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Urgh. Let me just point out the beauty of this scene. We know how important the Farewell Shinsengumi arc is going to be for the dynamics between Gintoki and Hijikata but I was so very moved when I saw this scene. 

Gintoki takes the punch, Hijikata and the rest are just utterly confused and Gintoki proceeds to punch our misogynistic asshole. We know Gintoki shoulders a lot of things but here, he takes the fall for Hijikata. Haven’t you wondered why Gintoki was oddly silent before Hijikata snapped? He was even silent when they grabbed Otae. I am getting the feeling that Gintoki was watching Hijikata. We get these amazing two-shots from them, where Gintoki stays behind Hijikata and he is silently observing the situation but more importantly, he observes Hijikata. Why? For one, Hijikata is a good fighter, he must have snapped within a millisecond and to prevent that punch most likely already required you to somehow anticipate Hiji’s reaction, most likely by observing. But more importantly: he knows the kind of situation he’s in (and everyone who’s read the manga knows that this is true), to lose your beloved one, your master, the one who gave you a home. He knows how deep you can fall when this person is taken away from you and Gintoki doesn’t want to let Hijikata fall that low and he, as the Shiroyasha, the legendary samurai warrior who wasn’t able to protect anything, knows how low you can fall and he doesn’t want to let Hijikata end the same way and even better, he just doesn’t simply stop him, no, he fucking punches the asshole in the face because that’s what Nobu Nobu deserves and that’s what Hijikata wanted to do in the first place. Gintoki protected Hijikata

There are so many more instances in this episode I could point out but if you still think that they are not important to each other somehow, I’ll give you this quote: