Throwback to a year ago, when I drew Baz and Simon staring longingly at one another across a restaurant placemat.

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

  • me: so you see that's why baz is like this he has been raised to be like this it's not his fault he's just a fluff and
  • stranger: what the fuck
  • stranger: who are you
  • stranger: how did you get into my house
  • me: he doesn't know how to be nice really he was raised in a cold household with parents who
  • stranger: *poking at me with a broom* get out
  • me: *hissing and clinging to the wall* he's s o ti n y i

Comparison of Simon and Baz on their roommate being alive.

Why are they so adorable omg

So I just watched Tangled for about the 100th time because it’s my favorite Disney movie, and that made me think up a SnowBaz Tangled AU. Just go with me for a second:

- Simon Snow, the boy with the brightest golden hair, who is trapped in a tower by a horrible parent, /cough/ the mage 

- He dreams of seeing the magic lights that appear on his birthday each year

-Baz Pitch is the roguishly handsome thief who happens upon this huge tower while escaping the guards 

- Baz calling him Snow (as Flynn calls Rapunzel blondey) 

- “Did I ever tell you I have a thing for blondes?”

- Baz and Simon escape the tower together and agree to be friends and help the other with their missions

- “My real name is Tyrannus, someone might as well know”

- Simon’s magic is his hair 

- The two escape together, flirting ensues, and they finally see the lights Simon has always wanted to see

- Mage kidnaps Simon back and Baz ends up in jail, but escapes with the help of his bad ass friends Penelope and Agatha 

- The Mage threatens Simon and tries to kill Baz 

-Simon saves Baz but loses his magic before he can help

-Mage dies during the losing of the magic 

- “You were my new dream” “And you were mine”

- Baz comes back to life as Simon drains whatever tiny amount of magic he has left 

- In the end Simon meets his real mom Lucy 

-Baz and Simon live happy ever after

I know there are loose ends here, I’m just saying, this could work as a cool AU, I might try to write it who knows

It was 20 years ago today, on Nov 1, 1996. an iconic movie was released. a man made it by his very own imagination, his very own, unique way of storytelling, visual arts and music, he performed magic to this classic story.
I forever thank you and love you, Baz. to let me see and experience the new version of hope and despair, tragedy and love, Romeo + Juliet.

*Imagine your otp making breakfast for each other*
  • Simon: I'm so excited to see what you made me
  • Baz: Me too
  • Simon: I think you'll like mine *cheeky grin*
  • Baz, growing suspicious: Uh, yeah... mine too?
  • Baz: *Holds out plate of eggs and toast and smiles*
  • Simon: *Gives Baz a bag of store bought scone bc yas bitch*
  • Baz:
  • Baz: ...
  • Simon: ...
  • Baz: ok

A/N: i just like the idea of people meeting through pokemon go okay (and also cliches because why not. wHy nOt)

he’s too busy looking at his phone that he walks right into someone else. baz nearly falls face-first onto the concrete of the pavement and instinctively flails, grabbing hold of the closest thing he can reach - an arm - right before he hits the floor.

“i’m so sorry!” the other person cries, helping baz back into an upright position. “that was my bad, i didn’t see you.”

baz tucks his phone back into his pocket and tries to recover from the shock. “no worries. i was too absorbed in playing a game on my phone; i should have been more careful.”

the guy chuckles, lifts up his phone to show baz the green-and-blue screen. “you too, huh?”

baz smiles a little in return. (it really, really doesn’t help that the sun is hitting the guy’s hair just right and it looks like it’s made out of strands of bronze.) “yeah. it’s nice to meet another player.”

the guy laughs, and baz catches himself thinking about the way his whole face lights up when he does that, how he throws his head back a little and crinkles his nose. “pokemon was my childhood, honestly. and we’re definitely not the only two playing in this park.”

baz says, impulsively, “what team are you on?”

“instinct,” comes the reply, and baz sighs a little inside. “you?”

baz gives a rueful smile. “mystic.”

“i guess we’ve got rivalry, huh?”

“i suppose.”

“what’s your name?” the guy asks, and his face is so open and friendly and earnest that baz feels slightly wary when he tells him, “baz.”

“simon,” he says, and he now has a name and he’s so nice and god, baz, you need to get a grip.

“you know,” simon says thoughtfully, “there’s a gym down by the lake.” he raises an eyebrow, grins again, a playful challenge in the way he lifts his chin. “want to help me take it down?”

baz opens his mouth to reply, but he hesitates, because stranger danger is echoing through his head right now and as stupid as it sounds he’s more inclined to listen to it.

but then a smile is still stretching across simon’s face and he says, “i hear it’s a mystic gym. i’d love for you to watch me take it for my team.”

baz laughs, then, and shakes his head, already turning towards the lake. “not a chance.”

3 AM - Mummers House
  • Simon: We both know that one of us will have to kill the other. That is the only way that this can end. We are on different sides of a bloody war, and we’ll have start fighting eventually. I mean, we’re always fighting. We’ve always fought. About everything. About nothing. Mainly with our words, but also with our fists, and wands. This has always been true. This has always been our destiny. Why, then, is all I want to do follow you around like a lost puppy? To prove to the world that you’re a monster? That is easy to see. Why then? Why do i just want to be near you?
  • Baz: What?
  • Simon: I sAid FUCCK yOU Baz!! ThaT is WHAT I SAIDD
The Golden Snitch (Snowbaz Hogwarts AU) for Simon’s birthday


I was having an existential crisis.

You see, I’m a Gryffindor. A bloody Gryffindor. Do you see the problem with this? No? Well, you should because I should not be a Gryffindor. My whole family is Slytherin. I should be Slytherin. I’m a disappointment to my family, a disgrace to our bloodline. Well, I guess I was the instant I turned into a vampire.

Anyways, I’m in the middle of my existential crisis when Snow walks in with his one and only friend Pennelope Bunce. I don’t know how she put up with him. She must be a strong magician to be able to do that. Of course, he was shoving an extremely buttered scone into his mouth. Remind me again why I was practically in love with him?

“I should turn you in for being in here,” I glare at Bunce from my cross-legged position the couch of the common room. Bunce was a Ravenclaw, and different houses were not permitted in each other’s common rooms.

“But you won’t,” Bunce answers before promptly turning back to Simon. “Have you seen Remus? He hasn’t been around all day.”

“He’s at the Shrieking Shack,” Sirius sighs, morphing from his dog form back to an incredibly dashing human.

“Oh no. It’s that time of month?”

“You make it sound like he’s menstruating or something,” Sirius laughs.

“Why are we talking about menstruation?” James walks into the room with eyebrows raised but a casual mannerism.

“Penny here was just comparing werewolves to menstruation,” James laughs at Sirius’ explanation of the conversation.

“All I said was asking if it was Remus’ time of the month?”

“So you were totally comparing werewolves to menstruation.” Penny rolls her eyes. I realize Snow had been silent this whole time. He looked…sad. Why did he look sad? What was wrong? Why should I care?

“I’m going down to the Great Hall… If anyone wants to come,” Snow mumbles dejectedly before slinking off to supposedly the Great Hall. Penny, Sirius, and James didn’t seem to acknowledge that Snow’s presence was gone. What great friends, too busy discussing bloody periods (get it? Oh I’m so funny) to notice when Snow was upset. I mean, I totally hated him and I noticed.

The instant the fat lady’s portrait fell shut, their conversation changed.

“It’s Simon’s birthday tomorrow, and he thinks everyone forgot,” Penny declares in a hushed whisper as if Snow might still be hiding somewhere in the common room.

They began planning an entire birthday celebration, and I began planning to not be there. Then I felt something odd. A twinge of guilt. For not doing anything for Snow’s birthday. But I definitely wasn’t going to participate in their stupid surprise birthday party. I could make my own surprise.

The next day, a.k.a. Snow’s birthday, I waited until Snow was alone, sulking in the common room, and I had busied myself before this moment by continuing my existential crisis.

“Snow. Come with,” I said more demandingly than I probably should have.


“Because I said so,” I said lamely, not being able to think of a reason off the top of my head that didn’t sound improbable.

“That’s not a very good answer,” he rolls his eyes and looks away.

“For fuck’s sake, Simon, just come with me.” Surprisingly enough, he stood up and followed me out of the common room. I walked with him trailing slightly behind me in silence until we reached the Quidditch pitch. Snow raised an eyebrow when I lead him in there. There were two broomsticks waiting, hovering above the neat grass.

“Race to catch a snitch?” I propose the challenge, knowing he loved Quidditch and wouldn’t back down from the challenge.

“You’re on.”

Of course, I only let him catch the snitch. I could’ve caught it whenever I pleased. But Snow had to catch it for this stupid birthday plan to work. Once he did, we landed back on the ground, and the ceaseless mocking for not having caught the snitch began.

“I thought you played Quidditch,” Snow smirked at me, holding the snitch in his hand still.

“I do,” I roll my eyes at him. “I’m not the seeker though. I’m a beater, which means I could beat you to a bloody pulp if I so desired.” It was Snow’s turn to roll his eyes now.

“Whatever, just…here,” I pull out my wand tap he snitch to get it to open. It opens with an explosion of fireworks before spelling out “Happy Birthday, Simon.” He looked out with wide eyes before a smile crossed his features. He turns to me and before he can speak or I can think, I kiss him hard. He acts surprised but almost naturally kisses back.

I tap the snitch again, and it explodes into the words, “P.S. I love you.”


Happy Simon’s birthday, have some feels even though this one is kinda shitty @sncwbaz

In which Simon caught Baz kissing someone else and confronts him about it

Baz took a long drag from his cigarette. Simon wrinkled his nose. “Can you stop smoking around me?”

“No.” Baz dropped the cigarette anyway, crushing it beneath his shoe. “Now can we just talk?


“What’s wrong with you, Snow?”




Tension crackled between the two boys, it was electrifying. Baz’s eyes narrowed to slits, and Simon pursed his lips.

And then Simon started sobbing. “Dammit, Baz,” he spluttered, “I saw you. I fucking saw you with him.” Simon wiped furiously at his eyes with the back of his hand. It had been an accident. He was supposed to be in class, but skipped. Because he just wanted to see Baz.

Baz’s blood ran cold. “I thought you had class.”

“I skipped.” Simon sniffed loudly and drew his arms to his chest. “I wanted to see you.”

“You should’ve said something.”

“I didn’t think I had to.”

“We’re not even dating, Simon.”

“I thought our kiss had meant something.”

Baz pulled out his packet of cigarettes, twisting it around and around in his long, slender fingers. He hadn’t meant to hurt him. He hadn’t meant to hurt Simon. Dammit, he was in love with that boy. Then why did you kiss that other bloke? “I’m sorry,” Baz said. He tucked his cigarettes back into his jeans’ pocket.

“I’m sorry too.”

“I didn't—” Baz ran a hand through his hair. “I was scared you didn’t want me.”

Simon snorted.

“I pictured you.”


“When I was kissing him, I pictured you.”

“That’s supposed to make it okay?”

“No.” Baz paused. “I love you.”

Simon stayed quiet for a long time. Then, “Fine.”


“I love you too.”