I think the universe is trying to tell me that I should be grateful to be forced to discuss motorcycles and cars with my child…because it could be so much worse.

Yesterday after the gym, I stopped at a friend’s house and her daughter made me look at and hear about EVERY SINGLE ONE of her (9 zillion) Shopkins, WTF is a Shopkin, you ask?  If you don’t know, consider yourself lucky.  They look like those pointless, cheap toys you get out of quarter machines…but no…apparently they’re a big deal.  Kill me now.

Ok.  Fine.  I guess I’ll be happy to talk about cars with Conner because now I know.  The topics could absolutely be worse.

Oh my god.

Who. Cares. About. A. Stupid. Cat. In. A. Video game. Seriously? This is the argument we’re having? We’re not freaking over grinding high school kids up? We’re not gasping at torturing people to kill their best friends? I can’t believe that this fandom is up in arms over this! A kitten in a fictional game is not worth abandoning Yandere Simulator. If you’re comfortable with murdering your fellow classmates, but not a random kitten you find on the street, I think you seriously need to re evaluate your idea of what’s fucked up. Remember: Yan-chan knows these kids. She’s interacted with them for at least a year, probably more if you consider the fact that she probably went to middle school with them. These are kids who have trusted her, appreciated her, waved hi in the hallway. Yan-chan has an actual attachment to these kids, and when she kills them, your all fine with it? But not with some dumb cat? Look. I’d never hurt an animal in real life. I have two dogs who practically raised me, and I would bawl my eyes out if somebody hurt them. But don’t fucking tell me you have an emotional attachment to this lifeless 3D model of a cat, and not the kids you constantly have fun torturing over and over in 100 different ways. @yanderedev has worked so fucking hard to make this game a reality. He has spent actual MONTHS of his life designing and thinking through each aspect of this game to create an enjoyable and fun experience with violence and gore to satisfy our terrible, sadistic ideologies. I could never, and probably won’t ever, spend that much time doing such a generous and good thing for virtually no payment other than the enjoyment of my creation. This game is a work in progress masterpiece that I can say with almost no doubt will become an icon of PC gaming history, even if only through YouTube and social media. And you know what? I have no credentials to say this. I can’t guarantee this statement. You don’t have to believe it the way I believe it. And if Yandere Dev chooses to change it to something like roadkill? Fine. That’s his decision as a game creator. But remember that he’s doing this for you because he wants to see all of you happy, or shocked, or excited.
tl;dr: This is a game about slicing up high schoolers for no other reason than “it’s fun”. Don’t draw the line at a fake kitten.

I would feel less uncomfortable with DorEndy

If Mest was this 8 year old boy who joined the Magic council as an elite. Then he joined Fairy Tail as an “undercover agent”, went with them to Tenrou Island for the S-Class trial, abandons everyone when the going gets tough, etc, etc. Then after the 7 year gap, he would be 15, and Wendy would still be our amazing 13 year old OP Sky Maiden. Wouldn’t that be nice?

‘Funny’ thing I saw today(Jen related)

I was doing my shopping browsing at the magazine section then I saw a headline on the UK tab Mag Grazia(one of the lowest tab mags in UK on par with the likes of OK! and Heat). It has a pic of Jen and Lenny Kravitz taken at SDCC in 2013(you know the one where Josh, Jen and Lenny took that famous selfie), and under it the headline goes: 

‘Jen & Lenny are getting it on!!’

I kid you not, I almost throw up right there and then! Like seriously?! where the fuck did they get that from? I mean it’s a common knowledge that Jen and Lenny’s daughter Zoe are BFFs, Jen even lived with Zoe at Lenny’s NY apartment whenever she travels there after they did the 1st X-Men movie together back in 2011. I didn’t have the stomach to look inside of the mag to find out how in the fuck these ppl came up with that headline.

I really don’t understand why can’t the tabs just leave Jen alone and let her be ‘single’ for more than a year even 2? They couldn’t openly breakup a marriage by making BS up about Jen and Chris Pratt, because that would be immoral, so the best they can make up is something as disgusting as Jen would ever date her BFF’s rocker dad whom she knows since 2010! There has been no pic or obvious news of Jen for over a month apart from she’s making a movie in Canada so the tabs decided to just make up one to sell mag and this is what they came up with! Why can we have a made up joshifer headline just for once for god sake?

the best thing about writing fan fic as opposed to original fic

is that I don’t need to keep checking what my characters look like. 

seriously, it’s been six chapters and this kid’s eyes have changed colour three times.