This image was posted to Instagram, which crossposted it to Tumblr, where IFTTT found it and emailed it to Dreamwidth, which crossposted it to LJ. All told, my little Paprika reached between roughly 10,000 and 15,000 people. 

(Then I screencapped it and posted it to Tumblr.)

The future is fucking wild, you guys. 


T H E    M O T E L    L I F E    ( 2 0 1 2 )
A long time ago, you and me were fighter pilots in the war. The Flannigan brothers. We were famous. One morning we were heading over to Germany when we got ambushed. You and me versus 20 German fighters. It was a mess. Real dog fight. It was touch-and-go, but we were winning until a Nazi came out of the fog and started firing away at you. Luckily I came down and blew the son of a bitch up. “Thanks Tiger-5”, you said over the radio. Problem was, your plane was hit and your controls were stuck. You were heading towards Iceland, and there was nothing you could do. You disappeared into the clouds.

Wedding Planner

[OOC: So I had to do this in an unusual way, because I couldn’t get tables and the like to work properly in AO3, much less Tumblr. 

This is Will and Hannibal’s somewhat disorderly wedding planners. I have taken screencaps and posted them here, with the planners side by side so you can read them. They are complementary voices, if you will. Some notes and links at the bottom.]

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anonymous asked:

So, I know this is going to sound absurd but has anyone tried to sharpen and lighten the image of John standing in front of the hospital bed? I ask because there's about a split-second towards the end of that clip where you get a decent visual of the hand to the left of John's hip/side and I, personally, think it looks a lot like Sherlock's hand.

I screencapped this from the 1080p version of the trailer, lightened it, and sharpened it a little. And I’m still not even 100% certain it is a hand, lol:

Because John’s silhouette is what’s in focus here, we can’t really get a whole lot clearer of an image than this of the bed and whatever/whoever it might contain. A hand is definitely a possibility, but I don’t think I can say that that’s what it is with any real certainty, much less whose hand it looks like. For other reasons that I discuss over in my trailer breakdown, however, I do think you’re right that anyone in the bed would likely be Sherlock, regardless of whether or not we’re seeing his hand here.