One day Kirishima will probably manage to get a genuine laugh out of either Bakugo or Todoroki and in that moment he will reach his peak “too gay to function” state because any entity inside him which even remotely resembles the form of heterosexuality will respond to this event like “Fuck This Shit, I’m Out”, And leave him unable to do anything.

Imagine Nico finding shows to watch like Power Rangers and old school Spider-Man and getting so excited because these shows are new to him and they’re fantastic. And imagine Percy being right there beside him, finding new joy in re-watching them even though he grew up with them because Nico’s enthusiasm is infectious.

drawing-assassin  asked:

Can I get a match up? I'm 5'4, shoulder length brown/black hair and emerald green eyes. Kinda tan and chubby. I love drawing and I am an otaku. I love demon stuff but I dont really like religion much. I like to research a lot of things like different religions and stuff like that. I'm pudgy ;; Oh. I'm a Leo c: Please and thank you!

I ship you with…


  • Mephisto thinks it’s adorable that you’re so much shorter than him
  • He’ll put things out of your reach if you displease him
  • Your green eyes will match his and I think that’s pretty darn cute
  • He lurves all of your curves
  • Mephisto is also an otaku
  • Will definitely out otaku you
  • Y’all will do all the otaku things together
  • But somehow he just knows more
  • He also loves demon stuff
  • And doesn’t care for organized religion
  • He’ll teach you everything there is to know about it all though
  • I like how you mentioned your chubby/pudgy twice like same fam

rebellionfem  asked:

This is actually my first time asking you since I was afraid to ask you. (Btw this is excellence soooo surprise!) I never had a thought to ask but I somewhat do. Ehhh oh damn, I'm already looking like a fool... heh well we all aren't perfect. Anyway, by your knowledge of what I post, and when we message each other, who would I best fit?

Hmmmm as in like a match-up?

I ship you with…

Yukio Okumura!

  • Tbh it’s a match made in heaven
  • Or hell
  • Anyways
  • I feel like y’all would get along well
  • You can both be goofballs when you want to be
  • I think he’s more serious than you are
  • But you’d bring out the good in him
  • And y’all have both been through a lot
  • And you made it out on the other side
  • So maybe you can show this boi the way
  • And then y’all would just be happy and that would be amazing