded or expected things from her. Lydia adapted and was wearing masks for most of the time. She was a bitch queen, an arm candy, a trophy princess, a bait, a pawn in game. In the first three seasons we got only few glimpses of true Lydia, she was (still is) that good in wearing masks. My point is, we rarely see Lydia acting absolutely naturally around people, even her friends/boyfriends/family (but it got better in s3).

And there is Jordan. A guy who doesn’t pretend. He is not Jackson, who played macho while he was a boy who didn’t know how to deal with his shit. He is not Stiles, who wanted to impress her and treated her like an object. He is not Peter, who wanted to use her. And he is not Aiden, who was toying with her in the beginning. Jordan is Jordan. That means he acts the same when he interacts with sheriff, Chris, young Derek, Scott or Lydia. That means he allows you to be yourself with him and won’t judge you, even if you behave like a freak and have a weird habit of appearing on a crime scene.

I mean, this is why I ship them so freaking much. Since their first meeting he treats her like Lydia. Not like a goddess, freak, prize or a fragile flower. He has never judged her, even when he didn’t understand what the fuck was going on. He has never expected or demanded things from her. He allows her to be herself with him, he respects her opinions, he doesn’t yell or feel resentful, he doesn’t play macho around her. And the other thing that makes him different than other guys, he showed her his vulnerabilities. Hey, you know, I think I’m dangerous, I’m freaking terrified and I think I should stay the hell away from you. And Lydia? Pff, didn’t give a fuck about his existential crisis and drag his ass back. It’s called a mutual trust.

And yes, that midnight scene. Along with their previous scene in that ep, it’s Marrish in a nutshell. He did what she asked for, he allowed her to make  whatever she wanted, he didn’t force his opinion, he wasted his free time and he didn’t mind it, because Lydia asked him. The fact he was super gentle with her all the time was a nice bonus.

You know, before that ep, I was a little concerned about Marrish, I was afraid they were going to screwed this ship. But after watching the last scene? Pff! I knew they were going to be ok. And now even the “focal points” and other shit don’t scare me.