When food is not daehyun's style.

Daehyun : I like sushi. I dislike seafood. 

When I was little I could not eat most seafood, but now I can eat them slowly. When I was little, they looked somehow gross, and they tasted weird, but now as an adult I’m slowly getting used to them.  

  • Me:*Leaves my room and goes outside*.
  • Dad:She's only out here because she smelt food.
  • Sister:Oh my god she actually came outside.
  • Me:*Turns around to leave*
  • Dad:Why are you being a drama queen? Come back outside.
  • Me:....
  • Me:Okay I guess so...
  • Stepmom:See the sun isn't THAT bad. No need to be a vampire.
  • Me:*leaves*

i’m always stunned when i find seafood in my tuna

Email Submission

I’m 5 feet, so every pound shows on my small frame. Currently 111 lbs. Previous picture is 135. Goal weight is about 105, but undecided since I’ve never been that low! I’ve come such a long way. The weather is starting to get nice again and I’m so excited I can finally go shopping and not hate the way that I look when I try on clothes. I still have some work to do, but this is mainly due to changing the way that I eat. I stopped overeating and became very conscious of everything that I consume. I also cut out meats and only eat seafood and vegetables now. I feel like it’s so easy to consume so many calories from just meat alone and it almost never fills me up, so I get my protein from other sources. I’m still a work in progress, but that’s life and I will never revert back to my old ways. Learn from your past so that you can guarantee it will never repeat itself. :)