Headcanons: Dany meets the Starks (esp. Sansa and Arya)

So I have this for a prompt fill which is kind of like this in a fic format but I just wanted to write a quick set of headcanons before I start on today’s fic :) I’ll tag @toaquiprashippar who also asked for this

  • at first Dany isn’t sure what to make of the North, especially the snow. Jon’s spent almost the entire boat ride north telling her about the North and his siblings but she’s still a bit nervous to meet them and she’s not sure what to expect. Jon isn’t sure how his siblings will react to Dany, or the fact that he’s declared himself for her-at this point he’s not even sure what the North will be like, since he’s been away so long
  • Dany is always secretly jealous of the stories that Jon tells and the happy family he came from-she wishes that she had siblings like his; he can’t think of them without smiling and whenever he tells one of his stories about when he and Robb stole books from the library or how he was planning on teaching Arya to swordfight, his face always lights up
  • she mentions Viserys once, almost cursorily, and he seems to take the hint; he never asks about him again. And of course, they don’t talk about Rhaegar
  • Sansa is run ragged getting the castle ready; she’s not sure what to expect from the Dragon Queen and she knows the last thing they need is another enemy. She doesn’t trust a Targaryen, even one that Jon is so obviously smitten with (did he write fiancee in his last letter? When did that happen?)
  • of course, Bran knows exactly when boatbang happens but he decides not to say anything
  • Arya decides to make sure that Dany is good enough for Jon; she’s ecstatic to see her brother after all of this time but she’s afraid that they’ve changed too much. What if they’re not as close as they once were? 
  • the Starks are waiting outside when Jon and Dany arrive, like in Season One when Robert arrived. There’s an undefined tension in the air; no one’s quite sure what’s going to happen, but everyone is looking to avoid conflict
  • Ghost won’t stop pacing; Arya eventually has to try and calm him down because he’s putting everyone on edge
  • Sansa and Arya both hug Jon immediately-it’s the closest thing to a Stark family reunion they’ve had since season 1. Then Jon introduces Dany 
  • Sansa has heard rumors about the Dragon Queen from the South but that doesn’t quite prepare her for actually seeing Dany; she’s still suspicious of the Queen’s motives, but she looks ethereal in her white and gold dress (she says they’re the colors of the dragon she lost; she’s mourning him). She doesn’t want to be reminded of Lady, but in a way she is
  • Dany and Arya hit it off almost immediately. They bond over their love of Jon; they end up sitting next to each other at the evening meal and pretty soon they’re making each other laugh and Arya’s telling her funny stories of Jon as a baby. Arya is actually the first one to accept the Targaryen queen and she appoints herself as Dany’s official guide around Winterfell 
  • when Dany realizes that Arya and Gendry have a history, she plays hardcore matchmaker until one night when they’re sparring (Needle versus Gendry’s warhammer; Arya more than holds her own) they end the night kissing passionately under the stars 
  • Sansa is a little harder to convince; she talks long and hard with Jon about his fiancee, but ultimately what convinces her is the bits of Dany that she sees when she’s not being queenlike. One night she accidentally walks in on Dany crying over Viserion and they end up talking for hours over rapidly cooling cups of tea. They’ve both been mistreated and grown stronger because of it and they’re both impressed by how much the other has accomplished
  • Sansa realizes that Dany doesn’t seem much like a tyrant. Plus she sees how well she and Arya get along and how much Jon loves her. Like, seriously. She’s never seen him even look at another woman the way he looks at Dany-the way she once hoped that a prince would look at her
  • but what really gets her is when Jon tells her about how Dany flew to his rescue beyond the Wall even though she didn’t have to and even though she lost so much
  • Jon only tells Arya that he and Dany had sex on the boat; Arya is not surprised because she knew it from the beginning
  • and of course Bran tries his best to be social but he usually ends up creeping everyone out 
  • Dany loves both of the Stark girls, especially when they realize that she doesn’t really have a family of her own and (more or less) decide that they’ll be hers. They both look up to her as an older sister, even though she still learns plenty from them 
  • Arya and Sansa tend to get along better when they’re around her-and they’re slowly getting used to each other too, because they’re stronger as a pack than they are alone (no Starkbowls here)
  • Jon and Dany are married in Winterfell’s godswood in a small ceremony; the Stark sisters are both in attendance. Sansa makes Dany’s wedding dress practically from scratch and Arya gives Jon away
  • Basically, I headcanon Dany and the Stark sisters being the best of friends. I’m not a fan of pitting them against one another for Jon’s affections because he loves all of them in different ways and they’re the most important women in his life (along with his daughters)
  • Daenerys, Sansa, and Arya are all strong and powerful women who have gone through a lot and deserve love and happiness

Doyoung to Taeyong


“i think if he goes to a deserted island, he’ll bring me along. because in the end, it’s me!”


“we’re already getting along well, but I’m sure we’ll get even closer the more time we spend together. In the end it’s you”

Also re: my last gifset, the fact that Cassian does this v human thing casually touching Kay before he leaves? Is so cute??? Like, does K-2 do that with him too cause he knows it’s comforting to humans? Cassian is so bonded to his dumb asshole droid and he knows Kay is worried not knowing wtf Jyn is gonna do and if Cassian will be okay without him there and it’s just like *reassuring touch* ‘It’s okay, I’ll come back to you.’

Matt and Elektra (random thoughts)

Honestly Karen and Daredevil is such a toxic relationship, she doesn’t want him to be who he really is. Therefore he is holding him back, same with a Foggy.
As for Elektra, I know she is a whole other level of crazy. But, I think she has two different beings inside of her, black Sky and Elektra. Therefore, I think Elektra is different from Black sky. I also think that the Black sky represents the darkness and Elektra represents the light.
In the last few episodes Elektra/Black Sky was and I think still is dealing with the aftermath of being brought back to life and figuring out her true identity. Stick mentioned that what lives inside her needs to die. I think that this means that Elektra needs to live and the Black Sky needs to die. Once that darkness is out of her she will be able to be good. She is like o e of those people that want to be good but can’t because of something that is an internal struggle. Except for her, it’s a ancient ninja curse that makes it almost impossible for her to be good. Yet, that part that is good is Elektra and Matt brings that out of her.
When she is in his apartment she is dreaming about what she really wants. Which is a simple life with Matt. That was Elektra, not the Black Sky. It also was shown in the defenders, that the light wins out. In other words Elektra wins out. And it was triggered through Matt. They are soulmates. He knows her. As he said before he knows her and she knows him. They love each other.
Another thing I want to mention, there was a flashback in the beginning of episode 7 or 8 (I can’t remember) that had Elektra talking to Stick about how there has to be a better way to end the war without so much killing. The. That scene is never referenced again the series. I think that was Elektra Speaking not black sky and also proves that we haven’t seen the last of her yet because we still have so many unanswered questions about that particular scene and what comes next for her.