The Goddess of Thunder #4

‘i have bled enough to fill oceans’
‘i have died’
‘for more years than there are stars, i have walked these many realms, facing horrors that could drive even a god to utter madness’
‘this may be the worst week of my life’
‘where the hell is my arm?’
‘after your foolish little stunt you are lucky there is anything left of you, boy’
‘what has happened to the earth?’
‘i should have baked you into a pie’
‘someone… bring me my axe’
‘i thought you might say that’
‘you’ve come at a dark hour, my friend. i’m afraid this is no time for mead’
‘i must go and find my goats’
‘you heard me, woman’
‘what have you done with my mother?’
‘your mother?’
‘perhaps you should all go to hell’
‘i will deal with you in a moment’
‘we should deal with him now’
‘i will hear no more words from you, pretender, while you still hold what is rightfully mine’
‘i am not your enemy’
‘then what are you?’
‘i am still trying to discern that myself’
‘i just know that this is not the fight you want’
‘fight? did you just say you wanted a fight?’
‘calm thyself down’
‘i say thee nay’
‘you are unarmed!’
‘do i seem unarmed to you, girl?’
‘angry little worms, aren’t they? if we stay out of the way, maybe they’ll kill each other’
‘where’s the fun in that?’


FINALLY! The Thor/Hulk fight we’ve been wanting!

…now if we just have Thor say ‘I say thee NAY!’ I’ll be happy.

Fianceshipping is sorely under-appreciated in my opinion; it has a lot more of a stronger validity than a lot of fans give it credit for. And while I don’t quite understand why that’s the case, I can explain to you why I ship it like fed ex.

From the moment they meet one another, they’re both visibly intrigued by the other’s skills and how they utilize them on the playing field. Asuka, having only seen a portion of Judai’s skills during his matches with Chronos-sensei and Manjoume, finds herself so intrigued that she uses Sho as bait to reel Judai in for a duel. Once the duel is concluded, Judai even admits (and this is the guy who calls himself the number one duelist of duel academy), that his victory may even be due to luck, because of how great of a duelist she is.

Not only that, but they do occasionally flirt, particularly during the early episodes. In the second episode, Asuka warns Judai to stay away from Manjoume and his friends because they were up to no good, and Judai responds cleverly by inferring that she must’ve had love at first sight with him, to be so concerned for his well being.

Asuka, rather than being repulsed by the fact, even giggles at the proposition.

4kids takes it a step even further. In episode three, Asuka asks Judai if he’s impressed with her skills, and Judai responds by saying: “Impressed? I think I’m in love!”

Of course, it’s all more so of a joke to Judai in the beginning. Throughout the series he remains oblivious to her feelings, which don’t become apparent until season 4 if she had in fact developed them beforehand. For a majority of the series, both are focused on their love for the duel, and remain detached from the dating scene out of lack of interest; the devotion both of them hold for their deck is so strikingly similar that it almost seems to bring them even closer together, whether by friends or by lovers.

But, I’m rambling. Let’s get down to the moment I actually began shipping these two love birds.

Season 4 is actually where it all gets a lot more interesting. Judai’s done a 180; he’s practically become an entirely different person. With the events of the dark world weighing heavily on his shoulders, he no longer feels that he is able to enjoy himself as he once did. This is something that Asuka begins to find increasingly irksome. It reaches a boiling point when Fubuki, having fallen injured, remains unconscious and is unable to answer the questions Judai direly needs answered. In the heat of the moment, he attempts to shake Fubuki back into consciousness with little regard for his health. Appalled by Judai’s lack of concern for her brother’s well being, Asuka slaps him square on the cheek.

A lot of people claim that this moment in gx is the precise reason why they find that they are incapable of shipping this pairing, but I say nay to thee. This moment is actually one of the sole reasons why I ship fianceshipping.

Judai is not perfect. Both of them know that, particularly after the events of the dark world. The thing is that Sho and the others smother him in hero worship. Asuka however isn’t afraid to call him out on his bullshit, which is something Judai in fact sorely needs. In the end, Asuka is successfully able to reach out to a part of Judai that had been lost after returning from the dark world, and concludes with a touching moment between the two that almost leads to a confession on Asuka’s part.

I’m not sure how I feel about the confession being, well, unconfessed. But I understand why Asuka did it. She values her friendship with him more so than she does a romantic relationship. And who knows, she herself may even be unprepared for such a relationship. After all, this is the point where everyone is beginning to think about their futures.

Judai is her friend though, and that’s the best she could ask for.

So why do I ship it? Well, I think that’s the thing. A relationship is incomplete without the bond of friendship for which both parties can build off of. With their devotion to one another clearly apparent, I feel as though under the right conditions, their relationship could flourish into something more.

Wow, I bet my English teacher wishes I was this thorough on my essays.

That one ship that I just cannot abide has begun to pop up on my dash

I had been very careful so as to avoid this happening

but now it is happening

tumblr savior will not work for extended periods of time on my computer

usually I really do not mind seeing ships I do not ship

but this one

this one feels so very wrong