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I wanted to submit something I made to you based off of your Slowpaint, but it doesn't work--I wanted to see if maybe I'm (kind of) getting the gist of how to paint like you. I absolutely adore your style of art and my mom (who's an art teacher, haha) Is also VERY impressed with your work. I want to learn how to paint like you can, but I'm young and I still gotta lot to learn. I figured you could, maybe, give me some pointers on painting like you based off of what I've made? Thanks so much. ^^

My blog gives quite a bit of tips if you scroll down and look around. I don’t know how to really tell you how I draw based off of what you made of???

After I quite Godiva in like a week, and after the convention that is happening right after is done, I’m gonna make a studio set up and stuff, and it’s gonna be awesome, and I’ll have both the time and place to start making tutorials on how I paint again! :D so I hope those can help you out when they come out! 

Is there any specifics I can give you advice on? or possibly for upcoming tutorials? 


Terry: “Are you saying… that you’re my dad? That doesn’t make any sense, my mom and dad are missing. And… you’re see through. This must be some weird dream.”

Asa: “Listen, I know this is a lot to take in son. But please, listen to me. You and Kaylin need to get out of here pronto, you’re in danger here with Nina. She killed me, your uncle, and your mother. Please, get out of here.”

‘Sup! So the unbelievably awesome @shiftylarry tagged me to answer some questions! So here we go!

Rules: Answer 11 questions, make up 11 questions, tag 11 people

1. Whats the first movie you remember seeing?

Hmm… the only movie that I can clearly remember seeing in theaters was that Dreamworks movie Flushed Away, you know, this one: X 

I loved that movie a lot when I was a kid. Also, I don’t remember this, but my mom has told me that one of the first ever movies I watched (at least my first ever Disney movie) was The Little Mermaid ☺️🌊🐠🎧

2. Least favorite album from your favorite artist?

Oh gosh this is so hard! So many of my favorite artists only have 1-2 albums TOTAL and I can’t really choose between them. I’m just gonna say Hayley Kiyoko’s new album only becAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST YET AND I MISS HER SOFT NEON LESBIAN AESTHETIC SO BAD

3. Are your neighbors good or annoying?

Their alight, we don’t interact much. It is a bit weird, though, cause in my neighborhood there’s my family, three family’s of kids from my school, my former lunch lady, my former dance teacher, and my aunt&uncle. 

4. What is something youve lost that youre still upset about losing?

Mainly old friends 😥 Most of it was probably for the best, but it still makes me a bit sad. A l s o there was this really cool lego watch that I had as a kid and it was SO COOL but I LOST IT and I’m STILL UPSET ABOUT IT

5. Favorite television show ever?

Originally posted by scriptscribbles

6. How many things do you password share on? (netflix, hulu, etc)

I honestly have no clue which is probably bad but I have too many accounts across the internet, it’s too hard for me to keep track of on my own so…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. What kind of phone do you have?

An iPhone 6!

8. Selfies or getting your picture taken?


9. Whats a song that can always make you happy?

Right now it’s Secrets by Mary Lambert ☺️ Please watch the video for it, it will cleanse your pores and water your crops it is so sweet: Watch

10. Why did you get a tumblr?

Cause in middle school I was a nerd and so were all of my friends so we made blogs to role play as characters we made up! 

11. Best thing that happened today? or if its morning, yesterday?

It’s a tie between all of the fun stuff that came in the mail today and this post: Link (Do yourself a favor and follow the link, I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile 😂☺️)

Thank you @shiftylarry! This was fun! Now for my questions… 🤔

1. Least favorite literary genre?

2. Most visited website?

3. Would you ever want to have an action figure made to look like you?

4. Urban, rural, or suburbs?

5. Best concert you’ve been to? If you haven’t been to any, which artist would you like to see in concert?

6. Have you ever successfully rick rolled someone? If yes, how many times?

7. If you could time travel to any point in time, when would you go to?

8. Do you like flowers? If yes, which kinds?

9. Favorite aesthetic? 

10. What are three things that make you happy?

11. You are presented with the ability to travel into a fictional world for one day and one day only, but over the course of that day you will play an important role in the lives of the characters. Which world do you go to? 

I tag @cupcakelirry @littlehappyrock @clarehope128 @catchingink @iant0jones @justanotherawesomeartist @sundancekid97 @drippingpen @jennyisonfire @thefireyglassbadass @thefinaldeathlyhallow and anyone else who wants to do it!

All my love! 💜💜💜

i want to go back to school so bad. i hate seeing no one but my asshole brother, my mom who’s “trying to be ok with me”, my literal neo-nazi step father, my soster who doesn’t even know i’m trans, and my physical therapists and psychotherapist who are awesome and accepting and semi-fun to be around but i see them a total of 3.5 hours per week. my school is amazing. there’s lots of lgbt students, teachers who are super accepting and accommodating and awesome, admin who actually give a shit, and a really cool environment overall. i cannot wait for august 15.

i wanted to draw the hair

Pokemon go mom story

So earlier today, I got my mom to download pokemon go, and she took me to Kroger so we could get a few things and stop at a pokestop cause she ran out of pokeballs (she was really bad at catching pokemon at first). Anyways, once we were done at Kroger, we walked outside to see it was about to start storming but it was only strong winds at the time. We were rushing to the car but her phone picked up a Fearow so she stopped to try and catch it in the parking lot. After throwing 3 balls and still not catching it she said “This mother fucker won’t get in the f u c k i n g ball!!!” Then she kept furiously throwing poke balls at it while quietly yelling (and not even words, something like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaggGGGGGHHHH”). Two Kroger workers who were bringing in carts walked by and one of them looked at my mom, then her phone, then straight at me then smiled really big and laughed with his friend like he just knew we were fucking playing pokemon go. The whole situation was so fuckn funny to me like mom pls, we’re in the parking lot and its about to start pouring down rain, its just a fearow

I’m from Turkey.
I see a lot of post in social media.
Please,calm down.And stay your home.
I’m fourteen years old and time is 03:13 am.I’m from istanbul.
And ı’m alone my home right now.So please calm down and shut up.
I’m scared but ı’m not anything doing right now.
And ı hear the helicopter voice.
I hear police siren.
Please,ı dont wanna hear the crying people voice.
I want just sleep.with mom,dad,sis and my bro.
But my family outside right now.
Please take care of your family.
I’m sorry my bad english.

Health Update/Mental Health and Bullying PSA

Hi friends.

I know I’ve said this so many times but I’m sorry for no new content. We won’t have any for a while. Early this morning, both my cousin (who is a nurse) and my dad contacted me and said they had a bad feeling and to go to urgent care. The last time my dad “had a bad feeling” was when my mom suddenly had brain hemorrhaging and died.

I waited until it was open and went in to see the doctor to talk about my panic attack from Anime Expo because I still struggle talking/I stutter a lot or talk slurred and slow, I have loss of vision, and the left half of my body has been numb for a week. I had my suspicions, but because the police and paramedics told me it was just a panic attack I didn’t want any more unnecessary medical bills on my father’s hands.

It turns out the police mistreated me again. The doctor informed me that what I had was actually a seizure and possibly a stroke. The police at the scene told me “it’s just another panic attack, just breathe and walk it off” and left me. The doctor was appalled by this and stated that they should have taken me to the emergency room right away.

I’m scheduled for an MRI to rule out if it was a stroke or not, but she says that I definitely have nerve damage that may or may not be treatable, and may or may not get worse over time (which would mean there’s a chance I may become paraplegic if the numbness spreads). I will also be more prone to seizures/strokes from now on.

I am afraid, mostly because I experienced things my mom did just before she died. However, I’m going to continue to do my best to live a good life.

That being said, I wanted to take this chance to say that this is all a result of bullying and that mental health should be taken seriously. I wanted to never bring this up again but this is important because other people could still get hurt. A lot of you know about my stalkers and what happened here on tumblr and instagram a few months ago and why we left. Truth is they haven’t stopped and that has definitely added to the stress. Many people tell others who are cyberbullied to just “let it go and not mind them” but especially when you have severe anxiety/depression, that is close to impossible, especially because we’ve been bullied, stalked, and threatened for over a year by multiple people. 

However, at Anime Expo I was ALSO physically confronted and verbally abused, which is what finally caused me to go over the edge. Bullying is no joke. It can seriously harm you, not just mentally/emotionally but physically too, and I’m still suffering from it and will now be suffering from it for a long time. All social media support teams as well as the police did not help me. This is a possibility of what could happen to others too. Social media support, get your shit together. Seriously. These people are all still active.

I’m going to do my best, even moreso now, to spread awareness about mental health and to promote anti-bullying efforts. Thank you if you have read this entire message. 

Yo Tumblr, what it is? Let’s make this Intro quick and simple. 

My name is Jerome but just call me JR. I’m 27. From Tampa, FL but right now living in Jamaica, Queens. I’m a father of 3(2 Boys-1 girl) probably see more of them later on if their moms ain’t on some shit, I guess you can tell I don’t get to see them much, I make sure they good though. I invested in a few businesses before I got cased up. Motivational speaker for youngins headed in the wrong direction. Been there done that, and missed out on a lot of shit. Still gotta work on myself though, but long as I can keep our future out the streets I’m good. I ain’t into social media like that so don’t expect to see me on here everyday, shit sometimes I might be gone for days lol I know they still watching my every move. 

Besides the basics I’m laid back, too old for bullshit, just tryin to take care of mines and enjoy life finally. FWM. 

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Rosso would you educate me on your fav crystals? Like I'm rly curious ovo

oh hm my faves,, i love amethyst!! its super common around here apparently! 

we had one of these that was as tall as i am right in front of our municipality office for years, it came from our mines it was amazing ksjfas

we have these natural stones that are like… milky black rutilated quartz that im not really finding online kdsjfha kinda looks like this 

theyre sold as goodluck charms to keep off ‘S’Ogu Malu’ like… yknow, the evil eye,, (im gonna ask around to my mom and dad and see if they can give me a name for it!)

my grandpa apparently had a lot of these:

rose of the desert stones, found in the local mines (in which he worked,,) the very big ones make me kind of uncomfortable looking at them for a long time, for some reason, but the tinier ones are SO CUTE

most of the stuff in my collection though is moonstone,, i.. i really love blue fire moonstone so much

its so magical… like little blue ghosts and cloud puffs suspended in clear crystal i almost cant believe its real i love moonstone so much i can spend hours just looking at the small moonstones i have theyre incredible,,,

Hunk+Lance childhood headcanons
  • Lance grew up in Arizona, while Hunk moved there from California at age 10.
  • Hunk lives with his grandparents, two aunts, and his aunts’ daughter.
  • Not my idea (I’m not sure who first suggested it but message me of you know and I’ll edit this), but I definitely see Lance having two moms.
  • Lance gets so excited when he finds out Hunk’s aunts are married! He hasn’t met a lot of people with a similar sort of family so it just makes him really happy that he and his new friend have this similarity.
  • Hunk’s home is the one colorful house on an entire row of houses painted washed out beige-pinks and eggshell whites. They also have the biggest orange tree in the neighborhood.
  • Lance is that kid you never see without at least one band-aid on his body at any given time. He has definitely fallen into a cactus more than once.
  • Lance is obsessed with 80′s/90′s action adventure cartoons. His bedroom walls are covered in posters for Thundercats, He-Man, Transformers, Jem and the Holograms, etc.
  • He has tried, multiple times, to convince Hunk to build a real life Autobot.
  • Hunk is a tinkerer and will take apart anything he can get his hands on. Clocks, RC helicopters, blenders (his grandparents had to set ground rules after that one). He finds an old, busted truck abandoned on the side of the road once and spends hours under its hood.
  • Lance brings home animals all the time. Lizards are the most common. His mom is super freaked out by lizards (even the tiny ones. Especially the tiny ones.), but his mama will let him keep them in his room for a day before having him set it free.
  • Their personalities end up balancing each other out; Lance draw out Hunk’s adventurous side, while Hunk can get Lance to slow down and just enjoy spending time with his friend.
  • Hunk is nervous at first about talking about engineering and science with Lance (he’s tried with other kids but they just got bored and left him alone, and Lance is so hyper and energetic that he’d surely just get bored, too-), but Lance shows him that he loves listening to Hunk talk about his interests! He’ll focus on Hunk when he’s talking and if he doesn’t understand something he’ll ask Hunk to explain.
  • In the same respect, while Hunk has always preferred shows like Bill Nye and How It’s Made, he starts to watch cartoons with Lance on Saturday mornings and gets hooked; half because he really starts to enjoy them and half because he just loves how excited his friend gets over them.
  • Lance has dragged Hunk out on adventures practically from day one, but as he gets closer to Hunk he starts to cater the expeditions more to what Hunk would like. Rabbit catching contests and searches of abandoned buildings get left on the back burner in favor of RC car races in the hills and visiting junkyards.
  • They protect each other from bullies! As long as one is in the vicinity of the other it’s a guarantee they’ll be safe.

Some of you who have been following me for a long time may remember me mentioning how my half siblings stopped talking to me and my mom and sisters and how very sad I was about everything. Well a lot has happened (all of it is just too personal for this blog, but basically it’s the reason why my mom and sisters had to come live with us now) but something very good came out of all the hardships. On Sunday we’re meeting up with my half siblings again 💖

I still got to see my littlest brother from time to time, but I haven’t seen the rest of them since 2012. This is super exciting for me, but also overwhelming and I must admit I’m very full of anxiety. I’m not sure how it’s going to go.. I keep thinking about how much older and different they must look now. It makes me sad, but I’m just so happy that they’re willing to meet up with us. I’m just really happy about this.

The Haunting of Maddie the Cat

So I found this prompt and I thought immediately “Oh it’s Vlad and Danny” so have whatever this is. My only explanation is that I haven’t slept in 2 days and it’s currently 11 o’clock at night.

Show: Danny Phantom

Characters: Vlad Masters and Danny Fenton. Mentions of Maddie the Cat (like a lot of mentions)

“So, uh, what’s your evil plan?”

“Oh, is this a plot to get me to spoil my plan so you can find a loophole and eventually defeat me, little badger? Because that won’t work.”

Danny pressed his face against the steel bars of the cage he was held in. “No. I’m just curious to be honest.” He tried to look past Vlad to the table behind him. “I see a box of… I think that’s dog food, a framed photo of my mom, a sledgehammer…”

Vlad glanced behind him and shifted to block Danny’s view. Danny responded by moving to the side.

“There’s a stuffed owl, one of my action figures, a oujia board…”

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obviously my experiences with fathers/stepfathers is not identical to sour cream’s cuz that would be too weirdly coincidental, but it’s still similar in a lot of ways (i was raised for a long time by my single mom, my dad was not really present in my life for a couple of  years ((but he ultimately came back and is nothing like marty lol)), i’ve done a lot of clashing with and resenting towards the other three men my mom has dated, stuff like that) and this episode was just.. really nice to see for me. it’s been really cool that i’ve identified with/as sour cream since about march of last year and it’s been so cool to see the developments we’ve had about him since then still really relate to me like this. it’s outrageous. it’s been the most meaningful relationship i’ve ever had to a character, i think. my heart is warm

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PTA Mom Bucky roasting Kathy Sue in the school parking lot over a parking space dispute

“Why is it always you?” Kathy shouts. “Why is it always you and your litter that manages to ruin my day?”

Bucky leans on his van and tells the girls to stay inside. “You know what, Kath? You’re right. Why is it always me and my babies who manage to ruin your day? You tell me.”

She purses her lips. “I don’t have to tell you anything, Barnes. Just move out of my parking space.”

“I didn’t see your name on it, I didn’t see that big ass head of your’s painted into the space. I didn’t smell your cheap perfume. Your walking booger of a son wasn’t holding the space for you, Kath, how the hell was I supposed to know that this is Kathy Sue’s official space?”

Kathy Sue’s eye twitches. “Maybe if you cut your hair you’d be able to see me coming.”

“Maybe if you weren’t too focused on making sure your cleavage was on display for goddamn Google Earth to see you’d notice that this was my parking space all along.”

Monica stuck her head out the window. “TALK ABOUT HER RADIO, POP!”

“Right! Thanks, baby. AND ANOTHER THING, maybe if your car radio wasn’t such a piece of shit and you weren’t playing Shania Twain’s greatest hits for the entire school, making us want to literally stab ourselves in the ear drums-”


Bucky turns to her. “Don’t curse, honey.” he turns back to Kathy. “YOUR MUSIC TASTE IS BULLSHIT! Get a better stereo or drive in silence.”

Blog content psa - con spam weekend (Pittcon)

I’ll be posting live tweets/reblogging lots of posts from the con tags this weekend during the panels so if it’s not something you wanna see, feel free to blacklist the tag ‘2016 pittcon‘ or unfollow me so I don’t clog up your dash.

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Panel schedule (times are in EST) (time converter)

Friday - Gabriel Tigerman, Gil, Kim, Briana, Jason


  • 10:30 am - Alaina and Gil
  • 11:20 am - Ruth
  • 2:15 pm - Mark
  • 4:30 pm - Richard, Matt and Rob
  • 5:15 pm - Misha


 ***I won’t be home during the panels so I won’t be posting any live tweets so everything will be reblogged from the con tags when I get home in the evening. I’ll try to post periscope links though***

  • 10:00-10:30 am - Gold panel with Jensen and Jared
  • 2:30 pm - Ruth
  • 3:15 pm - Jensen and Jared
  • 5:30 pm - Mark

Happy con weekend!